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Dog Finds Tiny Orphaned Kitten In His Garden, And Now They Are Best Friends

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Smoking Gun? Chinese Scientist Finds "Killer Coronavirus Probably Originated From A Laboratory In Wuhan"

The possible origins of 2019-nCoV coronavirus Botao Xiao1,2* and Lei Xiao3 1 Joint International Research Laboratory of Synthetic Biology and Medicine, School of Biology and Biological Engineering, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou 510006, China 2 School of Physics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430074, China 3 Tian […]

Study Evaluates 185 Meta-Analyses on Anti-Depressants & Finds A Strong Big Pharma Influence

The Facts: Our vote no longer represents our power as individual citizens to have an impact on the actions of our government, but rather forces us to participate in a false dichotomy designed to keep us distracted from accessing the true source of our problems. Reflect On: You never change things by fighting the existing […]

Natural News investigation finds shipping LONG EXPIRED superfoods: "Grape Fiber powder" expired in 2018, shipped as new in 2020

(Natural News) Just weeks after the Wall Street Journal published a damning investigation which found was selling literal dumpster trash as new food, a investigation has caught selling long expired, banged-up superfood supplements that look like they were reclaimed from trash dumpsters, too. As part of our routine purchasing of superfoods […]

The Court Finds Greek OPAP’s Monopoly Legal Greek laws are undergoing

The Court Finds Greek OPAP’s Monopoly Legal Greek laws are undergoing major reforms, concerning the gambling that is online. Several days ago the Greek court has announced that the online video gaming services, given by OPAP, are not in violation with the Greek’s regulations. OPAP could be the business that is known as to […]

Historian Finds New Evidence to Prove Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church’s Initial Ordination was Illegitimate — The Duran

Shumylo concludes that initial ordinations of the UAOC hierarchy were, unfortunately, conducted by an imposter without the Apostolic succession. via Historian Finds New Evidence to Prove Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church’s Initial Ordination was Illegitimate — The Duran Source Article from Hits: 10

‘Complete contentment and happiness’: Groundbreaking study finds death is a EUPHORIC experience

People who momentarily depart their mortal coil before being revived are left with positive perceptions of what it’s like to pass away, according to a groundbreaking new study.  The researchers used artificial intelligence to mine a treasure trove of 158 written testimonies from people who had near-death experiences and found that positive words like ‘see’ […]

Study Finds That Nearly 30,000 Plant Species Are Used As Medicine Around World

The Facts: A study published in The Astrophysical Journal in October found that hundreds of galaxies were rotating in sync with the motions of galaxies that were tens of millions of light years away. This suggests that an invisible force somehow connects them. Reflect On: How much of what we know, and what we think […]

Precious Puppy Waiting To Be Adopted Finds Comfort At Shelter Carrying His Stuffed Toy

At the North Central Shelter in Los Angeles, a four-year-old German shepherd finds comfort carrying around his stuffed toy. Ace Lobo, #A1917183, was someone’s dog, but they have not come for him yet. He has been at the shclter since December 19. Animal advocate and shelter volunteer Tom Kiesche shared Ace Lobo’s story: “He loves caring […]

Review of 3,000 studies finds almost 400 medical reversals: HUNDREDS of current medical practices are INEFFECTIVE

(Natural News) Hundreds of current medical practices are ineffective and/or unsafe. Researchers from the Knight Cancer Institute at the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland reviewed 3,000 medical studies conducted over the past fifteen years. The studies were taken from three prestigious medical journals: The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), The Lancet, […]

REAL SCIENCE finds carbon dioxide’s effects on the climate are "negligible"

(Natural News) Climate change activists love to insist that carbon dioxide is behind global warming, and they’ve made a sport out of refuting claims to the contrary. However, it’s getting harder to defend their delusional stance as more than 100 different scientific papers and counting show that carbon dioxide’s effect on the […]

Large Study Finds Antioxidants, Vitamins & Minerals Are “Substantially” Higher In Organic Food

The Facts: The more we complain, the more we wire our brain to focus on the ‘negative’ aspects of our lives. Luckily this is a two-way street, and we can undo this wiring and begin to step into a more neutral mindset and outlook. Reflect On: How much do you complain? The first step towards […]

Sunscreen chemicals absorbed into body, study finds

   The chemicals in sunscreens help shield people from the sun’s rays, but they are also absorbed into the body at levels that raise some safety questions, a new study confirms. The study, by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is a follow-up to a 2019 investigation. Both reached the same conclusion: The active […]

Global Poll Finds Majority Believe Capitalism More Harmful Than Good

Global Poll Finds Majority Believe Capitalism More Harmful Than Good Above photo: According to a new global survey, 56 percent of respondents agreed with the statement, “Capitalism as it exists today does more harm than good in the world.” Jonny White/cc/flickr. The majority also said they believe they won’t be better off five years from now. A […]

Study Finds Fans of Dark Humor More Likely To Be Intelligent

John Vibes, Truth Theory Waking Times Are you a fan of dark humor? If so, research has shown that you might be more intelligent on average, and less aggressive as well. According to a 2017 study published in the journal Cognitive Processing, people who enjoy dark humor are more likely to be intelligent, and also less […]

The risk of braces: Study finds dental correction doesn’t always yield the expected confidence boost … Are the benefits worth the health risks?

(Natural News) Orthodontic treatments are anything but cheap, but many parents are convinced that scratching together the money for braces for their children will make all the difference to their future confidence levels. After all, it just doesn’t make sense that the kid with the ugly, crooked teeth will grow up to […]

Local Activism Can’t Be Crushed, Research Finds. At Most, It Changes Target

According to received wisdom, local activism against the establishment of industrial plants follows a cycle, with its highest intensity a short time after mobilization. If a firm stands, activism is destined to fade away. New research published in the Strategic Management Journal suggests we should think again. Fabrizio Perretti (Bocconi’s Department of Management and Technology) and Alessandro […]

Top Apps Invade User Privacy By Collecting and Sharing Personal Data, New Report Finds — NATION AND STATE

A new year often starts with good resolutions. Some resolve to change a certain habit, others resolve to abandon an undesired trait. Mobile app makers, too, claim to have user behavior and their preferences at their heart. 35 more words via Top Apps Invade User Privacy By Collecting and Sharing Personal Data, New Report Finds — […]

Dog Rescuer Starts Crying When She Finds Deformed Puppy Wrapped In A Blanket

Freddy is a tiny dog that melts hearts and shares joy around. Rescuers found her under a car and gave her a second chance for life despite all the challenges she faces every single day because of her deformities. Once in the safe hands of the people who cared enough not to let her die, […]

Study Finds Bots and MAGA Supporters Pushing #IraniansDetestSoleimani Hashtag

The hashtag #IraniansDetestSoleimani has been trending on Twitter this week, as users voiced their opposition to the recently assassinated Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani. The hashtag remained one of the most popular amongst users in the U.S. and Western Europe. But similar viral sentiment was not expressed across the Middle East, least of all on […]

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