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Poland: IKEA Manager Faces Two Years in Jail After Firing Employee Who Quoted Bible About Homosexuality

IKEA is the number one company promoting gay shit in their ads. No wonder people show up at their stores to masturbate. If you set up a business in a religious country and hire locals, and the local religion doesn’t like a thing, sooner or later one of them is going to […]

Danish Lawmaker Faces Prosecution for Rescuing Islamic Child Brides

A Danish lawmaker is facing prosecution for rescuing children from Islamic child marriages in Denmark. Denmark’s former Minister for Immigration, Integration, and Housing Inger Støjberg rescued migrant child brides from illegal marriages when they arrived in the country. Serving as Immigration Minister from 2015 until 2019, Støjberg oversaw the peak of the “migrant crisis.” During her time […]

20 years after Lebanon pullout, IDF faces a stronger Hezbollah – in Syria too

Twenty years after Israel withdrew from southern Lebanon, the enemy it fought there — the Iran-backed Hezbollah — is stronger than ever, battle-hardened from its time in Syria backing the regime, expanding its operations to the Syrian Golan border, and constantly amassing more powerful weapons for a future war with the Jewish state. At the […]

Once he recovers from Covid-19, PM Mishustin faces new ordeal – reviving economy & Kremlin’s popularity with thinning oil kitty

Any plans he might have drawn up, have been thrown into disarray by the double whammy of crises he is now called upon to cope with – the worst since 1998. Not a crisis-management hire When the pandemic struck, Mishustin was still in the middle of reforming his team, and focused on a technical task: […]

“I’m Terrified”: NYC Turns Into “War Zone” as City’s 911 System Faces Overwhelming Onslaught

(ZH) — As New York deals with its worsening coronavirus outbreak in real time, “terrified” 911 operators find themselves having to make life-or-death decisions on a whim, on a daily basis. “It’s all a war zone,” one paramedic said.  “I’m terrified. I honestly don’t know if I’m going to survive. I’m terrified of what I’ve already possibly […]

Trump Faces Backlash Over Idea To Militarize The Canadian Border

Trump Faces Backlash Over Idea To Militarize The Canadian Border Above photo: Signs mark the entrance to Canada via the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls N.Y. Jeffrey T. Barnes, AP. NOTE: The outcry over Trump’s idea to militarize the Canadian border and his backing down expose the structural racism inherent in the US and its border policies. […]

West Faces "Social Bomb" As Pandemic Sparks Unrest Among Poorest

The next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic could be a flare-up of social unrest across major Western cities as millions have lost their jobs, economies have crashed into depressions, and the military is being called up to maintain order. The Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) warned that riots could be imminent […]

As India heads into coronavirus lockdown, Modi faces one of his biggest challenges: How to ‘isolate’ a billion citizens

It’s easy for headline-hunters to run away with the screamer that Modi “asks citizens for self-curfew on March 22,” which indeed he did in his address to the nation on Friday. However, the seriousness of his warning to citizens that they need to “isolate” themselves wasn’t lost on anyone.  “Science still doesn’t have a vaccine […]

Canadian faces two years prison for lawful attempt to arrest war criminal G.W. Bush

Former US Attorney-General Ramsey Clark to Speak at the University of Calgary’s Peace Consortium in Defence of Splitting the Sky The Man Who Attempted a Citizens’ Arrest on George W. Bush  Joshua Blakeney Media Coordinator of Globalization Studies University of Lethbridge “George Bush hasn’t suffered at all over the monumental suffering, death, and […]

Chelsea Manning Is Free From Jail, Faces Exorbitant Fines

Chelsea Manning Is Free From Jail, Faces Exorbitant Fines Above: Manning speaking outside of the grand jury in Alexandria, VA before being incarcerated. Alexandria – Today, March 12, prosecutors in the Eastern District of Virginia ended the grand jury of Julian Assange and Wikileaks in which Chelsea Manning refused to testify. As a result, US District […]

Deranged Man Who Assaulted Trump Supporter for Wearing MAGA Hat Faces 4 Years in Prison

A man from California who attacked a Trump supporter for wearing a red MAGA hat now faces up to four years in prison for the brutal assault. The victim, who was using a restroom in a restaurant in downtown Hermosa Beach, California, was wearing a red hat with white Russian writing on it, according to […]

CHRISTIAN HOLOCAUST: Tragedies, names, faces among 2983 martyrs in 2019. Massacres raised

«At that time, Jesus said to his disciples: «If the world hates you, know that before you hated me. If you were of the world, the world would love what is its; because instead you are not of the world, but I have chosen you from the world, for this the world hates you. If […]

Buttigieg faces more accusations of plagiarizing Obama in campaign speeches — Power Tie (@realPowerTie) February 25, 2020 Former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg is facing more accusations of plagiarism after a montage emerged comparing his campaign rhetoric to President Obama‘s. Political outlet The Recount shared a video on Monday, showing several short clips of Buttigieg and Obama with similarly worded […]

BBC vandalizes literary classics with woke rewriting supposed to make it more ‘yoof’ friendly as it faces licence-funding crisis

Only at the BBC would some self-important executive have the nerve to say out loud that his organization – a liberals-ridden, state-funded broadcaster facing an existential crisis – should be put in charge of rewriting classic works of English literature to make them “more relevant.”  Despite the fact that English literature is studied and revered […]

China Faces Financial Armageddon With 85% Of Businesses Set To Run Out Of Cash In 3 Months

By Tyler Durden For the past two weeks, even as the market took delight in China’s doctored and fabricated numbers showing the coronavirus spread was “slowing”, we warned again and again that not only was this not the case (which recent data out of South Korea, Japan and now Italy has confirmed), but that for […]

Bernie Sanders Faces Challenges from Deep State Billionaires

US Senator Bernie Sanders will face a major challenge from Zionist and Saudi billionaires during his presidential election campaign over his pro-Palestinian views and for revealing “taboo truths”, an American scholar says. During a town hall meeting on Tuesday in Nevada, Sanders, the leading Democratic presidential candidate, condemned Saudi Arabia’s regime, calling the country’s leaders […]

The Axis of Resistance Holds Firm as Washington Faces Retreat

The shifting sands of the Syrian conflict have left many wondering what might happen next between the Kurds, the US, and Russia inside Syria.  I reached out to, Professor Tim Anderson, an Australian political economist, and author of “The Dirty War on Syria: Washington, Regime Change and Resistance”, “Countering War Propaganda of the Dirty War […]

Turkey faces strategic defeat in Idlib after failing to live up to its commitments on Syria

When Turkey threw its weight behind the anti-Assad rebellion in 2011, it did so believing that it would be able to dictate the outcome on the ground by controlling the main organized resistance forces, namely the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA), formed from the ranks of defectors from the Syrian Army and various bands of […]

Italy’s Salvini faces 15 years in jail following Trump-style legal circus aimed at killing off his popularity

Salvini’s 14-month term as Italy’s interior minister was a rollercoaster ride, as he ruled the national political agenda and built a massive power base – much to the chagrin of his former political allies, who are now exacting their revenge. The Senate vote to lift his parliamentary immunity, meaning a prison sentence of up to […]

Watch Live: Judy Shelton Faces Senate Banking Committee In First Test For Trump’s Controversial Fed Nominee

Update (0930ET): The hearing got off to a fairly predictable start. First, ranking member Sherrod Brown laid into Judy Shelton, accusing her of being a reckless gold bug who wanted to send the American economy back to the late 19th century. Unsurprisingly, Shelton responded by insisting that she wouldn’t advocate for a return to the […]

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