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Daring Bed Sheet Escape from Coronavirus Quarantine in Australia

Daring Bed Sheet Escape from Coronavirus Quarantine in AustraliaPublished on July 24, 2021Written by An Australian man ordered to quarantine in a hotel as part of the country’s strict efforts to thwart the spread of the coronavirus wound up in trouble with the law when he staged a rather daring escape from the building […]

‘We can’t escape the politics’: Biden and DeSantis’ fragile détente tested

That episode serves as a stark reminder of how partisan politics can imbue even basic government responses to a disaster, a phenomenon that has renewed relevance in the wake of a new tragedy in Florida, where the terrifying collapse of the Champlain Towers South condominium in Surfside may have cost 150 or more lives. On […]

Why Are Hordes Of Wealthy People Hitting The Escape Button & Heading To Montana?

by Michael Snyder Why have thousands upon thousands of very wealthy people suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to buy a home in Montana? At this moment, Montana is one of the hottest real estate markets in the entire country. When a desirable house is put on the market, it can often spark a wild bidding […]

More Democrat Governors Moving To Florida To Escape Their Own COVID Policies

Brought to you by: U.S.—A shocking study has found an increasing number of Democratic state governors are fleeing to Florida, desperate to escape the ravages of their own COVID lockdown policies. The report found that Governors Whitmer, Newsom, and Cuomo have already secretly purchased homes in The Sunshine State.  “Let me be clear. Florida is […]

Politifact Quietly Admits COVID-19 Lab Escape Not ‘Debunked Conspiracy Theory’

Last January, when China and the World Health Organization (WHO) were performing damage control for Beijing over a mysterious new coronavirus which broke out in the same town as their secretive bat coronavirus lab (with whom, unbeknownst to most at the time, a Fauci-funded NGO called EcoHealth Alliance had been working), anyone who logically suggested […]

America’s Disgraceful Escape from Afghanistan

US President Joe Biden solemnly and rather bluntly announced that he would withdraw all American troops from Afghanistan by September 11, the 20th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. More than three thousand people of different nationalities were killed in these attacks, committed by the terrorist organization al-Qaeda (banned in […]

What if it Turns Out You’re Using Minimalism as an Escape Mechanism?

April 8th, 2021 By Robin Rainbow Gate Guest Writer for Wake Up World I was recently asked, “Do people use minimalism as an escape mechanism?” My response was as follows: ?I’m sure some do – as life is full of everything. ?What I fear, more, is that many use minimalism as a way to shame […]

Rabbi who fled to Israel to escape sexual assault charges handed to US

(JTA) — A Brooklyn rabbi who had fled to Israel in 2010 to escape arrest on charges of sexually assaulting children was arraigned in a Brooklyn courthouse on Thursday. Gershon Kranczer, 65, had eluded authorities for years in Israel before being arrested in January 2020. He was denied bail in his first US court hearing, […]

Escape from reform towards hostile foreign alliances فرار من الإصلاح نحو الأحلاف الخارجيّة المعادية

**English Machine translation Please scroll down for the Arabic original version ** Dr. Wafiq Ibrahim For more than five decades, religious bodies of all sects have been silently held to support the forces of the Lebanese regime, which bankrupted and robbed the state. These forces drained the state and people’s funds and throw the homeland on the edge […]

The Physics of Ascension: Achieving Escape Velocity

February 24th, 2021 By Sarah Elkhaldy Guest Writer for Wake Up World The Father of OBE, Out-of-body experience, Robert Monroe, described the ascension process as escape velocity. This phrase no doubt can be triggering for what it implies, however, you can thank physics for the term. In physics, escape velocity is the minimum speed needed for […]

Two impeachment trials, two escape hatches for Trump

WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump’s first impeachment trial centered on a phone call Americans never heard with the leader of a country very far away. The trial went on for two weeks of he-said-she-said. There was a mountain of evidence to pore over but not one drop of blood to see. Trump’s second impeachment trial […]

Esteghlal escape defeat against Persepolis: IPL

TEHRAN – Esteghlal football team with earned a hard draw against Persepolis in Iran Professional League (IPL) on Monday. Source 00

For Garcetti, there’s no escape from L.A.

For a Democrat who entered the presidential election cycle with high prospects, it marked the end of a hard fall. “For a long time, there’s been this aura around Eric Garcetti that he’s somebody with a great future, that he will ascend to great heights of power,” said Darry Sragow, a longtime Democratic strategist in […]

No escape from The Great Reset & Klaus Schwab — The Duran

[embedded content] No escape from The Great Reset & Klaus Schwab — The Duran Share this: Like this: Like Loading… 00

No Escape From Our Techno-Feudal World

By Pepe Escobar with permission and first posted at Asia Times The political economy of the Digital Age remains virtually terra incognita. In Techno-Feudalism , published three months ago in France (no English translation yet), Cedric Durand, an economist at the Sorbonne, provides a crucial, global public service as he sifts through the new Matrix that controls all our […]

The Doomsday Map of the World and the Billionaire Escape Plans (Media CoverUp as Media is Owned by the Zio Mafia)


Watch: Smuggler Rams U.S. Border Checkpoint During Escape to Mexico

A suspected human smuggler drove a pickup through a border checkpoint as he tried to escape U.S. authorities. Mexican police and military forces arrested the man on their side of the port and sent him back to Texas. The case took place on Wednesday morning in Roma, Texas, when U.S. Border Patrol agents tried to […]

Mossad helped Syrian general ‘escape and get asylum’ in Austria

Download App© Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved 00

Tens of thousands of farm-raised salmon escape into wild

Roughly 50,000 farm-raised salmon swam free earlier this week off the coast of Tasmania after part of their enclosure was melted due to a fire.  According to EcoWatch, the salmon’s escape has prompted concerns from local environmentalists, who are worried about the impact of the farmed fish on native wildlife and ecosystems. While the farm’s […]

Man uses BEDSHEET ROPE in an attempted escape from Auckland Covid-19 quarantine facility

Nwo Report The individual, who had been deported from Australia, was holed up in Auckland’s Ramada Hotel for 12 days when he decided to make a break for it Source:RT A man who had been ordered to self-isolate at a hotel in Auckland, New Zealand climbed down from his window using a rope made from […]

Escape the Negativity Through the Power of Your Imagination

September 23rd, 2020 By Robert Puzey Guest Writer for Wake Up World The COVID -19 pandemic has completely changed our lives. Right now it is hard to look at a future that looks different to the present. We have yet to find a vaccine or proper treatment for COVID-19, but in the meantime, we have […]

AMERIKA: ‘Escape From New York’, Wealthy Residents Flee the City In Droves

RIELPOLITIK Source – – “…Roughly 5 percent of residents — or about 420,000 people — left the city between March 1 and May 1. In the city’s very wealthiest blocks, in neighborhoods like the Upper East Side, the West Village, SoHo and Brooklyn Heights, residential population decreased by 40 percent or more” Escape From […]

Escape From New York: Wealthy Residents Flee In Droves As The City Degenerates Into A Hellhole

Hundreds of thousands of wealthy residents have already left New York City, and more are leaving every day as America’s biggest city rapidly degenerates into a hellhole.  This is incredibly sad to watch, because in many ways New York had been an incredible success story over the past several decades.  The 1970s and 1980s were […]

Escape from the future

By JOHN KAMINSKI 17 July 2020 Why does the world we made now make us recoil in horror? WE DON’T WANT THE PRISON THEY HAVE PLANNED FOR US “There is only one way to escape from the future, and that is to seize control of it yourself. If you participate in the beast system you […]

Here’s Why Californians Are Moving To Escape The Great Middle Class Exodus …

A new report using property searches and census data from reveals which states Californians are moving to when they realize that a $1.4 million McMansion on 1/16th of an acre while staring into their fat neighbor’s bedroom window just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Silicon Valley residents in particular are leaving in droves – […]

Infected EBOLA carriers escape quarantine hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo

(Natural News) A new and growing Ebola outbreak is hitting the Democratic Republic of Congo, and additional concerns have been raised as three infected people escaped their quarantine hospital, potentially infecting countless others. The three patients had been quarantined in the northwestern city of Mbandaka, a port city with a population of […]

Dam, that was close: Watch construction worker miraculously escape massive wave of floodwater

Video provided by Ruptly news agency captured the intense moment that workers, at the Ituango Dam project, are seen escaping massive waves. One of them, who failed to catch up with the rest and was left behind, finds himself perilously close to a ramping wave when it gets out of control. Within mere seconds of […]

Iran: Hitler, Hussein & Bush Jr. fell into ‘illusion of power’ trap, hope ‘MbS’ will escape

RT caught up with General Amir Hatami during his visit to Moscow, where he headed the Iranian delegation to an international security conference. In an exclusive interview, he chided Saudi Arabian Crown Prince (and de facto ruler) Mohammad bin Salman, often referred to as “MbS” by the media. The Saudi leader recently wasted no chance […]

Iran: Hitler, Hussein & Bush Jr. fell into ‘illusion of power’ trap, hope ‘MbS’ will escape

RT caught up with General Amir Hatami during his visit to Moscow, where he headed the Iranian delegation to an international security conference. In an exclusive interview, he chided Saudi Arabian Crown Prince (and de facto ruler) Mohammad bin Salman, often referred to as “MbS” by the media. The Saudi leader recently wasted no chance […]

Rare Letter From Einstein Thanks American Who Helped Jews Escape Nazi Germany

In 1939, Albert Einstein wrote “thank you notes” to a few people for helping Jews to escape Nazi Germany. While historians only knew about two of those letters, a third recently surfaced in Chicago, according to WGN. Nearly 80 years after it was penned on June 10, 1939, Enid Bronstein is sharing the letter Einstein wrote to […]

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