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See Naples and die? Garbage truck falls into gigantic sinkhole in Italian city

   A garbage truck plunged into a massive sinkhole in the Italian city of Naples on Monday, sparking the evacuations of several homes nearby. The truck was traveling down the Casoria area of the southern Italian city when the ground beneath it opened up. Much of the vehicle was left buried under dirt and rubble […]

Snow falls in Montana the day before summer

   Winter intruded into Montana on the day before summer. Snowfall was reported in the Bozeman area Thursday, the last day of spring. Watch the video to see this crazy Montana weather. Source Article from Related Posts Mercury Retrograde Of Summer 2019: Checking In With Our Heart Mercury began the latest edition of its […]

Winter-weary Americans express dismay as May snow falls in the Midwest and West

   While some regions of the United States, including the Northeast, are experiencing summerlike heat early this week as the calendar inches toward Memorial Day, other areas in the Midwest and western U.S. are still experiencing snow. “Is that seriously happening out there right now?” flabbergasted Twitter user Michael Phillippi wrote on Twitter Sunday, in […]

Potential Iran False Flag As Rocket Falls Near US Embassy In Iraq & Explosion Hits Israeli Base

May 19, 2019 By TLAV A rocket lands in Green Zone in Iraq. Trump appears to blame Iran Twitter “If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran. Never threaten the United States again!” John Bolton heads to war room. Explosion hits military facility in Israel. Is this a false flag […]

Republicans push BDS bill to paint Dems as anti-Semites, and party leadership falls for the trap

On Wednesday, Republicans in the House initiated a rarely-used legislative procedure to try to force a vote on a controversial bill that encourages states and localities to penalize individuals, nonprofit organizations, and companies that boycott for Palestinian rights. The legislative procedure, known as a “discharge petition”, was filed by Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) and supported […]

Thick snow falls on Sljeme, Croatia

   The official start of summer is just over a month away but heavy snow has been falling today on Sljeme, just north of Zagreb. It might be the middle of May but today’s photos from Sljeme look more like the middle of December. Croatia has been hit with storms, severe winds and torrential rain […]

Putin stumbles and falls during exhibition ice-hockey game

Russian President Vladimir Putin had a bit of a slip-up Friday during an exhibition ice-hockey game with former National Hockey League players. The 66-year-old Russian leader took to the ice in Sochi on Friday, in what has become an annual tradition. But while waving to the crowd after scoring a goal, Putin skated onto a […]

Daredevil falls from 1,000m tightrope in stomach-turning VIDEO

Drone footage shows the moment Espen Hatleskog loses his balance on the tightrope and tumbles off into a terrifying plunge. Luckily, his safety rope saves him from plummeting back to earth, and he is left suspended in the air. Also on Russia’s ‘Lord of the Cold’ sets extreme record leaping half-naked from a plane […]

Extreme ‘Santa’ climbs frozen falls in epic end to Christmas 2018 (VIDEO)

In footage that was released Wednesday, a man dressed as Saint Nick scaled the icy Whiteman falls in Kananaskis, Canada, trading sleigh bells for ice picks. Described by ice climbing enthusiasts as “one of the hardest pure ice pitches anywhere, sporting over thirty meters of rotten, overhanging ice” the picturesque ice sculpture might be best […]

Kiev: Fire truck on the way to an emergency falls into a sinkhole

     Kiev’s infrastructure woes were highlighted on Sunday when a fire engine responding to an emergency failed to reach its destination because it fell into a sinkhole on the road. Kyiv Operative, a news outlet specializing in crime, fires and other emergencies in the Ukrainian capital, published footage showing the aftermath of the incident on […]

A least 10 inches of early snow falls at ski resorts in Utah – depth at one already 2 feet

     Utah ski resorts got at least 10 inches of snow between Tuesday and Wednesday — some as much as one foot at the base. At Brighton, Marketing Manager Jared Winkler said there was nearly two feet of snow at mid mountain. While that generates a lot of excitement for ski season, it’s too soon […]

It all falls apart: Kavanaugh accusers recant and are exposed for history of lies and "psycho" behavior

(Natural News) It’s a full-in circus at the United States Senate as truly desperate Democrats throw every accusation they can come up with at Brett Kavanaugh in a last-ditch attempt to halt his Supreme Court confirmation. In an operation that should probably be called Fast and Furious, Democrat operatives are grasping at […]

Boy falls from 10th-floor apartment, saved from certain death by neighbor’s lucky catch (VIDEO)

The dramatic near-tragedy happened in the Kazakhstan capital Astana on Monday, and was filmed by a person in a nearby building. The video, first published on Instagram, shows a small figure dangling from a window, apparently trying and failing to get back inside. A few people are seen down on the ground holding some fabric […]

Cops Repeatedly Taser Man Until He Falls Unconscious and Dies – For “Acting Crazy”

Tulsa police released a video showing officers repeatedly tasering a black suspect, who showed impressive resistance to electric shock. The man never regained consciousness in the hospital and died three days later. The footage shows the altercation between 25-year-old Joshua Harvey and the officers on August 24 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The man was screaming and […]

If Trump Falls, the Testimonies of 3 Jews–Cohen, Pecker, and Weisselberg–Could Spark an anti-Semitic Backlash

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,972 other followers Source Article from Related Posts A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Trump’s Middle East Policy Could Push Yemen’s Houthis into Iran’s Hands SANA’A, YEMEN — Leaders of Yemen’s Houthi (Ansar Allah) movement traded barbs with U.S. […]

With All Eyes on Gaza, Israel Falls Back on the Hamas Card

For days, now, the Israeli rewrite has been well underway, working overtime, to convince the world seven weeks of carnage in Palestine, more particularly Gaza, did not happen. Or, if it did, Israel’s response to the Great Return March was a measured, proportionate answer to the menace posed by some burning kites, waving flags and nihilist teens armed with slingshot weapons of mass destruction. At times, we’ve seen […]

Bus falls into huge sinkhole in Multan, Pakistan

     A metro bus fell into a sinkhole in Multan on Saturday, a day after PML-N leadership made tall claims about the quality of development projects in the city. The bus got stuck after a 10-foot deep sinkhole appeared on Suraj Miyani Road. The people were evacuated from the bus. No casualties were reported. The […]

World Wine Output Falls to 60-Year Low

World Wine Output Falls to 60-Year Low April 24th, 2018 DOOOOOOOM! Via: Reuters: Global wine output fell to its lowest level in 60 years in 2017 due to poor weather conditions in the European Union that slashed production in the bloc, international wine organization […]

CONSPIRACY??? IS WAR PLANNED? April 16-30 America Falls???

Watch this video … Are these dates important? April 16-30, with potential days possibly being April 18 and/or April 23? I’m labeling this post as ‘conspiracy’ …are they conspiring another 9/11-type event? All the world’s a stage … Via jkbugout:   <!– –> Source Article from Related Posts Democratic Chicago Mayor Bans ICE […]

Volcano in Vanuatu spills heavy ash as acid rain falls from the sky, evacuation fears for 11,000 residents

     A state of emergency has been declared for Vanuatu’s Ambae Island as a volcano continues to spill thick heavy ash. Thousands of residents who call the island home have been warned they may need to evacuate after up to 1cm of ash has fallen in some areas north of the island on Tuesday night. […]

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