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Anti-White Propaganda – So What Exactly Are White People Superior At?

A bunch of blacktivists weigh in on the question of White supremacy and think it’s absolutely hysterical to hate on Whitey. Bitchute link Hits: 22

Exactly what is the US Independent National Union?

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This is exactly how the mainstream media colludes with Democrats to rig elections

BY REBECCA KLARThe Hill Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, shut down a question Sunday from CNN’s Jake Tapper about any “gaffe” her husband may make. “Oh, you can’t even go there,” Jill Biden told the “State of the Union” host when he led into a question by noting that the former vice president “has been known […]

Mummy DNA May Prove Ancient Egyptians Descended From Son of Noah Exactly As Bible Describes

18K Shares “Of these were the isles of the nations divided in their lands, every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations.” Genesis 10:5  In a scientific first, DNA taken from Egyptian mummies has been decoded, producing unexpected results about the true origins of the Egyptian people. These results confirm a controversial theory […]

This is exactly why we have the right to bear arms!

© Reuters / Brian Snyder Virginia’s health commissioner said he will make a coronavirus vaccine legally mandatory for all state residents when one is ready, arguing it will save lives, as critics push back, demanding the right to choose for themselves. Dr Norman Oliver, who heads up the state’s department of health, said he […]

Google Loon launched as “Floating Cell Phone Tower” in Kenya — But Exactly How Safe Are Loons?

By B.N. Frank Opposition continues to increase regarding satellites and similar vehicles being launched for providing internet coverage from way up high (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13). Other vehicles include Loons which have been approved in more than 50 countries – never mind that their parent […]

How exactly does fish oil help the heart? It counteracts the effects of mental stress

(Natural News) A study found that fish oil benefits the heart by counteracting the effects of mental stress in several measurements of cardiovascular health, such as heart rate and muscle sympathetic nerve activity (MSNA). In conducting the study, a team of researchers at Michigan Technological University worked with 67 adult participants. At the […]

Global Debt is Now an Insane $164 Trillion, but Who Exactly Do We Owe?

Isaac Davis, Staff Writer Waking Times If you’ve ever wondered why the world seems hopelessly fraught with endless conflict, ruled corrupt states, and bent on developing a never-ending supply of advanced weaponry, you’d need to understand the nature of our debt based economy. The IMF has just reported that total global debt is now […]

Going Underground – BUT FIRST: What is exactly Porton Down’s OPCW job in its Novichok investigation?

Going Underground – BUT FIRST: What is exactly Porton Down’s OPCW job in its Novichok investigation? Going Underground with Afshin Afshin Rattansi on the weakening case Theresa May is making against Russia. LIKE Going Underground Going Underground Afshin Rattansi on Instagram… View the original video for Going Underground – BUT […]

In 2009 a NJ judge banned hooking up voting machines to the internet, but that’s exactly how ES&S’s “airgapped” machines work

Connecting voting machines to the internet is a terrible idea: the machines are already notoriously insecure, and once they’re online, anyone, anywhere in the world becomes a potential attacker. But voting machine vendors know that their customers want to be able to gather totals remotely, without having to physically move files around on […]

Déja vu: Trump’s approval rating exactly matches Obama’s at the end of first year

     Let me begin with a rare tweet, courtesy of Matt Drudge, a guy who doesn’t tweet much and also the owner of world’s biggest news-aggregator, the Drudge Report obviously: Rasmussen Poll shows Trump at 46% APPROVE this morning, with 53% DISAPPROVE… What about Obama at same exact date first year in presidency?? 46% APPROVE, […]

Facebook handing over tons of data to US government, exactly as it was designed to do

Facebook is doing exactly what it was designed to do. Aggregate information, and then share that information with the US government. SHTF Plan reports… Every year, Facebook gets tens of thousands of requests for data from governments worldwide, including search warrants, subpoenas, or calls to restrict certain kinds of content. And, […]

WATCH: St. Louis Police Officer Demanding Sex ‘Knew Exactly What He Was Doing’

In June 2015, Brittany Walker was six months pregnant when, she says, a St. Louis police officer coerced her into giving him oral sex. She had called the police for help after her estranged husband took the family car, but says the officer who showed up had something different on his mind. “Are you freaky?” […]

Boom! Docs Show Vegas ‘Hero’ Campos Entered US FROM Mexico Exactly 1 Week AFTER Mass Shooting

IMAGE: Screen Grab/The New Nationalist By Russ Winter The New Nationalist (TNN) has been speculating that Las Vegas mass-shooting “hero” security-guard Jesus Campos is in fact a false persona, a cutout actor. Increasingly, evidence is coming forth suggesting that there was no “Jesus Campos” shot in the leg on the 32nd floor of the MGM Mandalay […]

Is This Better Than Hillary? 6 Ways Trump Has Become Exactly Like Hillary Clinton

By Matt Agorist Last month, Donald Trump showed Americans that he has one goal in mind — a goal that has been shared by all of his predecessors and his ostensible enemy, Hillary Clinton — and a goal he vehemently opposed until he was elected. Endless, brutal, futile, and, of course, profitable—war. Just like Obama, Trump […]

What Exactly Do We Really Have Ownership Of?

RJ Spina, ContributorWaking Times With the horrific weather anomalies and natural disasters currently happening across the globe, it moved my attention towards all the challenges these Souls are being forced to accept in working with these situations and the subsequent effect it has on their lives. All the energy spent on worrying, fear, preparation, […]

MSNBC Just Admitted: ‘Our Job’ is to ‘Control Exactly What People Think’

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski just erased any lingering doubts the corporate press serves almost wholly to vomit propaganda in order to control public perception, in a rather stupefying statement during an exchange with Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough about President Trump possibly “trying to undermine the media.” “Exactly. That is exactly what I hear,” Scarborough stated. […]

What, exactly, is diarrhea?

     Your digestive system is sensitive to dietary changes, and the health of your gut microbiome may predict your overall health and contribute to the formation of your stool. When bacteria and viruses invade your digestive system, problems may occur, the most common of which is diarrhea. Although the condition typically doesn’t last more than […]

Exactly Who Are The Hasbara and Sayanim?

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN) Let me just take a moment to define two important terms I use here a lot, so the newly awakened will understand what kind of creeps we’re dealing with in our lands. “Hasbara,” or “HasbaRATS” as I like to call them, are Jews who insidiously work to screw up […]

IKEA Responds To Balenciaga’s $2,145 Bag That Looks Exactly Like IKEA’s 99-Cent Tote Bag, and It’s Hilarious

Needless to say, the internet had a good laugh about the whole thing, but now IKEA has also joined in the fun by mocking Balenciaga’s new bag in their own special way. Enlisting the help of ACNE, a Stockholm-based Swedish creative agency, the furniture giant has released a hilarious advert that helps people to differentiate […]

Little Miss Molly Got Exactly What She Deserved

By Phillip Marlowe When I read that 22 year-old Molly Matheson was found strangled dead in her apartment’s bathroom by her mother, I immediately suspected she was a big mudshark. I went online and soon found her Facebook page, still not yet removed. Looking over her photos, it’ll be a black perp, I told myself. The twit made a shot of herself at some fancy social […]

Fined after parking for exactly 17 seconds: Spy cameras hit innocent drivers as tickets soar fivefold

RAY MASSEY UK Daily Mail Aug 16, 2011 Persecuted motorists are being handed five times as many parking tickets as they were a decade ago, figures show. New mobile CCTV cameras are being used to catch drivers who may only have stopped momentarily. One case was based on just 17 seconds of film. There have […]

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