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Going Quiet: More States Are Hiding 911 Recordings From Families, Lawyers and the General Public

Troy Phillips has tried everything to piece together his brother’s final moments and figure out if he received CPR. Rhode Island’s secretive 911 laws have gotten in the way. ProPublica is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power. Sign up for ProPublica’s Big Story newsletter to receive stories like […]

“Sometimes They Come For Families” – Indigenous Author Shares More Info About The Star People

As of beginning July 2019 prospects look positive for a re-election ofDonald Trump as President in November 2020. Headline stock market and GDP figures all look positive…at the present. The huge unanswered question is whether that can be sustained until the fateful elections. We see signs already that spell potential trouble for the Republicans. A major […]

Boeing to give $100mn to communities, families affected by 2 crashes of 737 MAX planes

Boeing said on Wednesday it would give $100 million to communities and families affected by two crashes on its 737 MAX planes that claimed 346 lives. The company described the sum as an “initial investment” over multiple years, saying it would work with local governments and non-profit organizations to provide “hardship and […]

For Fourth Year Saudi Barrages Bring Death and Loss to Yemeni Families on Eid

HODEIDA, YEMEN — “This is our Eid gift from Saudi Arabia,” a visitor to a private hospital in Hodeida told MintPress as he pulled back a blood-soaked blue plastic cover draping the lifeless body of his child. The girl, whose torso and arms were dotted with holes from high-caliber bullets, did not make it to […]

“Israel” threatens to displace 15 families in northern Jordan valley

Northern Jordan Valley (QNN)- Israeli occupation forces on Tuesday informed 15 Palestinian families, residing in Himsal Fouqa in the northern Jordan Valley, that they need to leave their tents as the occupation army decided to conduct military training in the area. The 15 families which consist of 98 members, including children and women, are threatened […]

Bill to expel families of accused Palestinian attackers passes first Knesset reading

The Israeli Knesset passed on Wednesday the first reading of a bill to forcibly transfer families of Palestinians involved in attacks against Israelis, despite heavy opposition from intelligence and army officials. The bill, presented by the ultra right-wing Jewish Home party, was approved by 69 votes in favor, and 38 votes against. If passed into […]

The Cost of Employer Insurance Is A Growing Burden For Middle-Income Families

Added together, the total cost of premiums and potential spending on deductibles averaged across single and family policies climbed to $7,240 in 2017 (Table 5). This combined cost ranged from a low of $4,664 in Hawaii to a high of more than $8,000 in eight states (Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Dakota, […]

Hamas Hails Iran’s Financial Support to Families of Gaza Protests Martyrs & Injured

Hamas Hails Iran’s Financial Support to Families of Gaza Protests Martyrs & Injured The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas hailed on Tuesday the Iranian decision to financially adopt the families of the martyrs and injured who fall during the Return Protests held every Friday on Gaza border. Hamas considered that the Iranian move fortifies the Palestinian […]

Photos: A group of families of the security martyrs met with Ayatollah Khamenei

Tasnim – In a meeting with a group of families of the martyred security staff— organized recently— Ayatollah Khamenei-“, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, invited families of the martyrs to follow their martyrs in serving the nation and stated: Always actively involve in [nation’s] matters, enthusiastically and inspiringly. Just as your martyrs served the […]

‘Entire Families Wiped Out’: U.S. Airstrikes Killed Many Civilians In Syria

On a busy street corner in Raqqa, Syria, a digger pushes through the rubble of a building hit by an airstrike. Onlookers shield their mouths and noses from the dust and stench of corpses of those who perished beneath. Just streets away, three recovery workers pull out the delicate skeletons of two children from under […]

Iraq Veterans, Military Families To Give Bush, Biden Folded Flags And Freedom Medal On Veterans Day

Iraq Veterans, Military Families To Give Bush, Biden Folded Flags And Freedom Medal On Veterans Day Above photo: From VP Biden’s Liberty Medal Presentation to George W. Bush is Final Stop of Heart2Heart Tour: Veterans And Their Families Speak Out About Love, War, and Enough Folded Flags Former VP Joe Biden will present former […]

Photos: Leader met with families of martyred defenders of the holy shrines

Tasnim – The Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said that enemies would have come close to Imam Hussian’s tomb if the defenders of the shrine were not there. He made the remarks on Monday in Tehran during a meeting with some families of the martyred defenders of the holy shrines.     […]

Iran sympathizes with victims’ families of Crimea college explosion

IRNA – Spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry Bahram Qasemi extended condolences Thursday to the families of the victims who were killed in an explosion which took place in a college in the city of Kerch, Crimea Peninsula. On October 17, an 18-year-old boy named Vladislav Roslyakov rampaged through the Kerch polytechnic college and killed 19. […]

Enough Folded Flags: Military Families Speak Out Against the Afghanistan War

October 18th, 2018 By Stacy Bannerman via A nation that doesn’t remember the people sent to fight on its behalf has no business sending more. You’d hardly know it from the news, but we’ve been continuously at war in Afghanistan since 2001. The war quietly turned 17 on October 7. Unfortunately, America’s amnesia didn’t prevent Command Sergeant […]

Trump Administration Reveals Plan to Indefinitely Imprison Families With Kids

Attempting to change two decades of precedent, the Trump administration announced its intention Thursday to lift court-ordered limits on how long migrant children can be detained—a proposal multiple critics promptly denounced as “Gitmo for children.” The administration said Thursday it intends to enter into the Federal Register new regulations that would allow it to hold […]

The families of Khan Al-Ahmar insist on their right to remain and defend their village

One night towards the end of 1986, with the harsh December cold hovering over the hills of Jerusalem, my mother decided, after nine long months of suffering, to bring me into the world. I was a rascal, she later told me, the moment I plopped into the nurses’ waiting hands I began my battle with […]

An Open Letter to the Illuminati Bloodline Families

Zingdad’s The Ascension Papers book is available on Greetings my friends, I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation brought to you through Zingdad. Today I will be addressing the living members of the ancient bloodline families. Those ones who are sometimes called by other names such as, the Illuminati, The […]

Photos: Families of martyrs meet with minister of defense

MIZAN – A number of families who have lost a member in the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war or the fight against terrorism in Syria, met with Iranian Minister of Defense Amir Hatami on Saturday.   Source Article from Related Posts Photos: Traditional ‘Locho’ wrestling competitions Mizan | Mahdi MohebbiPour: Locho wrestling, which dates back to […]

Israel bans Gaza families from visiting detainees

Israeli occupation authorities have announced a temporary suspension of all family visits from Gaza to Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli prisons beginning today. Abd al-Nasser Farawneh, head of the Prisoners’ Affairs Committee in the Gaza Strip, said that Israeli authorities informed the Ministry of Detainees of the decision adding that this was said to be […]

Make White Families Great Again: America’s Birth Rate Is About to Start Booming

Sometimes a society’s values change sharply with almost no one noticing. In 1968, according to a Gallup survey, 70 percent of American adults said that a family of three or more children was “ideal” — about the same number as Gallup surveys starting in 1938. That number helps explain the explosive baby boom after Americans […]

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