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Air Force To Replace V-22 With Flying Cars, Suppressed Technology On Electrogravitics — Project Winterhaven About To Be Disclosed?

By Aaron Kesel According to Defense One, the Air Force is looking at replacing its legendary V-22 Osprey under a program named Agility Prime, an effort to harness the commercial world’s work on flying cars. However, the Air Force has for years been experimenting with anti-gravitational technology under the nose of the public as this […]

NBC Contributor: Trump Flying Flags Half-Mast Could Be Coded ‘Heil Hitler’ Message

President Trump’s decision to fly American flags half-mast until August 8 — in response to the deadly El Paso and Dayton mass shootings — could be seen as a nod to Adolf Hitler, according to a new and wild liberal conspiracy theory shared on air by NBC News contributor Frank Figliuzzi. Figliuzzi, a former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence, shared […]

‘Flying salt shakers of death’: How a zombie fungus affects cicadas

   If cicadas made horror movies, they’d probably study the actions of their counterparts plagued by a certain psychedelic fungus. West Virginia University researchers have discovered that a cicada fungus called Massopora contains chemicals similar to those found in hallucinogenic mushrooms. The fungus causes cicadas to lose their limbs and eccentric behavior sets in: Males […]

Iran refrained from targeting US plane with 35 on board flying beside downed drone – commander

Brigadier General Hajizadeh told state TV that the main reason for shooting down the drone, which marked a serious escalation in tensions with the US, was to force the American P-8 military aircraft to divert course, according to Iranian media. Hajizadeh also claims that there were some 35 personnel on board the US P-8, though […]

Japanese tanker owner claims crew saw ‘flying objects’ before attack, denies ship struck mine

Yutaka Katada, president of Kokuka Sangyo, told reporters on Friday that sailors on board the ill-fated oil tanker observed “flying objects” just before the incident in which the ship caught fire and was badly damaged. The giant vessel was hit twice, first near the engine room and then on its starboard side. He suggested that those flying […]

Japanese Tanker Owner Denies Ship Hit By Mine, Says Crew Saw "Flying Objects" Before Attack

For a moment on Thursday, it appeared that the US Navy had produced the ‘smoking gun’ to which Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had alluded during his statement from earlier in the day: CENTCOM footage which the Navy said purported to show Iran’s IRGC ‘caught in the act’ of trying to remove an […]

US Embassies Are Flying Rainbow Flags, Ignoring State Dept. Orders

Several U.S. embassies around the world are displaying rainbow flags on flagpoles, after reportedly disregarding the State Department’s directive not to display the flags during Pride Month. Ambassadors and diplomats posted overseas have reportedly decided to ignore the State Department’s instructions, The Washington Post reported Saturday. “This is a category one insurrection,” one diplomat who wished to […]

DHS Flying Illegal Aliens To U.S. Cities, Releasing Them Into Communities

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is flying illegal aliens into cities across the United States and releasing them directly into American communities, according to reports. A report by the Associated Press states that aside from DHS releasing almost 200,000 borders crossers and illegal aliens into four American communities since December 2018, the agency is […]

Nighttime meteor fireball reported flying over Germany, France

   The American Meteor Society (AMS) received 8 reports of a meteor flying over Germany and France on the night of May 22, 2019. AMS member Jurgen D. uploaded video footage of the event from his all-sky camera: Source Article from Related Posts Iraq-Syria border crossing reopens amid series of reported Israeli strikes Iraq […]

‘Wow, what is that?’ Navy pilots report Unexplained Flying Objects

   The strange objects, one of them like a spinning top moving against the wind, appeared almost daily from the summer of 2014 to March 2015, high in the skies over the East Coast. Navy pilots reported to their superiors that the objects had no visible engine or infrared exhaust plumes, but that they could […]

Syrian War Report – Feb. 21-22, 2019: Iran Took Control Of Several US Drones Flying Over Syria, Iraq

South Front 22.02.2019 The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) have finished their combing operation in the central Syrian desert, the NDF media center said in a statement. According to the released statement, the SAA and the NDF eliminated several ISIS members and seized loads of weapons and equipment in the […]

Flying bulldog’? Researchers uncover GIANT BEE thought to be extinct for 3 decades (VIDEO)

A Global Wildlife Conservation search team found and photographed Wallace’s giant bee (Megachile pluto) nesting in a termite mound in the forests of Ternate, an Indonesian island in the North Moluccas, in January. They had spent years researching where the ideal habitat for the long-lost creature – which co-discoverer and bee enthusiast Clay Bolt affectionately describes as a […]

Canada introduces harsh drone-flying guidelines & mandatory pilot certificates

Following a spike in drone-related incidents over the years, which have compromised aviation safety, Canada this week introduced new guidelines on flying drones weighing between 250 grams and 25 kilograms. The rules, set to go into effect in June, will require drone owners to register and mark their unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and obtain a […]

‘There is no god but Allah’: Pilot converts to Islam while flying plane above Saudi Arabia (VIDEO)

Captain Amalo, a Brazilian pilot for an unidentified airline, was filmed reciting the Shahada, an Islamic creed accepting the religion, in tandem with a colleague as they operated the controls of an aircraft. READ MORE: Change of faith: Why young Brits turn from Christianity to Islam According to El Balad news, footage of the pilot taking […]

Police drones: Coppers to use flying robots to track offenders back to their homes

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) is establishing a drone unit with officers trained as pilots for the unmanned aerial vehicles. They aim to identify criminals by taking images of alleged offenders, all the way to their homes if necessary – in a bid to make communities safer, the Manchester Evening News reports. Superintendent […]

Safe flying? Study finds airport security trays carry more viruses than toilets

(Natural News) When it comes to surfaces that gross people out, many of us would argue that a toilet seat is the dirtiest, most germ-infested thing out there. While it certainly wouldn’t be wise to view the bathroom as a germ-free zone, in truth there are many other surfaces that are actually […]

Area 51 Mystery: Fleet of 737 Passenger Jets Flying In & Out of Secretive Base

A new ‘airline’ called Janet features a number of red-striped Boeings based at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport, according to Flight Club. While the name comes from the callsign used when the planes fly in civilian airspace, some believe Janet actually stands for “Just Another Non-Existent Terminal,” the Daily Star reports. You can’t buy tickets to […]

U.S. Military’s Self-Flying Helicopter Program Passes Critical Test

After nearly four years of research and development, the U.S.military is closer to helicopters that can fly themselves through unpredictable terrain and execute difficult missions with virtually no human input. It’s part of the Pentagon’s Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automation System, or ALIAS, program. Helicopter maker Sikorsky passed a key test earlier this month during an experiment at […]

Grounded, yet again: Pentagon bans some F-35 jets from flying as fuel system flaws discovered

The F-35s, which have accumulated more flight hours, will now be given detailed inspections, according to the Joint Program Office, which is the Pentagon-run management and acquisition body. In a vague statement, the JPO said “the analysis has identified two additional fuel supply tubes that require inspection.” A spokesman for the agency, who confirmed the […]

LOL: Israel Detains “American Moslem” Bitch for Flying to Their Airport

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer October 10, 2018 Human rights are for the goyim. And the goyim must never have human rights. NPR: Lara Alqasem, a 22-year-old Florida native, landed at Israel’s Ben-Gurion Airport last Tuesday, expecting to start her studies in human rights at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Instead, she has […]

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