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Mitt Romney’s “No Brains” Father a Lobbyist For Toxic Fluoride Manufacturer ALCOA

U.S. News, 1/31/2012 In conservative political folklore, the 1964 election was a crushing defeat that laid the philosophical groundwork that ultimately led to Ronald Reagan’s triumph. No one likes to talk as proudly about 1968’s razor-thin election of Richard Nixon. It’s much more sanitary to take Sen. Barry Goldwater and skip straight to Reagan. But […]

New Studies Indicate Exposure to Fluoride Affects IQ of Infants, Sleep Patterns

(TMU) — Fluoride exposure may be associated with changes in the pineal gland which affect sleep cycle regulation among older adolescents, according to new research from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Another study published in the journal Environment International found that exposing infants to increasing levels of fluoride in tap water may result […]

Research confirms fluoride lowers children’s IQ

Dr. Mercola, Guest Waking Times The August 19, 2019, issue of JAMA Pediatrics delivered an unexpected bombshell: A U.S. and Canadian government-funded observational study found that drinking fluoridated water during pregnancy lowers children’s IQ. The research, led by a Canadian team of researchers at York University in Ontario, looked at 512 mother-child pairs living in […]

How Fluoride (a Toxin) Got in Our Water, and Iodine (a Critical Nutrient) Disappeared from Medical School Textbooks

by Thomasina Copenhaver If you were a woman with painful, cystic breasts who lived in the 1800’s — your doctor might have advised you to “paint your breasts” with iodine. Some doctors even injected iodine directly into the breasts or ovaries to heal cysts. Your doctor may have heard about it by word of mouth […]

15 Facts Most People Don’t Know About Fluoride

Advocates of fluoride say its use in municipal water systems poses no adverse health concerns, however results from investigations clearly state the opposite. There has been considerable research done on fluoride regarding cancer, birth defects, and risks to the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and urinary systems, however, very little has been done on its neurological effects. There […]

Study Shows Massive IQ Decrease in Males with Fluoride: JAMA Pediatrics Journal Editors Stunned

Via: James Lyons-Weiler: In reference to a study, entitled “Association Between Maternal Fluoride Exposure During Pregnancy and IQ Scores in Offsprings in Canada”[1], published in JAMA Pediatrics, the journal editors were stunned by a finding that fluoridated water exposure in mothers during pregnancy reduces the IQ of their sons. The study found […]

Another Study Finds Fluoride Lowers IQ (2019)

Sources: Impact of fluoride on neurological development in children New Study Confirms Negative Impact of Fluoride On Thyroid Gland Support the Future of The Conscious Resistance Network: Support our work AND get a free ounce of Kratom to help with fatigue, stress, addiction, and pain: Please help us advance truth, healing, […]

Another Reason To End Fluoridation: Fluoride Consumption During Pregnancy Lowers IQ Of Children

By Aaron Kesel An influential medical research Journal the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a very interesting study that links fluoride consumption during pregnancy to lower IQs in children. The study funded by the Canadian government and the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Science, was conducted using 512 pregnant women from six Canadian cities. […]

Fluoride May Diminish Kidney And Liver Function In Adolescents, Study Suggests

Mount Siinai Waking Times Fluoride exposure may lead to a reduction in kidney and liver function among adolescents, according to a study published by Mount Sinai researchers in Environment International in August. The study examined the relationship between fluoride levels in drinking water and blood with kidney and liver health among adolescents participating in the National Health […]

Discussion: Fluoride, 5G backlash, data mining

The state is watching and listening. Photo: RTG The Australian government is in damage control after a loophole revealed councils were subjected to liabilities for fluoridation programs — moving to exclude the toxin from the Therapeutics Goods Act (TGA). Furthermore, facial recognition technology is set to be introduced across transport networks in Sydney, marking the […]

FDA Wants to Lower Amount of Fluoride in Bottled Water, but Scientists Say it is Still Too High

Emma Fiala, TMU Waking Times Rather than combating the high levels of pesticides found in much of the food grown in the United States, the negative effects of factory farming, or the lack of clean water available to numerous communities across the country, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing slightly lowering the standard for […]

Iowa Town Bans Fluoride And Ends Program As Chemical’s Danger Becomes Apparent

Aaron Kesel, Contributor Waking Times A small town in northwestern Iowa called Ida Grove has voted to end treating its city’s drinking water with fluoride. The Ida Grove City Council voted to halt fluoride treatment in the city’s water supply, the Sioux City Journal reported. The move comes after city leaders and residents challenged whether […]

Public Health Warning Issued for Fluoride Toothpaste

Dr. Mercola, Guest Waking Times According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention1 (CDC), 40 percent of children between the ages of 3 and 6 use potentially dangerous amounts of toothpaste. The CDC and American Dental Association (ADA) recommend using no more than a pea-sized amount for children in this age group, and those younger […]

Fluoride is a neurotoxin that damages your brain

(Natural News) For many people, fluoride has become a fact of life. The addition of fluoride to public water supplies en masse has made avoiding exposure to this toxin very difficult. While proponents of fluoride say that this “mineral” is essential for dental health, the truth is that fluoride is not an […]

A guide to flushing fluoride out of your body

(Natural News) Back in the 1930s, scientists decided that adding fluoride to drinking water would protect teeth from decay. Bacteria in the mouth produces acid when sugary foods are eaten, and this acid, in turn, damages the surface of the teeth, weakening them and increasing the risk of cavities. These scientists believed […]

The Fluoride Agenda That’s Destroying Your IQ

Fluoride is a nasty poison that can wreak havoc on your body. Countless studies have found that fluoride is associated with a lower IQ, fatigue, bone cancer, immune system disruption, thyroid disease, and even decreased fertility. Even worse, the government’s agenda is to convince communities that fluoride is essential for preventing cavities, so it continues […]

Canadian Study Links Fluoride to Increasing Rate of ADHD in Children

Phillip Schneider, Contributor Waking Times ADHD is one of the most common issues with children these days. According to 2016 data from the CDC, approximately 2.4 million children ages 6-11 have ADHD in the US and that number tends to increase over time. Seeing as though it’s very hard to treat and affects so many kids, wouldn’t […]

Tamarind found to remove dangerous fluoride deposits from bones

(Natural News) Fluoride is everywhere these days. Perhaps you’re one of the 200 million Americans whose municipal water contains this neurotoxin, or maybe you’re worried about exposure via toothpaste. Sodium fluoride accumulates in the body and the brain, and high levels can bring about neurological damage. It might seem like there isn’t […]

The nine ways fluoride is harming your brain

(Natural News) The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) calls the fluoridation of water “one of 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century.” Nonetheless, even though fluoride occurs naturally in small amounts in water and can be found in the earth’s crust, its addition to drinking water to […]

Read the Shocking Conclusions from 28 Medical Studies Linking Fluoride to Lower IQ in Children

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer Waking Times To date, there are at least 53 known international scientific studies concluding that fluoride consumption is harmful to the development of intelligence in children, it impairs their learning and memory capacity. Children are commonly exposed to fluoride from municipal water supplies, dental treatments, environmental pollution, and  in-utero. Municipal […]

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