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Groid Tards of Zimbabwe Agree to Pay White Farmers $3.5 Billion Compensation

Moronic groids in Zimbabwe fell into a deep economic depression as soon as the dictator tyrant Robert Mugabe drove all the productive and industrious whites off their land. Now they’re desperate to get the whites back to save the blacks from starving to death. Reuters:  Zimbabwe agreed on Wednesday to pay $3.5 billion in compensation […]

Be nice & don’t spread manure: Canadian farmers asked to avoid smelly fertilizer during G7

The call for farmers to avoid spreading manure on their fields came ahead of the G7 summit, which will take place in Charlevoix on June 8-9. The request was reportedly received by Quebec’s Agriculture Ministry and forwarded to the local farming association, AFP reported, citing the letter. The story was initially published by a local […]

Minority of White Farmers Struggle for Survival in South Africa

An embattled minority of white farmers has been targeted and subjected to a wave of barbaric murders. Instead of protecting them, the South African government passed a law allowing it to seize their farms without any compensation, and to distribute them to favored, black groups. They have struggled to attract much sympathy abroad. Comments Source […]

US farmers delay planting crops due to likely coldest April since 1895 (video)

     Farmers are suffering as the cold, wet spring has put a stunning halt to agriculture. Ice Age Farmer Report – 19 Apr 2018 Soil temperatures are below normal, and not conducive to planting yet. “Temperatures going down, greenhouses going up. Crop losses continue globally, and we must all be preparing for the times ahead.” […]

A match made in Hell: Monsanto-Bayer merger gets the green light… farmers are worried, as they should be

(Natural News) As hundreds of lawsuits against Monsanto for personal injury and wrongful death move forward, German pharmaceutical company Bayer has been given the green light to acquire Monsanto in a deal surpassing $60 billion. The mega monopoly merger was approved by the U.S. Department of Justice in April. Instead of breaking […]

Tigers found to assist farmers and livestock owners by protecting domesticated animals from other threats

(Natural News) There have been a lot of stories about tigers and other predators attacking people and livestock. While this may have created a negative perception of tigers, a new study asks us to reconsider: In a paper in the journal Biological Conservation, researchers from Bhutan found that farmers and livestock can actually benefit […]

More snowfall could negatively impact farmers in Wisconsin

     The cold weather and snow could impact when local farmers start to harvest their crops. SkyWarn 13 Chief Meteorologist Darren Maier says the snow probably won’t be leaving anytime soon. “Until this pattern breaks to where we can get temperatures consistently back to normal or above, that possibility of seeing additional snow I’d say […]

Arkansas court rules with Monsanto, grants farmers right to spray toxic Dicamba herbicide that causes horrific crop damage to nearby farms

(Natural News) Millions of acres of U.S. crops were damaged in 2017 by a dicamba-based herbicide, manufactured by Monsanto and BASF SE. Dicamba herbicide is specifically designed to be sprayed on genetically modified, dicamba-resistant soybeans and cotton. These GM crops have been genetically engineered to withstand dicamba; however, the herbicide is very volatile. Dicamba […]

How India’s Neoliberal Policies Killed 250,000, Birthed Modern Farmers’ Uprising

With each passing year, the agrarian crisis in India worsens. Several factors have contributed to the corrosion of India‘s agriculture system, but for the most part, India’s ever-expanding exposure to the free markets, along with the government’s imposition of neo-liberal policies to fill their coffers have had the most substantial impact. The strategy of selling off mineral-rich lands and forested areas […]

Harvest under fire: The plight of Gaza’s female farmers

by Amjad Ayman There are no late mornings for Samiha Ghaben. The 45-year-old mother of three wakes up every day at 5am to start work on her farm in the town of Beit Lahiya, northern Gaza. By the time her female assistants arrive at 6am to take on their share of the work, Samiha has already […]

Working with nature to reduce pesticide use: Farmers around the world are rediscovering the increased yields offered by biodiversity

(Natural News) The face of agriculture has changed dramatically over the past century. Instead of working with what nature has provided, encouraging biodiversity and companion planting to ward off pests, farmers have been encouraged to use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, with disastrous results. Despite being promised greater crop protection and increased yields, […]

South African land grab from white farmers: Correcting injustice or perpetuating racism?

     Black South Africans need to take their land back from white ‘foreigners’, the leader of Black First Land First told RT. However, the president of the Transvaal Agricultural Union says this will lead to an ‘Arab Spring’. South Africa’s parliament voted on Tuesday in favor of new legislation that could see land from white […]

Australian Home Affairs Minister: “We’ll let White South African Farmers in as Refugees”

Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has announced that he has ordered his department to start investigating how to bring white South African farmers into Australia on expedited refugee or humanitarian visas following increased anti-white moves by the African state’s government. Dutton’s bombshell announcement—already rejected by the South African government and bound to have liberals […]

The Seeds Of Suicide: How Monsanto Destroys Farming (and the Lives of Farmers)

March 5th, 2018 By Vandana Shiva Guest writer for Wake Up World “Control the oil, and you control nations. Control the food, and you control the people.” — Henry Kissinger Monsanto’s talk of ‘technology’ tries to hide its real objectives of control over seed through genetic engineering. “Monsanto is an agricultural company. … We apply innovation […]

South Africa Votes to Seize Land from White Farmers – Without Compensation

IMAGE: South Africa’s new leader President Cyril Ramaphosa has hit the ground running with what is sure to become a controversial program. After 25 years of post-apartheid governance, South Africa is finally following in the footsteps of its neighbor Zimbabwe by introducing radical new land reform measures designed to correct its past ‘colonial injustices’. In […]

South Africa to Seize Land from White Farmers Without Compensation

“But he stressed it must be conducted in a manner which preserved food production and security.” Oh sure. Russian Famine of 1921–22 Great Chinese Famine Cambodian Famine Keep those in mind when you see the kids in the streets waving hammer and sickle signs. Via: Independent: South […]

Is techno-farming going to replace chemical farming? Some farmers are switching from herbicides to robots for their weed problems

(Natural News) Robotic weeders are growing in popularity, an expert said, to support the growth and proliferation of specialty crops, or crops that are not mass-produced, and which include vegetables like broccoli, onions, lettuce, and tomatoes. The necessity for the utilization of robotic weeders comes from two issues: one, a lack of herbicides that can be […]

Farmers Branch Officer Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison For Killing Teen

Former Farmers Branch police officer Ken Johnson was sentenced to 10 years in prison on Tuesday in the killing of a teen in March 2016. The judge in the case initially said Johnson was sentenced to 20 years but then clarified that half of that sentence will be probation. Johnson, 37, was convicted of murder […]

Profs: Farmers’ Markets Are ‘Insidious’ ‘White Spaces,’ ‘Normalize’ White Eating Habits

By Chris Menahan  Farmers’ Markets “normalize” the “food consumption habits of white people” and contribute to the oppression of minorities, according to two professors at San Diego State University. From Campus Reform: Pascale Joassart-Marcelli and Fernando J Bosco, two geography professors at SDSU, criticized the “whiteness of farmers’ markets” in a chapter for Just Green Enough, a new anthology […]

Coke Users Run Countries, Farmers Get Killed Growing It – The Empire Files

Coke Users Run Countries, Farmers Get Killed Growing It – Massacre Of Farmers In Colombia By Dark PolitricksAbby Matin On October 5, 2017, police opened fire on unarmed farmers in Tumaco, Colombia. Eight were killed, with dozens more shot. The massacre was part of a crackdown on coca farmers in the “War On Drugs” despite […]

Monsanto Is Paying Farmers To Use Its Controversial Pesticide

Aaron Kesel, GuestWaking Times Corporate pesticide maker Monsanto, which has faced several recent lawsuits against its products, is paying farmers to use its controversial weedkiller XtendiMax with VaporGrip, an herbicide based on a chemical known as dicamba, Yahoo News reported. The incentive to use XtendiMax aims to refund farmers over half the sticker price of the product […]

Monsanto now offering CASH to farmers if they will use its toxic "dicamba" agricultural chemical

(Natural News) The agri giant Monsanto, commonly known as the world’s most evil corporation, is now offering farmers cash in a desperate bid to distribute its XtendiMax with VaporGrip dicamba-based weed killer product. Reuters is reporting that Monsanto will be offering farmers refunds of over half the cost of the product in 2018, if they […]

America’s Farmers Killing Themselves in Record Numbers

America’s Farmers Killing Themselves in Record Numbers December 8th, 2017 Via: Guardian: Last year, a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that people working in agriculture – including farmers, farm laborers, ranchers, fishers, and lumber harvesters – take their […]

Why are America’s farmers killing themselves in record numbers?

… Last year, a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that people working in agriculture – including farmers, farm laborers, ranchers, fishers, and lumber harvesters – take their lives at a rate higher than any other occupation. The data suggested that the suicide rate for agricultural workers in 17 […]

EU Parliament Votes Against Debating Murder of White Farmers in South Africa as a Human Rights Violation

Janice Atkinson, an independent Member for South East England, requested that the EU Parliament debate #FarmMurders in South Africa. Unsurprisingly, they voted against it. Moreover, they would have jumped enthusiastically out of their chairs to vote in favor of international intervention to end Apartheid. Please share this with your friends & family across the globe. […]

Asking Government to Regulate Farmers Markets is a Horrible Mistake

November 13, 2017 Activist Post Daily Newsletter Subscription is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL Free Report: How To Survive The Job Automation Apocalypse with subscription Source Article from Hits: 0

Israeli settlers attack, wound 3 Palestinian farmers in Nablus

Israeli occupation settlers attacked a number of Palestinian farmers in west Bank city of Nablus, wounding three of them. Ghassan Daghlas, a Palestinian official who monitors settlement activity in the northern West Bank, said that the Israeli occupation settlers from the nearby illegal settlement of Yitzhar attacked and assaulted several Palestinian farmers. Daghlas identified the […]

Israeli occupation prevents Palestinian farmers from picking up olives

Israeli occupation forces prevented on Sunday Palestinian farmers occupied West Bank district of Ramallah from picking up olives from their farms. Local sources said that the Israeli occupation forces stopped the Palestinians from the village of Nilin while they were in their way to pick up olives from their farms behind the racist Israeli Separation […]

Contaminated chicken: Government looks at farmers, rather than processing plants, for the blame

(Natural News) Butchers and small-scale farm shops are currently being scrutinized by the Food Standard Agency (FSA) amidst allegations that they are selling chicken contaminated with the food poisoning bacterium Campylobacter, according to a report by The Daily Mail. The FSA has determined 54 percent of chicken sold on High Street (a primary business street market […]

Israeli settlers throw stones at Palestinian farmers

Israeli Jewish settlers attacked Palestinians in southern occupied West Bank village of Umm al-Kheir, located in Al-Khalil District, on Monday. Coordinator of popular committees in the southern West Bank Ratib al-Jabour said that a group of the Israeli Jewish settlers from the illegal Karmel Settlement threw stones at Palestinian farmers while working in their fields […]

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