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Europe faces ‘looming syphilis epidemic’ thanks to dating apps and reduced fear of HIV

   Syphilis stopped being “a disease of the past” after its worrying resurgence in Europe, health experts told RT. Less fear of contracting HIV and the rise of dating apps are among the factors behind the problem. The spread of syphilis in Europe is intensifying due to worrying trends in human behavior, the head of […]

Dr. Drew: Rat-Infested Los Angeles Faces Imminent Bubonic Plague Outbreak

Dr. Drew Pinksy has warned that Los Angeles faces an imminent outbreak of bubonic plague due to the growing homeless population and failure to deal with rodent problems. Dr. Drew made the warning during a Periscope broadcast by Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams. Talking with Dr. Drew about the Los Angeles apocalypse, then on to Trump’s […]

FaceApp Now Owns Access To More Than 150 Million People’s Faces And Names, And Users Are Angry

July 18, 2019 By Amanda Froelich Before you download an app or a PDF, do you read the Terms and Conditions? If not, you may be unintentionally signing up for trouble, like millions of users have after agreeing to the Terms of Service of FaceApp. The viral app allows people to change facial expressions, looks, […]

Iran Faces US Aggression And European Hypocrisy, But This Time It’s Ready

Western cultural arrogance rears its Medusa-like head each time US President Donald Trump rails about obliterating Iran. Leaders and politicians of the self-proclaimed free and civilised world – along with some human rights organisations, major media outlets, and state-affiliated public figures – express their unique form of collective inhumanity through absolute silence. After all, repeated threats […]

Another Ice Cream Licker Arrested; Faces Possible Prison Sentence

Another person has been arrested for licking Blue Bell ice cream and returning it to a grocery store shelf, police have confirmed. Last week, a young woman was seen licking a tub of Blue Bell ice cream and returning it to the shelf in a viral video. She was promptly arrested by police and now […]

Sinclair Faces Expanded Probe For Shady Behavior During Tribune Merger

Back when Sinclair was trying to acquire Tribune Broadcasting, you might recall the company was accused of some highly unethical behavior in order to get the deal done. Despite the FCC doing its best to neuter most media consolidation protections to help move the deal forward, the union would have still resulted in the merged company violating […]

‘Unacceptable & scandalous’: IKEA faces probe in Poland after sacking anti-LGBT worker

A man named in Polish media as Tomasz K., a long-term employee at IKEA’s Krakow store, was recently dismissed after he’d posted a quote from the Bible in response to a notice on the retailer’s intranet that advertised a gay pride event. The verses in question denounced homosexuality. The fired worker then filed a lawsuit […]

UK business academic faces dismissal over criticism of LGBT training in universities

   A UK lecturer, who claims she’s been branded a transphobe by students after signing an open letter to the Sunday Times that criticized LGBT training, insists she will not “recant” her signature despite the risk of being fired. Sarah Honeychurch, a fellow in the Adam Smith Business School at Glasgow University, signed a letter […]

Iconic Italian actress faces jail after attending charity banquet alongside Putin

Muti was due to perform on stage for three nights in December 2010 but called in sick and flew to St. Petersburg to attend the glamorous gala which also featured actor Kevin Costner as well as the Russian president. The sick note at the center of the case said she was suffering from acute inflammation […]

‘Sea Rescues Have Been Criminalized’ As German Boat Captain Faces 20 Years In Prison For Saving Refugees

A German boat captain faces a long and costly trial in Italy for charges targeting her humanitarian efforts on behalf of refugees. “Italy’s fascists are using this case as a showcase to deter others from aiding migrants. They would prefer to let people drown in the Mediterranean.” —Rula Jebreal Captain Pia Klemp, 35, told Basler Zeitung on […]

Saudi Teenager Faces Execution For Taking Part In Protests As A Child

A teenager, who has been imprisoned since his arrest as a 13-year-old, is facing execution in Saudi Arabia for participating in an anti-government protest as a child. Human rights experts say that 18 year old Murtaja Qureiris, is facing the death penalty, possibly by crucifixion for offences that date back to when he was only […]

Salvini Faces Italian Troika Protecting The EU

Authored by Tom Luongo, Lega leader Matteo Salvini has a problem and it isn’t his coalition partner. Though winning the European Parliamentary elections last month the Euroskeptic government between Lega and Five Star Movement is in a war with a troika of technocrats within his own government. And that Troika is as trapped as the […]

Saudi teenager faces death penalty as crackdown widens in kingdom

Saudi authorities are likely to execute a teenager who has been held in pre-trial detention for almost four years, as a brutal crackdown led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman against pro-democracy campaigners, Muslim preachers and intellectuals widens in the kingdom. Murtaja Qureiris is currently being tried at a terror court, where the prosecution has […]

Netanyahu- Who Still Faces Corruption Charges – Appoints Himself As Israel’s New Justice Minister

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is still facing three separate corruption charges, has allocated the justice portfolio to himself The move effectively leaves Netanyahu in charge of the office that is overseeing three criminal investigations into his affairs. Israeli Attorney General Avihai Mandelblit has already told Netanyahu that he could not serve as acting […]

Amazon Faces New Pressure After US Antitrust Agencies Revamp Oversight

A new agreement between the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) will place Amazon and Google under heightened antitrust scrutiny, according to Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post. According to the report, the US government’s two leading antitrust agencies have been quietly divvying up competition oversight of the two tech giants – a move long […]

Assange Faces 175 Years in Prison with 17 More Charges

The U.S. justice department has filed 17 new charges against Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange. In reaction, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden tweeted: It’s a war on journalism. Journalists have reacted: “Modern fascism is breaking cover”. The new charges expand the original one-count indictment of conspiracy to hack into U.S. government computers, announced in March, prior to […]

Assange Faces 170 Years in Prison as US Files 17 New Charges Under Espionage Act

May 24, 2019 By Jason Ditz (ANTIWAR.COM) — As the US prepares to try to acquire WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange through extradition, the Justice Department has revealed a new series of charges against him. Assange would face 170 years in US prison if convicted. The new charges are 17 separate charges under the Espionage Act. According to the […]

Monsanto Faces More Than 13,000 Plaintiffs Amid Calls In Europe They Kept Dossiers On Influential People Both Pro And Anti Pesticide, Rigged Studies

By Aaron Kesel Last week Activist Post reported that Monsanto had kept dossiers on influential people throughout France and other European countries. This week, it was revealed that the German chemical and pharmaceuticals giant Bayer disclosed that Monsanto, the controversial U.S. pesticide producer behind genetically modified organisms (GMOs) involved in more than 13,000 plaintiffs lawsuits […]

Man Faces 20 Years In Prison For Leaving Food And Water in Desert For Migrants

By John Vibes / Truth Theory A college professor and charity worker is facing up to 20 years in prison for leaving food and water for immigrants near the border, and also providing a safe house for them to stay the night. Scott Warren, was arrested by border patrol and charged with two […]

Former US Government Analyst Faces 50 Years In Prison For Allegedly Leaking Classified Drone Warfare Documents

Former US Government Analyst Faces 50 Years In Prison For Allegedly Leaking Classified Drone Warfare Documents Above Photo: Al-Harzi’s death came the day after his brother was killed in another drone strike in Iraq ( Ethan Miller/Getty Images ) Daniel Hale, 31, is accused of leaking classified documents to an unnamed media outlet In the latest […]

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