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CIA Fabricated Russiagate ‘Evidence’, Says Former NSA Tech Chief — The Duran

Eric Zuesse An important public statement was made on July 27th by Bill Binney, the U.S. Government’s top expert on the internet, and on computer hacking. He had been the Technical Director of the NSA when he quit and became a whistleblower against that Agency while George W. Bush was the U.S. President and invaded… via […]

John McCain: ‘Go F*ck Yourselves’ If You Dislike That I Fabricated Dossier

John McCain has admitted the anti-Trump dossier he gave to the FBI was completely fabricated, and defiantly says anyone who has a problem with that “can go f*ck themselves.”  In his newly released book, Sen. McCain boasts how the dossier contained “unproven accusations,” “unverified intelligence” and wild allegations that he “had no idea” whether or […]

Boston Globe reporter fabricated news coverage of the Boston Marathon Bombing… internal investigation launched

(Natural News) Were the official details as to what took place during the Boston Marathon bombings falsified? According to the findings of a recent investigation into the Boston Globe‘s version of events, the answer seems to be yes. Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen apparently made up all sorts of information about the […]

FAKE hate crimes galore: Muslim girl fabricated claim of being attacked for her religion, police now confirm; faces charges

(Natural News) An alleged hate crime in suburban Washington, D.C., that made national headlines apparently has turned out to be a hoax. A 13-year-old girl in Woodbridge, Va., claimed that a man confronted her on the street earlier this month, brandished a knife. He pulled off her hijab and covered her mouth with his hand to […]

Poisoned Russian Spy Was About To Prove MI6 Fabricated Trump Dossier

Sergei Skripal was preparing to return to Russia in exchange for information he said proved that MI6 had fabricated the Trump Dossier in order to delegitimize President Trump. According to reports, shortly before his poisoning, Skirpal was negotiating his return to Russia by offering Russian officials proof that the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) had […]

Everything is Rigged: From Medicine to Politics to Finance — You Are Living in a Fabricated Fairy Tale

The temptation to think that what you are living may be a lie is too big to ignore. In fact, things should always be under close scrutiny of your intellect and reasoning capabilities instead of blind acceptance and submission. These lies can vary anywhere from your close ones telling white lies so that you don’t […]

Video and Photo Evidence Now Even More Easily Faked and Fabricated with AI

Makia Freeman, ContributorWaking Times Photo Evidence and video evidence has been relied on in academia, science, courts of law and elsewhere to prove or refute facts and theories – but those days are coming to an end. We live in an historic era. Technological advances in the realm of computers and AI are taking […]

New Report Destroys Fabricated Myth of Syria’s ‘White Helmets’

The following video report destroys the popular fabricated western-run narrative about the White Helmets, who erroneously stole the name of ‘Syria’s Civil Defense.’ Reporter Murad Gazdiev and 21WIRE associate editor Vanessa Beeley also demonstrate how money is laundered through various western NGOs in order to prop-up the public image of this maleficent organization in Syria. […]

Jailed Hacker Guccifer Says U.S. Govt Fabricated Guccifer 2.0 As An “Inside Job”

By Aaron Kesel During his plane ride extradition from Romania to the United States, Guccifer told Fox News’ Pamela Browne that one of his handlers mentioned: “what would your opinion be if another Guccifer showed up?” He then went on to say that “Guccifer 2.0 is an inside job” by U.S. government agencies. […]

Men Exonerated After Spending 22 Years In Prison Say Cops Fabricated Satanic Ritual Killing Story

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A Structural-Anarchism Critique of Automation In Relation To Artificially Fabricated Price, Value and Wage

Part One Karl Marx has always claimed that the introduction of machinery within the capitalist labor-process was orchestrated to cheapen commodities and in the process also to cheapen labor-power. As he states, in Capital (Volume One), the use of machinery [is] for the exclusive purpose of cheapening the product ,1 that is, the commodity, and […]

Evidence Proves DNC Fabricated Russian Conspiracy In June 2016

New evidence proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the Democrats manufactured the Russian interference story as a disinformation campaign as far back as June 2016.  Information gathered by internet sleuths proves that the DNC, Clinton campaign and Obama administration conspired to concoct the Russia-Trump story, and provides a brand new motive for why Seth Rich was […]


Ziad Fadel DAYR-EL-ZOR:  As more Syrian Army troops are freed to fight in other battles across their country, we see a force of close to 20,000 now heading directly from eastern Homs to Dayr El-Zor.  This move is a shift in strategy from when the Syrian High Command was more interested in the western part of the […]

Ben Carson: Hillary’s Mentor Supported Lucifer

Hillary Clinton’s hero is a man who dedicated a book to Lucifer, Dr. Ben Carson said in a scathing criticism Tuesday night at the RNC in Cleveland. During a speech in support of Republican party nominee Donald Trump, the retired neurosurgeon said America should think about whether it wants someone whose mentor Saul Alinsky dedicated […]

40 shockingly simple skills that today’s Millennials have no idea how to do

(NaturalNews) Behold the following list of amazingly simple skills that have somehow escaped Generation Snowflake. This is what happens when an entire society of teachers, parents and spineless community leaders tell young people they’re “awesome” and “amazing” even when they’re actually rather pathetic and clueless. As you read this list, recognize that Millennials […]

40 shockingly simple skills that today’s Millennials have no idea how to do

(NaturalNews) Behold the following list of amazingly simple skills that have somehow escaped Generation Snowflake. This is what happens when an entire society of teachers, parents and spineless community leaders tell young people they’re “awesome” and “amazing” even when they’re actually rather pathetic and clueless. As you read this list, recognize that Millennials […]

Fake CIA Agent & FOX News ‘Terror Expert’ Sentenced to Prison for Lying to the Public for Years

A man who falsely claimed for decades to be a CIA agent and worked as the FOX News “Terror Expert” has now been sentenced to 33 months in prison, according to prosecutors, as cited by Reuters. by Matt Agorist According to a U.S. District Attorney’s Office statement, Wayne Shelby Simmons of Annapolis, Maryland, was sentenced […]

European Commission pathetically surrenders to chemical industry, relicensing glyphosate at the last minute despite massive opposition

(NaturalNews) The European Commission has re-approved the use of glyphosate for another 18 months, despite repeatedly being unable to secure a majority decision from EU member states. The last minute decision came as no surprise to most observers, and serves as testimony to how powerful the chemical industry truly is in terms of […]

Whole Foods goes ROGUE… partners with Monsanto to kill GMO labeling across America and replace with fake labeling deception… SENATE VOTE PLANNED AS EARLY AS TOMORROW

(NaturalNews) According to breaking news reports, Whole Foods Market (WFM) has gone full rogue, partnering with Monsanto to kill GMO labeling across America under the guise of a new, fraudulent “GMO labeling compromise” in the U.S. Senate that’s actually a fake labeling law requiring no clear labeling of GMOs whatsoever. Food Democracy Now […]

EU nations ‘to be morphed into one Superstate’ post-Brexit

     If you believe that the Brexit vote is going to kill the idea of a “United States of Europe”, you might want to think again. In fact, it appears that the decision by the British people to leave the European Union is only going to accelerate the process of creating an EU superstate. As […]

VICTORY: Initiative to Legalize Weed for Fun and Recreation Succeeds

Nick Cahill | Courthouse News Service Stressing the failure of the war on drugs and the dangers of the marijuana “black market,” California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom said Wednesday an initiative to legalize recreational pot has enough signatures to qualify for the November ballot. Joined by a Republican congressman […]

Israel puts Palestinian poet under house arrest

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem -Israeli occupation has put Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour under house arrest over a poem criticising Israeli aggression against Palestinians. An Israeli police officer read loud a Hebrew version of a poem written by Tatour with the title ‘Resist, my people, resist’ at the Nazareth Court hearing on April 13. Tatour was charged […]

‘Backslide on fundamental freedoms’: MEPs want Turkey migrant deal untied from EU accession talks

The talks on Turkey’s EU-membership should not speed up in the face of the last month’s Joint Action Plan struck between Ankara and Brussels, states the resolution agreed on by the European Parliament on Thursday. Most Germans oppose EU migrant deal with ‘untrustworthy’ Turkey – poll The EU legislators have denounced what they called a “serious […]

Erdogan greets Saudi King with Russian military march (VIDEO)

Video footage shows uniformed soldiers lined up in formation as Erdogan walks down a blue carpet and makes his way towards a microphone. Live music plays as the president makes his entrance – but the tune is very clearly the pre-revolutionary Russian march “Toska po rodine” (Longing for Home). Although there is debate over the […]

Al-Nusrah Downs Syrian SU-22 with Surface to Air Missile

nsnbc : A SU-22 of the Syrian Arab Air Force was shot down by Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Nusrah, using a Surface to Air Missile. The pilot has been captured by the terrorists. SAM-7 missiles from Libya were smuggled via Turkey to Syria in 2012 and distributed among “rebels” with the aid of Turkish authorities. SAM-7 missiles […]

Zarif meets Lavrov in Munich

Munich, Feb 11, IRNA – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov met here on Thursday before the Munich meeting on Syria. The meeting lasted for 45 minutes and the two sides discussed bilateral ties and regional developments. Zarif who is currently in the German city to attend Munich Security […]

US Unleashing Deadly Virus in Donbass, Ukraine?

Chemical, biological and radiological warfare is a longstanding US practice, used in direct and proxy wars, Syrians and Yemenis notably affected. On January 22, the Donbass International News Agency (DINA) headlined “Deadly virus leaked from US laboratory – DPR Army and Intelligence,” saying: “More than 20 Ukrainian soldiers have died and over 200 are hospitalized,” […]

La reacción de Venezuela al comunicado emitido por Costa Rica: breves observaciones

La semana pasada, se dio a conocer un inusual cruce de comunicados entre Costa Rica y Venezuela. Se trata del comunicado oficial de Venezuela en el que las autoridades venezolanas le exigieron a Costa Rica no intervenir en sus asuntos internos (ver  nota  de La Nación). Inusualmente vehemente (con expresiones extremadamente duras) y emitido en […]

The Mysterious Death of Dr. David Kelly. Was He Murdered? The Official Verdict Was Suicide…

Provided herewith are the introductory sections of this important report on the Death of Dr. David Kelly. Read complete report here. Dr David Kelly was a British scientist, who worked as a weapons inspector for the United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM). He was renowned for his expertise in his field; over the course of his career, he […]

Rescuing the 1948 Palestinian Mind is Crucial to Achieving Justice for All

We often hear from Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank on the struggle for freedom from occupation.  One group of Palestinians who are not heard from as often is the 1948 Palestinians, those who after the 1948 Nakbe were able to remain within what became the State of Israel.  While 750,000 -800,000 Palestinians were […]

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