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Attempt to damage Russian-Serbian relations fails miserably with 3 year old unconfirmed ‘espionage’ story

   The video in which a “Russian intelligence officer” allegedly hands over money to his Serbian counterpart, stirring a “scandal”, turned out to be several years old. In addition, as the Serbian daily Politika reported, a person alleged to be a Serbian official with the rank of an intelligence officer is not a member of […]

Ecuador: More Uprisings Ahead As Moreno Fails To Listen To The People

Ecuador: More Uprisings Ahead As Moreno Fails To Listen To The People Above Photo: From Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno seems to be determined to not listen to the claims being demanded across the country that began only 20 days ago. Revoking Decree 883, which eliminated fuel subsidies, led to a struggle between the Government and […]

His Boring Materials: HBO’s Philip Pullman adaptation fails because atheism has no story to tell

With his steampunk adventure centered on Lyra, a young girl who navigates alternate realities, Pullman was trying to write an anti-clerical equivalent of Tolkien or CS Lewis’ Narnia books. But whereas those authors had deep spiritual and intellectual wells to draw upon Pullman has only atheism. Ideologically based fiction always fails on some level. Tolkien […]

Pharma Giant Fails To Mention — For 18 Years — That US Government Helped Fund A Key Patent Used In Drug That Has Generated $53 Billion In Sales So Far

By Glyn Moody It’s no secret that drug prices are often high, and continue to rise — by 32% in the past five years according to one analysis. It’s only natural that many should be willing to pay even exorbitant amounts for drugs. If there is the hope of a cure, or […]

Sterling Sinks As No.10 Threatens Election By Xmas If Brexit Vote Fails

Update (0845ET): Cable is sliding after The BBC reports that a source at No.10 says “if Parliament votes again for delay by voting down the programme motion, and the EU offers delay until 31 Jan — then we will pull the Bill, there will be no further business for Parliament and we’ll move to an […]

Railroaded by the Judges: Boris Johnson Fails in the UK Supreme Court

It delighted Labour supporters and party apparatchiks who had been falling over each other in murderous ceremony at the party conference in Brighton: Prime Minister Boris Johnson would come to the unwitting rescue with his own version of a grand cock-up.  This involved a now defeated attempt to circumvent parliamentary scrutiny and interference ahead of the […]

Ireland: ‘Civil unrest’ on UK border if Brexit fails

The Irish Deputy Prime Minister has dispelled any “spin” over recent Brexit progress, warning of potential “civil unrest” on the UK border if talks fail. Simon Coveney, The Tanaiste, said on Friday that Ireland would not be “collateral damage” for Britain’s Brexit plans, while also urging all sides to be honest and admit that […]

JTA report on Clovis controversy over Palestine speaker fails readers

Photo of Clovis Community College accompanying JTA’s article. JTA published a report on a bizarre controversy in which powerful organizations are attacking an upcoming talk in a small community college, but the article left out much relevant information… By Alison Weir JTA calls itself “the definitive, trusted global source of news and analysis on issues […]

Netanyahu fails to pass ‘racist’ bill that would have allowed for cameras at polling stations on election day

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s efforts to install cameras at Israeli voting stations failed on Monday after a parliamentary committee voted down his party’s proposed bill, which rights groups warned was aimed at lowering Palestinian turnout in next week’s elections. Last week, Netanyahu’s Likud party put forward a bill that proposed allowing its party representatives […]

Amazon fails to test dietary supplements for contaminants, continues to sell THOUSANDS of illegal and dangerous products

(Natural News) A thorough investigation by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has revealed that Jeff Bezos’ Amazon retail empire is currently selling thousands of products on its website that are contaminated, mislabeled, not allowed for sale in the United States, or outright banned from the consumer marketplace. Everything from toys to supplements […]

Checkmate! Corbyn’s Please Make Me "Temporary PM" Scheme Fails Already

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk, The Liberal Democrats and key Tories both rejected Corbyn’s scheme to make him a caretaker PM to stop Brexit. Two days ago I noted Corbyn Seeks to Stop Brexit Via “Make Me Temporary PM” Pretty Please Offer. My ending comment was “There is little chance Corbyn’s ‘Make Me PM Pretty […]

New Home Sales Miss As Mortgage Rate Collapse Fails To Bring Buyers Back

Despite yesterday’s disappointing existing home sales print, new home sales were expected to spike (after dropping for two straight months), and did – thanks to a large downward revision in May. New Home Sales were 646k SAAR in June – missing expectations of 658k. However this 7.0% MoM jump was bigger than expected thanks to […]

WTI Fails To Extend Gains Despite Huge Crude Draw

Oil prices have extended their gains overnight after the much bigger than expected crude draw suggested by API, and helped by an uber-dovish Powell and a re-emergence of tensions with Iran (Trump threatening more sanctions imminently). “The crude draws reported by the API yesterday were much larger than the market was expecting,” said Warren Patterson, a […]

Flu vaccine fails yet again as new wild strain appears halfway through flu season

(Natural News) A freakish influenza strain that reportedly “popped up halfway through the past flu season” once again rendered the government-sanctioned flu vaccine “virtually worthless,” new reports indicate. Writing for the Associated Press (AP), Mike Stobbe explains that the flu shot, which is recommended every year by the Centers for Disease Control […]

Arak reactor to resume pre-deal activities if EU fails to meet pledges: Rouhani

Iran’s Arak facility …from Press TV, Tehran [ Editor’s Note: Iran continues to play a cool hand in dealing with the treachery of some of its JCPOA partners, semi-partners, or potential partners, whatever you want to call people who sign a deal and then all go in different directions on interpreting what compliance is. Rouhani […]

Iran’s ‘duty’ to seize British tanker if UK fails to release captured ship – senior official at IRGC

On Thursday, British marines and Gibraltar police seized the Panama-flagged tanker off the southern coast of the Iberian Peninsula. The vessel is owned by a Singaporean company. Gibraltar’s Chief Minister Fabian Picardo claimed that the ship was transporting crude oil to Syria “in violation” of the EU sanctions placed on Damascus. According to Madrid, which […]

Ted Cruz Demands Investigation After Portland Mayor Fails to Stop Antifa Thugs

Senator Ted Cruz has blasted Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler for failing to stop Antifa thugs from attacking citizens. According to Cruz, Wheeler ordered police “to let citizens to be attacked”, and has called on law enforcement to launch an investigation into his actions. On Saturday, Quillette gay Asian journalist Andy Ngo was beaten by several […]

U.S. mainstream media fails to challenge Trump administration’s push toward war with Iran

The risky U.S. moves to provoke a war with Iran continue, and the American mainstream media is still transmitting the Trump administration’s views almost without challenge: * The New York Times has run lengthy accounts about the alleged Iranian attack on oil tankers, but the paper buried the skepticism about the U.S. version lower in […]

Israel to hold new elections after Netanyahu fails to form coalition

Mona Kandil Press TV, Ramallah The Israeli Knesset has voted to dissolve itself, paving the way for a new election. The vote came after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to form a coalition before a midnight deadline. Source Article from Related Posts Gantz: Israel is going to 3rd elections because Netanyahu wants immunity […]

Israel to Hold New Election After Netanyahu Fails to Form Coalition Government

It was a rough day for Israel’s “Prime Minister for life” Benjamin Netanyahu, after Israeli parliament voted 74-45 to dissolve itself when for the first time in the country’s history, the PM elect failed to form a new coalition government. New elections  are scheduled to be held on September 17th. Hoping to stitch together a […]

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