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Vaccine trial FAILURE: Second AstraZeneca COVID-19 volunteer develops rare neurological condition

(NaturalHealth365) As COVID-19 vaccine trials continue speeding along, a major pharmaceutical company leading the way is facing heat yet again for subjecting volunteers to these fast-tracked vaccines. Internal papers from AstraZeneca reveal another victim who has developed a rare and serious condition affecting the nervous system after getting treated with the investigational drug.  Of course, AstraZeneca representatives say it’s, […]

Pollak: In Fisker’s Failure, Joe Biden Broke Promises of ‘Green’ Jobs

Former Vice President Joe Biden promised earlier this month that his climate change policies will bring new jobs — “good, paying union jobs.” He has made — and broken such promises before. In 2009, Biden promised that $529 million in new Department of Energy loan guarantees to Fisker Automotive to produce electric cars in Delaware […]

Coronavirus Israel: President apologizes for leadership failure as cases break record

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Debating a Stupid African About Her Race’s Failure

Arrogant African femoid tried to blame white people for her low-IQ race’s failure. Sub my bitchute. Sub my Telegram. Help me out with some shekels. Hits: 7

Trump Campaign Eviscerates Joe Biden for Failure to Denounce Radical Left Violence

TRUMP CAMPAIGN STATEMENT ON WHAT JOE BIDEN DIDN’T SAY Trump-Pence Campaign “As predicted, Joe Biden today failed to condemn the left-wing mobs burning, looting, and terrorizing American cities. He failed to condemn Antifa. He failed to condemn people who called the police a ‘cancer’ or people on his campaign staff who called them ‘pigs.’ He […]

California Gov. Newsom Blames ‘Admin Error’ For Failure To Take Promised Pay Cut 3 Months In a Row

California Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom promised to take a 10% pay cut in solidarity with state workers due to budget deficits caused by the lockdown, however three months later it can be revealed the governor’s pay cut never took place. When Gov. Newsom’s office was called to get information on why his pay was not […]

COVID-19 Crisis Failure, People Must Save Themselves And The Economy

Above photo: Positive COVID-19 Test. Shutterstock. The US is at a moment of truth. This week, Congress has to face up to a pandemic that is out of control and an economy that is collapsing. The Republican’s and Democrat’s proposals show they will fail this test. The people will need to protect themselves and lead […]

West’s failure to act will be cause of the next Gaza massacre

The contrasting images coming out of Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories on Monday could not have been starker – or more disturbing. Faced with protests at the perimeter fence in Gaza, Israeli snipers killed dozens of unarmed Palestinians and wounded more than 2,000 others, including children, women, journalists and paramedics, in a hail of live fire. […]

Journalistic failure: Libel of Jordan Peterson by the Forward

     On Friday, one of the preeminent Jewish magazines, the Forward, published an article by Ari Feldman titled “Is Jordan Peterson Enabling Jew Hatred?” accompanied by a picture of Adolf Hitler giving the Nazi salute next to Peterson. The Forward explains Vox-style: “Jordan Peterson is a public intellectual adored by neo-Nazis, white supremacists and conspiracy […]

Israeli intelligence–‘Trump’s Syria strike was a failure’

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FRANCE – French naval scandal: Total failure in launching French naval missiles to strike Syria

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Young man with end stage heart failure found to have too much iron in his blood; successfully reversed with chelation therapy

(Natural News) A recent case study involving a young Serbian man with end-stage heart failure has shed new light on the potential of chelation therapy to fully remediate certain serious health conditions without the need for major surgery. Published in the Journal of Medical Case Reports, the paper focuses specifically on juvenile […]

Are we setting our boys and men up for failure?

     It’s no longer a man’s world, according to Tucker Carlson. And he may be on to something big here! The Fox News anchor recently launched “Men in America”, a series which looks at the changing gender dynamics. In the inaugural episode, Carlson unleashed a torrent of statistics of suicides, substance abuse, incarceration, marriages, the […]

Colombia’s election observers cry foul over failure to investigate fraud allegations

nsnbc : Alejandra Barrios, director of Colombia’s electoral observer, said the government has failed to install electoral tribunals to investigate hundreds of fraud claims […]

Failure of intelligence: Why Russia’s new strategic capabilities come as a shock to US intelligence community

     The United States of America spends something like $80 billion annually on intelligence gathering and analysis. When the CIA was founded by the National Security Act in 1947 the intention was to create a mechanism that would warn about an imminent threat. The memory of Pearl Harbor in 1941, when Japan attacked the U.S. […]

TCM found to be effective at treating premature ovarian failure

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Pilot error and instrument failure may have caused crash of Russian An-148 passenger jet

nsnbc : Data retrieved from the Flight Data Recorder and the Cockpit Voice Recorder of the ill-fated Anntonov An-148 airliner that crashed outside Moscow […]

Iran’s New Years Riots: A Failure of Western Meddling

The American government has viewed the Islamic Republic of Iran as a hostile nation since the tenure of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. U.S allies, such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, have been coerced to follow Uncle’s Sam’s footsteps in an effort to demonize the sovereign nation of Iran. Though […]

Alabama declares flu outbreak emergency as vaccine failure becomes obvious to everyone

(Natural News) A State Public Health Emergency has been issued in Alabama by Governor Kay Ivey as a flu outbreak grips the state. Schools are closing and hospitals are filling up as the flu vaccine proves to be a spectacular failure yet again this year. Hospital emergency rooms and outpatient clinics are reporting a very […]

Trump’s Failure at the UN Is a Gift to Iran – and Israel Should Be Concerned

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Palestinians celebrate resounding Trump and Israel failure at the UN

Any decisions and actions which purport to have altered the character, status or demographic composition of the Holy City of Jerusalem have no legal effect, are null and void and must be rescinded in compliance with relevant resolutions of the Security Council.  — UN General Assembly, December 21, 2017 December 21, 2017 — Today, in an emergency session, the […]

Saudi failure in Yemen resembles that of US in Vietnam: Iran official

Press TV- A senior Iranian official says Saudi Arabia’s failure in the war on Yemen resembles that of the US in Vietnam back in 1970s, rejecting Washington’s claims of Tehran’s arms transfer to Yemeni forces as an attempt to justify the defeat of its allies in the offensive. “Yemen has turned into another Vietnam for […]

Good insight into how the Zionist mind works. IDF: ‘No moral or professional failure’ in killing of legless Gaza protester

Embed from Getty ImagesAn internal Israeli military investigation has concluded that there were no “moral or professional failures” in the killing of a Palestinian man with no legs, who was protesting inside the Gaza Strip, by soldiers on the Israeli side of the border fence last Friday. In a statement sent to +972 Magazine on […]

Pentagon refuse to accept their failure in Syria, Russia leaves victorious and with a warning

     Russian President Vladimir Putin paid a visit to Russia’s Hmeymim airbase in Syria, where he ordered to pullout Russian troops from Syria. Speaking to the military, Putin stressed that the Russian armed forces, together with the Syrian army, have defeated a massive group of international terrorists in Syria. “In this connection, I made a […]

Celebration of Ridiculous Failure is a Success

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Going Underground – Ep. 551: International Court of Justice & UK Diplomatic Failure w/ Lord Morris & Bob Neill

Going Underground – Ep. 551: International Court of Justice & UK Diplomatic Failure w/ Lord Morris & Bob Neill Going Underground with Afshin In this episode, we speak to Tony Blair’s former attorney General and Chair of the UK Justice Select Committee Bob Neill about why Britain has lost its seat on the International […]

Russia In Syria – Military ‘Failure’ Sets Off Intense Diplomacy

Western media predicted that the Russian military campaign in Syria would end in `failure`. That – presumably – has been achieved. Now follows a push of diplomatic efforts to settle the war. In September 2015 the “west” prepared for an open military aggression on Syria. The purported aim was to fight ISIS and to […]

Prince Charles decried White House’s failure to take on ‘Jewish lobby’ over Israel

Thirty years ago, Prince Charles said that U.S. support for Israel is a cause of terrorism and that the “Jewish lobby” tied an American president’s ability to address the issue. He wrote in a 1986 letter: I now begin to understand better their [Arabs’] point of view about Israel. Never realized they see it as […]

The Lebanese Forces and the governmental failure القوات والفشل الحكومي

  The Lebanese Forces and the governmental failure أكتوبر 26, 2017 Written by Nasser Kandil, The Lebanese Forces Party can talk whatever it wants about the idea of resigning from the government to conclude that there is no reason to resign, because it knows in advance that it got engaged in a game of authority, […]

15 Ways Your Child’s Name Sets Them Up For Success Or Failure

What’s in a name? Potentially your child’s future. A host of research shows just how much your name can affect your lifetime success, from your hireability to your spending habits. So it comes as little surprise then that there is a growing trend among parents called “namer’s remorse” — one in five mothers say they regret the name they chose […]

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