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Wyatt Detention Facility Correctional Officer Put On Leave After Truck Drives Into Protesters

Wyatt Detention Facility Correctional Officer Put On Leave After Truck Drives Into Protesters Above Photo: The Providence Journal/ Kris Craig 64-year-old Warren man seriously injured CENTRAL FALLS — One protester was seriously injured after a black pickup truck drove into a crowd demonstrating at the Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility Wednesday night. Officials at the […]

Russian research facility quietly released 100 times more radiation than the Fukushima disaster… and almost no one reported it

(Natural News) Did you hear about the radioactive leak that sent 100 times more radiation than Fukushima into the atmosphere? If the answer is no, you’re not the only one. The incident, which took place back in 2017, went largely under the radar despite the dangers it posed. Now, the source has […]

Ann Coulter: Move Epstein to Super Max Facility Before He Is ‘Suicided’

Ann Coulter has urged the Bureau of Prisons to move pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein to a Super Max facility so that “the people who want him dead” won’t be able to hide their role in his child sex crimes. Epstein was found nearly unconscious inside his NYC jail cell this week, following an apparent suicide […]

Gigantic, Mysterious Radiation Leak Traced to Facility in Russia

Via: New Scientist: The source of a gigantic, mysterious leak of radioactive material that swept across Europe in 2017 has been traced to a Russian nuclear facility, which appears to have been preparing materials for experiments in Italy. The leak released up to 100 times the amount of radiation into the atmosphere […]

FBI probe into facility that stored bodies for science turned into ‘Frankenstein-style’ horror show

… Plaintiffs for the case state that they were misled by the company who told them the bodies would be used for disease research or organ donation. The reality was horrifying with owner Stephen Gore, 52, found guilty of selling body parts and operating an illegal business. More than 1755 […]

Chinese, British work on Arak heavy water facility has ‘picked up pace’: Iran’s atomic energy chief

Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi says work on the reconstruction of the Arak heavy water reactor — a project jointly undertaken by China, Britain and Iran — has “picked up pace” following a pause. “The joint committee tasked with redesigning the Arak Heavy Water Reactor Facility — comprised of Iran, […]

Armed Man Shot Dead by Police After Attempting to Firebomb ICE Facility

An armed man was shot dead Saturday morning after he tried to firebomb an ICE detention center in Tacoma, Washington. “The male attempted to ignite a large propane tank and set out buildings on fire,” a statement released by the Tacoma police department said. “The male continued throwing lit objects at the buildings and cars.” GEO […]

NXIVM Sex ‘Cult’ Connected to Unlicensed Child Care Facility, Politics & More Hollywood Stars

The Facts: Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson recently shared the fact that America has a “sick care system, not a health care system, calling out the power of big pharmaceutical companies and their prime objective being profit. Reflect On: Reflect on the power of big corporations and their ability to manipulate health an environmental policy. […]

Israel’s Secretive Nuclear Facility Leaking as Watchdog Finds Israel Has Nearly 100 Nukes

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) — an international watchdog organization focusing on conflicts, the arms trade and nuclear proliferation — released a new report on Monday that claimed that Israel has nearly a hundred nuclear warheads, more than previously thought. The SIPRI report described Israel’s nuclear arsenal as follows: 30 gravity bombs capable […]

Arak Heavy Water Reactor Facility to release latest report

IRNA – An informed source in the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) announced that reporters are slated to pay a visit to Arak Heavy Water Reactor Facility to prepare a report on its latest developments. The reporters will prepare report on the latest measures taken by the AEOI for implementing decisions made by Iran’s […]

UN Food Storage Facility Targeted as Saudi Coalition Closes in on Hodeida

HODEIDA,YEMEN– At least 15 civilians were killed on Thursday after Saudi-led coalition aircraft and artillery carried out strikes against a residential area in Yemen’s strategic western province of Hodeida and the border areas of Sadaa. A local source told MintPress News that Saudi jets conducted airstrikes against the al-Jabaliyah area in the al-Tuheita district in […]

CLAIM: Big Pharma drug research facility just a front for government bioweapons development program

(Natural News) New accusations have come forth from the Russian Defense Ministry claiming that the United States government knowingly killed dozens of people with a biological weapon that it claimed was “drug research.” Documents suggest that at least 73 people from the European country of Georgia died over a very short period […]

US Intel Officials Say Netanyahu’s Claims Of “New” Iranian Atomic Facility Are Not True

During his speech at the UN General Assembly on Thursday, Netanyahu focused on Iran (as usual), this time using his props to ‘prove’ that the Islamic republic is hiding a secret atomic facility. The Israeli prime minister held up and waved visuals to illustrate his points as he spoke about evidence proving that Iran has […]

Ex-Security Minister Claims US-Funded Medical Facility In Georgia Is Bioweapons Lab

A former Georgian minister has claimed that a US-funded facility may be bioweapons lab. The  US-funded medical facility in Georgia is most likely a cover for a bioweapons lab used for disturbing experiments that are banned in the US, according to a Georgian former-security minister Igor Giorgadze. He says he recently obtained leaked documents exposing […]

Obama Appointed Known Pedophile To Run Child Detention Facility

A convicted pedophile was tasked to run a child detention facility in Texas under orders from the Obama administration.  Ernesto Padron was a border agent until he was arrested for child abuse in 2010. According to the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office, Padron managed to escape prosecution after a series of blunders by prosecutors. After escaping […]

US anti-tank missiles found at former Al-Nusra facility in Syria – Russian MoD (VIDEO)

The trove was located in a former observation point of the Al-Nusra Front terrorist group in the liberated Zaafaran settlement in Homs province, the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria said on Monday. “[We] can see here a large number of gas masks, weapons produced abroad, for example, TOW-2 anti-tank guided missiles. The facilities are […]

Tesla Moves Toward Opening Manufacturing Facility in China

Tesla Moves Toward Opening Manufacturing Facility in China May 14th, 2018 Gigafactory 2 announcement soon? Via: Reuters: Tesla Inc has registered a new electric car firm in Shanghai, as China prepares to scrap rules on capping foreign ownership of new-energy vehicle (NEV) ventures. The […]

Tennessee Files Historic Legislation; Throws NSA Facility Out of State

As eight states have introduced legislation to keep the NSA out of their borders, Tennessee’s newly introduced legislation packs the strongest punch yet. The bill is known as the “Tennessee Fourth Amendment Protection Act”. State Senator Stacey Campfield (R) and State Representative Andy Holt (R) are the Senate and House sponsors. The bill was drafted […]

Harmful compounds from GenX, PFOA found in vegetables grown near a Dutch facility, similar to North Carolina

(Natural News) GenX contamination is not just an American problem. The potentially toxic chemical compound found in the groundwater around the Chemours plant in Bladen County, North Carolina has also been discovered in vegetables in the Netherlands, reported a Lafayette Observer article. In a video conference call with the North Carolina Science Advisory Board, a […]

‘Israel is Lying, What They Bombed in 2007 Wasn’t a Nuclear Facility’ – Analyst

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,885 other followers Source Article from Related Posts President Rouhani says Iran on the right path of reducing nuclear commitments IRNA- President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that the government is moving on the right North […]

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