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Turkey intervenes in War on Azerbaijan’s side, Shoots down Armenian Fighter Jets

    Well… Muslims helping Muslims, nothing shocking here, what’s shocking though is that us Christians aren’t helping each other. Why isn’t NATO, USA or Russia on Armenia’s side??? Why is Armenia all alone in all of this? Why are we Christians so divided and why are we watching Christian brothers being slaughtered by Muslims […]

Wasserman-Schultz opposing U.S. sale of F-35 fighter jets to UAE puts Democratic strategy on display

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Wasserman-Schultz op-ed opposing US sale of F-35 fighter jets to UAE puts Democratic strategy on display

Wasserman-Schultz op-ed opposing US sale of F-35 fighter jets to UAE puts Democratic strategy on display – Jewish Telegraphic Agency Skip to content Advertisement Advertisement Hits: 10

Nasrallah: When Israel kills a Hezbollah fighter, we’ll kill an IDF soldier

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah: When Israel kills one of our fighters, we’ll kill one of theirs Only by killing an Israeli solider will Hezbollah be satisfied that deterrence has been reestablished, ending tensions on Israel’s northern border, the Lebanese terror group’s leader Hassan Nasrallah says. “I want to be more clear than at any previous time: when […]

Trump administration pressing F-35 fighter jet sale to UAE over Israel’s objections

Trump administration pressing F-35 fighter jet sale to UAE over Israel’s objections – Jewish Telegraphic Agency Skip to content Advertisement Advertisement Hits: 0

China To Send Fighter Jet Escort For Kim When He Arrives In Singapore On Sunday

In the latest sign that the Singapore summit between the US and North Korea wouldn’t be happening without China’s permission, China’s leaders are reportedly considering whether to send fighter jets to escort North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as he travels through Chinese airspace during his trip to the island city-state, according to […]

Russian aircraft ‘INTERCEPT’ Israeli FIGHTER JETS over Libyan capital

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Turkey warns US it will look elsewhere if Washington fails to deliver F-35 fighter jets

“If I need such weapons, I will certainly procure my immediate needs from somewhere. But I do not think there will be a problem. In many resolutions that stipulate sanctions, Congress leaves the last word to the administration,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told reporters late Tuesday. US lawmakers seek to ban sales of F-35s […]

Thanks to Israel, F-35 Stealth Fighter Jets Get First Taste of Combat

There is a running joke that while the US is the world’s biggest maker and exporter of weapons, no other country uses military equipment and weapons as much as Israel. And, when it comes to state-of-the-art fighter jets, this is now officially the case: an Israeli military official said Israel was the first regime in the […]

Drones & fighter jets on display at German expo as opposition says people ‘want peace’ (VIDEO)

RT’s Peter Oliver visited the major exhibition for the aerospace and defense industries in the German capital, which kicked off this Wednesday.  Crisis-hit German army to spend millions on weapons & hardware – report One of the richest NATO members is showcasing the ultramodern Euro-MALE RPAS, developed in collaboration with France, Italy, and Spain. The […]

Qatari fighter jets endanger Emirati passenger plane – UAE officials

The civilian jet was crossing airspace run by Bahrain when it was shadowed by fighter planes on Sunday. The approaching military aircraft came so close that the passenger plane was forced to take evasive action, according to Emirati civil aviation authorities cited by the UAE state news agency. Bahrain’s aviation authority also issued a statement […]

Lockheed Martin Patents Nuclear Fusion-Powered Fighter Jet

Lockheed Martin has secretly been developing a game-changing compact nuclear fusion reactor that could potentially fit into a fighter jet. The Maryland-based defense contractor recently obtained a patent associated with its design for a fully compact fusion reactor, after filing for the patent in 2014. If the latest patent from the defense company serves as […]

Russian 5th-gen fighter deployed to Syria for radar test, latest leaked details claim

Last week, the Russian Defense Ministry reportedly moved four Su-57s, which have been built for trials, to Khmeimim Airbase in Syria. The deployment was seemingly confirmed by Israeli satellite images and footage taken from the ground, but neither the Russian military nor the producer of the advanced warplane would comment on the move. Su-57’s debut? […]

Israeli F-16 Fighter Jet Crashes Under Syrian Anti-Aircraft Fire Amid IDF Cross-Border Raid

An Israeli F-16 fighter jet crashed after Syria responded with anti-aircraft fire to an Israeli operation in its territory. Syria says its military base came under Israeli fire, and it hit multiple aircraft in response. “Massive Syrian Anti-Air fire, one F16 crashed in Israel, pilots safe,” IDF spokesman Jonathan Conricus said on Twitter. The incident […]

Syrian Kurds outraged over mutilation of female fighter by Turkish backed ‘rebels’

     Turkish-backed rebels accused of filming mistreatment of Women’s Protection Units member Syrian Kurds have accused Turkish-backed rebels of mutilating then filming the body of one of their female fighters after a video emerged of her corpse. Turkey and allied Syrian rebels have pressed an offensive since 20 January against the Kurdish enclave of Afrin […]

Russian Fighter Jet Flies Within 5 Feet Of US Spy Plane, Causing "Violent Turbulence"

In the latest attempt to recreate Top Gun in real life, a Russian Su-27 fighter jet reportedly performed an “unsafe intercept of a US Navy P-3 Orion surveillance plane” while it was flying in international airspace next to Russia, over the the Black Sea Monday, CNN reports. What makes today’s alleged close […]

Iran’s advanced stealth fighter jet undergoing pre-flight tests: Ex-Minister

Tasnim – Former Iranian defense minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan announced that the state-of-the-art stealth fighter jet “Qaher (Conqueror)”, which has been designed and manufactured by domestic experts, is undergoing pre-flight tests and conducting fast taxi runs. Speaking to the Tasnim News Agency, Brigadier general Dehqan pointed to the development process of Qaher and said […]

Fighter Pilot Chases UFO, Urges World Leaders To Take The Threat Of Aliens Seriously

An American pilot who claims to have chased an alien aircraft has warned world leaders to take UFO sightings seriously. Retired US Navy pilot commander David Fravor spoke out in support of ex US government intelligence officer Luis Elizondo, who last week revealed he ran a real life “X Files” UFO research department at the Pentagon […]

Qatar denies reports its fighter jets intercepted Emirati civilian plane

The UAE condemned the alleged incident and said it would take all necessary and legal measures to protect its civilian aircraft. Its General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) described the incident as “a flagrant and dangerous threat to the safety of civil aviation, as well as a blatant violation of international laws and agreements,” according to […]

F-18 Fighter Plane Captures Stunning UFO On Video – Government Admits UFO Research Is Real

 Following the release of a new report from The New York Times (NYT) about efforts by the United States government to investigate unidentified flying objects (UFOs) as a potential threat to national security, some amazing video footage has now been released suggesting that this threat may be more imminent than previously thought. There have been at least two separate […]

Indian troops kill top fighter, associates in Kashmir

Press TV- New Delhi forces have killed a top fighter along with his associates during a gun battle in Indian-controlled Kashmir. Police said in a statement on Tuesday that Noor Mohammad Tantray, the head of the Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) group, and his comrades were shot dead outside the main city of Srinagar on Monday evening. Indian troops […]

Free Ahed Tamimi, Palestinian Freedom Fighter

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph Israeli Occupation Forces arrested 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi , a prominent Palestinian activist, in the middle of the night after reportedly beating up her parents and a sibling. Ahed Tamimi is from the village of Nabi Sahih (pop. 600), north west of the city of Ramallah. She was taken from her home in […]

Show me: Russian Su-30SM fighter pilot peeks inside transport plane mid-flight (VIDEO)

The video of the mind-blowing stunt, which surfaced on Russian social media this week, was apparently shot in Syria. It shows the inside of the flying freighter, probably an Il-76, dropping several cargo pads. Then the supermaneuverable fighter jet comes into view, flying so close one can see the pilots inside the cockpit and other […]

US War Games: Moscow Scrambles Fighter Jet To Intercept US Spy Plane

Russia has scrambled a Su-30 fighter jet after detecting an American spy plane over the Black Sea, according to a Defense Ministry statement. The Р8А Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft was approaching the Russian border at an extremely high speed, in what is likely to be a US war games exercise being conducted in the event of […]

UFOs, fighter jets & Transformers: China’s $1.3bn VR theme park a world first (VIDEO)

READ MORE: Britain’s Merlin to bewitch New Yorkers with Legoland theme park The ‘East Valley of Science and Fantasy’ park is part of a more than $1.3 billion project being developed by the animation unit of Oriental Times Media in Guiyang, Guizhou. Set on a sprawling 320-acre site, the project will also house a VR […]

In First, Germany to Send Fighter Jets to train in Israel

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Iran stresses plan to manufacture heavy fighter jets

FNA- Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami declared his country’s plans to build heavy fighter jets. “Strengthening the Air Force is among the main plans of the defense ministry and God willing, we are to have some good moves to develop the strategic air power,” General Hatami said on Wednesday. “The main pivot of […]

How They Do It– Israel paints fighter jet pink to raise breast cancer awareness while preventing cancer patients in Gaza from receiving treatment

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Russia showcases Su-30SM fighter jet in breathtaking action VIDEO

The highly-maneuverable generation 4+ warplane is the modern variant of the design equipped with thrust-vectoring engines. It was based on the Su-30MKI, the version made by Russia for the Indian Air Force. The SM version made its maiden flight in 2012. Source Article from Hits: 0

Israeli Fighter Jets Launch Air Strike On Syrian Air Defense Battery Near Damascus

After years of undermining the regime of Syrian leader Bashar al Assad, an effort that has seen Israel countenance ISIS training camps near its borders and launch recurring missile strikes on Syrian territory and its army bases while threatening to bomb Assad’s palace, the simmering conflict between the two nations broke out into […]

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