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Ice Age Farmer Report: Point of no return – no veggies to can – "China eats Kenya’s donkeys"

   As our climate shifts in the Grand Solar Minimum, vegetable shortages are forcing canneries and processing plants to shut down for lack of product. Banks are telling customers to go to Food Banks as prices rise. China’s ravenous appetite for protein threatens Kenya’s donkeys in the wake of African Swine Fever — they are […]

Ice Age Farmer Report: ALERT: US ‘Growing Degrees’ plummet – Farms go offline

   2019 was much colder than 2018! You won’t hear this in media. Christian of Ice Age Farmer equips you with cold, hard GDD data and intellectual ammunition in order to start conversations about how quickly conditions on our planet are changing. As the Solar Minimum forces temperatures to decline further, more and more of […]

South Carolina Farmer Sounds the Alarm on the Arrival of the Pollinator Bee Crisis

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer Waking Times There is a time bomb ticking away that spells disaster for human beings and the quality of life on planet earth. We’ve been watching and waiting, covering this story for years, and the more time goes by the more bad news keeps rolling in. In truth, this issue is […]

Ice Age Farmer Report: WHERE ARE THE PEAS? Walmart’s nationwide shortages don’t add up

   Walmarts across the United States are bereft of canned peas. The media blames Beyond Meat’s Bleeding Burgers for creating pea protein — but does this add up? Christian breaks down the facts and offers some high-octane speculation. Start growing your own food today! Sources Source Article from Related Posts HILLARY CLINTON CANCELS APPEARANCE […]

Ice Age Farmer Report: USDA fraud – Masking crop losses in Grand Solar Minimum

   The USDA’s June 28 report drew criticism widely for including dated data to hide our worst season on record. Are agencies “kicking the can,” forestalling the inevitable realization, satisfying algorithmic traders, until a late-season wake up call, knowing that seasons are only getting worse from here? If so, this is a crime against all […]

Greek Farmer Finds 5000-Year-Old Secret Hidden

Greek Farmer Finds 5000-Year-Old Secret Hidden Related Posts The NSA has a secret agenda: Collecting data and turning America into a police state (Natural News) The NSA is spying on innocent American citizens, but not Child Sex Trafficking Fastest Growing Crime As Secret Service Agent, Teacher Arrested In Sting This week the […]

‘Frustratingly cruel’: Farmer fury grows over New Zealand government’s climate change plans

   Condemnation of the Government’s plans to address climate change is growing within the rural sector with claims stock would have to be culled to reach the proposed targets. The Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill will create a legally binding objective to limit global warming to no more than 1.5°C with a net […]

Farmer Gives His Cows To A Sanctuary After Seeing Them “Terrified”

The Facts: In light of recent events in Venezuela Wikileaks published a revealing document that highlights the fact that financial institutions are not independent, that they are owned by, and in turn own/work together with the US government to fulfill agendas. Reflect On: The secrecy in our world runs rampant, under the guise of ‘national […]

South Africa: Four Kaffirs Shoot, Rob White Farmer

Charles Martel Daily Stormer December 29, 2018 These older white farmers seldom seem prepared for attacks, even though they literally happen every week. At least get a guard dog or something ffs. South Africa Today: Chris van Wyk, who is 50 plus years old, was shot on his farm near Cullinan on […]

Construction and Farmer Robots Are The Latest A.I. Coming For Human Jobs

By Aaron Kesel If Japan’s Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Institute has its way, human construction workers might not be needed anymore. Meanwhile, a robot named Angus is being billed the farmer of the future. Researchers have built HRP-5P, a humanoid robot that can handle several construction tasks. The prototype uses environment detection, object recognition, and sophisticated movement to […]

One day in Gaza: Israelis kill 15-year-old Palestinian boy, and 78-year-old farmer

Gaza Israeli soldiers kill a child in northern Gaza IMEMC 4 Oct — Israeli soldiers killed a Palestinian child on Wednesday [3 Oct] when they shot him with a high-velocity gas bomb in the head, and wounded 25 other Palestinians, during protests near Beit Hanoun (Erez) Terminal, in northern Gaza. The child, Ahmad Samir Abu […]

israeli (apartheid state) Soldiers Kill Elderly Palestinian Farmer in Central Gaza

              SEE ALSO Israeli Settlers Set Palestinian Home On Fire Three Racist Attacks against Palestinian Civilians by Orthodox Israelis in One Week Israeli Soldiers Injure Many Palestinians, Abduct Several Others, In Jerusalem Israeli military forces shot and killed an elderly Palestinian farmer in the central part of the Gaza […]

Ice Age Farmer Report: "Earth passes tipping point – fiery hothouse oblivion" – Narrative analysis

     Media has declared Earth has past a tipping point, and is now headed towards a flaming “hothouse” apocalypse…only geoengineering can save us (but at the expense of our crops). Christian analyzes this, plus the shifting of growing seasons: harvests are early by 1mo+. 100% crop loss in Bulgaria (ZERO % yield). And more. Sources […]

White Farmer Urges ANC to Think Ahead

  August 12, 2018 Source Article from Related Posts Guardian inclusively forgets to include white children in a ‘kids these days’ piece which has nothing to do with inclusivity The Guardian has published a feel-good article describing how modern-day 15-year-olds try to complete everyday Erdogan’s war crimes: the truce broken by Turks with 18 […]

‘Lunatic farmer’ Joel Salatin: The rise of rogue food

I’m not optimistic at all about where the government and all its bureaucracy is headed. It is getting more and more stifling. The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) that Obama put through, it’s absolutely stifling. It’s size prejudicial. It’s putting an inordinate price pressure on smaller producers. That’s a fact all the way across the […]

A great tip for weed control for the organic farmer: Well-timed cultural management makes crops more competitive

(Natural News) Weed management is one of the primary challenges organic farmers face. Research published in the journal Weed Science suggests that taking advantage of the weather, as well as properly timed cultural management could be effective solutions to the problem. The authors of the study, a team from the U.S. Department […]

WATCH LIVE! PorcFest Recap and The Urban Farmer Curtis Stone

June 25, 2018 By Vin Armani Watch live at 10am EST (1pm PST) – In the first hour Vin recaps his experience using cryptocurrency in real life attending and speaking at PorcFest this weekend. In the second hour, Vin welcomes Curtis Stone, The Urban Farmer, back to the show to discuss […]

Canadian farmer converts his 40,000-acre farm to all-organic

(Natural News) Consumers have been voting with their wallets in recent years, shying away from toxin-laced conventional produce and shelling out for organic varieties instead. Some observers might have initially dismissed this as a trend that would eventually fade, but it’s clear that a desire for good health and environmental friendliness is […]

Farmer Converts 40,000 Acres into Largest Organic Farm in Canada

Phillip Schneider, Staff Writer Waking Times In what could possibly be the world’s largest agricultural feat, Canadian farmer Travis Heide is in the process of converting his 40,000-acre farm entirely to organic. Heide’s farm is large enough to produce 2,200,000 bushels of wheat per year. Although he has been mostly quiet about his transition […]

Israeli settler kills farmer but Palestinians face charges

Maureen Clare Murphy Rights and Accountability 19 December 2017 Palestinians pray at the site in Qusra village where Mahmoud Odeh, 48, was shot dead by an Israeli settler the previous day. Shadi Jarar’ah APA images A Palestinian – but not yet any Israeli – faces serious charges over an encounter between settlers and residents of a […]

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