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Dems Help Cook 10,500 Steaks at Event While Lecturing Americans to Eat Less Meat

Even Democrats don’t believe their own virtue-signaling propaganda. Democratic presidential candidates assembled to Iowa Saturday to take part in the Polk County Democratic Party’s annual steak fry. Over 10,500 steaks were grilled at the annual event in Des Moines. reports: Democratic candidates recently participated in a CNN climate town hall, where multiple candidates discussed […]

2019 Meditation Summit – FREE Online Event

Did you know that stress can cause insomnia, high blood pressure, heart attacks, infertility, cancer, depression… the list goes on and on! Known as the epidemic of the 21st century, chronic stress affects every part of the body, and not in a good way, with many of these effects being detrimental to your vitality and longevity. […]

The Risk Of A Liquidity-Driven Event Is Rising

Authored by Lance Roberts via, Over the last few days, the internet has been abuzz with commentary about the spike in interest rates. Of course, the belief is that the spike in rates is “okay” because the market are still rising.  “The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note was poised for its largest weekly rally […]

Qigong Global Summit – FREE Online Event

Did you know that through simple Qigong exercises, meditations, and flow movements, you can direct life-force energy (known as “Qi”) to specific parts of your body — transforming anxiety, stress, and disease into self-confidence, inner peace, and optimal health? That’s why we’re excited to invite you to join the FREE Qigong Global Summit, where more than […]

‘We don’t want another FyreFest’: ’Storm Area 51’ event cancelled over ‘safety concerns’

Alienstock, set to take place in Rachel, Nevada – the closest town to the secretive Area 51 airbase -was cancelled out of fear it would turn into “FyreFest 2.0,” the organizers announced on Tuesday, referring to the notorious music festival that bilked attendees for hefty ticket fees only to strand them on a tropical […]

US Jewish groups pan California event featuring speaker accused of anti-Semitism

US Jewish groups and local politicians are criticizing an event scheduled to be held on a local college campus in Fresno, California, with a speaker who is critical of Israel and who frequently uses anti-Semitic tropes. The program scheduled for September 18 is titled “Uncovered: Israel’s Occupation of Palestine,” and features Alison Weir, director of […]

Move US capital to Minsk? Why not, says Belarus’ President… at least for top athletic event

“Minsk will become the capital of the United States in two years,” Lukashenko proclaimed as he welcomed Team USA and Team Europe to Belarus for the beginning of an inaugural two-day athletic competition dubbed ‘The Match.’ “We’ll settle it all with Trump … he will win the 2021 elections and show up here, at this […]

Energy Healing Practices for Spontaneous Transformation – FREE Video Event

You’ve likely experienced powerful healing through gifted practitioners and modalities like EMDR, cranial sacral work, and Reiki. But what if YOU could spontaneously transform emotional patterns that have wielded tremendous influence over your life — warping your beliefs, laying the groundwork for dis-ease, and limiting your capacity to access your authenticity, soul gifts, and joy? Join […]

Sound Healing Global Summit – FREE Online Event

Have you experienced the healing power of sound? From Tibetan singing bowls to the energy-clearing and harmonizing power of tuning forks to the sacred vibrations of your own voice humming, singing or speaking – these therapeutic tools are deeply transformative and the keys to a healthier and more peaceful, grounded, resonant life. For thousands of years, cultures […]

Success: Illinois University Reverses Ban on Palestine Event

Miko Peled, speaking at the University of Illinois-Chicago campus in Rockford IL, August 3, 2019 University officials quickly reversed their decision to block an event about justice in Palestine when they were reminded that such discrimination is illegal under the First Amendment. “We’ve seen this happen again and again with Palestine-related events on campuses,” explained […]

Sexual Vitality Summit: FREE Online Event

Recent research data says: you’re having LESS sex than your grandparent’s generation. Whatever your bedroom issues, there are solutions out there – but many of the best new sexual health solutions are not yet used by the mainstream medical community. If you’re longing for the connection and pleasure you deserve, join us and host Susan […]

The 4 Main Causes of Climate Crisis and the “Event” We’re Climaxing To

August 22nd, 2019 By Open Contributing writer for Wake Up World Climate Crisis is now escalating day-by-day, in such a major way, you have to ask, is it really only manmade? What if there are at least 3 other contributing factors that are beginning to dwarf the CO2 output from society? We are at the beginning of […]

FBI harassing US citizens for attending Iran-linked event

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is going after American citizens who have already attended or plan to attend the New Horizon Conference (NHC), an annual forum held by an Iranian media expert to discuss major global issues. Michael Maloof, a Virginia-based former Pentagon official and a frequent Press TV panelist, found FBI […]

5D Shift: “The Event”, Galactic Superwave and 11:11 Synchronicity

August 12th, 2019 By Open Contributing writer for Wake Up World If you’ve been intimately involved in the Shift you’ll likely have been following transformations in the sun, if not, it’s high time you were! Empathic sentients the world over feel strong transformations happening with our ‘heavenly father’, the Solar Logos. We’re entering a Grand Solar Minimum, […]

Reuniting Science and Spirituality Summit – FREE Online Event

Science and spirituality are not mutually exclusive. In recent years, great progress has been made in understanding more about the mind-body-spirit link and its role in our health, happiness and wellbeing. That’s why we’re delighted to tell you about the Reuniting Science and Spirituality Summit — pioneers in evolutionary consciousness sharing a powerful synthesis of […]

The Military Deployment of 5G is a Slow Motion Extinction Level Event

      An Open Letter to the American People Regarding the Devastating Military Deployment of 5G Submitted by Stop 5G in Florida To Our Fellow Citizens Across America: We here in Florida have become grimly aware of the 5G roll-out quietly occurring around the state and the nation. We’re also aware that this military […]

The 5G Crisis: Awareness and Accountability – FREE Online Event and Report

As consumers, we’re being told that 5G means faster downloads and greater connectivity. As healthy humans and parents, we’re NOT being told about the serious risks to health, our fundamental rights and basic freedoms. Now, Josh del Sol, activist and filmmaker, and Sayer Ji, co-founder of GreenMedInfo, have teamed up for an important event:  The 5G […]

Photos: Para-cycling event in Tehran

MNA | seyede zahra mirzafarjooyan: Para-cycling event was held on Tuesday morning in Tehran’s City Park in the presence of Mayor of Tehran Pirouz Hanachi.     Source Article from Related Posts Photos: 51st Armenian Olympics kicks off in Tehran IRNA | Genia Abadian: The 51st edition of the annual Armenian Olympics is inaugurated […]

Hillary Clinton Drops out of Cybersecurity Event Due to ‘Unforeseen Circumstance’

Hillary Clinton has pulled out as keynote speaker for an upcoming cybersecurity conference due to an “unforeseen circumstance.” The former Democratic presidential nominee was due to attend the FireEye Cyber Defense Summit on October 9-10, where she had agreed to engage in a Q&A with FireEye CEO Kevin Mandia about the “geopolitical landscape and its […]

Ted Lieu: I’ve Asked FEC to ‘Look into’ Trump’s July 4th Event

Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu has requested the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to “look into” President Trump’s July 4th event. On Saturday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Lieu said he took issue with the RNC handing out “VIP passes” to major donors at the independence day celebrations. “One of the big problems with Trump’s July 4th […]

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