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The Fascist neo-left and the Trump Factor

Source November 21, 2020 by Ghassan Kadi for the Saker Blog Nearly three weeks after the American elections, Americans and the world in general, are still none-the-wiser; not knowing who really won and if the votes have all been legitimate or otherwise. And the man who is supposedly trying to make America respectable again, yes, […]

Prince Charles is now selling his ‘eco-fascist fantasy of the Great Reset’ (Video)

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15 Jew-Puppet Anti-Fascist Homo Tranny Vegan Soyboy Cuck Fags Attack & Get Stomped

15+ ANTIFA get brave withmiddle aged patriots – hilarious results “15 Antifa goons decide they can bully a smaller group of middle aged men – woops” Hits: 13

Van Morrison | No more lockdown/No more government overreach/No more fascist bullies/Disturbing our peace/No more taking of our freedom/And our God-given rights/Pretending it’s for our safety/When it’s really to enslave

Dylan Eleven Sep 18 2020 Van Morrison is speaking out about the lockdown with the release of 3 tracks protesting the Covid-19 lock-down. “No more lock-down/No more government overreach/No more fascist bullies/Disturbing our peace/No more taking of our freedom/And our God-given rights/Pretending it’s for our safety/When it’s really to enslave” Release dates: “Born to […]

The Specter Of A Fascist Coup By Trump Haunts The US

By Roger Harris, Popular Resistance. August 18, 2020 | Educate!  There’s Worse To Worry About. Spreading faster than COVID-19 among those on the portside, warnings of a fascist-style coup by Trump are rampant this presidential campaign season. Should Trump fail to carry the Electoral College, Noam Chomsky admonishes, “he could send Blackshirts out in the […]

Fascist Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to cut off water and power to properties hosting large gatherings

Los Angeles homeowners who violate the city’s coronavirus-related safety measures may find themselves on the receiving end of some unwelcome consequences. During a press conference Wednesday night, Mayor Eric Garcetti authorized the city to shut off power and water to properties, including houses and businesses, that are in violation of gathering regulations as a means to “shut […]

Fascist Nazi Bigot Joe Biden Calls for Anarchist Rioters to Be Prosecuted

Negro-worshipping anarchists are currently torching the entire cities of Seattle and Portland and fascist nazi Joe Biden has said that these terrorists should be imprisoned. Some faggot host at MSNBC says that Senile Joe is forwarding dangerous rhetoric by saying anarchists who are lighting buildings on fire and attacking police stations should be prosecuted. “anarchist” […]

Neo-fascist group’s HQ bombed in Italy

Residents of Via Marighetto, the street on which CasaPound’s office is located, were woken by the blast at around 4:30 am on Wednesday. No-one was injured by the explosion, reportedly a home-made device, though the entrance to the building was damaged. A slogan was also found painted at the scene: “The only useful vote – […]

How They Do It–Ex-CIA officer says Trump’s ‘Deep State’ conspiracy is a ‘fascist concept’ aimed at undermining democracy

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Karl Ritter was Marx’s Fascist Counterpart in Illuminati Charade

  January 14, 2018 Much more is generally known about Karl Marx and Communism than about Karl Ritter and Nazism.  Ritter was for many years Professor of History at Frankfort University, Germany.  Afterwards, he taught Geography at the Berlin University.  In educational circles, he was considered one of the greatest authorities on History, Geography, and […]

Catalan Leader Arrested As Fascist Spanish Government Declare Martial Law

Catalan President Carles Puigdemont and four ministers have been arrested by police following Spain’s facist crackdown in Catalonia.  The deposed leader and four ex-ministers were taken into custody by Belgian police just days after they fled to Brussels after Madrid’s central government imposed martial law over the autonomous region. reports: “This morning the five people wanted […]

52 Years After Fascist Genocide, Indonesians Scared of “Communist Ghosts”

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Far-right, anti-Fascist Protesters Temporarily shut Quebec Border Crossing

Amid protests, St-Bernard-de-Lacolle border crossing in Quebec closed to passenger traffic A standoff between far-right groups and anti-fascist protesters along the Canadian side of the U.S. border forced police to temporarily shut down the crossing near St-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Que., on Saturday. A separate anti-illegal immigrant rally on Parliament Hill, held amid heightened concerns about the arrival of asylum seekers, also […]

Ayelet Shaked and the fascist ideology

Yesterday, Haaretz columnist Rogel Alpher published a piece titled “Israeli Minister Shaked Takes After Mussolini”. In it he opined that Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked was literally, not just metaphorically, a fascist. Alpher was referring to that speech where Shaked said: “Zionism should not continue, and I say here, it will not continue to bow down to […]

Police Infiltrate Anti-Fascist Group: “A$$hole At The Protest Was A Cop”

Above Photo: From This week, attorney David Lane expects to file a motion to dismiss charges against members of the Colorado Springs Socialists, a student protest group, over a March demonstration in Colorado Springs on the grounds of “outrageous conduct” by local law enforcement. The reason? Lane argues that undercover officers were improperly embedded among the nonviolent […]

Im Tirzu, Israeli movement ‘with fascist elements,’ to meet at Jerusalem center with links to Reform movement

In September, the right-wing organization Im Tirzu will celebrate 10 years of its activity – and will do so in Beit Shmuel, a conference center owned by a progressive Jewish organization with links to the Reform movement. As Im Tirzu was in the vanguard of the assault on human rights NGOs and academic freedom in […]

GONE VIRAL: In The 1940s, US War Department Released This Video To Tell Americans Not To Fall For Fascist Rhetoric

In the 1940s, The US War Department Released This Video To Tell Americans Not To Fall For Fascist Rhetoric An anti-fascist film produced in the wake of the second world war has gone viral in the wake of the Charlottesville event that culminated in one person being killed and 19 injured this weekend. Don’t Be a Sucker was […]

Fascist Mussolini-style posters ordered removed from Italian beach venue (VIDEO)

The order was issued by Venice Prefect Carlo Boffi on Monday and concerned a Playa Punta Canna venue in Chioggia, a resort town of the Metropolitan City of Venice. The establishment must “immediately remove all references to Fascism on signs, posters and banners,” the order read, as cited by Italian ANSA news agency. The order also called upon Playa […]

"Fascist" Benito Mussolini Was a Natural Born Communist

Christopher Jon Bjerknes Benito Mussolini was the son of communist Alessandro Mussolini. Benito himself became one of the chief agitators and propagandists for the international communists: Mussolini has his modern day equivalents. Alexander Dugin is another “fascist” communist. He wants White Nationalists to join the Russian bolshevik cause. Here are a few quotes commonly attributed […]

Canada: Fascist Shift, a New-old Right and Neo-liberalism

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Violence Erupts In Portland Amid Alt-Right, Anti-Fascist Rallies

Above Photo: SCOTT OLSON VIA GETTY IMAGES. A man raises his hands as Portland police lob explosives at anti-fascist protesters. Officers say the protesters were throwing projectiles at them as they attempted to clear the area. Note: The new fascists often referred to as the AltRight need to be confronted, responded to and marginalized. We applaud people in […]

David Scott – On Anti Fascist Fascists (UK Column)

Being in time is available from Amazon Books. What had happened? Well some persons had been spreading lies about Gilad and what he believes. They had used some of the new left buzz-words. My guess would be anti-Semite, holocaust-denier, racist and hate-speaker. What puzzles me is why does it work? Not only are none of […]

Coca Cola donates for fascist Israeli organisation

Israeli Coca Cola franchisee donated NIS50,000 ($13,850) to fascist Israel Im Tirtzu in 2015, Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth has revealed. After the donation was made by Coca Cola, the extremist and fascist Israeli right-wing group asked the Israeli corporations authority to keep the donation confidential. The Israeli corporation authority refused the request from Im Tirtzu […]

“Anti-Fascist” Militia Training Video Shows Leftists Are Preparing For Armed Confrontation

Renegade Editor’s Note: This situation is not “hilarious” at all, despite what this article says. The possibility of families getting slaughtered due to kosher politics does not make me laugh one damn bit. Americans are being led into a civil war, with jews riling up both sides. We have lots of guns in this country and […]

NAZIs in 2017 Kiev? Ukraine Thinks YOU are a Moron or the Fascist

NAZIs in 2017 Kiev? Ukraine Thinks YOU are a Moron or the Fascist By George Ukraine is having its coming out party in 2017. It’s a real trans’ democratic affair. The flower of European values and democracy Petr Poroshenko, championed by Ukrainian ethnic Victoria Nuland as a model, has declared 2017 the Year of […]

Post- Coup Turkey will be Distinctly Eurasian

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What it feels like to be in a place without wi-fi or cell towers

     In the comment section of one of our recent videos, some of you asked what it was like to be in a place where wi-fi and most radio transmissions are legally prohibited. A place with no cell phone towers on every street corner, no sitting in 27 wi-fi hot spots at any given moment, […]

4 Ways The System Tries to Hold Us Back From Our Awakening

Phillip Schneider, StaffWaking Times We are living in truly extraordinary times. The veil of secrecy is being lifted like never before in history. In this time of awakening, humankind is drawing back the mask and emerging as a truly special species. In a very small amount of time, but particularly in […]

8 Lessons That We Can Learn From The Economic Meltdown In Venezuela

We are watching an entire nation collapse right in front of our eyes.  As you read this article, there are severe shortages of just about anything you can imagine in Venezuela.  That includes food, toilet paper, medicine, electricity and even Coca-Cola.  All over the country, people are standing in extremely long lines for hours […]

Happy 100th birthday Bernard Lewis!

On the occasion of Bernard Lewis’s 100th birthday we must never overlook the prominent role of Bernard Lewis in hasbara circles and Eurocentric racism. Lewis has dutifully served Western political interests for many decades and brazenly used his scholarship to promote those interests under the guise of academic objectivity. If it is true that you are the […]

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