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Biden attacks Sanders’s gun votes in fiery speech near scene of mass shooting

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Joe Biden, standing on a Las Vegas stage roughly 1,000 feet from the scene of the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history, took on White House rival Bernie Sanders for his past vote to exempt gun manufacturers from liability for shootings. The former vice president devoted the majority of his […]

Belgian F-16 Pilot Ejects Before Fiery Crash, Gets Caught In High Voltage Power Lines

A Belgian F-16 fighter jet crashed in Northwestern France on Thursday, leaving one of its pilots hanging by his parachute from high voltage electricity lines, according to the BBC.  Both pilots had minor injuries after they ejected from the plane, which clipped the roof of a house and crashed in a field near Pluvinger. The pilot stuck […]

Fiery Tampa Tesla Crash Sends Three To Hospital After Other Drivers "Pulled Them To Safety"

This story is developing.  A crash in Tampa on Thursday night is being investigated and has resulted in “a Tesla going up in flames”, according to an ABC Action News Tampa Bay report.  Video from the scene shows the front of the car engulfed in flames as the Tesla sits on the side of the road […]

Ice Age Farmer Report: "Earth passes tipping point – fiery hothouse oblivion" – Narrative analysis

     Media has declared Earth has past a tipping point, and is now headed towards a flaming “hothouse” apocalypse…only geoengineering can save us (but at the expense of our crops). Christian analyzes this, plus the shifting of growing seasons: harvests are early by 1mo+. 100% crop loss in Bulgaria (ZERO % yield). And more. Sources […]

The Perseids: Astronomers prepare for Earth to ‘plow’ into fiery meteor shower (PHOTOS)

The Perseids is a prolific shower of fiery space particles that has streaked over our planet annually for generations as Earth encounters debris falling off the Swift-Tuttle comet, which was first discovered back in 1862. The gleaming debris is generally first seen in mid-July in the northern hemisphere but enters a particularly sweet period of […]

Couple Dies In ‘Mysterious’, Fiery Car Explosion After Surviving Las Vegas Shooting

Dennis Carver and his wife, Lorraine Carver, died in a crash in Riverside, Calif., on Oct. 16, 2017. The couple survived the Route 91 mass shooting in Las Vegas. Couple who witnessed the Las Vegas shooting are killed in car explosion. A California couple, Dennis and Lorraine Carver, who survived the Las Vegas shooting, died […]

Cassini spacecraft completes ‘goodbye kiss’ and turns to face its fiery death (VIDEOS)

The probe passed within 75,000 miles (120,000km) of the moon’s surface on Monday. That “goodbye kiss,” as NASA mission engineers call it, has altered Cassini’s trajectory just enough to send it hurtling towards Saturn where it will meet its end on Friday. “Cassini has been in a long-term relationship with Titan, with a new rendezvous […]

Cassini enters fiery endgame as 20 year mission reaches final phase

     The Cassini spacecraft completed the first of five close flybys of Saturn as it comes to the end of its 20-year mission. It will culminate in a fiery farewell as it makes a one-way trip to the gas giant’s surface on September 15. “As it makes these five dips into Saturn, followed by its […]

Fiery Angelic Being Circling Over Montrose, Colorado

On June 21, 2017, a couple witnessed a very strange event in the sky over Montrose in Colorado. Witness states: We were on our front deck watching the sunset and sky when my husband saw bright lights coming from the west I ran into the house to get my phone and my husband ran into […]

Jersey City looking to Fire Police who Kicked Victim after Fiery Crash

Hours after a video surfaced of police officers kicking and dragging the victim of a fiery car crash, city officials said they are looking to terminate the cops involved. The video, obtained by Univision and shared with The Jersey Journal, shows a man emerge from a burning car on […]

Trump Sparks War Of Words With Iran In Fiery Middle East Speeches

US President Donald Trump walks on his arrival accompanied by the Israeli President Rueben Rivlin, right, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv, Monday, May 22,2017. (AP/Oded Balilty) Donald Trump sparked a war of words with Iran on Monday, as the US president used two speeches in Saudi Arabia and Israel to accuse Tehran […]

World Refugee Day : Syrian Journalists, Leaving To Tell The Tale

Print Friendly Above Photo: (REUTERS/Muzaffar Salman) Journalist of all kinds – professional and non-professional, Syrian and foreign – run the risk of violence and reprisals throughout Syria. The violence, started by the government crackdown, can now come from any quarter: from government forces, from armed “opposition” groups and from radical Islamist militias such as the Al-Nusra […]

Sabers rattling louder: NATO orders four additional battalions to Russian border

     The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is sending 4,000 additional troops to Eastern Europe in the name of reassuring Poland and the Baltic states, the alliance’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed on Monday. “We will agree to deploy by rotation four robust multi-national battalions in the Baltic states and Poland,” Stoltenberg told NATO officials. […]

Gates Foundation will pay students to engage in GMO banana ‘trial’

     Twelve students will be paid to eat genetically modified (GMO) bananas as researchers at Iowa State University start moving forward with a long-delayed project. The project which is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation would pay each student $900. Thes tests are to be carried out on the students without any previous […]

Russia successfully launches military satellite into orbit

     According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, a military satellite launched on the Proton-M carrier rocket has been put into orbit. Russian Proton-M carrier rocket has successfully put into orbit a military satellite following the launch from the Baikonur space center, the Defense Ministry press service said Sunday. “The satellite, launched in the interests of the […]

Italian media praises Putin’s courageous anti-ISIS strategy

     Last week saw an about-turn in the attitude of Western leaders towards Russian President Putin, which has been reflected by the Western mass media, mostly as a consequence of the G20 meeting in Antalya. Here are just several quotes from the Italian media praising Russia’s leader and his policies, mostly towards battling ISIL. Italian […]

Fireball over Poland captured on video

The American Meteor Society and the International Meteor Association received over 60 reports so far about a fireball event over the Eastern Poland on Saturday, October 31st 2015 around 18:05UT. Observers from as far the Netherlands and Austria reported seeing a bright light in the sky. Below is a heat map of the witness reports. […]

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