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Schiff: ‘I Would Favor Doing away with the Electoral College’

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) stated that he would support amending the Constitution to eliminate the Electoral College. Schiff responded to a question from host Bill Maher on what changes he would support making to the Constitution by saying, “I think we’re better off focusing […]

Tintignac, Where the Gauls’ Favor of the Gods Couldn’t Last Forever

Like many countries in western Europe, France was deeply influenced by the Romans and the Celts who left remarkable monuments that today are major archaeological and historic sites. Because the area was used during both eras in history, Tintignac has provided fascinating insights into the military and religious history of both these ancient cultures. The […]

See how the media will viciously shoot down any Covid remedy in favor of a mandatory vaccine (Video)

>> @AndersonCooper to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell: “You really are like a snake oil salesman.” — Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) August 18, 2020 Hits: 4

‘He’s a soldier, the court will act in his favor’: Family of Palestinian killed by Israeli slams plea deal

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Hezbollah chief says UAE-Israel deal was favor to Trump, betrayal of Islam

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Bill Clinton Visited ‘Pedo Island’ Because He Owed Jeffrey Epstein a ‘Favor’: Unsealed Testimony

Former president Bill Clinton stayed in Jeffrey Epstein’s villa on the convicted pedophile’s private Little St. James Island because he owed him ‘a favor‘, according to unsealed testimony that was made public for the first time today. In the explosive unsealed testimony, Roberts also says she saw former Vice President Al Gore on Epstein’s plane – […]

For Ecuador, Currying Favor with Washington is as Simple as Sacrificing Julian Assange

LONDON — For all practical purposes, whistleblower and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is now a prisoner in asylum at the Embassy of Ecuador in London, facing the torture of near-total isolation from the outside world and hanging by the thread of the Andean state’s dwindling hospitality. On Thursday, the Australian – who, strangely enough, was […]

FCC Commissioner Slams Her Own Agency for Policies ‘Custom-Built’ to Favor Sinclair-Tribune Merger

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel on Tuesday argued against her own agency’s recent policy rulings under the Trump administration, in light of President Donald Trump’s defense of Sinclair Broadcasting as the conservative broadcasting giant attempts to merge with Tribune Media in a $3.9 billion deal. As I have said before, there is a troubling […]

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ousted in favor of CIA chief, Trump announces

WASHINGTON — President Trump has decided to remove Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and replace him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo, Trump announced Tuesday. The move, first reported by The Washington Post, was followed by a tweet from Trump.  Mike Pompeo, Director of the CIA, will become our new Secretary of […]

49% Favor Mandatory Military Service for US Youth

ANTIMEDIA|— Nearly half of Americans favor mandatory military service for the country’s youth, according to a recent poll from Gallup. The polling organization surveyed 1,006 Americans over the age of 18 between November 3 and November 4, and 49% of those questioned expressed support for compulsory service. Further, “a majority of Republicans, including independents who lean […]

Armed by Israel, Honduras’s illegitimate regime returns the favor at the U.N.

Once again, Israel is supporting a repressive regime in the Global South, this time in the poor Central American nation of Honduras — and Israeli activists are protesting vigorously. Just after the November 26 election in Honduras, the results started to show a commanding margin for the pro-democracy opposition — until the vote-tabulating computers mysteriously […]

Federal Government Continues to Argue in Favor of Indefinitely Detaining an American Citizen

December 12, 2017 By Derrick Broze On Monday a federal judge challenged the U.S. government to justify the continued imprisonment of an American citizen who has been denied access to a lawyer for over three months. Washington D.C. – U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan has expressed skepticism and frustration over the U.S. government’s […]

Saudi king to relinquish power in favor of son next week: Report

Press TV – Saudi King Salman plans to relinquish power in favor of his son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, next week, a high-level source close to the country’s royal family says. “Unless something dramatic happens, King Salman will announce the appointment of MBS as King of Saudi Arabia next week,” the source told the […]

29 States Pass a Gag Order on Local Seed Laws, In Favor of Big Agra

Heather Callaghan, Natural BlazeWaking Times States like Oregon, California, Texas, Montana and Iowa just simultaneously nuked the ability to have seed laws. Claws of Big Ag found puppeteering legislators. With little to no fanfare at all, the states passed “seed preemption laws” that essentially shut down public discourse on seeds laws – including the use of […]

Belarus is in favor of constructive cooperation with IMF: Mikhail Myasnikovich

nsnbc : Belarus is in favor of constructive cooperation with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), said Mikhail Myasnikovich, Chairman of the Council of the Republic during […]

The EU Just Did the Big Banks a Massive Favor

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Czechs Dump the Political Establishment in Favor of a Magnate

Andrej Babis now faces the tricky task of assembling a coalition from a fractured Parliament The Czech Republic’s second-richest citizen, who has pledged to upend the country’s constitutional order and boost executive authority, won a legislative election on Saturday, as a breakdown in political consensus sent a record number of parties to parliament. With 99% […]

Venezuela’s Maduro Says Will Shun U.S. Dollar In Favor Of Yuan

Above Photo: Reuters / Miraflores Palace CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Thursday his cash-strapped country would seek to “free” itself from the U.S. dollar next week, using the weakest of two official foreign exchange regimes and a basket of currencies. Maduro was refering to Venezuela’s “DICOM” official exchange rate in which the […]

Supreme Court Rules Against US Constitution to Favor Christian Churches

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Host of Hardline Radio Show In the Trump-era religious liberty is taking on a meaning that is far-removed from the rights outlined in the US Constitution. Recently the US Supreme Court, the 3rd branch of our government tasked with upholding the constitutionality of our laws, chose Christianity over […]

Trump Uses London Attack to Push for SCOTUS to Rule in Favor of Muslim Ban

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Host of Hardline Radio Show Over the weekend, a horrific attack on London Bridge as left 7 people dead and more than 2 dozen injured after suspects in a van run-down pedestrians and continued on to fatally stab patrons at Borough Market restaurants and bars near the initial […]

California city to stop using synthetic herbicides in favor or organic pesticides

(Natural News) Councilman Billy O’Connell of Huntington Beach, Orange County, California, has proposed a year-long pilot study to have portions of Central Park West use organic pesticides instead of synthetic ones. This move by the seaside city is meant to address the growing concern its citizens have with the many recorded adverse health effects synthetic […]

How did Russia grab US safe zones idea for own favor?

Alwaght– Following the end of Astana peace talks on Syria that came out with a deal to set up “de-escalation zones” in Syria, the Russian officials put a ban on military aircraft operations over the four designated safe zones. “Aviation operations, especially by the international coalition forces, are absolutely not envisioned,” said the Russian presidential envoy […]

Independent Poll: Russians Favor Putin by Huge Margin

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer May 7, 2017 Keep in mind that the ruble is at half the value it was in 2013 because Putin refused to bow to the Western Jews. The Russian economy has suffered massively because of Putin’s actions – it just so happens they were just actions, against the […]

CVS shifting away from unhealthy candy and soda in favor of healthier items

(Natural News) CVS has decided to dramatically slash the amount of space it devotes to junk food and soda just three years after it stopped selling tobacco products. The country’s biggest drugstore chain has been making a series of positive moves that reflect the increasing trend toward health consciousness sweeping the U.S. as increasing numbers […]

Putin’s ISIS Attacks Yet Again to Sway an Election in Favor of His Puppet Candidate Marine Le Pen

Christopher Jon Bjerknes For quite some, I have been pointing out the fact that Putin runs ISIS (primarily through Chechen terrorists) and uses it to create pretexts for Russian expansionism and the election of Putin’s puppets in governments around the world. Yet again, Putin’s ISIS has attacked just prior to an election so as to […]

The Globalization of War. America’s “Long War” against Humanity

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Iran nuclear deal ‘lives up to expectations’ – Kerry

The nuclear deal reached with Iran one year ago has lived up to its expectations, US Secretary of State John Kerry said on the agreement’s anniversary on Thursday. WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed in January 2016 that Iran had fulfilled its obligations under the nuclear pact, prompting Brussels to scale down nuclear-related economic and financial sanctions. John […]

After Hague ruling on South China Sea, Beijing unveils new guided-missile destroyer

     On the same day that the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague ruled against China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea, Beijing has commissioned its fourth guided-missile destroyer. The latest 052D Yinchuan destroyer was commissioned at a naval port in Sanya, in the Hainan province. Roughly 150 meters long with a 20-meter […]

Police Murder Because They Are Trained To Murder. The Militarization of Law Enforcement

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Orlando Pulse club attack: gunman behind shooting that killed 50 ‘named as Omar Mateen’

Gunman who opened fire with assault rifle, and equipped with ‘suspicious device’, reportedly a 29-year-old US citizen The gunman behind a suspected terrorist attack that killed 50 people at an LGBT nightclub in Orlando is believed to be a US citizen of Afghan heritage named as Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old man from Florida. He is […]

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