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Memorable Crazy White Folks: Just Watch, We Can’t Even Explain It

Christian Cooper, the “evil negro” that Amy Cooper lies about in her insane police call (on video) is a Harvard graduate and executive at Marvel Studios. (Yes, everyone in this story is named “Cooper.”  Daily Beast: A white woman who called the cops on a black man during an argument over a dog being off-leash […]

DC Circuit Court Orders Judge Sullivan to Explain Why He’s REFUSING to Drop Flynn Case

The DC Circuit Court has ordered Clinton-appointed Judge Emmet Sullivan to explain why he is refusing to drop the case against General Flynn, even though the US government dropped all charges against him. On Thursday, the DC Circuit Court ordered Judge Sullivan to respond to General Flynn’s Petition for Writ of Mandamus by June 1, […]

Mexico demands the U.S. finally explain Obama’s ‘Fast and Furious’ fiasco

   Who can blame them for wanting to know more about a program that intentionally sent illegal guns to Mexico that killed Mexicans? In the movie “Cliff Hanger,” John Lithgow’s character, Qualen, utters a line that reminds me of how unscrupulous Democrat muckety-mucks like the Clintons and Obama operate. Qualen says, “Kill a few people, […]

Watch Live: Powell/Mnuchin Explain To Senate How & Why They Blew Trillions On Bailouts

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will give their first report on the economic stimulus programs implemented by the $2.2 trillion CARES Act when they testify before the Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday. Powell and Mnuchin could face questions on the small business lending program, the direct stimulus payments Treasury is sending out to […]

Quebec dismantling its lockdown: let me explain what happened — The Duran

By Denis Rancourt, PhD Researcher, Ontario Civil Liberties Association ( What happened in Quebec? How the hell did Quebec break with WHO and global-elite media-driven propaganda to go its own way, and follow science rather than absurdity? I was amazed when Quebec announced that it was dismantling its lockdown, and now believed in herd immunity. […]

New Discovery May Explain How Matter Outpaced Antimatter in the Early Universe

(TMU) — Earlier this week, we reported on a wild new hypothesis for the true nature of the cosmos, a physics-based amalgam of panpsychism and the simulation argument which argues that the universe is one grand thought simulating itself into existence on loop. Since non-materialist explanations for the universe lay at the very fringes of […]

1943: Jewish Press Publishes Cover Story To Explain Why No Mass Graves Of Jews Would Be Found After The War

Despite all the allegations for the last 75 years of 6 million™ Jews murdered by the Germans during World War II, there were no mass graves ever found after the war with scientifically documented remains of Jews. During the war, the Jews clearly anticipated this problem, which would undermine their pre-planned Holocaust narrative, so they […]

Litzman’s worst failure – to explain the pandemic’s horrors to his own community

We don’t yet know for sure whether Health Minister Yaakov Litzman flouted his own ministry’s guidelines by participating in group prayer in recent days, after a ban on such gatherings had been instituted to prevent the spread of coronavirus contagion. Witnesses claimed to have seen him ignoring the regulations issued by his own ministry; he […]

WOW! Sit down before watching Derek Balogh explain why Sole Corporations cant pay Council Rates

From our friends at the Aussie Battler Youtube Channel.…WOW! Sit down before watching Derek Balogh explain why Sole Corporations can’t pay Council Rates. Derek has been successful in getting court cases brought by local councils thrown out because they have no legal standing.Backup Channel:…Get the real ANZAC Australian Flag here.…https://communismbythebackdoor.tvTO BUY THE ORIGINAL CONSTITUTIONWayne […]

There Is Something About This Crazy Treasury Move That Nobody Can Explain

On one hand, the recent surge in 10Y yields is precisely what one – and certainly we – would expect: after all, the official arrival of helicopter money in the form of $1,000 checks to most Americans means that people’s expectations for government generosity repriced overnight, and now the political debate shifts to how much […]

World Bank "pandemic bonds" may explain why the WHO has yet to declare the coronavirus a "pandemic" … even as it spreads to over 60 countries

(Natural News) Even as the first American dies of the Wuhan coronavirus and the first U.S. state declares an emergency to prepare for what a much wider outbreak, the U.S. government has yet to declare a “pandemic,” but there could be significant financial reasons for that. As reported by MintPress News, there’s “a […]

Scientists use PHYSICS to explain why US elections are broken (but are they just centrists still bitter that Trump beat Clinton?)

The paper, which appeared last week in the journal Nature Physics, is by Yaneer Bar-Yam, president of the New England Complex Systems Institute, and Alexander Siegenfeld, a PhD student at MIT. At a glance, it is not obvious what insights into electoral politics physics may offer, although their paper is full of complicated equations and impressive-looking […]

Watch ECB’s Christine Lagarde Explain How Greenwashing Central Bank Policy Will Save Europe

Having kept rates unchanged and done nothing to signal a slowdown in money-printing malarkey, most investors eyes and ears will be glued to ECB President Lagarde’s ‘strategic review’ and how her new-found focus on virtue-signaling climate change management will affect the European Central Bank’s mandate. As Bloomberg notes, her efforts to modernize the ECB include […]

New Bill to Allow Cops to Detain Citizens, Force Them to Explain Who They Are, What They’re Doing

By Matt Agorist Kentucky — An ominous bill that is currently making its way through the Kentucky Senate aims to give police unprecedented unconstitutional powers. These new powers will allow cops to stop anyone they want and demand that person tell them who they are, where they are going, and explain their actions. Naturally, it […]

Microbe that got man drunk could help explain common liver disease

   A man in China who, after eating high-carbohydrate or sugary meals, became so intoxicated that he blacked out, has led researchers to discover strains of bacteria in the human gut that could be an important driver of the world’s most common liver disease. That condition, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), affects an estimated 1 […]

Scientists explain how the brain’s “inner pickpocket” identifies objects

(Natural News) How do skilled pickpockets figure out an object with just the slightest touch? A study from the University of Cambridge and Columbia University revealed that the brain can identify an object’s properties using purely statistical information. In sum, everyone has an “inner pickpocket” lurking inside them. This interesting finding not only explains […]

IAEA urges Iran to explain uranium found at undeclared site flagged by Israel

UN nuclear agency urges Iran to explain uranium particles at undeclared site The UN nuclear watchdog urges Iran to explain the presence of uranium particles at an undeclared site, as a landmark deal aimed at curbing Tehran’s atomic activities threatens to collapse. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has said in a report that its […]

Hydro Tasmania asked to explain cloud seeding in catchment day before flooding

Hydro Tasmania asked to explain cloud seeding in catchment day before flooding The World Today By Will Ockenden Updated 10 Jun 2016, 5:57pm Photo: Hydro Tasmania’s website indicates cloud seeding was carried out on June 5. (ABC News: Alex Blucher) Tasmania’s government-owned energy company has been asked to explain why it conducted cloud seeding over […]

Mysterious process changing oxygen levels on Mars but NASA can’t explain it… yet

NASA’s Curiosity Rover has been traversing the Gale Crater and up the foot of Mount Sharp for the past three Martian years (six Earth years), and has been sending back some truly baffling atmospheric readings.  In contrast to the Earth’s atmosphere, which is roughly 78.09 percent nitrogen and 20.95 oxygen, roughly 95 percent of the […]

Liz Warren Offers To Meet Bill Gates, Explain "Exactly How Much He’d Pay" Under Her Wealth Tax

Just like matter and anti-matter, the world should be afraid of the consequences of the world’s (second) richest man meeting with the world’s most vociferous wealth-taxer. During an appearance at the New York Times’ DealBook conference in New York on Wednesday, Bill Gates appeared to veer from his typical virtue-signaling supremo self, and criticized Elizabeth Warren over […]

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