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Egypt’s cabinet toughens law banning female genital mutilation

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ACLU Wants to Erase Male, Female Sexes from ID Documents, Add ‘X’

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is jumping on the Biden administration’s embrace on Day One of the transgender ideology by seeking to make identification documents include “X” as a category for one’s sex. “Trans and non-binary people belong, and we need IDs that accurately reflect who we are so we can travel, apply for jobs, […]

Gunmen Kill Two Female Supreme Court Judges in Afghanistan

Armed gunmen killed two female Supreme Court judges in Afghanistan’s capital city of Kabul on Sunday, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani confirmed in a statement. Unidentified gunmen opened fire on a vehicle in Kabul on January 17 around 8:30 am killing two judges and wounding two others — the driver and another woman — police in […]

Taliban Assassinate 2 Afghan Female Supreme Court Judges While on their Way to Work

    Two Afghan women judges have been assassinated in the country’s capital in an attack that has been blamed on the Taliban. Gunmen shot dead the two unnamed judges, who worked for the Supreme Court, on Sunday in Kabul, where a new trend of targeted killings of high-profile figures have sown fear in the […]

Gunmen kill two female Supreme Court judges in Afghanistan – police

KABUL – Unidentified gunmen killed two female judges from Afghanistan‘s Supreme Court on Sunday morning, police said, adding to a wave of assassinations in Kabul and other cities while government and Taliban representatives have been holding peace talks in Qatar.The two judges, who have not yet been named, were killed and their driver wounded, in […]

Male Weightlifter Who Identifies as Female Sues for Being Prohibited From Competing as Woman

Photo Credit: Victor Freitas/Unsplash MINNEAPOLIS — A male weightlifter in Minnesota has filed suit against USA Powerlifting after it informed him that he was ineligible to compete in the women’s championships because he has a physical advantage. According to a lawsuit filed by the group Gender Justice, JayCee Cooper, 33, registered to compete in the Minnesota Women’s State […]

US carries out its first execution of female inmate since 1953

A Kansas woman was executed on Wednesday for strangling an expectant mother in Missouri and cutting the baby from her womb, the first time in nearly seven decades that the US government has put to death a female inmate. Lisa Montgomery, 52, was pronounced dead at 1:31 a.m. after receiving a lethal injection at the […]

Egyptian court orders to free two female TikTok stars jailed for posting ‘indecent’ videos

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In First, Female Officer To Head Intelligence Efforts Against Iran

In another first for women’s military service in Israel, deputy commander of the IDF’s 9900th Unit, Lt. Col. R., has been appointed head of the Military Intelligence unit monitoring Iran, becoming the first woman to hold the position. In her new role, R. will oversee the intelligence-gathering aspect of operations against what the military defines as […]

Ancient Hilltop Monastery Led by Female Monk Found in India

Archaeologists have discovered a unique hilltop monastery in eastern India. The 11th or 12th century religious center is special because of its location and because it was headed by a Buddhist nun, who may have led an all-female group of renunciates in sacred rituals far from the densely populated areas below. Hindustan Times  reports that […]

Talented Female Producer and Singer

I recently came across this amazingly talented female producer/singer/performer Neon Vines.  I’m amazed at how she is able to sing and play these very complicated hardware instruments at the same time.  She is a clasically trained musician and singer, using technology to create insanely cool music.   It’s encouraging to see more young women learning […]

Eyewitness: Young Female Trump Supporter Shot By Capitol Police — Possibly Fatal (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEOS)

Nwo Report Source:nworeport A female Trump supporter has been shot by Capitol Police — and it appears it may have been fatal. The moment of the shooting, as well as the aftermath, were captured on video. The woman appeared to be standing behind a group of people who were attempting to gain entry into the […]

IDF deploys new female combat intelligence unit to the northern front

Browse > Home / News / IDF deploys new female combat intelligence unit to the northern front January 5, 2021 by   Read on for article For the first time in Israeli history, female combat intelligence soldiers have been deployed to the country’s northern front—currently, its most volatile…reports Hanan Greenwood. A member of an IDF […]

Killer Queens: 5 of Ancient History’s Most Outstanding Female Rulers

True leadership knows no gender and despite societal condemnation or restrictions of the gods, powerful women have risen to the challenge and stepped up to take the reins of governance firmly in their delicate hands. Queens in their own right, their reigns are characterized by progress, wealth and prosperity, intellectual mining, civil construction, military genius, […]

Teenage Female Suicide Bomber Kills 3 in Northeastern Nigeria

A 17-year-old female jihadist, presumably of the Boko Haram terror group, killed at least three people and injured another seven in a suicide attack in northeastern Nigeria on Saturday. The girl detonated her explosives amidst a group of men in the town of Konduga in Borno State, some 24 miles from the regional capital of […]

10 Of The Most Famous Pirates, Male And Female, Who Ruled The Seas!

There was a Golden Age of Piracy, and that’s not just figurative. It was literally true! Men and women made untold fortunes in gold, silver, jewels, and goods while riding the high seas and bringing their foes low… often down to the depths of Davey Jones’ locker. And many of them became famous pirates who […]

In First, Female Retired General Tapped For Next Military Ombudsman

Defence Minister Benny Gantz nominated Brig. Gen. (res.) Rachel Tevet-Wiesel for the post of military ombudsman on Friday, the first time that a women has been up for the position, his office said. Tevet-Wiesel served as Gantz’s adviser on gender issues during his tenure as Israel Defence Forces chief of staff and became head of […]

Islamic State claims killing of female TV presenter in Afghanistan

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Gunmen Kill Female TV Anchor In Eastern Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Gunmen shot and killed a female TV anchor in eastern Afghanistan early Thursday, officials said. The attackers opened fire on Malala Maiwand’s car soon after she left her house in the eastern Nangarhar province, said Attaullah Khogyani, a spokesman for the governor. No one has claimed responsibility, but an Islamic State […]

Snopes: Fmr Pfizer VP Did Not Say CV Vaccine Causes ‘Female Sterilization,’ Only That It’s ‘Possible’

Yes, my post was fact checked similarly on Facebook. They really aren’t managing their ‘facts’ that well are they? Nwo Report Source:Chris Menahan | Information Liberation This is one hell of a fact check. From Snopes, “Did ‘Head of Pfizer Research’ Say COVID-19 Vaccine ‘Is Female Sterilization’?” as highlighted by DrunkWoodworker on Twitter: How reassuring! Note how Palma […]

Female Boxer Is Prime Suspect in Beating Death of Her Husband

Brazilian boxer Viviane Obenauf, 34, was arrested this week after her husband was found dead in their Switzerland apartment following a “sustained violent assault.” The couple married in January, and Obenauf is accused of beating her husband to death “with a blunt object.” The husband, identified only as Thomas, 61, died of “massive injuries.” He owned a restaurant, Des […]

Covid Vaccine is Female Sterilization

Health and Money News The vaccine contains a  spike protein (see image) called  syncytin-1, vital for the formation of human placenta in women. If the vaccine works so that we form an immune response AGAINST the spike protein, we are also training the female body to attack syncytin-1, which could lead to infertility in women of an unspecified […]

‘We Learned to Dare to Dream,’ Says Israel’s Top Female Space Scientist

The final image sent by Israeli spacecraft Beresheet before it crash-landed on the moon. Photo: courtesy of Space IL. CTech – Behind every success story is a great team, a familiar motto says. And behind Israel’s largest space ventures—its first lunar spacecraft, Beresheet, was sent to the Moon in 2019 and now there are plans […]

FactCheck: WaPo Falsely Claims Joe Biden Will Have First All-Female Senior Communications Team

Claim: The Washington Post suggests Joe Biden’s administration will be the first to have an “all-female senior communications team.” Verdict: False. As many have noted, President Donald Trump has appointed several women to such high-ranking positions throughout his tenure. On Sunday, the Post reported Biden would tap Jen Psaki (pictured), a former Obama-era communications director, to serve […]

Biden chooses an all-female senior White House press team

President-elect Joe Biden has named an all-female senior communications team for his administration at the White House. The move is part of the president-elect’s plan to have a diverse team working in the government. Biden campaign communications director Kate Bedingfield will serve as Biden’s White House communications director. Jen Psaki, a longtime Democratic spokeswoman, will […]

Communist attacks Female Reporter Live on TV in Ukraine During Religious Liturgy Commemorating Holodomor

    [embedded content] A violent confrontation broke out in Kiev on Saturday after a reporter from Ukraine’s News One network was accosted at a memorial commemorating those who died in the 1930s Soviet famine. In shocking footage, Violetta Tovkes had her microphone knocked to the ground by an unknown man as she was broadcasting […]

Browns’ Callie Brownson to Become First Female to Coach Position Group in NFL Game on Sunday

CLEVELAND (AP) — Browns chief of staff Callie Brownson will handle game-day duties for Cleveland’s tight ends on Sunday in Jacksonville, a first in team history for a female. Brownson, who was hired by Browns coach Kevin Stefanski shortly after he came to Cleveland earlier this year, will fill in for coach Drew Petzing. He […]

The Queen’s Gambit: Why there has never been a female chess world champion

The success of Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit has renewed interest for chess and rekindled the debate over why so few women make it into the upper echelons of the intellectual sport. The show, released earlier this month, has become the streaming giant’s “biggest scripted limited series to date”, having been watched by 62 million households […]

Ching Shih – From Prostitute to Infamous Female Pirate

Ching Shih (or Zheng Shi) was a Chinese prostitute who became a powerful female pirate, controlling the infamous Red Flag Fleet. The fleet grew under her command, with expanding reserves of loot, and an organized system of business. Eventually, Ching Shih sought amnesty when offered by the Chinese government, but not without first negotiating to […]

Yin Female Taoism In Search Of Immortality

Chinese Thought conceived the idea of ​​a universe governed by the interaction and cyclical alternation of two opposing, but complementary principles called Yin and Yang. Before becoming cosmological entities, they were elementary principles of classification, first of all sexual groupings and two genders: one female and the other male. This conception originated from the agricultural […]

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