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“Financially Devastated” – Over 80% of NYC Restaurants Unable to Pay Rent

The state of the New York City restaurant industry is in dire straits. July proved to be another disastrous month for restaurants, bars, and nightlife establishments across the city with a majority unable to pay rent in July, a new survey found. NYC Hospitality Alliance surveyed about 500 owners and operators of eateries in the […]

Trump Plan to Kill Energy Star Program Financially Benefits His Companies

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Host of Hardline Radio Show The Trump administration’s defunding of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) may be financially beneficial to Donald Trump’s businesses and properties after all. The call to cut all funding for the Energy Star Program (ESP) will have an immediate and literal effect on several […]

Natural chemical found in blue-green algae found to destroy cancer cells … Potent anti-cancer medicine fights brain and breast tumors that chemo can’t treat

(NaturalNews) Scientists from Oregon State University have discovered that a compound found in algae can fight two of the most aggressive types of cancer out there: triple negative breast cancer and brain tumors. The findings were presented at the Experimental Biology 2016 meeting last month in San Diego. The discovery was made by […]

S. Azadegan digging operations complete by September 2016

TEHRAN, March 15 (Shana) – Drilling operations at South Azadegan oilfield are 61% complete and will sum up by September 2016, a senior official with National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC) said. Mehran Makvandi, NIDC deputy managing director in drilling projects, told Shana that NIDC is currently involved in 14 major drilling projects in onshore and […]

UN envoy ‘optimistic, determined’ after informal talks with Syrian opposition

De Mistura met with the Riyadh-backed High Negotiations Committee (HNC) in a Geneva hotel on Sunday, he told reporters, adding that it was a “courtesy call.” “They deserved that we pay attention to their own concerns,” he explained. “I have been explaining what is the [peace] plan and what all meetings are about.” He told […]

Hand of God? Pictures of heavenly cloud formation go viral

Locals living on the Portuguese island of Madeira were greeted with the unusual cloud formation this week with weather blogger Rogerio Pacheco taking a few snaps of the impressive morning sky. “For me, the cloud looks like an outstretched hand with a fireball,” Pacheco told the Weather Channel. “Others have compared it to a flaming […]

Kazakh thieves steal 1,000 kg of… pinecones in hope to sell them back to owner

The alleged thieves are local residents of the Pavlodarsk region in northeastern Kazakhstan. They broke into a warehouse where the cones were being prepared for planting and stole 1,218 kilograms of them, the local police said on Thursday. After being arrested, the two men, aged 33 and 24, confessed that they had intended to sell their […]

Flashback: Health Ranger predicted ISIS would target ‘gun-free zones’ near LA after Paris attacks, warned Americans to arm themselves in self-defense

(NaturalNews) Just two days after the horrific terror attacks in Paris claimed the lives of 130 people, Mike Adams, editor of Natural News, predicted […]

Putin: Obama and I Have Common Understanding of Next Steps in Syria – Veterans Today

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Very First Batch of US-Trained Syrian “Moderates” Promptly Join Al Qaeda

Very First Batch of US-Trained Syrian “Moderates” Promptly Join Al Qaeda In yet another “stunning” development Division 30, a “moderate” rebel group, which had been trained by the CIA decided last month that Al Qaeda was a better employer; on crossing the border, the men immediately defected to Al Qaeda, handing over weapons and their substantial expertise- they were […]

Utah Monetary Declaration: States Can Financially Break Away From Federal Government

  Ron Hera Oct 2, 2011 Earlier this week I attended the Utah Monetary Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah.  As you may know, the state of Utah passed a Legal Tender Act earlier this year authorizing the use of federally minted gold and silver coins as money in the state of Utah.  Now, legislators in other states, many of […]

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