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Discover the Healing Science of Blue Mind – FREE 7-Episode Documentary Event

Feeling tired and stressed? We all do sometimes, but chronic stress can leave you exhausted, sleep deprived, irritable, cause hormonal changes, weight gain, and even make your hair fall out. In fact, the top 10 causes of death around the world are almost all triggered or accelerated by stress. If you’re worried about the effect stress is […]

Discover Your Electric Body – FREE Biofield Sound Therapy Video Event

You’re probably aware that you have an energy field that surrounds and permeates your body – but did you know that your biofield has electromagnetic qualities… and that just the right type of sound can have the positive effect of “harmonizing” your “electric body” to help you achieve optimal wellbeing? Sound-healing therapies are used in […]

WATCH: Palestinians ‘Dare to Dream’ as Eurovision event in Israel nears

In a play on the competition’s slogan for this year, ‘Dare to Dream,’ Activestills show what living under Israeli occupation looks like and ask Palestinians about their dreams. Israel will be hosting the Eurovision Song Contest this year, with some 200 million people expected to watch from around the world. The event, which will take […]

Best of Chronic Lyme Disease Summit – FREE Online Event

Lyme disease is highly debilitating but very difficult to diagnose, because so many of its symptoms occur in other conditions and diseases too. Most individuals who contract Lyme don’t get it from a tick sting – spiders, fleas, mosquitoes and other insects can transmit it too, as can deer, birds, cows, horses and rodents. Although […]

Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul – FREE Event

Are you experiencing a dark and a difficult period in your life? You’re not alone. Throughout history, mystics and sages have written about the dark night of the soul – a time of trial when false ideals are shed, in a process that can be painful and devastating. Renowned mystic teacher Andrew Harvey will offer […]

FREE Event: The Thyroid Reset Summit – Why Your Fatigue and Brain Fog Aren’t Just In Your Head

Whether you or someone you know has been diagnosed with a thyroid problem, you are experiencing “unexplained” symptoms, or you just want to add to your health and healing toolkit, please join us for The Thyroid Reset Summit, a FREE online event. Click here to register and learn more! This event is hosted by Dr. […]

Gazans Hold 23rd Marine Protest Event

Gazans Hold 23rd Marine Protest Event February 12, 2019 Israeli occupation forces fired on Tuesday tear gas and live ammunition at the crowds during the protest which was held on Gaza border in support of the 23rd flotilla, suffocating a number of Palestinians. The flotilla challenges the Zionist blockade imposed on Gaza and demands the […]

The Immune Defense Summit – FREE Health Event Online

The golden age of antibiotics is over! Your best defense against today’s (and tomorrow’s) growing health threats is a strong uncompromised immune system. Yet, too many people are uninformed about the best protocols for optimizing immunity, preventing illness and defeating diseases like autoimmune disorders, heart disease, and antibiotic resistant “superbugs,” which are on pace to […]

The Conscious Partnering Conference – FREE Online Event!

Are you longing for true romantic partnership? Deeper connections with your children and other family members? More effective collaboration in the workplace? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every relationship in your life was built on authenticity, conscious communication, and mutual trust? Join the FREE Conscious Partnering Conference, brought to you by The Shift Network, and […]

Super Blood Wolf Moon: Your essential guide to rare lunar event

Here’s RT’s guide to the rare lunar event. Why all these names A ‘wolf moon’ is the name given for a full moon that happens in January, and derives from early Native American tribes noting when wolves would allegedly howl at the moon, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. A total lunar eclipse is called a […]

A Remarkable Vaccine Research Event Has Occurred: What Is It?

By Catherine J. Frompovich Ever since the 2004 “CDC DeStefano Autism Study” regarding the MMR vaccine ‘not causing’ Autism was published, there’s been a lot of scientific “flack” back and forth.  None more riveting than what one of the original CDC epidemiologists, William Thompson, PhD, divulged in recorded phone conversations with Brian Hooker, PhD, father […]

FREE Online Event – The EMF Health Summit

If you’re worried about radiation from your smartphone, wifi networks, electrical wiring, and other modern devices disrupting your health, you’re right to be concerned. These technologies emit toxic radiation, and they’re putting you and your family’s health at risk. The good news is, you CAN protect yourself and live clean in our toxic, electric world. […]

The Tunguska Event of 1908 – A Mysterious Blast 1000 Times Stronger Than The Atomic Bomb

The Facts: In June of 1908, a large blast in a region of Russia that gave off approximately 1000 times more energy than the atomic bomb dropped in Japan. Multiple scientists have made it quite clear that it was not a meteorite. Reflect On: When all info points to the direction of something that could […]

Left goes INSANE: "Vagina Monologues" theater event cancelled because it doesn’t acknowledge that MEN have vaginas, according to lunatic Leftists

(Natural News) It used to be that the controversial Broadway show The Vagina Monologues was considered to be a provocatively feminist take on what it means to be a woman. But in 2018, it’s now looked at as puritanical, at least in the eyes of students attending Eastern Michigan University (EMU) where […]

Israeli flag expected to fly at Qatar gymnastics event

Tamara Nassar Activism and BDS Beat 26 October 2018 Israeli gymnastics team arrives in Doha, Qatar, on 20 October. (via Facebook)  Israel’s sports and culture minister Miri Regev reportedly arrived in the United Arab Emirates late this week along with her country’s judo team, part of a blitz of Israeli normalization with Arab states in the region. The newspaper […]

Biological MAN wins women’s world championship cycling event by simply saying he’s a woman – and if you disagree, you’re a bigot

(Natural News) What are the qualifications these days for a man to claim he’s a woman? Can he simply cut his hair in some lady-like fashion? Can he just put on some makeup? What about some earrings that have hoops? Is that enough? Maybe if he goes to the extreme of getting […]

The Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Summit – FREE Online Event!

Discover how to apply essential oils and aromatherapy to revitalize your health, reduce stress, strengthen your immune system. Essential oils are one of the fastest growing modalities of natural medicine — and one of the most misunderstood, misused, and potentially abused. Not all essential oils are created equal and not all advice is trustworthy. Used […]

Israeli reporter for ‘New York Times’ praises AIPAC at closed event: ‘You’ve got our backs’

Ronen Bergman, a staff writer for The New York Times Magazine, gave a talk to the Israel lobby group AIPAC in White Plains Monday night and lavished praise on AIPAC for its support of Israel. “You know, I’ve been all over the U.S. with AIPAC and it’s always a great pleasure, as an Israeli. I always […]

The Game’s Begun! US Envoy Arrives In Time for Opposition Staged “Event”

Mourners of the municipal lawmaker Fernando Alban react outside the headquarters of Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN) in Caracas, Venezuela October 8, 2018. REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins Venezuela says jailed lawmaker takes own life; opposition says he was murdered What happened on Monday in Venezuela appears to have come right out of the pages […]

Free Online Event! – Energy Codes: Discover The Next Level of Energy Medicine

Are you ready to take full ownership of the multidimensional energy that you ARE? Register here for ‘Discover the Next Level of Energy Medicine: Advanced Teachings to Deepen Your Healing & Intuitive Mastery and Activate Higher Frequencies of Consciousness’, a free live event screening Wednesday October 10. In this special presentation, master of Bio-Energetic Medicine and […]

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