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US safety board to meet on Kobe Bryant fatal helicopter crash

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) meets on Tuesday to determine the probable cause of the January 2020 helicopter crash that killed retired NBA star Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven others. The pilot’s actions have been in focus in the investigation into the crash of the Sikorsky S-76B helicopter outside Los Angeles into hilly […]

The fatal consequences of high atmospheric methane levels

It is hard to think of a more Orwellian expression than that describing the increase in toxic atmospheric methane gas as “gas-led recovery.” Several of the large mass extinctions of species in the geological past are attributed to an increase in atmospheric methane (CH₄), raising the temperature of the atmosphere and depriving the oceans from oxygen. Nowadays […]

Study: Weekly Use of Disinfectants Greatly Increases Your Risk of Fatal Lung Disease

The Facts: The 95% efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine is widely touted by the media and the medical establishment, but there are important questions to be asked about this claim. Reflect On: Are we being given all information available from covid vaccine study to make informed decisions? Are the studies even being done in a […]

Settler youths suspected of negligent homicide in fatal crash during chase

Police are probing negligent homicide suspicions against four friends of a teenage settler who died in a car crash while fleeing police, after allegedly throwing rocks at Palestinians in the West Bank, Hebrew media outlets reported Monday. The four so-called hilltop youth, who were in the car with 16-year-old Ahuvia Sandak at the time of […]

Israeli army demolishes home of Palestinian indicted in fatal stabbing attack

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Cop to be charged over fatal shooting of autistic Palestinian man

Health minister accuses treasury of ‘populism’ for seeking to reopen businesses Health Minister Yuli Edelstein is going head to head with Finance Minister Israel Katz over the treasury’s demand that stores be reopened next week. Katz is also seeking to reopen hairdressers and other small businesses. That, according to Edelstein, is “populism.” “For the sake […]

4 Texas police officers fired over fatal shooting

Image Credit: News Break Recorded on police body cam footage fatally shooting a man on his knees who “did not pose an imminent threat,” four Houston police officers were recently fired for using deadly force when it was not objectively reasonable. On April 21, Houston police officers responded to a 911 call reporting a man […]

Look at how the perps are blaming a ‘fatal math mistake’ for the entire COVID-19 lockdown cataclysm?!

FILE PHOTO: Adriana Cardenas, a medical technologist processes test samples for the coronavirus at the AdventHealth Tampa labs on June 25, 2020 in Tampa, Florida. © Getty Images / Octavio Jones By Malcolm Kendrick, doctor and author who works as a GP in the National Health Service in England. His blog can be read here and his […]

The Fatal Attraction of Techno-Fascism

From The enduring beauty of fascism is that it requires so little from us… so little independent thought; just our basic belief and adherence to a limited set of popularly-shared directives and narratives that once fully accepted, relieve us of the need to address stubborn questions or to fret over subtle differences of opinion […]

Palestinian suspect in fatal stabbing suffered from depression, wasn’t politically active, brother says

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The Consequences Of Inequality Can Be Fatal

Above photo: People wait in line to get food distributed by the National Guard in Chelsea, Mass., on April 16. Harvard researchers found areas with more poverty, people of color and crowded housing had higher mortality rates for the coronavirus. Joseph Prezioso/AFP via Getty Images. The effects of Covid are much greater for the poor […]

Fatal fornication: Marathon sex session marsupials added to endangered list

The black-tailed dusky antechinus and the silver-headed antechinus, both of which were discovered only in Queensland, Australia in 2013, partake in sex sessions of up to 14 hours with their mates. Unfortunately, the long bout of lovemaking literally kills the males. “They are very frantic and try and get from one mate to another and […]

These 30 New Illustrations Expose The Fatal ‘Flaws’ of Society

Next Story As we progress through these prominent times of movements and rallies, truth seekers and speakers, it is no surprise more & more artists are sharing their views of the current state of humanity and our world. Renowned illustrator, Pawel Kuczynski, is a veteran in the realm of exposing the ‘flaws’ of modern society, and so when […]

WATCH: Footage Of Fatal Shooting Released By Las Vegas Police

LAS VEGAS, NV – Las Vegas Metropolitan Police have released additional details and bodycam footage of a fatal officer involved shooting that occurred in the early hours of Friday, April 6. The person killed in the shooting has been identified as 22-year old Junior David Lopez. The incident occurred during a routine traffic stop, police […]

‘Panic Just Ensues’: Inside Southwest’s Fatal Midair Engine Failure

A passenger on a Southwest Airlines Co. flight died Tuesday after an engine broke apart at more than 30,000 feet, spraying metal pieces through the fuselage and forcing the crippled jet to make an emergency landing. It was the first fatality from a U.S. airline accident since 2009. Details of what happened to Flight 1380 […]

One month after fatal crash near Moscow, Russia orders all Antonov An-148 jets grounded

nsnbc : Russian authorities have grounded all Antonov An-148 aircraft over safety concerns following the deadly crash of a passenger jet outside Moscow due to […]

Tempe Police Say "No Fault By Uber" In Fatal Crash

Following yesterday’s market-moving report of a fatal accident involving a self-driving Uber car on the roads of Tempe, Arizona, legal experts immediately chimed in, saying this case presents many thorny legal issues – chief among which is the issue of who could be at fault. Since it was the first recorded fatality involving a […]

Syria slams Western silence on fatal terrorist attacks against Damascus civilians

Press TV – Syria’s UN envoy has denounced the US and Europe for their silence on the carnage of civilians in Damascus by the terror groups operating in Eastern Ghouta, saying it is “unacceptable” to endanger the lives of eight million in the capital in order to protect a few thousand terrorists in its suburbs. […]

Albuquerque Family Settles With City For $5 Million After Fatal 2014 Shooting

The city of Albuquerque has reached a $5 million settlement with the family of Mary Hawkes, a 19-year-old woman who was shot and killed by police during a foot chase in 2014. The settlement resolves the lawsuit filed by her family against both the city and then-officer Jeremy Dear, and concludes a case that was […]

The Fatal Flaw in the Brain-Computer Interface

There is a great deal of “utopian research” going on in the area of artificial intelligence (AI) merging with the brain. Exuberant cheerleaders like Ray Kurzweil are quite confident we are approaching a moment when a computer will exhibit all the power of the human brain. And more. Kurzweil and others are also sure we’re […]

LA Sheriff’s Patrol Vehicle Involved in Fatal Crash That Killed 2 Boys Didn’t Have Its Siren on

Last November in Boyle Heights, a Los Angeles County sheriff’s sport-utility vehicle was responding to a radio call of a shooting when it smashed into a car at a busy intersection and jumped the sidewalk, hitting pedestrians and killing two boys. Since then, questions have lingered about how fast the sheriff’s vehicle was going and […]

WATCH: Police Release Body Camera Video From Fatal Shooting Linked to ‘Swatting’

Police in Wichita, Kansas shot and killed a man after being sent to a wrong address by a false report of a hostage situation known as “swatting.” The hoax call reportedly resulted from a feud between two video gamers. The Wichita Police Department received a call Thursday of a domestic dispute in which the father […]

Justine Damond’s family question whether investigation into her fatal shooting by police was botched

     The family of Justine Damond Ruszczyk say they’re “deeply concerned” that US officials may have botched an investigation into the Australian woman’s fatal shooting by a police officer in Minnesota. John Ruszczyk has issued an emotional plea for prosecutors in the US to “continue to pursue a rigorous investigation and examination” of the events […]

Man bleeds out, reportedly too busy to notice fatal cut while playing Star Wars VR game

The body of the 44-year-old was discovered in his apartment, police said in a statement on Friday. The man was playing the game while wearing a VR headset and apparently tripped and fell on a glass coffee table, breaking it. The blood loss he suffered from the head wound was fatal, the preliminary investigation showed. […]

Wrongfully Convicted Man in Fatal Brooklyn Shooting Settles With City For $9.5M

A wrongfully convicted man is settling his case against New York City for $9.5 million. Ruddy Quezada — who lived through 24 years in lock up for a fatal Brooklyn shooting he said he had no part in — reached a deal on Thursday, according to Brooklyn Federal Court papers. In April, Quezada settled a […]

Charleston Police Officer Sentenced to One Year Probation in Fatal Crash

Charleston police officer Stephen Doss Sitting on opposite sides of a Kanawha County courtroom, a Charleston police officer and the woman whose mother died in a car crash he caused only had sorrow in common Thursday afternoon. “There is no good side to this,” Kanawha Circuit Judge Duke Bloom said as he sentenced 27-year-old Stephen […]

Oklahoma City Officer Charged With Murder in Fatal Shooting of Suicidal Man

OKLAHOMA CITY — An Oklahoma City officer has been charged with second degree murder in connection to the fatal shooting of a suicidal man in November. Court records filed Dec. 5 show that Oklahoma City Police Department Sgt. Keith Sweeney faces a complaint of murder in the second degree or the alternative of manslaughter in […]

Fatal Attraction: Another White Man Loses Wife to Black Dude (Video, 6 mins)

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Colwyn Police Officer Stephen Rozniakowski Gets Life in Prison For Fatal Shooting

The ex-cop who snuffed out the life of Valerie Morrow will spend the rest of his life in prison. Stephen “Roz” Rozniakowski, 35, of Norwood, was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole Wednesday after pleading guilty to murder in the first degree for Morrow’s shooting death Dec. 15, 2014. Rozniakowski, a former Colwyn […]

Police Want $5,000-Plus to Release Records in Fatal ATV Crash

State police are attempting to block the release of records, including photos, reports and on scene video, related to an Aug. 26 police chase that resulted in the death of 15-year-old Damon Grimes — at least for now. Grimes, of Detroit, was illegally riding an ATV on city streets when state police troopers spotted and […]

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