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Trump Is ‘Fighting for His Life’ & Will Do ‘Anything To Stay In Power’ Says George Soros

Billionaire globalist George Soros has claimed that President Trump is very dangerous, is fighting for his political life and will do “anything to remain in power.” In an interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Soros said “Even in the United States, a confidence trickster like Trump can be elected president and undermine democracy from […]

CLDC Fighting Corporate-Fueled Legal Persecution Of Human Rights Lawyer

By Lauren Regan, CLDC. August 6, 2020 NOTE: Listen to our interview with Steven Donziger on Clearing the FOG. Fossil fuel giant Chevron vows to “demonize” victorious human rights lawyer. For several years now, human rights attorney Steven Donziger has been in the fight of his life and career after Chevron vowed to destroy him […]

UK Students Fighting For Universities To Cut Ties With Israeli Apartheid

Above photo: An “Apartheid Off Campus” bus stop action. “We need to be working bottom-up, because we know that top-down will just not work anymore.” Apartheid Off Campus is a newly-formed student network fighting to sever the ties between UK universities and the Israeli occupation. “University students are in a powerful position to campaign in support […]

Meet the UK students fighting for their universities to cut ties with Israeli apartheid

Man speaks at podium

Apartheid Off Campus is a newly-formed student network fighting to sever the ties between UK universities and the Israeli occupation. “University students are in a powerful position to campaign in support of Palestinians and against the structures of racism by both challenging/exposing these links and forcing their universities to divest from complicit companies, as well […]

FCC is Tired of “Being Nice” to Municipalities Fighting Small Cell Towers. Wasn’t Trump Supposed to Give the Country Back to the People?

May 29, 2018 By B.N. Frank The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the U.S. government agency that regulates new technology. The FCC has been part of what President Trump refers to as “The Swamp” for over 20 years.  One in-depth article describes them as a “Captured Agency.”  The former FCC chairman […]

Watching The Hawks – Rolling Thunder: Veterans Keep Fighting

Watching The Hawks – Rolling Thunder: Veterans Keep Fighting Watching The Members of veteran bikers club Rolling Thunder joined the Hawks for a preview of this years annual event, as well as discuss the various struggles they face today. WATCH OUR SHOW ON RT @… LIKE Watching the Hawks @ WATCHING THE […]

Must Read–US Jewish groups fighting, even physically, behind the scenes

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Hercules Fighting Achelous Transformed into a Snake

François-Joseph Bosio’s Hercules fighting Achelous transformed into a snake (Hercule combattant Achéloüs métamorphosé en serpent) draws its subject from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Achelous, the patron deity of the Acheloos River, the largest river of Greece, was Heracles’ rival suitor for the love of Deïaneira, daughter of Oeneus king of Calydon. Depending on the telling, Acehlous transformed […]

Alon-Lee Green: Young Israeli Organizes Baristas While Fighting the Occupation

The article below is from an American Jewish Peace Archive series of profiles of Israeli peace activists. The mission of the Archive is to document through oral history the accounts of Jews who have worked in support of Israeli-Palestinian peace and reconciliation since 1967. TEL AVIV — On Feb. 24, 2018, over 20,000 people gathered in the streets […]

Wife of Taiwanese rights activist Lee Ming-che, jailed in China, vows to keep fighting for husband’s release

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : Lee Ching-yu, the wife of Taiwanese human rights activist Lee Ming-che who is jailed in the People’s Republic of China […]

Young Woman Fighting for Life After Syrian ‘Child’ Migrant Gang Knife Attack

A young woman in Germany has been left fighting for her life after a gang of Syrian “child” migrants allegedly attacked and stabbed her. The 24-year-old woman was attacked in the street in the town of Burgwedel near Hanover on Saturday evening, and all three suspects are asylum-seeking migrants from Syria, police have confirmed, reports Der Tagesspiegel. […]

Meet The Oregon Middle Schoolers Fighting For Net Neutrality

Meet The Oregon Middle Schoolers Fighting For Net Neutrality Above Photo: Luca (left), Lola (middle), and Athena (right) address the Oregon House Committee on Rules in support of the state’s net neutrality bill.Photo: Brandon Wooters Luca, a 12-year-old student at Mt. Tabor Middle School in Portland, Oregon, first learned about net neutrality through an Instagram post. […]

Iran, Croatia stress coop. on fighting terrorism

MNA – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and Speaker of the Croatian Parliament is Gordan Jandroković discussed issues of mutual interest during a meeting on Thursday. Foreign Minister Zarif, while submitting Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani’s warm greetings to his Croatian counterpart, described as satisfactory the two-way relations in the political and economic fields, […]

Spotlight on cancer-fighting foods: What to eat to beat different kinds of cancer

(Natural News) Dr. Michael Greger remarked in a Daily Mail article that the consumption of wholefood vegetarian diets can reduce the risks of various forms of cancer. “Food is the single greatest way our bodies face exposure to the outside environment,” explained the author of the 2016 bestseller “How Not To Die”. […]

Going Underground – Rock Legend Brian May on Privilege, Science & Fighting Big Money

Going Underground – Rock Legend Brian May on Privilege, Science & Fighting Big Money Going Underground with Afshin We speak to rock guitar legend Brian May about how class privilege is a threat to humanity. LIKE Going Underground Going Underground Afshin Rattansi on Instagram… View the original video for Going […]

True US goal in Syria is control over resources, not fighting ISIS – Russian MoD

Source: RT The US-led coalition’s attack on pro-government forces in Syria has again proven that Washington’s true goal is to capture “economic assets” instead of fighting terrorism, the Russian Defense Ministry said. The MoD was referring to an incident which took place on Tuesday in Deir Ez-Zor province, as a Syrian militia […]

Unions Widen Who They’re Fighting For

Unions Widen Who They’re Fighting For Above Photo: Many cite the 2012 strike by the Chicago Teachers Union as a seminal moment in bargaining for the common good’s evolution. (MCT/Chicago Tribune/E. Jason Wambsgans) Public-sector unions are becoming more altruistic. They may need to be. Historically, public-sector unions have focused their attention almost entirely on negotiating for […]

‘Double standards’: Kurds slam US for not fighting ‘Turkish occupation’ of Afrin (VIDEO)

“With the coalition, especially the US forces, we saw some double standards,” a Kurdish military officer by the name of Khalil told RT’s Ruptly agency. “What we demand from the US, in particular, is to fulfil the promises to the [US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces] – that is to protect the liberated areas, including Afrin, which, […]

Fighting Fake News: A Back Door Trick to Enact Internet Censorship

January 17th, 2018 By Makia Freeman Contributing writer for Wake Up World Don’t be fooled by all the talk of “fighting fake news.” It’s really all about one thing: Censorship. Fighting fake news is the new pretext given by the ruling cabal in many nations to enact censorship via the back door. Amid the rallying cries of “We must fight fake […]

Fighting Fake News: Back Door Trick to Enact Censorship

By Makia Freeman Fighting fake news is the new pretext given by the ruling cabal in many nations to enact censorship via the back door. Amid the rallying cries of “We must fight fake news!” both France (under would-be dictator Macron) and now Brazil are attempting to pass legislation to ban political content on the Web that the government […]

As scientists inch closer to fighting cancer with nanobots, would you embrace having programmable robots in your bloodstream?

(Natural News) Scientists and researchers from the University of Cambridge have revealed that they are currently developing nanotechnology that can “navigate” a patient’s body and help fight cancer. But this effort, while laudable, raises one question: is it feasible to develop this technology instead of merely promoting lifestyle changes that can also prevent cancer? Technology advances by […]

Sweden Hires Knife-Fighting Muslim Sex Addict as School Counselor

Sweden Hires Knife-Fighting Muslim Sex Addict as School Counselor Prior to sending’d**k pics to students, Arab tried to cut up rival clan during honor dispute Kit DanielsPrison Dec. 27, 2017 A Swedish school hired a Muslim migrant with a knife-fighting record as a school counselor, who promptly spammed students with his penis pictures according […]

How Many Wars Is the US Really Fighting?

Source: The Nation A U.S. Special Forces trainer supervises a military assault drill for a unit within the Sudan People’s Liberation Army conducted in Nzara on the outskirts of Yambio You can find them in dusty, sunbaked badlands, moist tropical forests, and the salty spray of third-world littorals. Standing in […]

From DC to Jerusalem: fighting displacement and colonization

Earlier this month, the Washington DC Palestine solidarity community welcomed Jerusalem activist Fayrouz Sharqawi, Advocacy Coordinator at the organization Grassroots Jerusalem. Sharqawi was on a two-week speaking tour including stops in Boston, New York, Chicago, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles. In DC, she held events with the Palestine Center, the Middle East Institute, and […]

USA Fighting israel’s Wars

There has been a report that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is looking into foreign lobbying in Washington while another story relates how his team is investigating the alleged contact of a Donald Trump associate with a Hungarian. Both are part of the ongoing investigation into Russiagate. Unless I am wrong, which happens occasionally, Hungary is […]

Haitian Police Massacre Teachers & Students Fighting For Education

Above Photo: From Google is blocking our site. Please use the social media sharing buttons (upper left) to share this on your social media and help us break through. – Reports of a mass killing by the US-UN occupation trained and supervised Haitian police in Port-au-Prince – Police brutally beat teachers and students in Cap-Haitien […]

Did the US allow ISIS to escape to keep the fighting going?

Americans have been living in a country that has not known peace since 9/11, when President George W. Bush and his posse of neoconservatives delivered the message to the world that you are either with us or against us. The threat was coupled with flurry of hastily conceived legislation that opened the door to the […]

No more ‘fighting ISIS?’ US to stay in Syria to prevent ‘win’ for Assad and Iran – WaPo

The Trump administration is “expanding its goals” in Syria to include a “potentially open-ended commitment” to support the Kurd-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the newspaper reported on Wednesday, citing several anonymous US officials. The change comes as the defeat of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorist group in Syria seems imminent. Lost in reverie: […]

Trump and Putin discussed importance of fighting terrorism and deescalation of conflicts

nsnbc : U.S. President Donald Trump, on Wednesday, spoke with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in a phone conversation that reportedly lasted more than […]

Video: Fighting to show the truth in Gaza

Video: Fighting to show the truth in Gaza   “I want to change my perspective, go and see different places in the world,” says Ezz Zanoun, a Palestinian photographer in Gaza. In 2006, Ezz witnessed his brother Mohammad, a photographer, get hit by an Israeli missile that exploded 10 meters from him. Mohammad was severely […]

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