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Russia Might Have Evidence About Prince Andrew’s Abuse of Epstein’s Sex Slave: MI6

British intelligence officials are worried Russia has obtained evidence about Prince Andrew’s abuse of Epstein’s teenage “sex slave”. Incriminating evidence links the Duke’s 2001 encounter with then-17-year-old Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre, MI6 say. The intelligence agency’s concerns center on the case of John Mark Dougan, a former Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy who now lives […]

Mysterious magnetic pulses and evidence of groundwater discovered on Mars

   Mars may be hiding water deep beneath its surface, NASA’s InSight lander has discovered – and the planet’s magnetic field has a life of its own, pulsing at the stroke of midnight in a manner utterly unlike anything found on Earth. There may be liquid water on Mars after all – dozens of miles […]

Saudis Reveal ‘Evidence’ Attacks "Unquestionably Sponsored" By Iran With Drone & Missile Debris

Though it appears President Trump has already signaled that war with Iran has been averted for now, instead opting to kick the can further down the road with a just announced measure to “substantially increase” sanctions on the Islamic Republic, Saudi Arabia has unveiled the long awaited “evidence” of Iran’s alleged involvement in the Aramco […]

More Americans Questioning Official 9/11 Story As New Evidence Contradicts Official Narrative

Today the event that defined the United States’ foreign policy in the 21st century, and heralded the destruction of whole countries, turns 18. The events of September 11, 2001 remains etched into the memories of Americans and many others, as a collective tragedy that brought Americans together and brought as well a general resolve among […]

Hockey Stick Climate Change Graph is Evidence-Free

The hockey stick graph has become a well-known term and concept in climate change circles. AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) or manmade global warming advocates have often tried to justify climate change alarmism by citing data and pointing to graphs that show an extreme, drastic and historically unprecedented rise in temperature. This rise is depicted on […]

Evidence Suggests Pope Francis Might Help Facilitate Vatican Pedophilia & Satanic Rituals

If you don’t already know, a number of Vatican officials over the years have been implicated in sexually abusing children.  In fact, it goes well beyond the main church inside the walls of Vatican city, and into various churches around the world that are connected to the Roman Catholic Order, among others. Although there is […]

The Epstein Death Evidence Continues to Mount

The Epstein death evidence continues to mount, but unsurprisingly, there are still many more questions than answers at this point. With each day that passes, more and more irregularities come to light, which bolster the theory that he was either murdered or he escaped. It is clear that Epstein was intimately connected to some of […]

Will Friends of Epstein Claim “DEEPFAKE” If Video Evidence of Sexual Activity Emerges?

August 22, 2019 By Press For Truth I swear your honor that’s not me!!! There was a time when video evidence was the ultimate touchstone benchmark of truth when trying to prove something happened, but those days are long gone as today’s Deepfake tech capabilities are making it nearly impossible to distinguish what’s real from […]

Epstein Autopsy Finds Evidence He May Have Been Murdered

August 15, 2019 By Tyler Durden As the public carries on with the great debate about what really happened (or didn’t happen) to Jeffrey Epstein early Saturday morning in the hours before he was found dead in his cell at MCC in an apparent suicide, The Washington Post has unleashed a bombshell. First, remember how […]

How Real Power Kills or Rescues: Epstein Death Evidence so Far

August 15th, 2019 By Makia Freeman Contributing Writer for Wake Up World The Epstein death evidence continues to mount, but unsurprisingly, there are still many more questions than answers at this point. With each day that passes, more and more irregularities come to light, which bolster the theory that he was either murdered or he […]

Report: ‘No Evidence that Fracking Can Operate without Threatening Public Health’

In 2010 when I first started writing about hydraulic fracturing — the process of blasting a cocktail of water and chemicals into shale to release trapped hydrocarbons — there were more questions than answers about environmental and public-health threats. That same year Josh Fox’s documentary Gasland, which featured tap water bursting into flames, grabbed the […]

New Jerusalem finds are evidence of Babylonian siege, archaeologists say

Archaeologists at Mount Zion alongside Jerusalem’s Old City have unearthed ancient arrowheads, a rare piece of gold jewelry, lamps and pottery sherds, embedded in a layer of ash, in what researchers say is evidence of the Babylonian conquest of the city 2,600 years ago. The discoveries by University of North Carolina at Charlotte researchers were […]

Evidence Suggests Pope Francis Might Help Facilitate Vatican Pedophila & Satanic Rituals

The Facts: This article was written by attorney and author John W. Whitehead, founder and president of The Rutherford Institute where it was originally published. Posted here with permission. Reflect On: What’s really going on in America and allied countries? Has total population control gone into effect? Why have we not noticed? Why are we […]

SPECIAL: Licensed to Kill — False Flag in El Paso, Texas — Evidence of 3-4 Shooters in Black — Zionist Strike 45 UPDATE 1 Fox is Compromised — Condemning White Nationalists

Back Up Image: LINK: Watch it fast, Twitter is dishonest and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) that controls its censorship and digital assassination will certainly want this taken down. The Zionists want to overturn the Second Amendment and this is how they inspire fear. This was a false flag operation, no question at all. Other […]

The Most Important Piece of Evidence MISSING from Nearly Every Mass Shooting in America

by S.D. Wells Considering most American’s infinite inability to think, it’s not surprising that nobody is looking for the obvious evidence that tells the real “truth” about how the latest mass shootings really went down. You see, since a picture is worth “a thousand words,” then a video is worth a thousand pictures, or a […]

“There Is Someone In There” – Professor Presents Remarkable Evidence of Plant Consciousness

The Facts: Anesthesia is commonly used to put people to “sleep.” This article is an interesting examination of why we do it, going deep into awareness, consciousness and fear. Reflect On: Can awareness continually exists without interruption regardless of the fact that we are not always able to access our experiences, or remember them when […]

New York Area Fire Commissioners Call for New 9/11 Investigation, “Overwhelming Evidence” that “Pre-planted Explosives . . . Caused the Destruction of the Three World Trade Center Buildings”

Via: Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth: They started off by saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Ten minutes later, they were reading the text of a resolution claiming the existence of “overwhelming evidence” that “pre-planted explosives . . . caused the destruction of the three World Trade Center buildings.” And so it […]

NY Fire Commissioners Demand New 9/11 Probe, Citing “Overwhelming Evidence of Pre-Planted Explosives”

NY Fire Commissioners Demand New 9/11 Probe, Citing “Overwhelming Evidence of Pre-Planted Explosives” Source Article from Related Posts NASA’s Juno probe captures stunning eclipse on Jupiter (PHOTOS) Io, the closest of Jupiter’s four moons, casts a surprisingly sharp shadow across the surface House Panel Lays Groundwork for Trump Impeachment Probe The House Judiciary Committee […]

NY Fire Commissioners Demand New 9/11 Probe, Citing "Overwhelming Evidence of Pre-Planted Explosives"

Whereas, the attacks of September 11, 2001, are inextricably and forever tied to the Franklin Square and Munson Fire Department; Whereas, on September 11, 2001, while operating at the World Trade Center in New York City, firefighter Thomas J. Hetzel, badge #290 of Hook and Ladder Company #1, Franklin Square and Munson Fire […]

NY Fire Commissioners Call for New 9/11 Investigation, Citing ‘Overwhelming Evidence of Explosives’

Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project Waking Times History was made this month in regard to 9/11 as New York area fire commissioners called for a new investigation into the tragic events that unfolded that day. The resolution called for a new investigation due to the “overwhelming evidence” that “pre-planted explosives . . . caused the […]

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