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Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg’s Fake Accounts Ponzi Scheme | naked capitalism

Yves here. We edited this important post from a version on Aaron Greenspan’s website. Lambert reordered it to make the likely magnitude of Facebook fake accounts the starting point, which we see as the most damning evidence against Facebook. Most people accept the proposition that Mark Zuckerberg is running a less than trustworthy business […]

Pegasus returns? WhatsApp users on alert after Facebook warned of ANOTHER vulnerability exploited by hackers

Facebook, which owns WhatsApp messenger, warned several days ago about a system vulnerability that allows hackers to send “a specially crafted MP4 file” to its Android and iOS users. The bug appears to be similar to the one uncovered this spring, which was used by hackers to infect devices with malware, disguised as ordinary calls. […]

Facebook App Is Secretly Accessing iPhone Users’ Camera

By Mac Slavo While unsuspecting iPhone users read their daily dose of mainstream media news, the Facebook app is secretly accessing the camera on their smartphones. But Facebook says not to worry: it’s only a bug… Users, however, are rightly concerned that Facebook is recording them as they use the app. Unlike on Apple’s computers, […]

Facebook Has Given Back the Narrative to the Global Elite

by Richard Enos It’s not clear whether Facebook was truly conceived by an innocent genius with noble intent, but one fact has become abundantly clear: Facebook is now a mouthpiece and tool for the proliferation of mainstream perception. This is specifically designed to enrich the global elite and continue to disenfranchise ordinary citizens and any […]

How Facebook Has Become The Strategic Media Mouthpiece For The Global Elite

The Facts: New research is showing that TRPV1, a cannabinoid receptor found abundantly in the heart may be key in slowing down and potentially even reversing heart failure. Reflect On: With so many medical applications and the potential to treat and even cure a wide variety of diseases, why has there been such a lack […]

THOUGHT POLICE: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter all ban any mention of "whistleblower" Eric Ciaramella as the Overton Window of allowable speech collapses

(Natural News) Anyone publishing the name of the so-called deep state CIA “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella is being systematically de-platformed by Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. This is happening because lawless Leftists fully understand that the more people learn about Eric Ciaramella, the more rapidly the “Ukrainegate” impeachment hoax collapses. An insane effort […]

Facebook Communications Leaked Antitrust Behaviors, Admits 100 Developers Had Access To User Data

By Aaron Kesel Facebook states that even after the company locked down its Groups’ application programming interface (API) last year, some app developers retained improper access to information about the site’s millions of members, according to a Facebook blog post. Facebook notes that roughly 100 developers might have accessed user information since Facebook changed its […]

Facebook fought to keep a trove of thousands of explosive internal documents and emails secret. They were just published online in full.

An explosive trove of nearly 4,000 pages of confidential internal Facebook documents has been made public, shedding unprecedented light on the inner workings of the Silicon Valley social-networking giant. … Here are some of the key revelations from the document dump, including from reports published from earlier leaks: Facebook wielded its […]

Facebook censors ‘sexual’ emojis but allows drag queen’s graphic ‘abortion’ act in bar

In an August update on its community standards page, Facebook introduced rules meant to curb online sexual solicitation. The new guidelines specifically state that any “contextually specific and commonly sexual emojis” will not be permitted when combined with offers of sex. As the tech giant stressed while speaking to reporters, its websites won’t censor emojis […]

Greta Thunberg Threatens To Quit Facebook If Her Critics Aren’t Silenced

Teenage Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has threatened to quit Facebook if the social media platform refuses to censor her critics. “I am, like many others, questioning whether I should keep using Facebook or not,” Thunberg wrote in a Facebook post last week. “Allowing hate speech, the lack of fact-checking and, of course, the issues of interfering […]

Facebook COO ignores Palestinian complaints of censorship, pledges $2.5 mill to Israel advocacy group 

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s second in command, is considered one of the most powerful figures in the tech world. The Israeli government & the ADL, which advocates for Israel, help Facebook executives decide which content to censor. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that Palestinians’ Facebook pages are increasingly being removed. At a time when social media have […]

Facebook sues Israel cyber espionage firm for hacking WhatsApp

Related Posts Pegasus returns? WhatsApp users on alert after Facebook warned of ANOTHER vulnerability exploited by hackers Facebook, which owns WhatsApp messenger, warned several days ago about a system vulnerability that allows WhatsApp Claims That an Israeli Tech Firm’s Spyware Targeted Human-Rights Activists and Journalists This spring, a team of engineers at WhatsApp […]

Facebook Owner Admits to Congress that They are Censoring Vaccine Safety Information

by Brian Shilhavy Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg, testified before the House Financial Services Committee in the U.S. Congress on October 23, 2019. One of the Representatives who questioned Mr. Zuckerberg was Florida Congressman Bill Posey. Congressman Posey addressed Mr. Zuckerberg with the following: Unfortunately, some in politics and the media see their role as cajoling […]

Watch Live: Facebook CEO Tries To Explain Digital Currencies To Maxine Waters & Her Committee

Nearly three months after the internal head of Facebook’s Libra project testified before the Senate Banking Committee, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will appear before the “Mad” Maxine Waters-led House Financial Services Committee Wednesday morning to answer questions about the project, which has lost roughly one-quarter of its corporate partners over the past few weeks. Zuckerberg […]

Facebook bends the knee to outrage grifters in push to ‘protect our democracy’ – but who will protect it from them?

On Monday, Facebook announced“new measures to help protect the democratic process,” including “fact-checking” posts on both Facebook and Instagram; protecting the accounts of elected officials, candidates and campaigns; labeling “state media”; and spending billions on “media literacy” training. Facebook also announced it had shut down four “inauthentic networks” on Instagram, one “Russian” and three “Iranian” […]

The war on truth: How Israel’s social media trolls conquered Facebook

   On October 9, the social media platform, Facebook, deleted the page of the popular Palestinian news website, the Palestinian Information Center (PIC). This act, which was carried out without even contacting the page administrators, confirms that Facebook’s war on pro-Palestine voices is continuing unabated. PIC had nearly five million followers on Facebook, a testament […]

Elizabeth Warren Claims ‘Facebook Is Actively Helping Trump Spread Lies & Misinformation’

Senator Elizabeth Warren says that Mark Zuckerberg’s social media giant “is actively helping Trump spread lies and misinformation” and suggests that Facebook might even help Trump win reelection for profit. The US Democratic presidential hopeful slammed Zuckerberg for a speech he made at Georgetown University about the dangers of censorship, saying it shows “how unprepared […]

Zuckerberg lays out grand vision of Facebook-fueled utopia – too bad it bears no resemblance to the platform he’s actually built

The billionaire rhapsodized about the liberating potential of Facebook before an audience at Georgetown University on Thursday in a “conversation on free expression,” an event that undermined its own purpose before Zuckerberg even opened his mouth. Reporters were barred from asking questions or even filming the proceedings, while students’ inquiries were subject to a moderator. […]

Government wants access to Facebook messages

Authorities want to read your private messages. Photo: DFS Australian officials are pressing Facebook to give authorities access to read encrypted messages sent by ordinary users, re-igniting tensions between tech companies and law enforcement. Police agencies claim reading selected encrypted messages is similar to wiretaps for phone calls, however, security experts say allowing such access […]

UK Ex-Spy Chief Reveals Big Tech Companies Like Google, Facebook ‘Know More About Us’ Than MI5

Internet giants such as Google or Facebook have more personal data on people than any intelligence agency has ever had or should have, believes former UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) director David Omand, according to The Times. Omand, speaking to international security expert Richard Aldrich at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, was quoted as saying: “The big revelation over the […]

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