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Covid-19 deaths pass 4,000 in Spain as Europe passes chilling 250,000 mark of those infected

The country registered 655 deaths from the previous day, slightly down from over 700 on Wednesday. The total number of fatalities now stands at 4,089.  The spike in infections comes as cumulative cases across Europe pass the harrowing 250,000 mark, according to an AFP tally. Spain now has the second-highest number of infections in Europe, […]

200,000+ coronavirus cases in Europe – AFP tally

Earlier the World Health Organization warned that the pace of the disease spread was increasing worldwide. It took just four days for the number of global cases to grow from 200,000 to over 300,000. The pandemic has forced many nations to impose an unprecedented lockdown and caused an economic slowdown. The number of Covid-19 deaths […]

Coronavirus Comes for Europe — The Duran

Italy’s healthcare system is in a state of almost total collapse. As of today, 31,506 people in Italy have been infected with the coronavirus; of which 2,503 people have died. The numbers continue to grow. Hospitals are overwhelmed. Doctors have to choose which sick person to save and which sick person not to save. Pictured: […]

Trump and Europe Both Allegedly Closing Borders

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer March 18, 2020 Well, if anything good comes of this, maybe we will reinstate borders in white countries? Haha, no. I doubt they will even close them in the first place, let alone keep them closed afterward. If they are closed, it will be a massive celebration when […]

Europe surges past Asia with Covid-19 death toll of 3,421 – AFP

Confirmed deaths in Europe reached at least 3,421 on Wednesday, AFP reported, passing the 3,384 documented fatalities in Asia, where the virus first began to spread. The death toll globally has surpassed 8,000, the news agency said. The worrying benchmark comes as Johns Hopkins University said there are 200,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 worldwide. The […]

U.S. Army Invades Virus Plagued Europe

U.S. Army Invades Virus Plagued Europe Above Photo: From Update: Shortly after this article was published the US/NATO massive military exercise ‘Defender Europe 2020’ wascanceled over the covid-19 pandemic. The Pentagon had already deployed some 6,000 troops and 3,000 pieces of equipment to Europe by March 13, when the transfers were halted amid the rapid […]

ISIS Orders Its Members to Avoid Europe and Wash Hands Frequently

(TMU) — Even ISIS is scared of CoViD-19. The international terrorist organization is warning its followers to avoid Europe. Bizarrely, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has warned its followers to stay home and avoid Jihad in Europe. For years ISIS has urged its followers to attack the West but now the group […]

European Union To Ban Non-Essential Travel Into Europe

By Tyler Durden The gradual but accelerating “quarantining” of the world into its constituent parts to halt the spread of the coronavirus just took a major step moments ago, when the FT reported that European countries plan a ban on entry to the 26-state Schengen passport free travel zone in the most radical response yet […]

ISIS Warns Islamic Terrorists Against Traveling to Europe For Attacks Because of Coronavirus

ISIS has warned its jihadist followers not to travel to Europe to engage in terror attacks because of the coronavirus outbreak. Reversing its previous calls for jihadists to target European cities, the terrorist group advised supporters not to enter “the land of the epidemic”. ISIS also appeared to back World Health Organization guidance to the […]

In a Europe closed down by the Coronavirus, the EU opens its doors to the US army, by Manlio Dinucci

The Bavarian Minister for the Interior, Joachim Herrmann, greets the first US soldiers to arrive in Europe (Nuremberg, 3 March 2020) The Ministers for Defence of the 27 countries of the EU, 22 of which are also members of NATO, met on 4 and 5 March in Zagreb, Croatia. The central theme of the meeting […]

‘Defender Europe 2020’ Cannot Be Cancelled Due To Covid-19

Authored by ‘Timoschuk’ via, Covid-19 – more then 100,000 infected around the world, six countries where tourists are prohibited from traveling and 17, which are recommended to be avoided. “Defender Europe 2020” – 40,000 participants from 17 NATO countries (and Georgia). One would like to ask: who will win? And soon we can check […]

The “Defender Europe – 20“ is the “apocalyptic rider” of modern days — The Duran

Military experts and analysts have repeatedly stressed the danger of maneuvers of the U.S. and NATO “Defender Europe – 20” due to possible escalation of tensions in the region. Recently, however, the main threat is not so much military activity as the coronavirus epidemic spreading across Europe. Moreover, the disease is ruthless and does not […] […]

30,000 soldiers arrive in Europe without masks, by Manlio Dinucci — The Duran

The United States are demonstrating their power by organising the largest transfer of their troops in Europe on the occasion of the Defender Europe 20 exercises. This country, which only a few years ago sacrificed its soldiers without warning in its nuclear tests, is taking no precautions for its soldiers faced with the corona virus […]

Turkey’s New War on Europe

by David Sims TURKEY HAS been making good on its threat to flood Europe, via Greece, with unwanted migrants. Greece has deployed its military to prevent the illegal entry of those migrants. So far, the Greek troops have used only non-lethal methods to repel the Third World invaders. The Turkish government responded to the Greek […]

S&P Extends Losses After Re-Opening, Down 8.5%; Europe Crashes By Most Ever

Update (0950ET): US Cash markets have reopened after the 15min halt and S&P is extending losses notably… Meanwhile, in Europe, the Stoxx 600 just crashed 10%! Its biggest daily drop ever… And all individual European markets are down at least 9%… This is the largest slide for the DAX since October 1989 and the biggest […]

Just Do Something? Trump Bans Travel From Europe for Some Reason

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer March 12, 2020 — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 12, 2020 So, we had direct flights coming in from Wuhan Airport for nearly a month after China had banned people from leaving Wuhan to go to other parts of China. But now all of a sudden Trump […]

Galactic epidemic: Russia & Europe put the brakes on joint Mars mission due to coronavirus

The ExoMars mission, which was designed to determine if there had ever been life on the Red Planet, was set to launch this summer. Preparations for the ambitious project have been put on hold, however — due at least in part to the spread of the deadly coronavirus, which already has been dubbed a pandemic. […]

In a Europe Closed Down by the Coronavirus the EU Opens its Doors to the US Army. Could the Defender become the Invader of Europe?

The Ministers for Defence of the 27 countries of the EU, 22 of which are also members of NATO, met on 4 and 5 March in Zagreb, Croatia. The central theme of the meeting (in which Lorenzo Guerini of the Democratic Party represented Italy) was not to seek a response to the Coronavirus crisis which […]

Markets Implode, Coronavirus Cases In Europe & US Explode, As Outbreak Slows In South Korea: Live Updates

Summary: Confirmed cases near or pass 1,000 in France, Germany and Spain PM Johnsons says UK won’t close parliament NYC confirms 3 new cases, bringing city total to 16 Spain PM says he will have ’emergency plan’ to tackle outbreak UK confirms another 45 cases VP Pence will hold press conference at 5:30ET Monday Amtrak […]

30, 000 soldiers arrive in Europe without masks, by Manlio Dinucci

The United States have raised the alert for the corona virus in Italy to level 3 – (« avoid non-essential travel »), and taken it to level 4 for Lombardy and Veneto (« do not travel »), the same level as for China. The airline companies American Airlines and Delta Air Lines have cancelled all […]

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