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Assange Extradition Hearing Delayed Until September

Assange Extradition Hearing Delayed Until September Above: Julian Assange leaving Westminster Magistrates’ Court on January 13, 2020. From the Daily Mail.jpg Hearings in the extradition of WikiLeaks founder, publisher, and editor Julian Assange will resume in September after being postponed from May 18 because of the coronavirus outbreak, which would have prevented lawyers from attending the […]

The Latest On The Prosecution & Attempted Extradition of Julian Assange

The Facts: Glenn Greenwald, Jennifer Robinson, who represents Assange legally, and Washington Post reporter Margaret Sullivan have a discussion about the persecution of Julian Assange. Reflect On: Why do people like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden face such a harsh backlash from Governments? If governments and elite corporations aren’t doing anything wrong, what do they […]

Assange Extradition: Can A French Touch Pierce A Neo-Orwellian Farce?

Authored by Pepe Escobar via, It’s quite fitting that the – imperially pre-determined – judicial fate of Julian Assange is being played out in Britain, the home of George Orwell.  As chronicled by the painful, searing reports of Ambassador Craig Murray, what’s taking place in Woolwich Crown Court is a sub-Orwellian farce with Conradian overtones: the […]

Judge: Julian Assange Must Remain In Glass Box During Extradition Proceedings

Shadowproof editor Kevin Gosztola is in London for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s week-long extradition hearing. Stay tuned to Shadowproof, as well as his Twitter, for coverage. And if you support our work and are able to help fund Kevin’s reporting, go here to donate. Defendants in the United States sit with their […]

Judge Orders Assange Held in Glass Box During Extradition Trial

Shadowproof — Defendants in the United States sit with their counsel. They are not held in a “secure dock” in a manner that physically removes them from proceedings. Yet, in the United Kingdom, where WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange faces extradition to the U.S., a magistrate court judge decided he must remain isolated in a glass […]

Assange extradition hearing is Damocles sword over journalists’ heads. But UK mainstream media participate in his crucifixion

Having myself been born onto the path of resistance and having by reason of chance and circumstance little choice but to resist, I am drawn to those who have chosen to stand there with me when not only had they alternatives, but in some cases already secured for themselves a place in the firmament of […]

‘Can’t participate, can’t communicate’: Day 3 of Assange’s US extradition hearing

   The third day of Julian Assange’s extradition hearing saw lawyers honing in on the particulars of a US-UK extradition treaty, and unexpected drama as the whistleblower spoke to complain about lack of access to his defense team. Proceedings began with a note of housekeeping from Judge Vanessa Baraitser, who said a photograph had been […]

UK Inexplicably Bars WikiLeaks Editor From Extradition Hearing

UK Inexplicably Bars WikiLeaks Editor From Extradition Hearing Above photo: Hrafnsson with Shipton outside Assange’s extradition hearing © Reuters / Henry Nicholls Wikileaks editor Kristin Hrafnsson was temporarily barred from the extradition hearing for publisher Julian Assange, who was reportedly handcuffed 11 times, stripped twice, and robbed of his legal papers after the first court day. […]

Julian Assange Against the Imperium: Day Two of Extradition Hearings

The second day of extradition hearings against Julian Assange and by virtue of that, WikiLeaks, saw Mark Summers QC deliver a formidable serve for the defence at Woolwich Crown Court.  “It’s difficult to conceive of a clearer example of an extradition request that boldly and blatantly misstates the facts as they are known to be […]

Assange Extradition Hearing Opens with Scathing Condemnation by Mainstream Media

The extradition trial of Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange got underway at Woolwich Crown Court in London today. Assange, 48, is wanted by the U.S. government on 18 charges of hacking and breaches of the Espionage Act, specifically for the publication of evidence leaked by Pvt. Chelsea Manning that detailed evidence of American war crimes in […]

‘It Would be the End of Free Speech’: Protest Against Assange’s Extradition at Belmarsh Prison

Source Today is the day a London court begins hearing on what looks to become (or at least precede) one of the defining cases of the decade – the extradition trial of Julian Assange. The WikiLeaks founder has found support from human rights advoctes from across the globe, including France’s Yellow Vest movement. It’s chilly […]

Julian Assange and the Imperium’s Face: Day One of the Extradition Hearings

If we are to believe it, Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, the man behind showing the ugliness of power, is the one responsible for having abused it.  It is a running theme in the US case against this Australian publisher, who has been given the coating of common criminality hiding the obvious point: that the mission […]

Marchers Support Assange Ahead Of London Extradition Hearing

Marchers Support Assange Ahead Of London Extradition Hearing Above photo: Former Greek Finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, editor in chief of WikiLeaks Kristinn Hrafnsonn, Assange’s Father John Shipton and singer Roger Waters attend a protest against the extradition of Julian Assange outside the Australian High Commission in London, Britain, on February 22, 2020. […]

Chief Magistrate In Assange Extradition Received Financial Benefits From Shadowy Groups

Authored by Matt Kennard and Mark Curtis via the Daily Maverick Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange leaves Southwark Crown Court in a security van after being sentenced on May 1, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images) The senior judge overseeing the extradition proceedings of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange received financial benefits from two […]

Julian Assange Extradition: Our Freedom On Trial Starts Monday In London

Julian Assange Extradition: Our Freedom On Trial Starts Monday In London Above: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as he is driven into a London court on May 1. By Daniel Leal-Olivas for Getty Images. There were protests in support of Julian Assange in the lead up to his extradition hearing next week. Celebrities and supporters of […]

Assange Seeks Asylum In France As Extradition Trial Approaches

By Tyler Durden Julian Assange will seek asylum in France, according to the Associated Press. Lawyers for the WikiLeaks founder are currently preparing for his latest hearing, where he faces extradition to the United States on 17 criminal charges for unlawfully publishing the names of classified sources, as well as conspiring with former Army intelligence […]

Assange’s Extradition Case: A Critical Moment for the Anti-War Movement

(CD) — Earlier this week, Leader of the UK opposition Jeremy Corbyn challenged Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the House of Commons on the US extradition request for WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange. Corbyn stated that Assange had been charged by the US “for exposing war crimes, the murder of civilians and large-scale corruption”. Backing the Council of […]

US seeks extradition of Israeli over multimillion-dollar prostitution ring

DENVER — A Colorado woman and an Israeli man are charged with laundering millions of dollars that US prosecutors say came from a high-end prostitution operation they ran for years. Tracy Reynolds of Alamosa, Colorado, was arrested Tuesday at the Tampa, Florida, airport, where the 45-year-old was trying to board a flight to Mexico, according […]

Assange Extradition Hearings Scheduled As Assault On Press Freedom Spreads

The day after journalist Glen Greenwald was charged with cyber crimes in Brazil, the timetable for the WikiLeaks publisher’s extradition case  was set in London, writes Nozomi Hayase. At the hearing on Wednesday, at Westminster in London, the timetable for Julian Assange’s U.S. extradition case was worked out. Assange’s U.S. legal teams applied to have the extradition hearing […]

Factors Behind the Hong Kong-China Extradition Bill

The 2019 protests in Hong Kong were triggered by Carrie Lam‘s attempt to pass an extradition bill between Hong Kong and Mainland China. It is unclear if this were done at Beijing’s request (which I believe it was) or at Lam’s own initiative, but the the Western media omitted a few important details. 1. All […]

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