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Cyber attack in Finland hits email accounts of MPs and parliament

Email accounts belonging to Finnish MPs were compromised during a cyberattack on the country’s parliament in the autumn, it’s emerged. Police say they are investigating the “suspected gross hacking and espionage” but have not revealed details of what information was lost. “The act is not accidental,” said crime commissioner Tero Muurman, revealing the incident in […]

Finland’s bittersweet boost as UNESCO recognises its sauna culture

Finland must feel like it has won the lottery with a record-low jackpot. The country received a huge boost last week when UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) officially recognised the importance of its sauna culture. Yet it was a bittersweet moment for the Nordic country – the majority of its public saunas […]

Jews In Finland Retain ‘Right’ To Mutilate And Suck Blood Off Newborns’ Penises Without Medical License

Caving under pressure from small but inordinately powerful international Jewish groups, lawmakers in Finland removed language that would have banned non-medical circumcision of boys from a proposed bill on female genital mutilation: The measure calling to “clarify” Finland’s ban on the genital mutilation of women passed Friday in the Parliament. Amendments would have potentially limited […]

Barking up the right tree? Dogs being used to sniff out COVID-19 in Finland

Sniffer dogs are usually used to detect drugs or explosives. But at Helsinki airport in Finland, they’re being utilised to test for coronavirus. A pilot project is providing instant and pain-free COVID-19 testing on the spot. The canines have already sniffed more than 2,000 test samples since their booth was set up a month ago. […]

Finland: Satanic Court Forces Man to Pay Alimony to Cheating Whore Wife Who Cuckolded Him

Jews force men in Finland to pay for the children of other men. Finish courts are now upholding cuckoldry. Helsinki Times: THE HELSINKI COURT OF APPEAL has upheld the verdict given by the district court that a man has to pay alimony for a child which is not biologically his, and was the result of […]

Move over, Sanna! Girl, 16, becomes Finland’s prime minister for a day

A 16-year-old girl stepped into the shoes of Finland’s prime minister as part of a UN day to raise awareness about gender inequality. Sanna Marin ceremoniously handed over the reins of power to Aava Murto ahead of the UN’s International Day of the Girl on October 11. The “Girls Takeover” initiative saw Murto, from the […]

Finland Officially Bans Any Political Opposition To Jewish Supremacy And Its Radical Agenda

Finland’s Supreme Court rejected an attempt by a “neo-Nazi” movement to overturn a state prohibition on its activities in the country, and by doing so effectively ruled that any organized opposition to Jewish power and supremacy is illegal: The ruling upheld an earlier decision, which banned the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM), following a recommendation […]

Finnish top court bans Finland’s main neo-Nazi group

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BLM Protesters Ask People in Finland to Raise a Fist in Solidarity, Locals Make a Heart-Warming Gesture

BLM is on a world tour, trying to make Whites all over feel guilty for supposedly oppressing the Blacks with all our racism. Apparently these Finns do not understand to throw up the Commie fist properly. (Or maybe the Finns know the dangers of Communism, which is why the repelled the Soviety invasion in the […]

Children in Finland Targeted by Genocidal Leftist Depravity

It is one thing to educate, warn, and prepare; it is another thing entirely to indoctrinate, desensitize, and actively encourage transgressions. A purported educational guide being distributed to school-age children in Finland is guilty of the latter distinction. This propaganda campaign has all the hallmarks of similar left-wing sexually depraved how-to manuals that have become […]

Finland, Sweden and US Deepen Defence Cooperation in Washington

Minister of Defence Jussi Niinistö travelled to Washington DC on Monday to meet his Swedish counterpart Peter Hultqvist and US defence secretary James Mattis. Defence Ministers from Finland, Sweden and the United States are scheduled to meet in Washington to discuss military cooperation between the three countries and the overall security policy situation, according to […]

May Day Festivities Enjoyed Across Finland

Monday evening’s relatively mild weather brought out May Day revellers in large numbers across the county. Apart from a non-fatal stabbing and a frightening beaver, the night was overall fairly calm, according to police. Festivities in Helsinki, where up to 80,000 people were estimated to have attended the city’s traditional Havis Amanda statue student cap crowning […]

Finland Ends Its Experiment with Universal Basic Income

April 27, 2018 By Daniel J. Mitchell I’m conflicted. I’ve repeatedly expressed skepticism about the idea of governments providing a “basic income” because I fear the work ethic will (further) erode if people automatically receive a substantial chunk of money. Moreover, I also fear that a basic income will lead to an ever-expanding burden […]

First Trans Man Gives Birth in Finland

A man has given birth to a child presumably for the first time in the history of Finland, reports Lännen Media. A Finnish miracle! A man gives birth! A man who has a vagina, ovaries, uterus and XX chromosomes. — RAMZPAUL (@ramzpaul) April 5, 2018 The roughly 30-year-old trans man had begun the gender re-assignment process […]

Want to Be Happy? Try Moving to Finland

Editor’s Note: This article fails to mention that one of the most important sources of a country’s happiness is the homogeneity or near-homogeneity of its populace. Social cohesion and trust are derived from this elementary fact. Why is it that Sweden does not score as high on the “happiness index” anymore? It topped the list […]

Finland’s president who fosters friendly ties with Russia wins re-election

     Finnish President Sauli Niinisto has scored a landslide first-round reelection victory, an apparent vote of confidence for his delicate balancing of ties with neighbor Russia and the West. With all ballots counted on January 28, Niinisto had 62.7 percent of the vote, far more than his top rival, Pekka Haavisto of the Greens, with […]

‘Aesthetic’ intimate surgery on the rise in Finland

     Finland has seen a rise among women seeking intimate cosmetic surgery for reasons that aren’t strictly medical. The Finnish Gynecologist Association is highly critical of the new trend, which involves operations such as labial rejuvenation, vagina tightening and hymen restoration. Finnish gynecologists have sounded the alarm over a surge in operations on the lower […]

Iraqi Kurdistan delegation visits Finland

nsnbc : A delegation from the Interior Ministry of the Kurdistan Autonomous Region of Iraq is in Finland on official invitation to exchange idea […]

Finland barred Russian bark from docking in demilitarized Åland during Zapad military exercise

nsnbc : The government and military of Finland barred the Russian bark Kruzenshtern, operated as school ship for the Russian Navy, from docking in Mariehamn […]

Finland: White Women Targeted in Latest Refugee-Terrorist Attack

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Two Dead, Several Injured in Finland, Police Shoot Knifeman

Two people have been killed, reports Helsinki newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, after police used a firearm to stop a knifeman during an attack in the city of Turku, in the southwest of Finland. A manhunt is underway as police search for what they described as “more perpetrators” in the city, suggesting there may have been a brawl or even […]

Finland stabbing investigated as terrorist attack, suspect 18yo Moroccan – media citing police

READ MORE: 2 dead, 6 injured in Finland stabbing attack, unclear if incident related to terrorism – police “Due to information received during the night, the Turku stabbings are now being investigated as murders with terrorist intent,” the National Bureau of Investigation said in a statement, as cited by Reuters. Two people were killed and […]

Finland Builds Massive Underground City To Prepare For Russia Invasion

Finland is currently building a massive underground CITY to fit all 600,000 residents of the capital should there be a Russia invasion. Hundreds of miles of tunnels underneath Helsinki, Finland, have been constructed in the case of an emergency. Putin pushing military drills around eastern Europe adds to unease in Finland. The Underground Master Plan […]

Finland Tests Guaranteed Basic Income

Participants receive €560 (£473) every month for two years and do not have to demonstrate that they are actively seeking work Finland has been giving 2,000 of its citizens an unconditional income for the last five months and some are already seeing the benefits, reporting decreased stress, greater incentives to find work and more time to pursue […]

Migrants “Convert” to Christianity to Avoid Deportation from Finland

When in Finland, do like the Finns do. This must be the logic of Muslim asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq who according to recent reports are converting to Christianity by the hundred. Many of the apostates suggest they are facing persecution as infidels, which is why returning to their home countries is not […]

Scotland Just Rolled Out Finland’s Tradition Of Gifting New Parents A Baby Box

The financial burden of having a newborn baby weighs heavily on many families. The average Canadian family spends at least $8,000 within the first year of having a child, and this average is even higher in other countries. In some countries, there are some programs that supplement these costs, but at the end of the […]

April in Finland was colder, wetter and snowier than usual

     The Finnish Meteorological Institute’s figures show that April 2017 was colder, wetter and snowier than average, confirming the gut instincts of most of those who reside in Finland. April was unusually damp and cold in Finland, according to the weather stats released on Tuesday by the Meteorological Institute (FMI). Across most of the country […]

Highly unusual snowfall in Finland?

     Email from reader in Finland Hello Robert, It’s been snowing in Finland in May and it’s been highly unusual. I couldn’t find any English news about it yet, which seems a bit fishy to me. However, I’m sure they might report about it later on the Yle News section. I try to keep on […]

Finland, Germany and Iran trained Afghan mining experts

nsnbc : Fifteen Afghan experts received training in mining and geological exploration during a two-week workshop heled in Iran and organized jointly with efforts […]

Finland to sign air transport deal with Iran

Tasnim– A ranking Finnish diplomat unveiled plans for the conclusion of an agreement with Iran on air transportation. In a meeting with an Iranian deputy foreign minister in Helsinki, Secretary of State at Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs Peter Stenlund said the air transportation agreement will be prepared and signed in the near future. He […]

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