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China ramps up testing frozen imports after finding COVID-19 on packaging

China has ramped up testing of frozen foods after saying it has repeatedly discovered the coronavirus on imported products and their packaging, triggering mass scale testing of food and related personnel, suspension of certain imports and disruptions to trade flows.China, which has suspended imports from 99 suppliers in 20 countries, argues these measures are needed […]

GOP Makes Criminal Referral After Finding Thousands of Instances of Alleged Voter Fraud in Nevada

Nevada Republicans say they have uncovered more than 3,000 instances of criminal voter fraud and are demanding an investigation from the Department of Justice. The Nevada Republican Party on Thursday announced that its legal team had asked Attorney General William Barr to investigate what they called “criminal voter fraud” in the state. “Our lawyers just […]

Philadelphia Looter Loses Her Sh*t After Finding Her Car Looted By Other Looters

A looter in Philadelphia learnt a major life lesson when her own car full of looted products was looted by other looters overnight. “This looting shit is not worth it,” the reformed looter says on camera. “Why would they do this to our car? They f***ed us up. Threw all the sh*t out the car. […]

Rudy Giuliani Describes Finding ‘Straight Out Child Porn’ On Hunter Biden’s Laptop From Hell

Rudy Giuliani has described what he says are disturbing photos of underage girls  — including “straight out-and-out child pornography” — on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which were handed over to the police in New Castle County, Delaware on Monday. Recall that the FBI’s top child porn lawyer signed a subpoena used to obtain a copy of Hunter Biden’s hard […]

Some LGBTQ Jews finding meaning in Orthodox laws of family purity

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Finding Time for a Daily Spiritual Practice: How and Why to Devote Your Time

October 14th, 2020 By Nikki Harper Staff Writer for Wake Up World In theory, a daily spiritual practice of some kind sounds great. In theory, it’s a blessing in your busy day. Some time out just for you, to focus on your own spiritual growth, and to deepen your personal connection with your own divinity. […]

The Beothuk Key: Finding a Lost Chinese-Norse Civilization in Canada

Two mysteries – one Oriental, one Western – have attracted considerable attention recently both in academic and popular spheres: the disappearance of the Seventh Chinese Treasure Fleet and the disappearance of the people of Greenland. Until now, people have not considered that the two stories might be somehow connected. Indeed, although very much in retrospect, […]

Dutch police arrest 17 after finding country’s ‘largest ever’ cocaine lab

Dutch police have dismantled what they described as the Netherlands’ “largest cocaine laboratory ever”. The discovery was made during raids at a converted riding school in Nijeveen, 120 kilometres northeast of Amsterdam. Police confirmed in a statement that they discovered tens of thousands of litres of chemicals and 100 kilograms of crack cocaine. The so-called […]

So You Think Finding a Spouse Is Tough in America?

Japan’s Obligatory Overtime culture makes marriage almost impossible.  Sex in Japan: Dying for Company. [embedded content] America’s socialist jewstice feminists ignore the sexism in other cultures, especially in socialist/communist countries.  They believe in the fairy tale that socialism is superior to free enterprise.  It is hypocritical to blame the “White patriarchy” for all of the […]

Finding the truth amid israel’s lies

Finding the truth amid Israel’s lies Ilan Pappe The Electronic Intifada Illustration by Nidal El-Khairy Great sadness and suffering flooded the roads – convoy upon convoy of refugees making their way [to the Lebanese border]. They leave the villages of their homeland and the homeland of their ancestors and move to an alien, unknown new […]

The Spiritualistic vs. Scientific Worldview – Finding Common Ground

May 30th, 2018 By Simon Vandekerckhove Guest writer for Wake Up World Famously, the Book of Genesis opens with the presumptuous statement that, “In the beginning … God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). This very first line of the Bible has put the Christian faith – or any other faith for that […]

Despite studies finding increases risk of cancer from cellphone radiation, the FDA claims they’re safe as long as you’re not a “heavy user”

(Natural News) A new government study presents data to suggest that mobile phone use is detrimental to humans because of all the non-ionizing radiation these devices emit. But not to worry, claims the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – we’re all apparently not using our cellphones enough for them to cause […]

Finding Comfort in Uncertain Times

February 20th, 2018 By Victoria Fann Guest writer for Wake Up World In my own life and the lives of most people around me, time seems to be moving swiftly, and it is accompanied by lots of change, both personally and collectively. Frankly, at times, the pace is a bit much. I barely get settled before the […]

Local News Station Admits to Finding Barium in Chemtrail Fallout!!!

A Local News Station Admits to Finding Barium in Chemtrail Fallout!!! Because of the increasing censorship and ‘on purpose’ ad demonization, now more than ever, I really need your help in order to keep this small, independent media site going and sharing information with you 365 days/year. If you like my work and […]

The Energetic Shift in Consciousness – Finding the Courage to Evolve

December 19th, 2017 By Rachel Horton White Guest writer for Wake Up World The energy right now is that of a pulling in, a going inward. This is partially due to Mercury retrograde and largely due to the seismic energetic shift in consciousness and collective awakening happening all over the planet. We are being confronted with our […]

New Moon In Sagittarius: Finding Your Truth

Next Story We are having a New Moon in Sagittarius on December 18 at 6:30am Universal Time which will work out to be late night of the 17th for those in the Americas. New Moons are the start of a new new lunar cycle bringing in a new wave of energy for the coming month. […]

Media Silent as Syrian Forces Finally Defeat ISIS, Finding Cache of Made In USA Weapons

By Rachel Blevins When the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria began to dominate headlines in 2014, it was made out to be the most horrifying, ruthless terrorist group in existence—now any coverage the group receives tells a story of defeat, and the discovery of American weapons and equipment has gone virtually unnoticed. ISIS was forced […]

Study determines medical students need more education after finding they are "overconfident and unprepared" – especially regarding nutrition

(Natural News) Most people turn to doctors when they think they’re coming down with something or if they have questions about their health and nutrition. But what happens when medical students, future doctors themselves, can only grasp at straws when it comes to concerns about nutritional guidelines? The results of a study published in the […]

Full Moon In Taurus: Finding Simplicity In The Midst Of Complexity

Next Story We will enter the Full Moon phase of the lunar cycle on November 4th at 5:23am Universal Time. For those in the Western hemisphere, it will appear fullest on the night of November 3rd. During Full Moons, we experience a push-pull between two opposite signs, with the Moon sign tending to exert greater force. In […]

Assange offers €20K reward for finding killers of Malta’s ‘one-woman WikiLeaks’

The investigative journalist died after the car she was travelling in exploded near her home in Bidnija, northern Malta, at around 3pm on Monday. Maltese police have opened a murder inquiry. Maltese journalist who led Panama Papers corruption investigation killed in car blast The 53 year old ran the hugely popular ‘Running Commentary’ blog which […]

Finding Inner Strength to be Vulnerable in Relationships

Next Story Tantric Intimacy holds the potential to connect us completely. We drop our guards and allow our whole self to flow into another person as we totally receive them as well. This creates a seemingly magical circuit of loving energy that can take us to infinite, wondrous places. This is very simple to say […]

Finding Our Way Back to Truth by Following a String of Facts

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Full Moon In Pisces: Finding Serenity

Next Story There will be a Full Moon in Pisces on September 6th but appearing at its fullest as it builds up on the night of September 5th. This is the peak of the lunar cycle that was initiated by a powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo (August 21st), and it’s occurring less than a […]

Fact Or Fiction – Finding Out What Really Happened To The Knights Templar

Few military orders throughout history have maintained the same air of secrecy and mystique as the Knights Templar. From their humble origins in the Middle East to their sudden fall in Paris centuries later, their story has captivated generations and inspired books, films, and video games. Perhaps more tantalizing, however, are the […]

Theresa May Blocks 9/11 Survivors Finding Out Truth About Saudi Arabia

British Prime Minister Theresa May has blocked 9/11 victims and their families from finding out the extent of Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the attacks.  Survivors of the attacks are urging May to release a censored report commissioned by former PM David Cameron which details how the Saudi regime funded Wahhabi terror and helped orchestrate the […]

Tearing Down The Walls That Keep Us From Finding Common Ground

Above Photo: AFPDANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS The current occupant of the White House wants to build a “real,” “big,” “serious” wall. To avoid a government shutdown, the administration wavered on the timing of funding. But that does not mean a wall, or walls, will not be built. Walls are material structures, and — maybe more importantly — they […]

14 foreign security guards killed, 8 wounded in Kabul suicide bomb attack

Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi wrote on his Twitter account that 14 people had been killed and eight wounded, while the police were identifying the victims. Initial report of today’s terrorist attack in Kabul 14 killed and 8 wounded, Police are working to ID victims. — Sediq Sediqqi (@moispokesman) June 20, 2016 The casualties included […]

‘She held brother’s hand throughout’: 12yo girl survives Russian lake disaster, raises alarm

Follow RT’s LIVE UPDATES on Russian tourist boat disaster The tragedy that occurred on the Lake Syamozero in Karelia was reported by Yulia K., a 12-year-old girl from Moscow, who was cast ashore and managed to make it to the nearest settlement on her own. A tourist group on board of two boats and a […]

Fukushima radiation blamed for spike in U.S. sailor deaths; 400 veterans suffering serious, debilitating illnesses

(NaturalNews) The death and sickness toll for U.S. sailors who were aboard an American aircraft carrier sent to assist the Japanese government in the hours and days following the March 2011 meltdown of nuclear reactors at Fukushima is growing, with scores more continuing to come forward. Japan’s Kyodo news agency is reporting that […]

Parents Found Their Lost Kid…. But After 90 Years, Family Witnessed A Shocking Truth

6-year-old Bobby Dunbar. The Judge found the kid to be Bobby Dunbar and gave custody to Percy and Lessie, parents of Bobby Dunbar. And Walters was convicted of kidnapping the kid and was sentenced to jail for two years. Bobby Dunbar with his wife and kids in 1948. The boy raised as Bobby Dunbar grew […]

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