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Keeping it in ‘The Family:’ Director’s Mobbed-Up Dad

280   Doug Liman,  the director of the new Tom Cruise movie ‘AMERICAN MADE,’ has a dirty secret in his family closet. His Dad was a Mafia groupie. Which wouldn’t matter, except Liman loudly claims his new film is based on the true story of Barry Seal, when it isn’t.  And it amounts to a further […]

ABC to Air Sitcom About Illegal Immigrant Family

The topic of illegal immigration in America is getting another Hollywood treatment with ABC’s announcement Wednesday that it’s developing a comedy series about an undocumented family. The sitcom, tentatively titled Sanctuary Family, centers on a husband and wife who constantly clash over the chaos created when they provide sanctuary for their undocumented nanny and her family, Deadline reports. The […]

Entire Alien Family Unearthed In Nazca, Peru.

Scientists have discovered a family of six ‘alien’ bodies buried beneath Nazca, Peru – and DNA tests suggest they do not belong to Earth.  Back in June 2017, researchers publicly announced that a new mummy had been unearthed in Nazca that showed signs of it belonging to an unknown species. According to Professor Konstantin Korotkov […]

Family File $20 Million Lawsuit After Mentally Ill Man Was Fatally Shot By Brooklyn Police

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Israel recognises burning Palestinian family to death

Former Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon recognised on Sunday that Israel is responsible for burning Palestinian Dawabsheh family to death in 2015. Speaking to Israeli Radio, Ya’alon said: “When the Israeli soldiers wanted to evacuate settlers’ homes, the settlers threw stones at them and the Education Minister Naftali Bennet stood up and attacked the Supreme Court.” […]

‘We take money from Jews to give to the poor’: Family robbed & beaten in Paris

The incident took place in Livry-Gargan, a northeastern suburb of Paris, on Thursday night, according to French media citing local prosecutors.  Three men, “probably of African origin,” broke into the house of Roger Pinto, the president of the France-based SIONA group, which fights anti-Semitism and advocates for the rights of the Jews, the National Bureau […]

Israel evicts Palestinian family, hands East Jerusalem home to settlers

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10 Steps to Prevent Your Doctor from Killing You or Your Family

Doctors have had little training in alternative health or nutrition. They have also had a lack of encouragement to think for themselves. Therefore, when it comes to acting in the best interest of their patients, be it through ignorance, naïveté or ties to Big Pharma, doctors cannot be trusted. While the public becomes increasingly aware […]

Toddler Saved From Deadly Snake By Family Dog

Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason. Not only do they show love and companionship when we need it the most, but they can also sense when we are in danger. In Sevier County, Tennessee, one family dog not only saved a family member from danger, but he saved a toddler from certain […]

All Vaccines May Be Contaminated With At Least One Animal Retrovirus Family, All Are Associated With Cancers, Autism & More

Next Story Written by By Judy A. Mikovits, PhD. In collaboration with The World Mercury Project Chronic inflammatory diseases have been skyrocketing in incidence in the past quarter century. The details explaining how retroviruses in today’s biological therapeutics including vaccines are contributing to autoimmune, neuroimmune disease and cancer are complex. Although I’ve spent my adult lifetime […]

UNRWA visit to evicted family in East Jerusalem

nsnbc : The Director of UNRWA Operations in the West Bank, Scott Anderson, has paid a visit to the Shamasneh family, a Palestine refugee […]

Israel forcefully evicts Palestinian family from home of 53 years to let Israeli settlers move in

     A Palestinian family spanning three generations has been evicted from their East Jerusalem home of 53 years to allow Israeli settlers to move in. The Shamasne family of eight, including wheelchair-bound 84-year-old Ayyub and 75-year-old Fahamiya, were removed from their Sheikh Jarrah home early Tuesday morning after Israeli police officers, intelligence officers and special […]

Family of Man Who Died in Police Stun-Gun Case Settles Lawsuit for $750,000

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Is Holy Family’s flight into Egypt Myth?

“Greater than the great pyramids of Egypt are the myths and misconceptions about that ancient Land” Flight of the Holy Family into Egypt – Edwin Long 1883 By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat Many biblical tales were falsely and forcibly pinned down to the history and land of Ancient Egypt, such as the story of the Israelite […]

Holiday Inn Refuses to Allow Houston Family Fleeing Floods to Bring Dogs Inside

At a time when hundreds of thousands of families are without homes and struggling to survive in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, one Holiday Inn franchise isn’t budging on their “no-pets” policy, refusing to offer shelter to a family’s three dogs. On Sunday evening, New Territory, Texas resident Gillian Parker got the call that a mandatory […]

Family of Palestinian girl killed by settler vehicle say investigation is a sham

Violence / Detentions — West Bank / Jerusalem Palestinian girl dies after being struck by settler car Al Jazeera 27 Aug by Linah Alsaafin — Relatives doubt Israel police will properly probe killing of eight-year-old, whose family home was about to be seized — An eight-year-old Palestinian girl who was run over by an Israeli […]

Anderson Cooper’s Family Owned Slaves Related To Michelle Obama

CNN host Anderson Cooper has refused to disavow family members who owned slaves directly related to Michelle Obama. As a descendant of the Vanderbilt family, one of the wealthiest families in American history, Cooper is related to some of the biggest slave owners of all time. Cooper’s great-great grandfather, Cornelius Vanderbilt, owned a South Carolina […]

[WATCH] Sedgwick County Deputy Shoots Family Dog While Serving Protection Order at Wrong House

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Trump Family Launches Hilarious State-Run Propaganda News Network “Trump TV”

By Aaron Kesel In a world of fake news and alternative facts it can be hard to get the “truth,” so U.S. President Donald Trump has quietly launched his own ‘propaganda’ news network in a move straight out of George Orwell’s dystopian society 1984, a Ministry of Truth. In Orwell’s novel, the Ministry of […]


NORTH KOREA KIM FAMILY LEADER KIM JONG-Il = BORN IN COMMUNIST USSR North Korea leader Kim Jong Il with his son Kim Jong Un Kim Jong-Il (1942-2011) = Family name is Kim and Born in Russian USSR = Soviet records show that Kim was born Yuri Irsenovich Kim (nicknamed Yura) in the village of Vyatskoye, […]

Because Palestinian killer posted on Facebook, his family will be charged

Prisoners / Court actions Family of Palestinian who killed three Israelis to be charged for not preventing him Haaretz 16 Aug by Yotam Berger — According to sources in the prosecution, five family members were aware of Omar al-Abed’s plans to carry out an attack but did not try to stop him — The military […]

Sheriff David Clarke Sued By Family Of Man Who Died Of Thirst Inside His Jail

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‘Nowhere to go’: Palestinian family on brink of eviction by Israel from home of 50yrs speaks to RT

The Shamasne family have been living in East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood since 1964, when the area was under Jordanian rule. When Israel took over East Jerusalem in 1967, nobody claimed the rights to the property. The issue came to light after an Israeli right-leaning settler group, the Israel Land Fund, found the previous owners […]

#1917LIVE: Detained Russian tsar & his family moved to Siberia

Nicholas Romanov, his wife Alexandra and five children were placed under guard in the Alexander palace in Tsarskoye Selo on March 22, 1917 after the February Revolution deposed the centuries-old Russian monarchy. They were only allowed to spend time outside on a small plot of land, forbidden to move further out into the spacious former […]

Family Grieves for Handicapped Man Killed by Philadelphia Police

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Family Of College Student Shot 76 Times By Police Still Doesn’t Know Why A Year Later

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Perth Amboy to Pay Family of Mentally Ill Man Killed by Police $350K

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Infant dies following attack by family dog in Bangor, Maine

     An infant died after the child was injured by the family’s dog, according to the Bangor Police Department. The Bangor police and fire departments responded on Saturday, July 29, to a local residence after receiving a call about an injured infant, Bangor police Detective Sgt. Brent Beaulieu said Sunday morning in a statement. The […]

News Video: Family of Darnell Wicker Still Seeking Justice One Year After Shooting

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