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Secretary General Guterres says de-escalation in Persian Gulf ‘absolutely essential’

Related Posts Indian foreign secretary meets with FM Zarif IRNA – Indian Foreign Secretary Vijay Keshav Gokhale met with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad US Defense Secretary Mark Esper’s Search for “A Normal Country”. Beware of Russia and China Attempts to “Disrupt the International Order” In delivering his first major policy-speech since being sworn in […]

Video: Military Escalation in the Middle East. Israel Carries Out Strikes on Syria, Lebanon and Iraq

The situation in the Middle East is once again escalating. On August 24, Israeli warplanes bombed what the Israeli military described as ‘Iranian targets’ near the town of Aqraba south of the Syrian capital, Damascus. The Syrian air-defense forces intercepted several hostile missiles. However, the rest of them hit the target. According to claims by […]

Russia, France, Germany urge de-escalation after Iran seizure of UK tanker

Tasnim – Russia, France, and Germany called on Tehran and London to de-escalate tensions after Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) captured a British oil tanker for breaching international maritime law while crossing the Strait of Hormuz. The Russian Federation Council’s International Affairs Committee Chairman Konstantin Kosachev said, “We hope for a level-headed approach from […]

Senate Republicans are paving the way for a military escalation against Iran

On June 28, Senate Republicans were able to stop an amendment that would have required President Trump to seek congressional approval for an attack on Iran, despite the fact that the majority of votes were cast in support of the measure. That move wasn’t the day’s only victory for congressional hawks, as they were able […]

Sudan’s opposition says it will start preparing for ‘revolutionary escalation’

Sudan’s opposition coalition known as Forces for the Declaration of Freedom and Change said that it will launch a campaign for popular activism and prepare for “revolutionary escalation.” This came after the deputy head of the ruling military council, Lt. Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, vowed to hold accountable those responsible for killing […]

Iran not seeking escalation in region, but will defend itself: Tehran’s UN envoy

Press TV – Tehran’s ambassador to the United Nations says Iran will not take steps towards the escalation of tensions in the Middle East, but will stand ready to defend itself against any act of aggression, as the US builds up its military presence in the region amid tensions with Tehran. In an interview with […]

Islamic Jihad leader warns of escalation if Israel doesn’t meet understandings

A senior official with the Iran-backed Gaza-based Islamic Jihad terrorist group on Saturday warned there would be another escalation of violence if Israel didn’t implement understandings reportedly reached between Israel and Hamas, the Ynet news site reported. “If Israel does not fulfill its side of the agreement, we have the means to obligate it to […]

The Escalation of israeli (apartheid state) Collective Punishment of Palestinians

by Nada Awad, for Al Shabaka Palestinian Policy Network The Israeli authorities forcibly transferred Palestinian Nadia Abu Jamal from Jerusalem in 2017, following the demolition of her family home in 2015. Israel’s National Insurance Institute also revoked healthcare and other social security entitlements from Abu Jamal’s three children, two of whom suffer from chronic medical conditions. The […]

Video: Al Qaeda in Syria Expands Further in Idlib De-escalation Zone

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts Rule, Britannia! Hong Kong protesters sing ex-colonial sovereign’s anthem (VIDEO) The hundreds of protesters who gathered in front of the British Consulate-General claim the Chinese There were NO passenger cellphone calls made on 9/11—it was impossible at that time! (Video)     Source Article from […]

US State Dept Increases Funding for Ukrainian Navy in Response to ‘Dangerous Escalation’ reports… The US State Department has reiterated its demand that Russia unconditionally return three Ukrainian boats seized during a November maritime incident. They also announced an increase in direct US financing for the Ukrainian Navy in response to the “dangerous escalation.” The “escalation” saw three Ukrainian boats entering Russian waters in the Sea of […]

Escalation: The Continued Conflict in Kosovo, The Outright “Criminalization” of the Pristina Government

Since the disintegration of Yugoslavia in the nineties, its former constituent republics have been mired in a state of perpetual conflict. Nowhere is this more apparent than the contested state of Kosovo. In 1998, Albanian separatists in the Serbian province of Kosovo i Metohija began a campaign of attacks, with the express objective of creating […]

BEST OF THE WEB: The West hates peace in Syria: From de-escalation to almost World War III in just two hours

     On the 17th of September, an important meeting was held in Sochi between Erdogan and Putin to discuss Syria, in particular Idlib. A few hours after the agreement between the two leaders was reached, there was a French-Israeli strike on Syria’s coastal area of Latakia, causing the loss of a Russian Air Force Il-20 […]

Ukraine’s Escalation in Lugansk and Donetsk

Map shows conditions Kiev wants to win. Comments by Mikola Lebed nephew, Mark Paslawsky The tragic murder of Alexandr Zakharchenko solidified Ukraine’s intent to retake the Donbass region by force. We know the attack on Donetsk Republic leadership was meant to throw the fledgling nation into an emotional and political turmoil and cause a crisis […]

FANG Shuts Down ICE, Continues Campaign Of Escalation

FANG Shuts Down ICE, Continues Campaign Of Escalation Above photo and banner photo from The FANG Collective Last Monday FANG (Fighting Against Natural Gas Convergence) deployed multiple blockades in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts that shut down all entrances to the Bristol County Jail and an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facility. At the facility’s main […]

Gaza Escalation: 40 Israeli Airstrikes Overnight, Hamas Mortars, Fires In Southern Israel

Tensions along the Israel-Gaza Strip border escalated dramatically on Saturday with an intense exchange of fire between Palestinian militants and Israeli security forces, including Israeli air force strikes inside Gaza, which reportedly targeted underground tunnels which Israel says are designed to launch attacks. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) cited 31 rockets fired from […]

Grave Warnings Issued as Trump Considers Major Escalation of US Military Role in Yemen

In a “horrifying” development that international aid groups and independent critics warn could worsen what is already the world’s most devastating humanitarian crisis, the Trump administration is reportedly considering a plan to greatly expand the U.S. military’s role in Yemen in an effort to help Saudi-backed forces seize the country’s main humanitarian aid port. According to the Wall Street Journal—which […]

US-North Korea talks beneficial if they lead to de-escalation: Iran

The Iranian top diplomat stressed that it remains to be seen how achievable the goal is. In a Wednesday interview with ISNA, Zarif stressed that though the Islamic Republic of Iran has no confidence in the US anymore, it believes that the talks between Washington and Pyongyang will be helpful if they lead to the […]

Prediction of New False-Flag Gas Attack in Syria Seems to Fit US Escalation Plans

DAMASCUS – Though last month’s unilateral bombing of Syria by the U.S., U.K. and France came and went, the threat of foreign military intervention targeting the Syrian government remains, particularly given Syria’s success in defeating the foreign-funded terrorist proxies that have prolonged the Syrian conflict for seven long years. While Israel seems to have taken […]

Israel distorts timeline of events to play victim in the dangerous escalation with Iran and Syria

This stuff is all so painfully sad. Contemporary Israel seems to do nothing but incite violence and destruction everywhere it turns. And it incites the same violence from its American protector and source of endless subsidy. I do think this all one of the saddest tales of our time. The men leading Israel learned nothing […]

CIA Stages Gas Attack Pretext For Syria Escalation

CIA Stages Gas Attack Pretext For Syria Escalation Above Photo: Debra Sweet/ Flickr The US media has seized on the latest claims by CIA-backed groups of a poison gas attack on civilians to demand a further escalation of the US-led war for regime-change in Syria and an increased confrontation with Russia. The Syrian government claims that […]

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