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British Piracy on the High Seas Exposed Like Never Before

    Freed Grace-1 Moving Into Mediterranean Flying Iranian Flag – Destination Unknown Iran’s PressTV reports the Grace 1 tanker, carrying 2 million barrels of Iranian oil, has begun departing after yesterday a Gibraltar court ruled to free it after having been held since it was boarded by UK Royal Marines on July 4. It’s also now […]

EPSTEINgate: “The Club” is exposed for the first time

Related Posts Salute to America’s First Flag Rush Limbaugh joined the Betsy Ross “First Flag” movement and was happy to see American India vowed not to use nukes first, but that may change one day – defense minister “It is true that till now, India has strictly adhered to the ‘No First Use’ US Army […]

US-backed Opposition in Thailand Exposed After Recent Bombings

Tony Cartalucci 21st Century Wire Several small bombs detonated across Bangkok on Friday, August 2, amid a meeting between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) the US, China, and Russia. There were several injuries reported, but no deaths. Despite a Western media deliberately feigning confusion over motives and possible suspects while attempting to depict […]

Dayton Shooter Exposed as a “Leftist” Who Hated Trump and Loved Socialism

The gunman who killed nine people outside a Dayton, Ohio, bar early Sunday morning was a self-described “leftist” who supported Senator Elizabeth Warren, according to reports. Conor Betts was shot dead by police, but not before he killed nine innocent people and injured dozens of others. According to posts under his social media handle “@iamthespookster” […]

Watch: Nazi Quest For The Holy Grail Exposed

As WWII came to an end, American Troops discovered Nazi files in a cave in Southern Germany… These documents revealed a project to discover the lost Aryan civilisation from which the Nazis believed they had descended. This documentary uses rare footage as well as unseen photographs to help tell the story of three missions: a […]

100mn+ people’s data exposed in Capital One bank hack, thousands of SSNs & accounts leaked

   Over 100 million Capital One customers have had their personal data hacked in a massive breach that exposed social security numbers, linked bank accounts, birth dates, phone numbers, and even transaction histories. Personally-identifying information from the credit card applications of about 100 million Americans and 6 million Canadians has been stolen in one of […]

Here’s What Happened When a Journalist Exposed a Pedo Sex Ring in Mexico

On July 23, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) called for Mexican authorities to protect investigative reporter Lydia Cacho Ribeiro. Two days prior, unidentified thugs broke into the journalist’s home, killed her two dogs, stole a laptop, audio recorder, three cameras, memory cards, and ten hard drives “containing information about sexual abuse cases the reporter […]

Another Drag Queen Story Hour Pervert Exposed As A Convicted Pedophile and Transgender Prostitute – Why Are Public Schools Subjecting Our Children to These Deviants?

A second “drag queen” who’s been actively involved with readings of LGBT books to young children and infants at “Drag Queen Story Hour” (DQSH) public library events throughout the greater Houston area of Texas has been outed as a convicted sex offender and pedophile, as well as a “transgender prostitute.” According to records uncovered by […]

MH17 Evidence-Tampering Exposed: Cover-Ups, Hiding Records, Witness Misreporting, & FBI Seizures

Source: John Helmer A new documentary from Max van der Werff, the leading independent investigator of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 disaster, has revealed breakthrough evidence of tampering and forging of prosecution materials; suppression of Ukrainian Air Force radar tapes; and lying by the Dutch, Ukrainian, US and Australian governments. An attempt by agents […]

Henry H. Klein – Jewish Martyr Exposed Communist Control of the US

He also wrote “The Talmud Unmasked: The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians” (New York, 1939). He was also the author of several hundred sacred and patriotic songs including “Uncle Sam We Are Standing by You.” He was hardly the dangerous seditionist that the prosecution and the sympathetic press painted him to be. “This alleged indictment,” […]

Palantir’s Software For Fusion Centers Exposed In California FOIA

By Aaron Kesel ‘Gotham’ software written by Palantir shows how government agencies can use very little information to obtain quick access to anyone’s personal minutiae. VICE NEWS Motherboard via public records request has revealed shocking details of capabilities of California law enforcement involved in Fusion Centers, once deemed to be a conspiracy theory like the […]

NYPD Exposed for Letting Convicted Pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, Skip Mandatory Check-Ins

By Matt Agorist As TFTP reported this week, billionaire hedge fund manager and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on Saturday and made his first court appearance Monday for sex trafficking minors. While this news was certainly welcoming to those who have been following the case, it exposed a rather troubling practice by the NYPD […]

Head of Israel lobby group exposed by undercover film resigns

Asa Winstanley Lobby Watch 3 July 2019 The Israel Project’s Josh Block has stepped down. (Al Jazeera) The CEO of one of America’s most influential Israel lobby groups has stepped down, amid reports of a funding crisis. Though unacknowledged in the reporting, Josh Block’s resignation as head of The Israel Project comes less than a […]

Google’s internal police state exposed: Leftist employees threaten to fire their conservative colleagues for speaking truth

(Natural News) The paranoid leftist contingent of Google’s employee base is experiencing a mass triggering over the many recent “leaks” that have come out about the company, including allegations that conservative employees are treated with utter disdain by the Silicon Valley tech behemoth. Corroborating the revelations in the latest undercover video exposé […]

Supermassive black holes exposed as glowing disks in striking X-ray (IMAGE)

Spinning black holes create a swirling torrent of gas and dust around them. Rotating at phenomenally fast speeds and with temperatures reaching millions of degrees, the disks glow when pictured in X-ray light.  Also on Supermassive black hole caught ‘burping’ gas by NASA telescopes Astronomers used a new technique to measure the spin of […]

Satanism In Hip Hop Fully Exposed

Translator Source Article from Related Posts Satanism, Child Torture, Mind Control — What is on Hollywood’s Mind? By William M Briggs Who’s up for some child torture? No, seriously. Wouldn’t strapping a Thought is Key to Cabalist Power (Satanism)   December 26, 2018 by Henry Makow Ph.D.  Source Article from Putin’s Comments About […]

#Russiagate #CrowdStrike #RobertMueller CrowdStrike DNC email hack hoax. Mueller exposed as Deep State hack The Duran Published on Jun 20, 2019

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts #trump #NYT #FakeNews #Russiagate NYT’s propaganda machine: Iraq WMD, Russiagate & Trump’s ‘Racism’ Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Exploiting Russiagate Coma, Democrats Raped Climate Movement Exploiting Russiagate Coma, Democrats Raped Climate Movement Note: Not mentioned in this article about the NYT shifts […]

US Foreign Policy Exposed

US Foreign Policy Exposed Above: Protest against US Foreign Policy in the Philippines. Source EPA. In the last week, the realities of US foreign policy have been exposed by a leaked audio tape, a leak about a US attack on the Russian electrical grid, and US attempts to extradite Julian Assange. All the information points to […]

How else are we being exposed to the dangers of radiation in our food and drinking water?

(Natural News) The 2011 Fukushima disaster caused massive radiation contamination of food supplies and water sources not just in Japan, but all around the world. People need to identify these threats to their health and take appropriate means to protect themselves and their families. Increased levels of cesium and strontium radionuclides appeared in commercially […]

Mueller Caught In Another Deception; Key ‘Russia Link’ Exposed As Informant For US, Ukraine

A Ukrainian businessman painted in the Mueller report as a sinister link to Russia was actually a “sensitive” intelligence source for the US State Department who informed on Ukrainian and Russian issues – and passed messages between the Washington and Kiev, according to The Hill‘s John Solomon.   Konstantin Kilimnik, who worked for Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, was described on […]

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