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The Pseudo-Judicial Execution Of Maher al-Akhras

Above photo: Maher Al-Akhras, 49, in a Tel Aviv hospitalin video released by his attorney and published by Quds News Netwoek. Screenshot.  Tuesday, November 3, will be the hundredth day of the hunger strike of Maher al-Akhras. That is, if he will still be alive. His body, deprived of all the vital ingredients for life except […]

Israel’s execution of Palestinian hunger striker Maher Akhras is taking place now

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US slaps sanctions on Iranians over execution of wrestler

WASHINGTON — The United States on Thursday imposed sanctions on an Iranian judge who sentenced a wrestler to death over his role in protests — an execution that triggered international outrage. Navid Afkari, 27, who had won national competitions, was hanged earlier this month after being convicted of murder during demonstrations two years ago in […]

Widow of David Dorn at RNC: Looters Streamed My Husband’s Execution as Our Grandson Watched on Facebook

Ann Dorn, the widow of murdered 77-year-old retired police captain David Dorn, told her husband’s story on the fourth night of the Republican National Convention (RNC). On June 2, according to police, Dorn was guarding Lee’s Pawn and Jewelry in St. Louis as riots, fires, and looting broke out. Surveillance footage, police said, shows Dorn arriving […]

Saudi public prosecutor orders review of execution of three minors

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Extremists: 5-Yr-Old Boy’s Execution “Revenge” For “White Privilege”

A number of online extremists appeared to celebrate the brutal murder of a 5-year-old boy in North Carolina by a convicted felon on Sunday, by claiming the boy’s death was payback for his “white privilege.” No, this is NOT satire. Cannon Hinnant was executed at point-blank range with a gunshot to the head for the […]

VIDEO: Gaza Demonstrations and the Execution of Razan Al-Najar

Context to the Gaza Massacres that the media will not report upon. Journalist Robert Inlakesh explains what happened in Gaza, including the murder of 21 yr old nurse Razan Al-Najar. Mainstream talking points debunked with logic, history and the obvious truth. Watch: ACTION NEEDED! An Inquiry into “Gaza violence” is spitting on the graves of those […]

Jaw-dropping street execution fails as gun jams at last second (VIDEO)

Investigators are trying to trace the hooded duo who were filmed by CCTV attempting to gun down two different men in the Regent Park neighborhood of the city on Wednesday night. READ MORE: Two men blow up IED inside Indian restaurant in Canada, multiple injuries In one of the shocking incidents caught on camera, a […]

#Romanovs100: The only survivor of royal family execution, Joy’s incredible story in rare photos

The avatar of Spaniel_joy_romanov is based on a real dog, Joy – Tsarevitch Alexei’s pet. The Russian spaniel joined the family in 1914 and was a faithful companion to the emperor’s only son until the end. Woop! Enjoying a lavish ride with my pawrents. Can you spot me? I’m travelling business. #russianspaniel #joyromanov #romanovs100 #alexeiromanov […]

Allied Hypocrisy & The Execution Of Dr. Klaus Karl Schilling For Malaria Experiments At Dachau

By John Wear During the Doctors’ Trial at Nuremberg, Dr. Karl Brandt and the other defendants were infuriated at the moral high ground taken by the U.S. prosecution. Evidence showed that the Allies had been engaged in illegal medical experimentation, including poison experiments on condemned prisoners in other countries, and cholera and plague experiments on […]

Horrific body cam footage shows cop kill unarmed man execution style

     After a police officer claimed he shot and killed a man because he refused to drop his gun, Body Cam footage has been released that shows the man was on his knees and his hands were empty when the officer shot him three times in the back. Shaleem Tindle, 28, was killed by a […]

Israeli leaders celebrate extrajudicial execution

Maureen Clare Murphy Rights and Accountability 6 February 2018 Hamas supporters in Deir al-Balah, central Gaza Strip carry posters of Ahmad Nasser Jarrar after the Palestinian man was killed by Israeli forces in the northern West Bank, evading capture by Israel for more than a month, 6 February. Ashraf Amra APA images In the early […]

Islamic State Declares War On Hamas In Gruesome Execution Video

The Islamic State branch in the Sinai Peninsula on Wednesday called on its supporters to attack Hamas in a gruesome execution video as long-simmering tensions between the rival Islamic terror groups erupted into the open. The 22-minute long video culminated with the execution of one of its members, shot in the back of the head for […]

I.S.I.S. declares war on Hamas with video execution

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UN ‘Shocked & Appalled’ By Iraq’s Mass Execution Of ISIS Fighters

The human rights arm of the United Nations has declared that it is “shocked and appalled” over the mass execution of 38 suspected ISIS fighters in southern Iraq last week. Iraq’s justice ministry said all of the executed militants were members of ISIS and their appeal options were exhausted Under Iraqi law, being found guilty […]

UN urges Iran to halt execution of Amirhossein Pourjafar, who was sentenced to death when he was 16 years old

nsnbc : United Nations human rights experts on Wednesday urgently appealed to Iran to halt today’s execution of Amirhossein Pourjafar, who was sentenced to death […]

Jail and execution: Madrid makes veiled threat to Catalan leader by raising predecessor’s fate

“History should not be repeated. Let’s hope that nothing is declared tomorrow because perhaps the one who declares it will end up like the one declared it 83 years ago,” spokesman for Spain’s ruling People’s Party (PP) Pablo Casado said on Monday. The statement came less than 24 hours ahead of Carles Puigdemont’s address to […]

After Attack In Spain, Trump Invokes Myth Celebrating Mass Execution Of Muslims

As Barcelona, Spain reeled from an attack on Thursday that left 13 people dead and dozens more injured, President Donald Trump quickly took to Twitter to both denounce the attack and recount a “vile” myth that claims a U.S. general—though the story has been thoroughly debunked—executed 49 Muslims with bullets drenched in pig’s blood. Study what General Pershing […]

British Police Directly Helped Arrest 14 Saudis Who Face Execution: Report

Training by British police may have directly helped Saudi agents arrest more than a dozen people now believed to be facing execution, with voices in Britain urging Prime Minister Theresa May to move in a bid to halt the killings. In Saudi Arabia today there are 14 pro-democracy demonstrators who face execution after being caught […]

Nike’s “Just Do It” Slogan Was Inspired By The Last Words Of A Murderer Awaiting Execution

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Amnesty: Saudi Arabia silence Shia dissent with execution

Press TV – Saudi Arabia is using the death penalty as a means to silence Shia dissent, says Amnesty International. “These brutal executions are the latest act in the Saudi Arabian authorities’ ongoing persecution of the Shia minority. The death penalty is being deployed as a political weapon to punish them for daring to protest […]

WHITE HELMETS: Blasphemous Whitewash of their Execution Black Record

21st Century Wire says… In a recent Singapore spin cycle article attempting to whitewash the blackened name of the NATO and Gulf-state-funded and Hollywood promoted White Helmets, James Le Mesurier, their UK ex-military trainer, likened the accusations of White Helmet operatives attending executions as ” Accusing the White Helmets of this act would be akin to […]

British drone disrupting ISIS prisoner execution may have wounded over 20 civilians

     A Royal Air Force (RAF) drone strike, which the British military claims halted the public execution of prisoners by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), may have in fact wounded more than 20 civilians, according to monitors. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) claimed on May 15 that a Hellfire missile fired from an RAF Reaper […]

VIDEO: White Helmets clean up following rebel execution in southern Syria (+18 graphic)

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (7:10 P.M.) – Revolting amateur footage emerged on Wednesday showing rebel militants conducting a summary execution in the town of Jasim in Daraa. Shortly after the unarmed man was shot dead on camera in front of a large crowd, members of the renown White Helmets moved in to get rid of the body. […]

Boston Herald calls for government-run execution squads to MASS MURDER naturopaths, scientists and journalists who oppose mercury in immunizations

(Natural News) In the latest lunatic, insane example of “vaccine rage” now being pushed by the criminal vaccine industry and its corporate-run media prostitutes, the Boston Herald’s entire editorial staff has openly called for government-run execution squads to mass murder scientists, naturopaths, chiropractors and journalists who question the safety of injecting children with mercury, a […]

Saudi Arabia’s male guardianship still limits women’s rights despite reforms – HRW report

These rules apply from cradle to grave, as women are always regarded as legal minors in Saudi Arabia. The 79-page report entitled “Boxed In: Women in Saudi Arabia’s Male Guardianship System” studies the formal and informal obstacles that Saudi women face daily. The title derives from one account given by a 25-year-old Saudi woman, who […]

One blowback to Brexit may be giving up the idea of regime change in Syria

     Even long before the British people decided to leave the European Union on June 23, we already knew that something was terribly wrong with the bloc, and that it had something to do with the Syria blowback and the subsequent refugee crisis. We just didn’t know its social, economic, and political consequences would be […]

Please boycott us, Governor Cuomo

The following letter was sent to Commissioner RoAnn M. Destito, New York State Commissioner of the Office of General Services, following 2016 Executive Order 157 of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.  The Association for Investment in Popular Action Committees is the 501(c)(3) corporation that provides fiscal sponsorship to the Northern California chapter of the International Solidarity […]

Calais Invaders “Armed and Dangerous”

French police have officially warned that the nonwhite invaders destroying Calais are “armed and dangerous” and at least twelve have been admitted to the hospital suffering from gunshot wounds. According to an article in the French Nord Littoral newspaper, witnesses reported hearing several gun shots during recent clashes between Sudanese and Afghan invaders in […]

Angela Merkel Calls for Suicide of Germany

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