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US Calls Shooting by Saudi Military Officer in Florida an “Act of Terrorism”

(MEMO) — The fatal shooting of three Americans by a Saudi Air Force officer at a Florida naval base last month was “an act of terrorism,” US Attorney General William Barr said on Monday, adding that 21 Saudi military trainees will be pulled out of the United States following an investigation into the incident, reports Reuters. The […]

Florida Man Arrested for Handing Out Marijuana on the Street “Because It Was Christmas”

(TMU) — A 67-year-old man was arrested Saturday in St. Petersburg, Florida, after police were informed that he had been handing out marijuana to passers-by “because it was Christmas,” authorities said. Richard Ellis Spurrier was stopped by police at 11:30 p.m. in downtown St. Petersburg just as he was dispensing the leafy green treats to […]

Israeli Jews are ‘equivalent of Seminoles deciding to take over Florida’ and Arabs are the cowboys — Jeffrey Goldberg reemerges

“I don’t write about this any more,” Jeffrey Goldberg said of Israel last week in New York. Then he talked about it for 90 minutes, and it was clear why he doesn’t write about it. Goldberg expressed conservative views on Zionism and Jewish cultural/religious questions, repeatedly derided American political culture as ignorant and ahistorical, and […]

2 rescued after sinkhole swallows minivan near Ocala, Florida

   A water main break caused the ground to open up in an Ocala-area neighborhood, causing a minivan to fall in and leaving two people trapped inside until good Samaritans came to the rescue. Witnesses said the sinkhole that formed on Thursday quickly turned into an emergency for those inside the minivan. “I went inside […]

Saudi attacker ‘acted alone’ in Florida naval base rampage

Investigators believe a Saudi Air Force lieutenant acted alone on Friday when he killed three people and wounded eight at a United States Navy base in Pensacola, Florida before being fatally shot by police, the FBI has said. But they have yet to determine a motive for the rampage, even though fellow Saudi […]

4 Dead After Two Robbers Hijack UPS Van, Ending In Epic Gun Battle On Florida Highway 

Four people have been confirmed dead after a UPS truck was hijacked by two suspects following a robbery attempt of a jewelry store on South Florida’s Miracle Mile Thursday, reported CBS Miami. The suspects led police on a two-county rush-hour chase through Miami and ended in a hail of gunfire on Miramar Parkway and Flamingo […]

Amazon Alexa Could Be Used To Prosecute Case In Florida — But Is There Probable Cause?

By Aaron Kesel Police in Florida are investigating whether Alexa can be a witness to a possible murder and are attempting to use the smart device for its knowledge on the death. In July, Sylvia Galva Crespo, 32, was killed by a spear to the chest at home in her Hallandale Beach, Florida, north of […]

NEO – Of fools, wickedness, and the “European Florida”

by Phil Butler, …with New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow [ Editor’s Note: What do Greece, Crete and Florida have in common? Absolutely nothing. I would ruin Phi’s story by telling you why, because he has done a good job. My story, thankfully, is a bit different that his, as where I grew is pretty much the […]

Tropical Storm Nestor leaves path of destruction in Florida

   Tropical Storm Nestor spawned a string of tornadoes that damaged homes, uprooted trees and overturned vehicles as it moved inland over the Florida Panhandle from the Gulf of Mexico, late on Friday and early on Saturday, officials said. A tornado touched down near Seminole, Fla., about 15 miles west of St. Petersburg, around 9:20 […]

Who is using the Florida MSM to mislead the health freedom and anti-vax movements?

    FACT CHECKING FL’s FAKE NEWS: Lauren Book’s SB 64 ‘Mandatory Vaccine’ Bill Was NOT Withdrawn by Sayer Ji [NOTE: They changed the titled to “Senator: Bill seeking to end religious exemptions for vaccines won’t be heard” within hours after our inquiry. This is still not true. See article for details.] The media […]

WATCH: Florida Officer Off the Job After SWAT Team Raids Wrong House

MELBOURNE, Fla. – A Melbourne officer is off the job after the city’s SWAT team raided the wrong house. Melbourne police Detective Jonathan Hawk submitted his resignation at the end of October, five months after the raid. According to investigative transcripts, the SWAT team entered a home on Bentwood Court, when they meant to search […]

Bong scare? Florida school evacuates campus after staff misheard report of ‘bomb’

   A Florida school was briefly put on high alert after a staff member misheard the word “bong” as “bomb,” prompting an emergency evacuation. Fortunately for all involved, nothing went up in smoke. When a concerned family member phoned Marianna High School to report that a student had brought a bong to class in their […]

Florida County unanimously passes anti-BDS resolution after Israeli official tells commission the movement ‘stands for anti-semitism’

On September 24, Florida’s Broward County unanimously passed a resolution condemning the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement after an Israeli official denounced it in front of the county’s commission. Resolution No. 2019-445 was introduced by County Commissioner Steve Geller. It expresses opposition to BDS and calls on Palestine and Israel to return to direct […]

Former Florida Police Officer Claims to Have Extensive Data on Epstein and Prince Andrew Rigged to Dead Man’s Switch

Here is a background piece on John Dougan, if you are not familiar with him: Below is his response to various stories claiming that MI6 is worried that he has turned over information related to Epstein and Prince Andrew to the Russian government. Dougan claims to have encrypted and geographically distributed mirrors […]

Highly Organized Controlled Opposition in Florida Deceives and Betrays Anti-Vax Advocacy Groups

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Remember those Florida parents whose son was abducted by the state after they refused chemo treatments? The government has now assumed PERMANENT CUSTODY of the child

(Natural News) A Florida judge has officially ruled that the state, and not parents, represents the ultimate authority when it comes to making medical decisions for children. Noah McAdams, age four, will now be forced by Florida to continue receiving the toxic chemotherapy treatments that we previously reported his parents wanted to […]

Woman Tosses Molotov Cocktail Into Florida USCIS Office

(WASHINGTON) — A woman tossed a lit Molotov cocktail into the lobby of a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office in Oakland Park, Florida. No major injuries were reported, according to a report of the incident sent to administration officials and viewed by The Associated Press, though one person reported feeling ill from […]

“Monster” Hurricane Dorian Taking Direct Aim at Florida; Stores “Nearly Empty” of Supplies

By Michael Snyder Well, that certainly escalated quickly.  On Wednesday we were told that Hurricane Dorian would only be a Category 3 storm when it hits the Florida coastline, but now we are being told that it will be a Category 4 storm.  Hurricane Dorian is rapidly gaining strength over very warm waters in the […]

HURRICANE DORIAN: A Geoengineered Hurricane Weaponized and Targeting Florida—Why?

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Florida Declares State Of Emergency As Hurricane Dorian Set To Ruin Labor Day Weekend

Just in time to spoil Labor Day weekend, Hurricane Dorian has barreled through the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico without causing much damage, and is now headed straight for the Florida coastline. After intensifying from a tropical storm into a hurricane late Wednesday, the storm continued to strengthen as it pulled closer […]

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