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Facial recognition legislation now under review

Facial recognition is back on the agenda. Photo: LAS The Australian government is pushing ahead with plans to develop a national facial recognition database, with long-overdue reviews into ‘identity security’ laws now underway in parliament. The Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security is currently discussing three new controversial pieces of legislation, after state governments unanimously […]

Watch Hong Kong Protesters Use Lasers to Disrupt Facial Recognition

By John Vibes In the recent wave of demonstrations to sweep Hong Kong, tensions between protesters and police have continued to escalate. The protests began with a simple demand for the government of mainland China to cancel a controversial extradition treaty, which would allow the government to arrest citizens of Hong Kong to face charges […]

1 in 2 American Adults is Already in the FBI’s Facial Recognition Database

A new report from Georgetown Law‘s Center on Privacy & Technology (CPT) suggests that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) may be using the rampant problem of illegal immigration as a type of cover to track and spy on Americans in violation of their Fourth Amendment rights under the United States Constitution. ICE has apparently requested […]

Military Will Use Facial Recognition Goggles to Help Soldiers Identify People Through Weapons Systems

July 26, 2019 By Nicholas West Public resistance in the United States has finally begun to mount against the use of facial recognition systems due to privacy issues as well as documented inaccuracies. Even police departments have begun to dump the use of biometrics, particularly in the area of pre-crime algorithms that also have demonstrated […]

Google street teams are buying people’s facial biometrics for a $5.00 gift card

My engineer friend George is taking a break to work on himself. … “I was sitting in the park on a sunny day, enjoying the weather and I see a few guys walking around approaching people with phones like they’re taking a survey,” he told me. …. George explained: […]

Does Facial Recognition Technology Make You Grimace? New Website Offers Map of Where It’s Being Used by Law Enforcement and How to Get It Banned.

July 22, 2019 By B.N. Frank Think law enforcement using facial recognition technology to catch criminals isn’t a big deal?  You may want to review new website  – Ban Facial Recognition – and reevaluate your position.  According to it: Facial recognition surveillance programs identify the wrong person up to 98% of the time. These errors […]

More US Cities Seek to ban Facial Recognition Technology

by JP Buntinx While it seems evident facial recognition technology will become mainstream in the very near future, there will be some bumps along the road. More and more US cities are effectively banning this technology as a statement against mass surveillance.  A very interesting turn of events, albeit it remains to be seen how […]

New Map Shows Where America’s Police, Businesses Are Using Facial Recognition and Other Surveillance Tech

“Fight For the Future, a tech-focused nonprofit, on Thursday released its Ban Facial Recognition map, logging the states and cities using surveillance technology,” reports CNET — noting that “surveillance technology” in this case includes Amazon’s Ring doorbell security cameras. A CNET investigation earlier this year highlighted the close ties between Ring and police departments across […]

City Halls Use Facial Recognition To Blacklist And Ban Residents

By MassPrivateI I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. Local governments and private corporations are using facial recognition to secretly blacklist people, despite having no valid reason to do so. A recent article in the Idaho Statesman, and in the video below, proves that local governments are using facial recognition […]

Facial recognition set for Sydney transport network

Sydney commuters will soon scan their face for access to services. Photo: YHI The New South Wales government has revealed plans to roll out facial recognition technology across the public transport network as an alternative to Opal cards. The announcement follows similar moves in Queensland, where the same company responsible for ‘tap-and-go’ technology is incorporating […]

FBI, ICE Using Facial Recognition to Scan Millions of Driver’s License Photos

By Jake Johnson A trove of public records obtained by privacy experts at Georgetown Law revealed that ICE and the FBI have used facial recognition technology to mine state driver’s license databases for information on millions of Americans without consent, a practice critics condemned as a “disturbing” breach of civil liberties. According to the Washington Post, […]

Gen Z Adults Encourage Each Other To Sign Up For Facial Recognition At Music Festivals

What is wrong with the above picture? A lot. The picture shows just how complicit the mass media has become in convincing Generation Z (Gen Z) adults into accepting TSA-style checkpoints at public venues. USA Today’s caption says it all, “Annabel Hess, right, signed up for PreCheck at an RV outside the gates […]

San Francisco And Somerville Are Banning Facial Recognition Tech And The Idea Is Gaining Momentum!

By Press For Truth Back off big brother, San Francisco and Somerville say no thanks to facial recognition tech! At a time when big brother is intruding into all aspects of our lives it’s refreshing to see the cities of San Francisco and Somerville taking the initiative to ban governmental uses of facial recognition technology. […]

Status Report: Facial Recognition Resistance Growing in Cities and States

By Michael Boldin With government and corporate partners aggressively pushing for facial recognition everywhere – airports, public places, police body cams and more – left and right are starting to come together to ban government from using it for surveillance (or anything else) on a state and local level. Will enough people take action before […]

Second in the Nation: Somerville City Council Passes Facial Recognition Ban

SOMERVILLE, Mass. (June 27, 2019) – The Somerville city council voted Thursday to ban the use of facial recognition by police investigations and city departments. Following San Francisco, it’s now the second U.S. city to outlaw the technology. Somerville City Councilor Ben Ewen-Campen was the lead sponsor of the “Face Surveillance Full Ban […]

Gillette Stadium’s Facial Recognition Can Identify Fans Before They Enter The Stadium

By MassPrivateI One of the NFL’s premiere franchises, the New England Patriots is using “Evolve Edge” millimeter wave/facial recognition scanners to identify fans before they enter Gillette Stadium. According to Evolv Edge’s brochure, their scanners use facial recognition to identify everyone. The automated, consistent screening eliminates guard fatigue and subjectivity so there’s fewer complaints and no profiling while […]

Indian hero pilot’s facial hair must be declared ‘national mustache’ – Congress leader

“Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman should be awarded and his moustache should be made ‘national moustache,’” Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, leader of the Indian National Congress in the Lok Sabha (India’s parliament), said Monday. Many online were quick to deride the outlandish comments. “National Moustache?? What else next – National Beard? BTW Why Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury himself […]

The Rise of Facial Recognition Should Scare Us All

By Derrick Broze In the last ten years, our world has been completely transformed thanks to the exponential growth of digital technology. Technological advances with computer processors and the Internet have quickly advanced our world into one that resembles some of the most well-known sci-fi films and novels. Not a single day passes without a […]

Hackers Stole Facial Recognition Data of US Airport Travelers

June 11, 2019 By Eoin Higgins One of the key fears that critics of mass surveillance and the proliferation of facial recognition technology have warned about has been realized with new reporting Monday that a “malicious cyber attack” has resulted in photos of airport passengers and other personal data harvested by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol being stolen […]

CBP Claims Its Airport Facial Recognition Isn’t A Surveillance Program; FBI Has 640M Photos According To Watchdog; Congress Wants Rules

By Aaron Kesel The Customs And Border Protection (CBP) has hilariously claimed that its facial recognition in airports across the U.S. isn’t a surveillance program, Nextgov reported. Meanwhile, a government watchdog organization has made the horrifying claim that the FBI has 640 million photographs it can rummage through by utilizing facial recognition technology. It’s been […]

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