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China is killing ethnic minorities in order to harvest their organs, but globalists say America is bad for using plastic straws

(Natural News) The U.S. media is run by a cult of eco-fascist liberals who are willing to turn a blind eye to the true atrocities of our world in order to push their own, corrupt agenda. There may be no truer evil. Across the pond, the Independent is reporting on how China is […]

California ethnic studies curriculum delayed after attack on its comparison of Israel to South Africa

“California ethnic studies curriculum delayed after attack on its comparison of Israel to South Africa” Let’s cut to the chase! Comparing “Israel” to apartheid South Africa is entirely appropriate: Hendrik Verwoerd, then prime minister of South Africa and the architect of South Africa’s apartheid policies, 1961: “Israel, like South Africa, is an apartheid state.” (Rand […]

Ethiopia: Ethnic Apartheid and the Globalist Colonizers’ Playbook

IMAGE: Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed meets with arch-globalist French President Emmanuel Macron for help carrying out ‘reforms’ and to restore diplomatic links (Image Source: Fana) Teodrose Fikremariam 21st Century Wire What you are about to read should be of concern to you whether you live in America, France, Ethiopia or any corner of the […]

Israel’s Scheme to Bury the Nakba. “The Ethnic Cleansing oF Palestine”

Israel’s 1947-48 Nakba against the Palestinian people was and remains one of history’s great crimes — what Ilan Pappe called “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” in his book by this title. Establishment of the Jewish state came at the expense of the Palestinian people, their descendants and refugee population. The final master plan’s goal aimed to create […]

Palestine Before The Ethnic Cleansing Of The Nakba – Old Film Reels — Rebel Voice

The ethnic cleansing of the Nakba in Palestine has been well documented if not widely reported. The viciousness with which sociopathic Zionist forces wiped out entire Arab villages would shock even the most hardened observers of the human condition. Sadly, the full story is rarely told within the western, Zionist-controlled media. Attempts to remove the […] […]

Land theft, ethnic cleansing, and Jewish supremacy: Israel’s settler colonialism in Syria’s Golan, the forgotten occupied territory — what’s left

By Stephen Gowans March 31, 2019 Israel’s occupation, annexation, and plunder of Syria’s Golan recapitulates all that is repugnant about the Zionist state: its wars of aggression, land theft, ethnic cleansing, racism, quest for lebensraum, and contempt for international legal norms. It also shows that Israeli citizens, including the country’s Left, are not only complicit […] […]

Israel: Ethnic Cleansing, Land Theft, Apartheid and Racism against Palestinians

In recent weeks, racism against Palestinian people and the expansion of apartheid-Jim Crow policies have escalated. The Israeli lobby and its supporters attacked freedom of speech in the United States, showing how far they will go to prevent the US public from being aware of their behavior. If more people in the US become aware […]

Israel: Ethnic Cleansing, Land Theft, Apartheid And Jim Crow

Israel: Ethnic Cleansing, Land Theft, Apartheid And Jim Crow Above: Boycott Racist Israel, protest in South Africa by the Iraq News Service. In recent weeks, racism against Palestinian people and the expansion of apartheid-Jim Crow policies have escalated. The Israel lobby and its supporters attacked freedom of speech in the United States, showing how far they […]

How Palestinians in Jerusalem are being targeted in a campaign of ethnic cleansing

The Israeli Supreme Court has ordered the eviction of 700 Palestinians from Silwan near Al Aqsa mosque. Philip Cheung / The National Israel’s takeover of Arab East Jerusalem has continued unabated since the 1967 war, but has grown more brazen since US President Trump’s decision to move the embassy. Evictions of Palestinians and appropriation of their homes […]

Facebook wages "online ethnic cleansing" of independent media to silence pro-America voices before the coming mid-term election

(Natural News) Just as predicted, several hundred more independent news outlets have reportedly been removed from Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook echo chamber over the weekend, including multiple pages that had several million followers. “The Free Thought Project” (3.1 million fans), “The AntiMedia” (2.1 million fans), “Police the Police” (1.9 million fans), “Cop Black” […]

To Jews, the ‘two-state solution’ has always and ONLY meant more ethnic cleansing… Until now

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,974 other followers Source Article from Related Posts An asteroid flew past Earth last night. No one knew about it until it was gone    While much of the world was sleeping soundly and the remainder […]

For Zionists, the ‘two state solution’ has always meant more ethnic cleansing

A Palestinian state has always been a fiction for Zionists. Therefore, the notion of partition in any form of historical Palestine was only ever endorsed by Zionists as a political-diplomatic means towards overtaking more territory and dispossessing more Palestinians. To demonstrate this, I shall first go back to an early partition plan – that of […]

Israel’s Presidents: From Ethnic Cleansing To Rape

  The Presidents of Israel say a great deal about the nature of the self proclaimed ‘Jewish State’. An Israeli President is positioned upon a pedestal, as perhaps one of the most highly regarded figures, so is of much significance to the country’s image. Often attempts are made to whitewash, the well documented, Israeli crimes […]

Tech giants’ censorship is an online ETHNIC CLEANSING campaign, equivalent to intellectual genocide

(Natural News) This week POTUS Donald Trump took up the cause against the social media behemoths’ censorship and shadow-banning of conservative, pro-administration media and political voices by tweeting his disdain for their actions and pledging some form of action. Whether that action comes in the form of regulations issued by a federal agency […]

UK black and minority ethnic groups blast Labour Party antisemitism debate for seeking to defend Israel by erasing Palestinian history

Last week an unprecedented intervention occurred into the debate in the UK over the definition of antisemitism. Over 80 community, professional and rights-based organisations representing black, minority ethnic and diaspora peoples decried what they say is the framing of antisemitism in a way to ‘silence’ Palestinians, and other migrant groups, from speaking about their history. […]

California Introducing Compulsory ‘Ethnic Studies’ For All Schools

California is preparing to introduce a compulsory ‘ethnic studies’ course in high schools that children will be required to take before they are allowed to graduate.  According to the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), the courses “operate from the consideration that race and racism, have been, and continue to be, profoundly powerful social and cultural forces […]

The Horrific Final Solution: The ‘Race’ To Expel 18 Million Ethnic Germans Despite Even Truman & Churchill’s Reservations

By John Wear Introduction Continuing from: The Early “Wild” Expulsions. One of the great tragedies of the 20th century was the forced expulsion of ethnic Germans from their homes after the end of World War II. The Allies carried out the largest forced population transfer—and perhaps the greatest single movement of people—in human history. A minimum of 12 […]

Black Migration as White Ethnic Cleansing in the US

  August 13, 2018 By the 1940s, American cities- at least in the major Northeastern and Midwest cities like Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, et al., had experienced a demographic revolution, in which the native American Protestant Anglo-Saxon people had become outnumbered by predominantly “White ethnics”, i.e. Irish, Italian and Polish for the […]

Jabal al-Baba update: ethnic cleansing on Vatican land

Israel’s quest to strangle Palestine until it falls lifeless into the abyss of posterity will ultimately fail. But for the present, the crunch of its West Bank choke-hold is an area known as E-1. Bedouin being squeezed out of the E-1 area, along the road connecting points north, such as Ramallah, Nablus, and Jenin, with […]

SOTT FOCUS: Why Israel’s Expansionist and Ethnic-Cleansing Ambitions Will Fail

     As the world is distracted with the Football World Cup, some observers of the situation in Palestine have been concerned about the possibility of Israel carrying out a major military operation in Gaza. Four years ago, towards the end of the World Cup in Brazil, Israel launched Operation Protective Edge, which according to UN […]

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