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China Celebrates Wuhan Lockdown a Year Later — While Fighting Dozens of Outbreaks

The Chinese Communist Party began early celebrations for the anniversary of allegedly successful lockdowns imposed on millions of people in “heroic” Wuhan, the home city of the Chinese coronavirus, on Saturday, amid a resurgence of the virus in some of the country’s biggest cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. The outbreak, which has seen […]

California Jewish Community fighting to save American democracy

Following the alarming events in Washington, DC, on January 6, California’s Jewish community has come together to voice a loud and clear message to the US House of Representatives: “Take action to protect our democracy.”More than 110 Jewish organizations, leaders and rabbis from across California that comprise the state’s diverse Jewish community have signed a […]

‘Are You Ready to Start a Revolution?’ Women Fighting for America Founder Tells Trumpists to ‘Advance the Line’ on Eve of Insurrection

At a pro-Trump rally in sight of the U.S. Capitol a day before the violent insurrection, Women Fighting for America founder Christine Hutcherson insisted, “There is no way Joe Biden won this election,” and she asked the assembled Trump die-hards, “Are you ready to start a revolution?” Hutcherson, who identified herself as a military mom, […]

Why are people fighting the IHRA definition of antisemitism?

When is it antisemitic to criticize Israel? antisemitism signifies hatred of Jews and the ways that hatred is perpetuated through age-old conspiracy theories and their modern variants. But what about when that hatred is expressed through rhetoric about the Jewish state? Is anti-Zionism antisemitism? Establishment Jewish groups want Joe Biden’s administration to treat some anti-Israel […]

Building Class Power By Fighting For The Common Good

Above photo: Rebel Lens. As activists orient to the post-election landscape, we’re having lots of conversations about building power for the long term. We’re taking stock of the types of power we need and how they can reinforce each other – narrative, organizing, mobilizing, and electoral power, to name a few. And despite the decline […]

Israeli MMA fighter defies odds and prejudice at Ultimate Fighting Championship

JTA — Natan Levy is no stranger to fighting. After moving to Israel from his native Paris as a boy, Levy would often tangle with kids picking on him because of his accent. But this aggressive prowess has helped some of his wildest dreams come true, silencing plenty of doubters along the way. Levy, 29, […]

2021: Palestine’s chance of fighting back

2020 will go down in history as the year that terminated the American-sponsored peace process. While 2021 will not reverse the monumental change in the U.S. attitude and objectives in Palestine, Israel and the Middle East, the new year presents Palestinians with the opportunity to think outside the American box.  The previous year began with […]


ONLINE RESISTANCE MOVEMENT We at the Online Resistance Movement are FIGHTING back against the British government and indeed WORLDWIDE amidst this WORLD WAR III of the People vs The Government as this war rapidly accelerates, festers and deepens. The New World Order is ALMOST thrust upon us, because there are brainwashed pro government activists who […]

Housing Activists Are Fighting Evictions In The Streets

By Jason Koslowski and Mia Gray, Left Voices. December 27, 2020 Above photo: Philadelphia encampment. WHYY. The eviction housing crisis is hitting home in Philadelphia, with the local Democrats protecting the landlords at the expense of renters and shutting down emergency measures for the unhoused. But Philly is home to a powerful housing movement that […]

As Millions Of People Face Evictions, Here Is How People Are Fighting Back

The federal eviction moratorium is set to expire in December leaving an estimated 30 million people at risk of eviction. Members of Congress are still unable to reach an agreement on a relief bill that will extend the moratorium, as well as other important programs that were included in the CARES Act early in the […]

 Spilling Ink and Spilling Blood: Fighting and Writing Against America’s Forever Wars

Co-Written by William J. Astore and Danny Sjursen If you have a moment, how about joining two retired officers, Bill Astore and me, Danny Sjursen, as we think about this country’s catastrophic forever wars that, regardless of their deadly costs and lack of progress, never seem quite to end? Recently, in a podcast chat about our very different but somehow […]

Rep. Mo Brooks: ‘Momentum Is Building Strongly in Favor of Fighting Various State Submissions of Electoral College Votes’

Friday, during an interview with Mobile, AL radio’s FM Talk 106.5, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) explained his plan to challenge the Electoral College vote, which had gotten traction in recent days as Politico took notice earlier this week. It even drew Brooks praise from President Donald Trump, who would benefit if Brooks were successful. Thank […]

Trump Vows to Keep Fighting for Voting Integrity in 45-Minute Facebook Video

President Donald Trump vowed on Wednesday to continue fighting the results of the 2020 presidential election. “This is maybe the most important speech I’ve ever made,” said Donald Trump, detailing his latest efforts to fight voter fraud in a 45-minute video posted on Facebook. The president spoke at length about all the allegations of fraud […]

As Mosul recovers from ISIS rule, a native of the city is fighting to recover its Jewish past

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Fighting Racism, We All Have Skin in the Game

This October, Gal Gadot, the Israeli actress best known for playing Wonder Woman, announced that she would star in a movie about Cleopatra. In response, the actress was widely lambasted for appropriating a role that some thought should be played by a woman of color. Gadot’s critics insisted that an Israeli Jew of Ashkenazic background — even […]

President Trump is Fighting on Multiple Fronts-See It Here

Comment: I do support these multiple fronts President Trump is fighting on and I also Do NOT support Israel first or the Zionism he is on board with. I also want Peace with IRAN, RUSSIA and China and negotiated trade agreements with all of them. President Donald J. Trump listens as Vice President Mike Pence […]

California Court Strikes Down Limits On Fighting Dirty Power Plants

Above photo: From the Local Clean Energy Alliance. San Francisco – A California appeals court has struck down unconstitutional limits on the rights of citizens to challenge the location of power plants in their communities. A state appeals court affirmed Friday that communities concerned about air quality and climate pollution have the right to challenge […]

Fighting Fascism with Poetry

Lastbench is an anthology written in the time of Trump and Covid-19, acting as a voice for those who are frustrated with the news cycle, wishing for something more visceral. It is unapologetically against Trump and considers his Presidency to be the terror that began the downfall. Whether true or not, this is the slant of […]

UIUC declared its commitment to fighting antisemitism on campus

The University of Illinois has declared that it will begin pushing back, in cooperation with the Jewish community, against antisemitic and anti-Zionist harassment that takes place on campus, according to a statement by the university. The university expressed its commitment to allowing all students to express their Jewish and Zionist identity without facing discrimination during university […]

Community Rallies Around Virginia Teen Fighting Leukemia

A Virginia high school senior diagnosed with leukemia has received an overwhelming amount of support from his community. Jeremiah Hughes, an 18-year-old high school senior at Riverheads High School, initially tested positive for the coronavirus in September. But further testing in October showed that his actual diagnosis was much more severe, WVIR reported. On October […]

Trump may loose Re-Election because after not fighting the COVID-19 narrative

    The Covid-19 crisis became a battleground between US President Donald Trump and the Washington establishment – a perfect setting for Trump to fulfil his election promises to expose and tear down establishment agenda. He failed. When US President Donald Trump was diagnosed with Covid-19 himself just weeks ago, and was admitted to Walter […]

Facebook fighting Holocaust denial is an amoral but politically convenient farce

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DHS Grants Millions To Groups Fighting ‘Right-Wing Extremism’ and ‘White Supremacy’

Renegade Editor’s Sarcasm: White supremacists have been burning down cities, assaulting people, and looting like crazy. It’s a good thing the DHS recognized this threat and is going to give taxpayer money to jewish groups fighting against these evil Whites. (Zero Hedge) Since the largest threat facing the country is white supremacists, according to FBI […]

Nagorno-Karabakh: Heavy fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan over contested region

Armenia and Azerbaijan said heavy fighting is continuing in their conflict over the separatist territory of Nagorno-Karabakh. Meanwhile, Azerbaijan’s president said late Saturday that his troops had taken a village. Fighting that started September 27 is some of the worst to afflict Nagorno-Karabakh and since the end of a 1994 war that left the region […]

The [ZIONIST] Cabal Faction Fighting Against Trump {Zionist} In the exercise, the governing assumption is thatthe President is an unscrupulous, authoritarian wouldbe dictator seeking to consolidate his power with abase composed of “white power” and “extremist” networks, who would need to be neutralized and eliminated post-election. The Biden forces are portrayed aspluralist defenders of democracy whose adherence to“norms” would result in the […]

Have you noticed in fighting the ‘pandemic’ your govt never mentions fresh air, sunlight, organic food, exercise or vitamins?

I figured this glaringly obvious fact needs to be highlighted. You can easily be arrested these days for doing healthy things like walking on the beach as was the young woman pictured below in Victoria, or shopping at your local fruit and veg market. But then what would you expect from a world that has […]

Cruz Dismisses Possible SCOTUS Appointment — ‘I Want to Stay Fighting Right Where I Am in the U.S. Senate’

During an appearance on this week’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) downplayed being on President Donald Trump’s shortlist of potential future Supreme Court nominees. Cruz called it “deeply honoring” and “humbling” but said it was not the job for him. “You know, I don’t,” Cruz replied when asked […]

Folding at 11th hour, Netanyahu proves again fighting coronavirus isn’t his top priority

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San Francisco Mayor Deflects on Pelosi’s Salon Scandal: She Is Fighting ‘Terrorist’ and ‘Dictator’ Trump

San Francisco Mayor London Breed (D) refused to overtly condemn House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for visiting an area salon for a wash and blowout despite local coronavirus restrictions, telling ABC7 that “we have a dictator who is running this country and Nancy Pelosi is at the forefront fighting against this person everyday.” While she […]

800,000 Russians Were Fighting on the German Side During WW2

By NewsFromUkraine The Russian government calls Ukrainians “fascists” referring to the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, members of which fought for Ukraine’s independence against Soviet Bolsheviks during the Second World War. In fact, “fascists in Ukraine” is the main argument of Putin’s propaganda, with which he brainwashes the heads of Russian citizens, who now think that Ukrainians […]

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