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Florida Supreme Court Rules Police May Detain Passengers During Traffic Stops

By Aaron Kesel Florida’s Supreme Court has ruled that police may detain passengers any and all passengers during even minor traffic stops and that doing so does not violate constitutional rights to hold someone not suspected of any wrongdoing for a “reasonable” time, The Newspaper reported. The high court made the ruling after evaluating […]

South Florida Cops Caught on Video Dropping Handcuffed, Legless Woman to Ground, then Harassing Videographer

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Central Florida smacked with a foul stench in the wake of Hurricane Irma

     Not content to damage homes, toss trees and knock out power to millions, Hurricane Irma has left behind a noxious brew of funk, too. Residents across the region Tuesday reported catching a whiff of a foul, rancid smell that officials blamed on dead fish, stagnant water, flooded ponds and rotting debris – but likely […]

In Florida, it’s illegal to use your own solar panels during a crisis

     When it comes to the U.S. economy, the “con” part offers the best description of the current relationship between business, government and the preyed upon consumer. The way things work in early 21st century America is large businesses bribe politicians in a variety of ways at both the local and federal level, and the […]

After The Hurricane, Solar Kept Florida Homes And A City’s Traffic Lights Running

Above Photo: Florida, for all its solar potential, is still in the nascent stages of what could become a solar boom. Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images By using energy storage with solar panels, some homeowners were able to go off-grid, showing how distributed power could speed future storm recovery. Just after midnight on Sept. 11, Eugenio Pereira […]

Florida Man Arrested After Police Mistake Donut Glaze as Methamphetamine

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Florida ‘Hot Cop’ Who Went Viral for His Good Looks Has Been Writing Anti-Semitic Facebook Posts

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Florida Farmers Say Irma’s Damage Is The Worst They’ve Ever Seen

Almost half of Florida’s citrus crops were destroyed during the hurricane, and when Florida farmers survey the damage caused by Hurricane Irma most are saying it’s the worst destruction to their farms that they’ve ever seen. When the worst of Irma’s fury had passed, Gene McAvoy hit the road to inspect the citrus groves and vegetable fields […]

Florida citizens who abandoned their pets could face FELONY charges

(Natural News) Many Florida residents were unprepared when catastrophic hurricane Irma appeared over the Atlantic. Extensive media coverage and government warnings had many people taking action early, but long term preparedness plans were apparently not in place for families and pets alike. Store shelves were emptied in many places and gas stations ran out of […]

Happening Now: Assault on Keys, West Coast Florida in Irma’s Bullseye

Happening Now: Assault on Keys, West Coast Florida in Irma’s Bullseye Share this link: Prison September 10, 2017 Tune in for live, all-day coverage of Hurricane Irma as it tears through the state of Florida. For more feeds, visit WATCH LIVE: HURRICANE IRMA SLAMS INTO FLORIDA — Alex Jones (@RealAlexJones) September […]

Florida Scientists Create Artificial Category 5 Hurricane In A Lab

Scientists in Florida have spent $45 million on an indoor laboratory capable of producing a category 5 level hurricane. The University of Miami say that the lab, nicknamed “SUSTAIN” (short for “SUrge STructure Atmosphere INteraction“), has constructed a 75-foot long, 30,000 gallon capacity acrylic water tank, equipped with a 1,700-horsepower fan and 12-paddle wave generator. […]

Irma: Over 5 Million Homes and Businesses Without Electricity in Florida

Irma: Over 5 Million Homes and Businesses Without Electricity in Florida September 10th, 2017 Via: Reuters: Hurricane Irma knocked out power to about 5.8 million homes and businesses in Florida, even as the storm’s power waned as it crept up the state’s west coast, […]

Why Are Homeless Being Rounded Up and Held Against Their Will In Florida?

Screenshot from video on Fri., Sept. 8, 2017, officials in Miami detain a person who is homeless into shelters ahead of powerful Hurricane Irma. Officials detained at least five people to admit them into a psychiatric ward because they suspected a mental illness. (AP Photo/Josh Replogle) “On what is likely the last clear day in […]

Irma Begins To Lash Florida With Hurricane-Force Winds

Irma Begins To Lash Florida With Hurricane-Force Winds Zero Hedge September 10, 2017 Hurricane Irma is edging ever closer to Florida and has started to batter the state with Hurricane force winds as millions brace for the impact of the most powerful Atlantic storm in a decade. According to ABC and AP, the National Weather […]

Irma’s Approach Shifts to Gulf Coast, Keeps Florida on Edge

More than 6.3 million Florida residents have been ordered to evacuate, state officials say, leading to traffic jams, fuel shortages and overrun hotels Hurricane Irma remained on track Saturday to strike Florida as an extremely dangerous major hurricane, though its path has moved westward, increasing the threat to cities like Tampa along the state’s Gulf […]

Florida Sheriff Will Check For Warrants At Hurricane Shelters

Source: Mac Slavo If you have a warrant out for your arrest and manage to safely make it to a Florida hurricane shelter while Hurricane Irma barrels down on the state, a Florida sheriff will make sure you’re escorted right to jail. As Hurricane Irma approaches his state, a county sheriff […]

Could Hurricane Irma Turn Florida’s Nuclear Plants Into An American Fukushima Disaster

After watching the terrible series of cascading disasters on the Texas Coast after Hurricane Harvey, we know for a fact that the aftermath of a catastrophe can be just as bad (and sometimes worse) than the initial event. There’s a terrifying potential threat in Florida in the form of 3 nuclear plants, two of which are directly […]

FEMA Expected to Run Out of Money by Friday as Superstorm Irma Approaches Florida

By Carey Wedler The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has suffered from a shoddy reputation for quite some time, particularly after its failed response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. As the Gulf coast recovers from Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma approaches Florida, FEMA faces further failure as its funds near depletion. Bloomberg reported Tuesday that the agency is nearly broke and […]

Hurricane Irma: Navy Evacuates Over 5,000 Personnel From Florida Base

The US Navy is evacuating thousands of personnel ahead of Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 storm which is one of the strongest recorded in the state’s history. Over 5,000 active duty contractors, families and civilians situated at Naval Air Station Key West have received mandatory orders to evacuate. President Trump has declared a pre-landfall emergency […]

Florida Deputy Fired for Covering Up High Profile Sex Crimes against Children

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2nd Florida Highway Patrol Senior Officer Steps Down Over Ticket Quotas

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Florida Dem Who offered to personally kill Assange Appears With Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Disobedient Media previously reported that Florida Democrat Evan Ross had offered to personally kill Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, as well as Edward Snowden. Ross responded to our coverage by redoubling his threats. The report at the time indicated that Ross was a member of the Democratic Party, and had at one time served as the leader […]

Florida Pediatricians Refusing To See Unvaccinated Kids

Some parents were left shocked after being turned away from their local pediatric offices for refusing to vaccinate their kids. The decision not to vaccinate their children has become more common locally, but it seems that the doctors want to see all children injected. We want everyone vaccinated and caught up with the CDC schedule […]

Two Florida Prison Guards Who Were Members of The Ku Klux Klan Convicted of Plot to Kill a Black Inmate

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[WATCH] Shocking Video Shows Woman Tasered by Florida Police at Her Workplace

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No Gun Found, But Florida Police Claim DNC Investigator Shot Himself

A federal prosecutor in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Florida district committed suicide by shooting himself in the head according to the official verdict by police – however they also confirm that no gun was found, raising the question of how he could have shot himself in the head. Beranton Whisenant, 38, was found dead by a […]

Florida Homeowners Face Serious Challenges as Insurance Claims Top $2.5 billion

Owning property in Florida brings with it some unique risks. Hurricanes, tropical storms, significant lightning, hail, and wind events present serious challenges to insuring the value of your property against loss and damage. The latest figures from show that Florida homeowners incurred more than $2.5 billion in losses in the most recent reporting period. […]

Holistic MD in Florida Files Lawsuit to Stop Mosquito Spraying and He’s Mad As Hell

UPDATE: I spoke with Dr Hall by phone to get an update on the case.  I was told the judge didn’t even allegedly read the lawsuit, but haven’t talked to the judge to ask him (nor doubt he’d talk with me) Dr Hall and I talked at length today about the dangers of naled going way […]

VIDEO: Florida Deputy Fired After Breaking Inmates Nose and Teeth

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Enormous sinkhole devours two homes, threatens Florida neighborhood

“I ask that everybody out there please pray for the people in this community right now because as they go to bed tonight, I don’t know if they will be able to sleep,” Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said, WFLA reported. Almost a dozen more homes in the immediate area in the town […]

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