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SUPER CYCLONE forces evacuation of over 1.1mn people in India & Bangladesh amid coronavirus crisis

With winds of 150 miles per hour (241kph) and predicted storm surges of up to 30 feet, India’s National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has mobilized more than 750 people to undertake the unenviable task of evacuating hundreds of thousands of people during a global pandemic. Amphan is expected to make landfall on Wednesday, so time […]

Qatar orders evacuation of its citizens and Kuwait’s from Iran: state news agency

Reuters – Qatar’s ruler Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani on Wednesday ordered the evacuation of Qatari and Kuwaiti citizens from Iran due to the spreading of the coronavirus COVID-19, state news agency reported on twitter. On Wednesday, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani said that Iran had no plans to quarantine any “cities and districts” in […]

‘Largest PEACETIME evacuation’ kicks off in Italy as unexploded WWII bomb puts 54,000 at risk

Roughly 54,000 people were told to leave the so-called “red zone” on Sunday morning as local authorities and the military prepared to defuse a 500-pound bomb which Britain’s Royal Air Force dropped on the city in 1941. Over 60 percent of locals were affected by the evacuation, which turns out to be the largest since […]

Potentially 50,000 people under mandatory evacuation after chemical plant explosion in Port Neches, TX

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Psychological warfare? IDF staged evacuation of ‘wounded’ to dupe Hezbollah after attack – reports

An anti-tank missile fired by Hezbollah from inside Lebanon landed just inside the Israeli border on Sunday, hitting an IDF armored vehicle. The Israeli military then dispatched a helicopter to evacuate two soldiers who were apparently wounded in the attack. But appearances can be deceiving. According to Israeli media, the rescue operation was staged in […]

Russia Orders Evacuation of Village Near Site of Nuclear Explosion After Radiation Spike

By Tyler Durden Russia is evacuating civilians in the area of Nyonoksa village in the far northern region where a nuclear-powered experimental rocket exploded during tests last Thursday, which had killed seven, Interfax reports. So far it appears a “recommendation” and not an ordered evacuation, which officials advise should be accomplished by Wednesday, after radiation levels in the vicinity of  Severodvinsk […]

Russia Initiates Civilian Evacuation Near Site Of "Mini Nuclear" Accident 

Russia is evacuating civilians in the area of Nyonoksa village in the far northern region where a nuclear-powered experimental rocket exploded during tests last Thursday, which had killed seven, Interfax reports. So far it appears a “recommendation” and not an ordered evacuation, which officials advise should be accomplished by Wednesday, after radiation levels in the vicinity […]

Panic & evacuation at Paris CDG airport as pair armed with fake guns sneak into terminal (VIDEO)

Two people brandishing airsoft guns sparked panic at Terminal 2 of Paris’ main Charles de Gaulle airport on Wednesday. The pair didn’t speak French, according to media reports. Videos posted online show an emptied terminal and police officers – equipped with full gear – going after suspects. Rumors of a terrorist attack quickly spread through […]

Suicide bomb threat reportedly leads to evacuation of Iranian envoy to Turkey

There were conflicting reports yesterday in Ankara of an alleged evacuation of Iran’s ambassador to Turkey, following credible reports of a suicide bomb attack, possibly by the Islamic State. Several Turkish media outlets reported on Monday afternoon that authorities in Ankara had communicated an urgent intelligence warning to the Iranian embassy there […]

White Helmets ‘Evacuation Route’ Out of Syria Revealed

Vanessa Beeley released exclusive video and photos today ‘following the tracks’ of the White Helmets along a ratline used to evacuate them out of Syria earlier this year. Watch: “Video of route that White Helmets took during the Zionist facilitated evacuation from Quneitra.”  Continue with Vanessa’s commentary and photos on Patreon… READ MORE WHITE HELMETS […]

The luxury of evacuation: a form of Jewish privilege based on the myth of Israeli vulnerability, while Gazans suffer and die

According to an Israeli military officer, “The military is preparing to evacuate civilians located up to four kilometers from the border, even at the first stage of a wider campaign.” Evacuation is another form of Jewish privilege, based on the myth of vulnerability (Israel’s borders are fenced in and well guarded) and existential threat (Israel […]

Toxic cloud over Antwerp port prompts evacuation as firefighters tackle chemicals on fire

Some 5,000 tons of nickel sulfide caught fire in a warehouse of one of Europe’s largest seaports, the Port of Antwerp, on Saturday afternoon. The smoke from the blaze, which engulfed a large area, may cause irritation and odor nuisance, police say. “Poisonous substances have been released in the immediate vicinity of the seat of […]

The Evacuation of the White Helmets Through Israel Raises Suspicions

By Thembisa Fakude The search and rescue organisation the White Helmets have received praise for their work from various governments and organisations across the globe. The organisation was founded by the former British army officer and military contractor James Le Mesurier in 2014. It claims to have saved over 114,000 lives and to have lost the lives […]

A peaceful evacuation

On May 24, 2018, Israel’s High Court of Justice approved the demolition of Khan al-Ahmar and the forcible transfer of its residents, members of the Bedouin Jahalin tribe.  Such actions constitute a war crime under Article 49 of the 1949 Geneva Convention IV and Article 13 of the 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political […]

Syrian War Report: Army liberates over 30 villages in Homs pocket – evacuation of militants ongoing

     Syrian forces have re-established control of the area east of the M5 highway in the Rastan pocket in northern Homs now that militants have withdrawn from the area. According to pro-government sources, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies are now in control of over 30 settlements located there. At the same time, […]

Volcano in Vanuatu spills heavy ash as acid rain falls from the sky, evacuation fears for 11,000 residents

     A state of emergency has been declared for Vanuatu’s Ambae Island as a volcano continues to spill thick heavy ash. Thousands of residents who call the island home have been warned they may need to evacuate after up to 1cm of ash has fallen in some areas north of the island on Tuesday night. […]

Evacuation after fire breaks out at iconic Moscow hotel

The emergency services said 230 people have been evacuated from the hotel after the fire broke out, RIA Novosti reported. The blaze reportedly started on the 15th floor and was given a ‘second rating’ of difficulty by firefighters before being downgraded after it was no longer posing a threat of spreading throughout the building. The […]

Japan Holds Missile Evacuation Drills In Preparation For North Korea Attack

Tokyo residents rushed to seek shelter following a missile alert test on Monday. Similar drills have been staged before, but this was is the first of its kind for the Japanese capital amid escalating tensions over North Korea. The government’s J-alert system was activated to simulate a missile launch towards the city, calling for people […]

Volcanic ash triggers evacuation in Philippines with ‘hazardous eruptions’ feared

     The Mayon volcano in the Philippines has spewed ash several times over the weekend, forcing authorities to evacuate two villages in its vicinity and raise the threat level, warning of potential “hazardous magmatic eruptions.” “The public is strongly advised to be vigilant and desist from entering the six kilometer (3.7 mile) radius Permanent Danger […]

Huge cracks appear on hillside prompting evacuation at Rattlesnake Ridge, US (VIDEO)

     A potential landslide on Rattlesnake Ridge in Yakima County is threatening homes and Interstate 82 near Yakima. The area of concern is east of Union Gap, east of Thorp Road — an area also known as Anderson Quarry. A section of Thorp Road has been closed as a precaution and Yakima County Emergency Management […]

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