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America’s Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Set To Finally Close Its Doors

Few people know that sitting across from the reactor that suffered a partial meltdown on Three Mile Island in 1979 – is another unit that still remains one of the region’s largest power sources. In fact, the second unit has provided power for 45 years without incident. Now, according to Bloomberg, that unit is finally […]

Psychedelic Drugs Are Finally Being Used to Treat Depression in US Hospitals

Elias Marat, The Mind Unleashed Waking Times As the country increasingly sheds its prohibitionist stereotypes and misconceptions about psychedelic drugs, scientists and psychiatrists are increasingly embracing their potent qualities as “game-changers” in the fight to treat mental health disorders. The new trend unfolding across the U.S. has converted drugs like ketamine—once known primarily as a […]

Will Israel’s treatment of Omar and Tlaib finally wake Democrats up?

Now that Israel has banned entry to Democratic Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, will Democrats affirm the right to boycott and hold Israel’s feet to the fire? Five takeaways. The official headshot of Rep. Rashida Tlaib. (United States Congress) 1. Don’t let the headlines fool you: neither Ilhan Omar nor Rashida Tlaib had […]

It Took a Billionaire Pedophile to Die in Jail for Media to Finally Report On Elite Child Sex Trafficking

Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project Waking Times Adult and child sex trafficking is an unfortunate and horrifying reality that plagues countries around the world—including the United States. As TFTP has reported, people have been arrested attempting to purchase children as young as three-months-old to abuse them, including police officers. Even former child sex slaves have come […]

Ghislaine Maxwell Finally Found

    Epstein’s “Madam” Found: Ghislaine Maxwell Living With Tech CEO In Multimillion Oceanfront Mansion Jeffrey Epstein’s former “best friend” and alleged procurer of underage girls, Ghislaine Maxwell, has been found after three years of speculation. The 57-year-old British heiress was discovered laying low in a $3 million “secluded oceanfront property at the end […]

Frenchman on hoverboard finally heralds the future Marty McFly promised

My view on when to get worried about the threat technology poses for humanity has always been based on Back to the Future 2, and more specifically Marty McFly’s hoverboard. As long as that hoverboard remains science fiction, then in my mind the future hasn’t arrived. That hoverboard, way back in the 80s, seemed like […]

Google Finally Settles Lawsuit Over Decade-Old WiFi Snooping Accusations

Image Source: So if you’ve been around these parts for a while, you might remember a big stink back in 2006 or so when Google’s Street View vehicles were found to have been hoovering up data collected via WiFi. The collection came while the company was collecting Street View data via […]

After 9 Days Of Protests Hawaii Governor Finally Visits Sacred Mauna Kea

UPDATED: The governor finally visits the mountain on Day 9 of massive protests against the Thirty Meter Telescope construction. Hawaii Gov. David Ige wants Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim to take the lead on negotiating with opponents of the planned Thirty Meter Telescope who are engaged in a massive protest to prevent its construction on Mauna […]

The Mainstream Is Finally Admitting Epstein’s Intelligence Connections

Derrick Broze breaks down the latest in Jeffrey Epstein’s ongoing case and his intelligence connections. Sources: Jeffrey Epstein’s Sick Story Played Out for Years in Plain Sight It Sure Looks Like Jeffrey Epstein Was a Spy—But Whose? It Sure Looks Like Jeffrey Epstein Was a Spy—But Whose? Support our work AND get a free […]

Dow 27,000? I Think That We Have FINALLY Reached Peak Stock Market Absurdity

By Michael Snyder Even though everything else seems to be going wrong, the stock market just continues to soar to new record highs.  In fact, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 27,000 for the first time ever on Thursday.  Investors continue to relentlessly believe that bright days are ahead even though we are on […]

Will Global Pedophile Network Finally be Uncovered in Jeffrey Epstein Case?

by Brian Shilhavy A breaking news story originally reported on by the Daily Beast reveals that Jeffery Epstein was arrested on Child Sex Trafficking charges in New Jersey on Saturday, after his private jet landed back from a trip to Paris. The Daily Beast reports: Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for allegedly sex trafficking […]

Simon Saved! One Man’s Relentless Legal & PR Efforts Finally Frees His Dog Sent To “Death Row” By The Government

June 28, 2019 By Joe Wright Readers might remember that I reported back in January on a story in Guilford, CT where Simon, a mixed-breed dog, was taken from his owner after biting a teen who had trespassed into the property where Simon was housed.  Animal Control immediately seized Simon, locked him up for 18 […]

Trump Finally Confirms: John Bolton is a Menace

In a recent sit-down interview with Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press, Trump let on that he was “being pushed into military action against Iran” by his hawkish Neocon advisers. “I have two groups of people. I have doves and I have hawks,” said Trump. “John Bolton is absolutely a hawk. If it was […]

Donald Trump Finally Shares His Thoughts About UFOs

The Facts: Donald Trump was recently asked about UFOs, and he hinted towards the fact that he’s not really a believer, despite the fact that the reality of these objects can no longer be denied. Reflect On: How much do presidents really know about UFOs and other programs that don’t really have any government oversight? […]

Miss India winner finally chosen after pageant dogged by diversity criticism

Suman Rao, a 20-year-old college student from Rajasthan, took the title during the grand finale in Mumbai on Saturday. Rao will now move on to represent her country at Miss World 2019 in Thailand this December. The beauty contest came under intense scrutiny after a collage featuring all 30 participants was published in the Times […]

They’re finally getting it: WHO recommends "more rational" drug laws, recognizes cannabis as legitimate medicine

(Natural News) Many parts of the United States are still stuck in the stone ages when it comes to their antiquated stance on cannabis (marijuana), and the World Health Organization (WHO) has a message for them all: stop prohibiting it already! Not only is the WHO recommending that legislators take a “more […]

The Media is Finally Realizing What the Prosecution of Assange Means for Journalism

Op-Ed by Caitlin Johnstone (CJ Opinion) — Rachel Maddow has aired a segment condemning the new indictment against Julian Assange for 17 alleged violations of the Espionage Act. Yes, that Rachel Maddow. MSNBC’s top host began the segment after it was introduced by Chris Hayes, agreeing with her colleague that it’s surprising that more news outlets aren’t giving this story more “wall to wall” […]

Pentagon Finally Admits: We Investigates UFOs

The Pentagon has finally uttered the words it always avoided when discussing the possible existence of UFOs – “unidentified aerial phenomena” – and admits that it still investigates sightings of them. The Department of Defense says a secret government initiative called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program “did pursue research and investigation into unidentified aerial […]

WREXIT: Bremainer Theresa May Finally Exposes Her True Intentions to Scuttle Brexit Via MP Vote for New Referendum

  EPA   Brexit: PM under fire over new Brexit plan BBC Theresa May will make the case for her new Brexit plan in Parliament later, amid signs that Conservative opposition to her leadership is hardening. The prime minister will outline changes to the Withdrawal Agreement Bill – including a promise to give MPs a […]

With Eurovision finally here, Israel’s unfancied Kobi Marimi is unfazed, upbeat

A year’s worth of planning, exhaustive production efforts and a push to boost Israel’s international image all come to a head Saturday night as the country hosts the Eurovision Song Contest’s grand final in Tel Aviv. Two semifinals have already aired, but Saturday’s main event is when the world’s eyes will well and truly turn […]

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