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Hunger Strike Continues In Pelosi’s Office By Extinction Rebellion

Hunger Strike Continues In Pelosi’s Office By Extinction Rebellion Above: Hunger Strikers in Rep. Pelosi’s office, Day 1, November 18, by Ford Fischer. “Speaker Pelosi: Why are You Starving me?” Youth Hunger Strikers to Occupy Pelosi’s Office for Third Day Photo from Extinction Rebellion Christine Solomonik. Hunger strikers with Extinction Rebellion will occupy Speaker of the House […]

Extinction Rebellion: What Can We Take From Their 3 Areas of Focus?

The Facts: The Extinction Rebellion may not have all their facts straight about climate change but they are an organized movement with a focus. Let’s have a look at what may be going on here. Reflect On: How do you feel about the ideas of having to tackle our current political system and economic system […]

Love And Rage In Extinction Rebellion

Recent actions have put the XR movement on a steep learning curve. It took less than three hours for the police to cut the bike lock from around my neck and drag me away from the only structure left standing on Westminster Bridge – the base of a 16-meter lighthouse made entirely of bamboo that […]

The Diabolical Kalergi Plan and Extinction of the White Race

    Kalergi Plan for the extinction of the white race with a world wide Jewish Zionist government Kalergi Plan: from Metapedia; translation by Michael Palomino;   Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi, portrait [1] an absolutely criminal Jewish Zionist racist The flag of the Pan-European Movement of 1923 [2] [The fantasy of Kalergi: mestizos can be […]

Extinction Rebellion has shown me the way forward for Jewish solidarity with Palestine

What makes some Jewish rebellions more acceptable than others? When can you use Judaism in the service of rebellion and when can’t you? And what makes Jewish protest over Israel/Palestine the boundary line of allowable behavior in mainstream Jewish circles? These were the thoughts going through my mind as I watched the video of Rabbi Jeffrey […]

‘Game of Thrones’ predicted the zealotry of Extinction Rebellion eco-fanatics

I have a long held a theory that film and television can be tools of prophecy used to glimpse into the future. ‘Game of Thrones’ in particular is a bellwether when it comes to entertainment as prophecy. The show’s first episode, ‘Winter is Coming,’ aired in 2011 and that phrase quickly became the series tagline. […]

Poll: Only 8% Fully Support Extinction Rebellion

A new poll reveals that only 8% of people support the message and methods of protest used by Extinction Rebellion. A survey for the Telegraph newspaper in Britain reveals that 54% of respondents think climate change protests have been a massive “waste of time” and that the demonstrators are “protesting for the sake of protesting.” […]

Extinction Rebellion Founder Threatens to “Bring Down” Governments, Says “Some May Die in the Process”

Founder of the Extinction Rebellion climate change activist group Roger Hallam says his organization is willing to “bring down” governments and that “some may die in the process.” Hallam made the statement during an Amnesty International conference. “We’re going to force the governments to act,” said Hallam. “And if they don’t, we will bring them […]

Extinction Rebellion: Imagine if these people had real power?

   THOSE who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” – Voltaire “MUCH that passes as idealism is disguised hatred or disguised love of power.” – Bertrand Russell “THE urge to save humanity is almost always a false-front for the urge to rule it.” – H.L. Mencken Climatism posts often begin with […]

How Extinction Rebellion climate change zealots are paid £400 a week to bring mayhem

Extinction Rebellion is paying activists up to £400 a week to lead the protests that have brought chaos to the streets of Britain, documents seen by The Mail on Sunday reveal. Protesters have received payments totalling more than £70,000 in four months alone. But the eco-protest group privately fears it could face […]

EXTINCTION REBELLION: Who’s really behind this globalist scam?

  Extinction Rebellion protesters demonstrate at London’s Trafalgar Square © Reuters / Henry Nicholls   Who are Extinction Rebellion — the ‘eco-activists’ grounding planes & shutting down cities Calling for civil disobedience in the face of climate change, Extinction Rebellion protesters have been remarkably successful in thrusting themselves into the headlines. But what is […]

Extinction Rebellion Founder Vows to “Bring Down” Governments: “Some May DIE in the Process”

The founder of Extinction Rebellion has vowed to “bring down” governments worldwide and has warned that “some may die in the process.” Roger Hallam made the statement during an Amnesty International conference earlier this week. “We’re going to force the governments to act,” said Hallam. “And if they don’t, we will bring them down and […]

Clown world: Extinction Rebellion is a carnival for middle classes who love to dress up as activists

Unlike normal protest the men and women wearing uniforms in London today, are not there to police but to be helpful and assist this very noisy and very colorful performance. For their part the chanters of apocalyptic slogans and the boisterous participants declaring that they know what’s best for everyone, have rehearsed their role for […]

Are we on the verge of extinction?

More dangerous than nukes! Can mankind survive this imminent threat? Are we reaching the point of no return saving our planet and our species? Source Article from Related Posts Los Angeles on Verge of ‘Major Infectious Disease Epidemic’ – Doctor Warns Los Angeles is on the verge of a devastating infectious disease epidemic […]

Disabled Rebels Call For ‘New Blood’ In Advance Of Extinction Rebellion Action

Disabled Rebels Call For ‘New Blood’ In Advance Of Extinction Rebellion Action A group of “Disabled Rebels” who will take part in next week’s Extinction Rebellion protests in London are calling for other disabled people to join the action and take part in the worldwide attempts to highlight the impact of climate change. Together with […]

Britain’s Tory party is heading for extinction

The walking out of cabinet by Johnson’s own brother in protest over Brexit policy epitomizes the fundamental, bitter shift going on in British politics. Another illustration of just how intense the fracturing strains within the Tory party have reached was this: among the 21 MPs that Johnson expelled this week for defying his no-deal Brexit […]

Cretaceous-Paleogene Mass Extinction Explained Health Editor’s Note: The amount of change that took place, in a relatively brief period of time after the earth was struck with a massive asteroid 66 million years ago blows my mind.  This article describes what happened in terms that are very easy (and scary) to visualize….carol What Happened the Day a Giant, […]

Extinction Rebellion Shuts Down Manchester

Extinction Rebellion Shuts Down Manchester Above Photo: Extinction Rebellion demonstrators have brought Deansgate to a standstill since Friday morning, to highlight the threat of climate change (Image: Joel Goodman) “Any action to disrupt major transport links impacting businesses and communities will be totally unacceptable” Greater Manchester Police have urged climate change protesters to allow the city to […]

The Extinction Of Christians In The Middle East

Authored by Giulio Meotti via The Gatestone Institute, “I don’t believe in these two words [human rights], there are no human rights. But in Western countries, there are animal rights. In Australia they take care of frogs…. Look upon us as frogs, we’ll accept that — just protect us so we can stay in our […]

Scientists Warn That 2,000 Firefly Species Are Facing Extinction

John Vibes, Truth Theory Waking Times Over the past few years, many insects have been disappearing all over the world. There have been small warning signs along the way to illustrate this massive reduction of the insect population, but it doesn’t seem like anyone is paying attention. One obvious sign is that we rarely have […]

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