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Let the farmers lead the movement

1 Each system has its own underlying dynamics which propel it forwards and also aid in its preservation and perpetuation. In India, the advancement of neo-liberalist/finance capitalist system through privatization/corporatization, which is being linked to the phenomenon of neo-imperialism, is also no exception. Since 1991, the neo-liberalist/finance capitalist system has been at the heart of […]

Farmers in protest: Learning from the past and creating history with a real definition of nationalism

The following excerpt is taken from Bhagat Singh’s “Letter to Young Political Workers” (The Bhagat Singh Reader, pp. 224-245), written on February 2, 1931: The real revolutionary armies are in the villages and in factories, the peasantry and the labourers. But our bourgeois leaders do not and cannot dare to tackle them. The sleeping lion […]

German farmers and animal rights activists protest agricultural policy

Farmers, climate protesters and animal rights activists have gathered together with around 30 tractors in Berlin for an annual demonstration. The “We’ve had enough” march denounces the government’s agricultural policy and demands an end to industrial agriculture and animal husbandry. A further 10,000 people sent their footprints on paper as they couldn’t travel to Berlin […]

Indian Farmers on the Frontline Against Global Capitalism

In a short video on the YouTube channel, a protesting farmer camped near Delhi says that during lockdown and times of crisis farmers are treated like “gods”, but when they ask for their rights, they are smeared and labelled as “terrorists”. He, along with thousands of other farmers, are mobilising against three important pieces […]

For Farmers’ Movement, This Time is Ripe for Consolidation, Not Confrontation

The ninth round of talks between the farmers’ movement and government representatives on January 15 again did not yield any breakthrough, but kept some hopes alive by scheduling a next round of discussions—the tenth one—for January 19. In the meanwhile the farmers’ unions and organizations will be deliberating on the course of actions during the […]

International Support Continues for Protesting Farmers in India

On 5 January, British MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi wrote a letter to Boris Johnson urging him to convey to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi the “heartfelt anxieties” of MPs’ constituents (many emanating from Punjab) regarding the treatment of protesting farmers in India. The letter was signed by more than 100 MPs and Lords and had […]

Mexican Farmers Unearth Ancient Statue of Elite Mesoamerican Woman

Farmers tilling the soil in a citrus grove in the Huasteca region along Mexico’s Gulf Coast unearthed something ancient and unusual. Hitting a hard object they assumed was a rock, the farmers dug down deeper to remove it.  Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later  00 Hits: 6

Vigil for dead farmers held outside Indian Visa and Passport application center

South Asian activists came together on Sunday, January 10 in Surrey, to remember more than 60 farmers, who have laid down their lives during the ongoing agitation in India. Organized by Indians Abroad for Pluralist India (IAPI), the vigil was in protest against the recent deaths of farmers who have been holding a demonstration near […]

A Non-Partisan View of Farmers’ Movement

The ongoing farmers’ movement in India has evoked strong feelings on both sides. This has been praised to an awesome extent; on the other hand very unfair criticism has been inflicted  on it repeatedly. It will be useful at this stage to attempt an unbiased appraisal of this movement. Strengths of Movement The most persistent […]

Will US Farmers Follow India’s Lead?

Above photo: Two young protesters attend a demonstration in solidarity with Indian farmers on December 5, 2020, in California. Harjot Hundal. Biden Signals “Agriculture as Usual.” Thousands of farmers in India are braving cold winter temperatures in the outskirts of New Delhi, their tractors and tents blocking traffic along three main roads leading to the capital city, in protest […]

Immediate Demands of Farmers’ Movement are Important, but so is a Longer-Term Agenda

Almost all social movements set a lot of emphasis on their immediate demands. These are obviously very important and often the success or otherwise of a movement is almost entirely judged in terms of the realization of these demands. Such a view, although very common, is not entirely correct. The achievements of social movements can […]

How and Why Farmers Lose Their Land

In many countries with varying levels of development, a large number of farmers have been losing their land , sometimes to the extent of even losing their status as independent landowning farmers. Various economic, technological, social, political, legal and other factors are involved, and one is hesitant to generalize or oversimplify a complex situation. Nevertheless […]

Take Ecologically Protective Methods to Farmers in Ways Which Benefit Them

Recently Sant Seechewal, saint and award winning eco-activist of Punjab, visited protesting farmers at Delhi border with the  precious gift of a truckload of healthy food. However the message he brought him was even more precious—he called upon them to shift to natural farming and mutually  cooperative farming in order to find more reliable and […]

To What Extent is the Farmer’s Protest Representative of the Demands of Landless Farmers?

The category of ‘farmers’ is a hasty one, an entity perceived as homogenous by consumers in urban settings. This erases class, caste, gender and geopolitical differences which exist within the category of ‘farmer’, varying from large scale landholders, moneylenders and middlemen, to small or landless farmers and farm labourers. This is discounting agrarian producers not […]

Government Should Appreciate the Rationality of the Stand Taken by Farmers on Three Farm Laws

High hopes reposed in the talks between the representatives of farmers’  organizations and the government on January 4 were not fulfilled and the entire issue got postponed to the next round of talks scheduled for January 8. This is very disappointing. Why is the stalemate persisting? The statements made by both sides after this round […]

Indian Farmers Plan To March Into New Delhi

The farmers, who are camped on the outskirts of the capital Delhi, have warned that they will hold a parade in the city on January 26, Republic Day, if the government does not address their key demands. India’s protesting farmers, who have been camped on the outskirts of the capital, Delhi, have warned of intensifying […]

How to Face Climate Change Challenge While Enhancing Welfare of Farmers At The Same Time

Climate change has emerged as one of the most critical problems of our times. Its disrupting impacts on farming and related activities is already being felt by farmers, pastorals and others in the form of highly erratic weather, extremes of weather and rise in the intensity and frequency of various disasters. Hence two big questions […]

Kerala and Farmers: Modi’s Claim Refuted

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s claim that the left parties did not implement APMC Act is firmly being refuted by Kerala government and farmer’s union. Prime Minister Narendra Modi while announcing PM-KISAN scheme questioned the opposition parties who have extended their support to the protesting farmers in Delhi but ignored the non-implementation of APMCs in states […]

Dialogue On Farmers’ Bill – Cartoon

December 14, 2020 — Satya Sagar Share:WhatsAppFacebookTwitterTelegramRedditEmail For nearly two decades now Countercurrents has provided millions of readers around the world with deep insights and analysis of news, events, trends that are usually ignored by mainstream media. A key quality of this unique information platform has been its eclectic and open minded choice of themes, […]

Resurgent India: Peasant farmers’ democracy

Does the multitude signal the birth pangs of change? The coalition of agricultural workers, marginal landholders, oppressed castes led by rich peasantry surrounding Delhi constitutes a counter-power. Coming alive and united in its opposition to the Farm Bills; a pan Indian gathering calling to account the dominant tyranny enthroned in Delhi and Nagpur. Camped on […]

A Kind Heart is Needed to Resolve Issues of Farmers, Workers and Troubled Fellow-Citizens, Not A 56 Inch Chest

In democracies leaders are called upon time and again to resolve protests of people. In fact this is a primary responsibility of democratically elected leaders and the sense of responsibility should be all the greater for leaders who have received  enormous respect and trust of people, like a leader like Shri Narendra Modi of India. […]

India’s Capital Surrounded by 65,000 Protesting Farmers

An estimated 65,000 farmers gathered on the outskirts of India’s national capital, New Delhi, on Tuesday to protest three new agricultural laws they say undermine their labor rights, the Times of India reported. Tens of thousands of farmers have traveled to New Delhi since November 25 to participate in the protests, setting up camp on […]

Indian govt ready to offer more changes in agricultural laws, minister says, as farmers continue protests

The Indian government may consider concessions to divisive agriculture reforms, the country’s agriculture minister said on Thursday, but farmers insist the laws must be repealed and pledge to intensify protest. Minister Narendra Singh Tomar urged union leaders to discuss new proposals.   “The government is ready to consider with an open mind any provision in the […]

Standing with Farmers in Solidarity by CSOs

New farm bill 2020:  Why farmers are protesting? Farmers from several Indian states are protesting against three new Agriculture Reforms Acts, that the government says will open up the tightly-controlled agriculture sector to free-market forces. It is claimed that the bills, passed by India’s parliament make it easier for farmers to sell their produce directly […]

Farmers desecrate Jewish cemetery in Ukraine

Part of a Jewish cemetery in Ukraine was desecrated by farmers who added it to their adjacent fields, a local television station reported. The desecration happened three years ago in Hulyaipole, a town situated about 300 miles southeast of Kyiv, according to the TCN report Tuesday. About half an acre from the Jewish cemetery of […]

Striking Farmers Shut Down India’s Punjab to Protest Agriculture Law

Hundreds of unionized farmers and their supporters in India blocked roads and highways in Punjab on Tuesday, paralyzing traffic and shutting down commerce to protest what they describe as “anti-farmer” agricultural laws passed in September. Farmers’ unions called for a nationwide strike after five rounds of talks with government officials failed to resolve their grievances. […]

RSS affiliate backs protesting farmers, says new Acts only favour companies

In fact “these people ( the bureaucrats ) have even made the Prime Minister give wrong statements about the Acts,” says leader of  BKS.  It shows how the State functions and ruling politicians have to toe the line and sell it to the public. It bulldozes any dissent, even if it is from its own […]

Undue Delay by the Union Government in Accepting the Key Demands of Farmers’ Movement is Harmful for Everyone

There is growing unease at the inexplicable delay on the part of the union government in accepting the well-justified demands of the farmers’ movement. It is by now widely recognized that the three controversial farm laws are not justified and were somehow pushed through with undue hurry. The government representatives have already accepted the need […]

We, the farmers of this country…

You shove us, you beat us,you bury us alive.Yet we, the farmers of this countryare reborn like thatone resolute corn plant.You cringe, you grin, you pleadfor our votes and notes.If WE made you win,WE can make you fall too!We’re the fields, we, the crops,then why are we the prisonersof your whims that cross?You in snazzy […]

Boko Haram motorcycle Muslim terrorists Kill Dozens of Farmers in Nigeria

    A “gruesome” massacre against farmers in northeastern Nigeria killed “tens of people”, the United Nations said late on Sunday, amending an earlier statement putting the death toll at 110. The killings took place in the early afternoon of Saturday in the village of Koshobe and other rural communities in the Jere local government […]

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