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Battle Over Assange’s Computer: U.S. Could Plant False Evidence On Scrubbed Computer

May 24, 2019 By Mac Slavo A new battle has broken out over who gets access to Julian Assange’s computer in the aftermath of the journalist’s arrest. WikiLeaks says Assange took the time to scrub his computer before he was taken into custody, meaning anything found on it would be “false evidence” and planted by […]

Gowdy Bombshell: FBI Withheld ‘Game-Changer’ Evidence During Russia Probe

Trey Gowdy dropped a bombshell during an interview with Fox News Sunday night, claiming the FBI withheld “potential game-changer” evidence from the FISA court during the early stages of the Russia probe. The former House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman says he has seen unreleased transcripts between former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos and […]

FBI Sued for Failure to Report Known 9/11 Evidence to Congress

The Facts: This article was written By Kristina Kristen, Guest Writer, for Children’s Health Defense, posted here with permission. Reflect On: How much do pharmaceutical companies really care about our health? Why is important information on vaccines never acknowledged and countered by the mainstream? In the United States, many legislators and public health officials are […]

Analysis of evidence in the “targeted” killings of Barry & Honey Sherman concludes murders were politically motivated, who the prime suspects are & why.

Posted by Paul W Kincaid Heinous Crimes, World news Sunday, March 31st, 2019 What was the primary motive for the break in & targeted murders of Barry & Honey Sherman? To answer that one must first examine why lead Toronto police investigator, Det.-Sgt. Susan Gomes publicly stated that […]

The Alien Harvest: Evidence of Grey Origins and Reasons for Human Abduction

Among the mysteries of modern ufology is the origin of the entities known as the Greys. These small beings are the most commonly observed entities reported by abductees aboard extraterrestrial craft, and are believed to be the ones most responsible for human abductions. There are many things that we do know about the Greys, derived […]

RBGgate: Evidence Proves It’s NOT Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Democrats Desperate to Prevent Another SCOTUS Nomination

#RBGProofOfLife #WheresRuth so i guess the cure for cervicothoracic kyphosis is to break three ribs and have a pulmonary lobectomy. “Sitting more upright – she’s usually hunched over and hard to see” 3 Source Article from Related Posts In Morsi’s death, Israel proves it prefers a non-democratic Middle East Israel is not […]

Venezuela Gov’t Presents Evidence of Alleged Terrorism Plots by “Foreign Paramilitaries

Venezuelan authorities have alleged that self-proclaimed “Interim President” Juan Guaido and other opposition leaders were involved in a plot to carry out acts of terrorism employing foreign paramilitaries trained in Colombia. Venezuelan Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez presented what he claimed to be evidence of “ultra-right plans to promote regime change.” According to Rodriguez, Venezuelan intelligence services uncovered plans to […]

Juice Fasts: Hype-Driven Fad or Evidence-Based Health Habit?

The Facts: This article was originally written and published at, written by the GreenMedInfo Research Group and posted here with permission. Reflect On: Juice fasts, formerly relegated to groups on the fringes of society, are now embraced by mainstream culture. Once only a ritual rite of passage for those embedded in natural medicine circles, […]

Unnecessary Evidence

Owing to my article exposing high profile psychologist Bob Montgomery, I have come under an orchestrated series of threats and attacks. One of these attacks was launched by low-IQ cult scum who tried to discredit my testimony by saying my family are not related to Helen Holowczak. Their main source of ‘evidence’ is my grandmother’s […]

"Strongest evidence yet" that obesity causes depression, even in the absence of other health problems

(Natural News) Disturbing yet unsurprising results from a recent study provide the “strongest evidence yet” that obesity causes depression, even in the absence of other health problems. These findings were published in the International Journal of Epidemiology and highlight both the physical and mental risks that come with being obese. Researchers from […]

US Regime Change in Venezuela: The Documented Evidence

[Sumate] organized a recall referendum in 2004 that Chavez won and also is a vociferous critic of the government and the electoral system. The article also admits that: USAID which hired the Maryland-based company Development Alternatives Inc. to administer the grants has declined to identify many Venezuelan recipients, saying they could be intimidated or prosecuted. […]

New Evidence in Case of Palestinian Mother Stoned to Death by Right-Wing israelis

Israeli authorities on Wednesday released new information about the death of Aisha al-Rabi, who was killed by a mob of right-wing Israelis in October 2018, stating that they had found DNA of the central suspect in the case on the rock that caused her death. Of the five right-wing Israeli teens arrested for the crime […]

Great Pyramids of Egypt: Evidence That the Stone Blocks Might Have Been Cast, Not Quarried

“This is not my day job,” begins Michel Barsoum as he recounts his foray into the mysteries of the Great Pyramids of Egypt. As a well respected researcher in the field of ceramics, Barsoum never expected his career to take him down a path of history, archaeology, and “political” science, with materials research mixed in. […]

Scientist Demonstrates Fascinating Evidence of Precognitive Dreaming

The Facts: Kevin Spacey released a cryptic video on Christmas Eve right after news of his indictment for sexual assault was announced, inspiring several theories about his true motive behind it. Reflect On: Do you think this video is genius or madness? Which interpretation makes the most sense to you, or do you agree that […]

World Famous Physicist Says He’s ‘Found Evidence That God Exists’

When world famous theoretical physicist Michio Kaku claimed he has found evidence that God exists, his reasoning caused a stir in the scientific community. When responding to a question about the meaning of life and God, Kaku surprised his interviewer when he revealed that most top physicists do believe in a God because of how […]

9/11 Grand Jury: Conclusive Evidence Towers Were Brought down by Explosions

A grand jury investigating the 9/11 attacks will be shown evidence that the Twin Towers were brought down by a controlled demolition for the first time. On April 10, 2018, the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry submitted a legal petition to the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York for a Grand Jury to examine […]

Is the FBI withholding evidence of the Clinton Foundation’s ‘Pay to Play’ schemes?

     Republicans in the House of Representatives’ Oversight Committee held a hearing on Thursday to examine allegations of quid pro quo agreements at the Clinton Foundation during Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State. Mark Meadows (R-NC), the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on Government Operations, a powerful investigative team for […]

Ancient beheading site found in Jerusalem, evidence of ‘holy’ king’s bloody rule

The Ugly Truth Archaeologists now know whodunnit — the Hasmonean king Alexander Jannaeus — after uncovering a 2,000-year-old mass burial ground in the municipality’s backyard ed note–an extremely important read and despite the fact that it centers around events taking place thousands of years ago, is of vital importance to the future existence of all […]

More Evidence of US Coalition Killing Civilians in Syria, and Using White Phosphorus

Steven Sahiounie 21st Century Wire Civilians in Syria are dying, and being maimed by the actions of the US military, and their allied partners. Despite mounting evidence of international war crimes, the western media has adopted a near unanimous policy of silence. The Americans, and their 70 participating ‘coalition’ allies, are supposedly targeting the Islamic […]

EVIDENCE: Kerch Incident Was Planned Provocation – Pretext for US Aid, Martial Law, War in Donbass

The shelling began at about 19:50 GMT, according to the correspondent. The Ukrainian army is using various weapons, including heavy artillery. Prior to this, a relative ceasefire had held in the Donbass, and there was real talk among stakeholders that certain key benchmark objectives for Minsk Accords could now be met, with an aim to end hostilities […]

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