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Amazon’s New Security Drone Flies Around Inside Your House

Amazon’s latest home security device is an indoor drone that flies around inside your house. The tiny drone, called the ‘Always Home Cam,’ is being marketed as a mobile security camera that takes the place of installing multiple cameras across your home. “It’s not practical to have a camera at every angle in every room […]

Mayor of Haredi settlement flies to Uman pilgrimage as residents prepare for full lockdown

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Tesla Flies in New Battery Production Line for Gigafactory

Tesla Flies in New Battery Production Line for Gigafactory May 25th, 2018 Balls to the wall 24/7. Besides the normal Model S and X and energy products output, there’s the Model 3 ramp, the single 50,000 unit Powerwall order from Australia, an as yet […]

95yo Russian WWII veteran flies in air tube after parachute jump & scuba diving (VIDEO)

Maria Koltakova, a 95-year-old World War II veteran, flew in an air tube for the first time in her life. A Ruptly video shows the incredible woman courageously stepping into the tube, accompanied by two instructors. “It feels very good, a top-of-the-world feeling. It was not scary,” Koltakova said. “And I liked it very much. […]

Russian Fighter Jet Flies Within 5 Feet Of US Spy Plane, Causing "Violent Turbulence"

In the latest attempt to recreate Top Gun in real life, a Russian Su-27 fighter jet reportedly performed an “unsafe intercept of a US Navy P-3 Orion surveillance plane” while it was flying in international airspace next to Russia, over the the Black Sea Monday, CNN reports. What makes today’s alleged close […]

Bill Kristol Flies Into A Rage After MSNBC Guest Points Out He Advocated Bombing Iran

Neocon Bill Kristol flew into a rage Tuesday on MSNBC after a guest questioned his sudden commitment to helping Iranian’s achieve “freedom” after years of advocating for US military intervention in the region. From Raw Story: During a panel discussion on the protests that are rocking Iran, Kristol said that the […]

It flies, and it snoops: Norway’s pricey F-35s caught sending ‘sensitive data’ to US

The Royal Norwegian Air Force recently received the first three of the 40 F-35 fighter jets it ordered from Lockheed Martin. Major General Morten Klevar, the director of Norway’s F-35 program, has described the fabled fighter jet as “crucial to the continued modernization of our armed forces and our ability to preserve Norwegian and allied […]

U.S. Navy/National Security Agency Submarine Flies Jolly Roger, “For Morale”

U.S. Navy/National Security Agency Submarine Flies Jolly Roger, “For Morale” September 18th, 2017 Via: Ottawa Citizen: US Navy Commander Corey Barker told the UK’s Daily Mail that the flag was flown for morale, and has no further significance. “There was no real reason for […]

Elon Musk, CLIMATE HYPOCRITE: He flies around on a fuel-guzzling private jet while claiming fossil fuels will destroy the Earth

(Natural News) Back in 2015 Elon Musk was sharing his immense concern about what would happen if “governments continue to rely on fossil fuels.” The founder of Tesla and Space X was, as reported by the Business Insider, especially worried about the two billion people living within 60 miles of a coastline. These folks wouldn’t just lose their homes […]

Pyongyang’s short-range ballistic missile flies 450 km, lands in Sea of Japan – S. Korean military

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said Pyongyang launched a projectile in the eastern direction from Wonsan, Gangwon Province at dawn. “It is estimated to be a Scud type [missile],” JCS said, adding, that the projectile flew about 450 kilometers. “The president was immediately notified of the situation, and the president ordered the NSC Standing […]

EGO FOOTPRINT: To get to a climate speech, Obama flies in a fuel-guzzling private jet, then motorcades with 14 vehicles

(Natural News) It’s amazing how even though Barack Obama is no longer the president of the United States, he still finds ways to remind us of just how self-inflated and egotistical he is. Obama lived like a king throughout his entire presidency, and even though he’s been officially out of the Oval Office for nearly […]

Pyongyang’s ‘unidentified missile’ flies 700km, lands in Sea of Japan

“North Korea launched a ballistic missile at 5:27am this morning in Pyongan Province,” South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said, adding, that it is now analyzing the launch. The US military tracked the launch, but said it was unlikely an intercontinental ballistic missile. “The type of missile is being assessed and the flight was not […]

Dublin Council flies Palestinian flag over city hall in ‘gesture of solidarity’

The motion, passed Monday, was proposed by left-wing People Before Profit Councillor John Lyons, who said the move would support communities living under a form of “apartheid, worse than South Africa.” It was carried with the support of Sinn Féin and left-wing parties by 42 to 11, with seven abstentions. Center-right parties Fine Gael and […]

‘Strategic messaging’ – Russia flies bombers along US coast 4 times in 4 days

The two most recent sightings occurred late Wednesday and Thursday, with the first involving two IL-38 maritime patrol aircraft and the second involving two Tu-95 nuclear-capable ‘Bear’ bombers. The bombers entered the Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone 700 nautical miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska – significantly farther from the […]

The persisting mystery of MH370

K.S. Narendran (nsnbc) : It is over 800 days since Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared. Pieces of debris, suspected to be from the aircraft, have lain in Madagascar for over three weeks now, along with more than a dozen personal belongings found on the same beach where these were found. They remain unclaimed by Malaysia, […]

Aspartame is a hidden schedule II narcotic

(NaturalNews) You’re probably thinking, “Did I read the headline right?” or maybe, “Is the headline right?” The answer to both questions is “yes.” Artificial sweetener aspartame is indeed a Schedule II narcotic, because the methanol in aspartame affects dopamine levels in the brain, which can lead to addiction. Methanol, or wood alcohol, is […]

Fragile infrastructure: Michigan declares energy emergency as gas shortage looms over holiday weekend

     Michigan is rolling out a convoy of gasoline trucks as the state braces for a possible fuel shortage over the upcoming holiday weekend. The governor has declared an energy emergency, extending truckers’ work hours to ensure gas supplies. “We want to make sure the fuel Michiganders need for their travels to work, school or […]



US must explain Afghan anti-terror failure, seek intl help to fix it – ex-president Karzai to RT

“Using extremism as a tool for anybody must not be allowed – any state, no matter who that state is,” Hamid Karzai told RT’s Maria Finoshina. Specifically, Karzai noted US interference in Afghanistan in the Cold War era as a pretext to wage war against the rival USSR. At that at the time countries, such as […]

Rape Prevention With the Push of A Button

Michaela Whitton (AM) : A groundbreaking device was launched this week to make sure everyone can access help in an emergency, regardless of where they are. A team of engineers and developers have created Revolar — a tiny, wearable device that sends immediate alerts to contacts if the user feels threatened or unsafe. Photo courtesy […]

Jordan ‘turns from US & Israel’ by setting up anti-ISIS war room with Russia

     Jordan has set up a joint war room with Russia to carry out coordinated anti-Daesh (ISIL) military operations in Syria, indicating a turn by the country from its US, Saudi Arabia and Israeli allies, in the face of the increasing volatility of the entire Middle East region. The move by Jordanian King Abdullah II […]

Millionaire Rapper Blac Youngsta Detained By Atlanta Police By Mistake

Rapper ‘Blac Youngsta’ was detained outside an Atlanta bank after withdrawing $200,000 on Friday. In a case of mistaken identity, the Georgia Wells Fargo bank confused him with a suspected check fraudster. The 25-year-old millionaire said they targeted him because he was black and rich and didn’t fit their stereotype. NY Daily News reports: Sam Benson, who goes […]

ISIS Spread To Afghanistan Raising Terror Threat Level

The Russian Defence Ministry have reported that ISIS militants have arrived in Afghanistan, substantially increasing the chance of terrorist attacks in the region.  Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said the situation in Afghanistan was concerning: “All prerequisites are in place for us to confidently state that ISIL cells have emerged there. In addition to everything that went on before, we […]

The 239 Year Timeline of America’s Involvement in Military Conflict

Year-by-year Timeline of America’s Major Wars (1776-2011) 1776 – American Revolutionary War, Chickamagua Wars, Second Cherokee War, Pennamite-Yankee War 1777 – American Revolutionary War, Chickamauga Wars, Second Cherokee War, Pennamite-Yankee War 1778 – American Revolutionary War, Chickamauga Wars, Pennamite-Yankee War 1779 – American Revolutionary War, Chickamauga Wars, Pennamite-Yankee War 1780 – American Revolutionary War, Chickamauga […]

High-tech means higher sales for many small retailers

An independent retailer may not look like the cutting edge of technology, but these small businesses increasingly turn to apps and sophisticated software to connect with customers. Small retailers use high-tech innovations to build relationships with customers; they often can’t compete with big chains on prices, so they aim at better, individualized service. Some of […]

Too much even for Siberia: Worst blizzard in 10yrs turns Omsk into huge snowball

From: The snow has gotten off to an incredible start in Siberia, where a record snowfall has paralyzed many areas of the city of Omsk, with thousands of drivers hopelessly stuck in hellish snowstorm traffic for hours. You might say it’s nothing special for Siberia, but those who know – […]

Chinese support on climate change ‘essential,’ Hollande says

NASA’s TIMED mission, short for Thermosphere, Ionosphere, Mesosphere Energetics and Dynamics, has confirmed a surprisingly fast carbon dioxide increase in Earth’s upper atmosphere, raising questions about how different layers … Source Article from Hits: 0

Plane flies into ferris wheel

TWO children amazingly escaped injury when a light plane crashed into a ferris wheel they were riding at a fair on the NSW mid-north coast yesterday. The nine-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl were riding the ferris wheel at the Old Bar Fair, near Taree, when the ultra-light Cheetah S200 crashed into the top of the […]

US flies a quarter of all NATO sorties in Libya

AFP Aug 23, 2011 WASHINGTON — The US military carried out 5,316 flights in Libya since the allied “Operation Unified Protector” began, comprising 27 percent of all NATO missions, the Pentagon said Monday. The United States, which initially led the air campaign before handing over the lead to NATO, played a support role for the […]

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