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HHS Will Finally Distribute Almost $4.9 Billion to COVID-19 Impacted Nursing Homes

Health Editor’s Note:  I would suggest that Trump is woefully late on this…..For nursing care facilities to not have adequate supplies of PPEs added to the rampant spread of COVID-19 in these healthcare settings…..Carol HHS Announces Nearly $4.9 Billion Distribution to Nursing Facilities Impacted by COVID-19 HHS News Release  Today (22nd), the U.S. Department of […]

Trump Declares an Opening of the Churches – FINALLY

I’ve largely been trying my best to criticize Trump is little as possible, because we’ve got an election coming up that he’s probably scheduled to lose and I would very much prefer if he didn’t lose it. It is good that he is opening the churches. But wow man – it sure […]

Confused and Abandoned Old English Sheepdog is Finally Rescued Off the Streets

A woman named Fabby noticed an Old English Sheepdog going back and forth the railroad tracks. She got really worried that the poor animal could end up hit by a train or a car so she did just the right thing alerting Hope For Paws and asking from them to step in. As always, Eldad […]

Spain Finally Eases Lockdown In Madrid, GM Delays Plan To Ramp Up US Production: Live Updates

Summary: GM delays plan to ramp up production Spain lifts lockdown conditions in Madrid Chinese airline to restart flights from US next month India reports record jump in cases as lockdown eases Russia reports record jump in deaths Russian ‘hot nurse’ punished for accidentally exposing underwear due to ‘see-through’ PPE UN warns of looming collapse […]

Mexico demands the U.S. finally explain Obama’s ‘Fast and Furious’ fiasco

   Who can blame them for wanting to know more about a program that intentionally sent illegal guns to Mexico that killed Mexicans? In the movie “Cliff Hanger,” John Lithgow’s character, Qualen, utters a line that reminds me of how unscrupulous Democrat muckety-mucks like the Clintons and Obama operate. Qualen says, “Kill a few people, […]

China finally admits it destroyed coronavirus samples but claims it was done for "safety"

(Natural News) China has finally admitted to destroying samples of coronavirus early in the outbreak, but they’re insisting they did it out of safety concerns rather than as part of any sort of coverup. Given their track record, however, doubts remain about the true motivation behind the move. A supervisor for China’s […]


South Front On May 20, the Russian Foreign Ministry released an official statement on the censorship of four Russian-language media organizations – “Krim 24” (Crimea 24), “Anna News”, “News Front” and “Riafan” – on YouTube. The YouTube channels of “Krim 24” (Crimea 24), “Anna News”, “News Front” were blocked on May 19, while the channel of “Riafan” […]

UK: Terrorist Leader Paul Golding Finally Taken Down for Good

Far-right leader of #BritainFirst Paul Golding has been convicted under the #TerrorismAct after failing to hand over his phone pin code after returning from a trip to #Russia. — RT UK (@RTUKnews) May 20, 2020 The dirty bastard Paul Golding, responsible for the Manchester bombing of an Ariana Grande sex orgy, […]

FINALLY – House Republican Introduces Bill to Ban ‘Ballot Harvesting’

Rep. Rodney Davis, ranking member of the Committee on House Administration, introduced a bill last week to ban “ballot harvesting”, a practice which allows anyone to deliver unlimited numbers of mail-in ballots on others’ behalf. The practise was legalized by California Democrats in 2016, and is banned in most of the rest of the country, […]

Baked Alaska Finally Realizes TradThots Are Useless Sacks of Shit

It took him about five years, but Baked Alaska has finally learned that e-girls and online groupies pretending to be “trad” are useless, degenerate sacks of shit. (Start it at the 25:00) Watch this video on YouTube He talks about how he started dating some e-girl groupie who he met through his online social circle. […]

Poland FINALLY postpones its presidential vote amidst Covid pandemic. But what was the big rush in the first place?

Have you heard the one about the EU country –in the 21st Century, no less– desperately wanting to organize a postal vote for its presidential election with only days to go before the polls? I nearly fell off my seat with laughter when I heard that, but it’s no joking matter. After failing in their […]

The Jews are Finally Coming for David Icke

In the end, the Jews come for everyone. It really is that age old poem in action: When the Jews came for the Nazis, I said nothing because I was not a Nazi When the Jews came for the libertarian patriots, I said nothing because I was not a libertarian patriot When […]

The Largest Ozone Hole Ever Recorded Over North Pole Has Finally ‘Healed Itself’ and Closed

(TMU) — The massive ozone hole that formed over the North Pole has finally closed, scientists have announced. Researchers from the European Union’s Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) who were tracking the record-breaking ozone hole over the Arctic tweeted last Thursday: “The unprecedented 2020 Northern Hemisphere ozone hole has come to an end.” The hole, […]

Eric Lander – Finally a competent Covid commentator antidote to Trump

Mathematician/Geneticist Eric Lander on how we can scale up essential testing …by Amanpour and Company [ Editor’s Note: Finally I found a good video last night while checking my Massachusetts childhood home state for how things were going there with the Covid scourge. It has my recommendation. The Gordian Knot The Gordian Knot we face […]

Dog Dubbed Aggressive Melts into Rescuer’s Arms When He Feels He’s Finally Safe

Neighbors at the Greek island of Crete alerted the police of an aggressive dog that has been abused and mistreated by the owners. When they arrived at the scene, the officers couldn’t approach the animal as he was very hostile of humans. They had to ask from a professional to step in. The dog has […]

Netanyahu finally gets the annexation government he’s been waiting for

The coalition agreement signed between Likud and Blue and White on Monday night, which ushered in a new government following three elections and a political deadlock that has lasted over a year, is a strange sight to behold. The agreement, which will see Benjamin Netanyahu serve as prime minister for 18 months before being replaced […]

It’s Over: California Finally Does Random Coronavirus Antibodies Testing, Infection Rate 50 Times What They Claimed

Random testing was done through drive-up testing stations in Los Angeles County, and the results should be shocking to true believers in the hysteria. To very little fanfare, the first US random testing for coronavirus antibodies has taken place, destroying the baseless and hysterical claims by the Western health establishment, governments and […]

Sea Turtles Are Finally Thriving Now That People Are Stuck Indoors

(TMU) — Wildlife all over the globe where movements of humans have been restricted due to the novel coronavirus pandemic seems to be thriving and returning to spaces they were unable to visit due to human activity. Great news for the leatherback sea turtles who favor Juno Beach in Florida for nesting, thought to be […]

UN Head Finally Admits This is an Economic Collapse

If someone is saying “worst since the Great Depression,” you can be certain they’re still playing a kiddie game. Try “worst since the Great Depression and also since before that, for all of history.” This is going to be comically bad. We are talking tens of millions of homeless in America alone, […]

Will This Pandemic Finally Mark the End of the US Carrier Fleet?

THE SAKER • APRIL 16, 2020  Frankly, I have never considered USN carrier strike groups as a “Cold War capable” element of the US Navy. Yes, in theory, there was the notion of forward deploying these carriers to “bring the war to the Soviets” (on the Kola Peninsula) before they could flush their subs and aircraft through […]

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