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FBI director Christopher Wray orders internal investigation of Michael Flynn probe

   FBI Director Christopher Wray on Friday ordered an internal investigation into whether any bureau employees engaged in misconduct in the probe of Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser. In a statement, the FBI said that Wray ordered the bureau’s inspection division “to conduct an after-action review of the Michael Flynn investigation.” The review […]

Flynn Attorney Files Emergency Appeal to Remove Clinton-Appointed Judge Sullivan

Michael Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell filed an emergency write of mandamus on Thursday seeking the immediate removal of Clinton-appointed Judge Emmet Sullivan from the case. The emergency appeal to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals argued that under appellate precedent set by the “Fokker Services” case, Sullivan or his replacement must dismiss the prosecution, as […]

John Brennan Angrily Lashes Out After His Role in Unmasking Flynn Is Exposed

Former CIA Director and spygate chief John Brennan angrily lashed out at Trump on Thursday and suggested POTUS is a “despot.” CBS News reporter Catherine Herridge on Wednesday obtained the list of Obama officials who unmasked General Flynn and released it to the public. Names included Joe Biden, John Brennan, Samantha Power, former DNI chief […]

Flynn Judge Causes Bizarre Delay After DOJ Moves To Dismiss Case

After the Justice Department moved to drop the case against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn last week, the judge in the case signaled in a filing that he will allow outside parties to file “amicus” filings, also known as “friend-of-the-court” filings, which allow a non-party to a case to weigh in. What makes it […]

Clinton Appointed Judge DELAYS End to General Flynn Case

Clinton appointed Judge Emmet G. Sullivan made the unusual decision on Tuesday to delay justice for General Michael Flynn. Following the DOJ’s decision to drop its case against Flynn last Thursday after bombshell documents proved he was framed by Comey’s FBI, Judge Sullivan decided to solicit amicus briefs to allow for public comment on Flynn’s […]

Pence Says He’d Welcome Gen. Flynn Back In The Administration: ‘Michael Flynn Is an American Patriot’

During a recent interview Vice President Mike Pence says he would welcome former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn back into the administration. “Gen. Michael Flynn is an American patriot,” Pence told Axios in an interview. “And for my part, I’d be happy to see Michael Flynn again.” In a clip of Pence’s interview with Axios posted […]

Obama Participated In Plot To Frame Flynn: Sidney Powell

Former President Barack Obama was in on the plot to frame former National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn, according to his lead attorney, Sidney Powell. Flynn withdrew his guilty plea to providing a false statement to the FBI regarding his communications with a Russian ambassador, after which new documents in the case revealed that a […]

DOJ drops case against Michael Flynn, in wake of internal memo release

The Justice Department on Thursday moved to drop its case against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, in a stunning development that comes after internal memos were released raising serious questions about the nature of the investigation that led to Flynn’s late 2017 guilty plea of lying to the FBI. The announcement came in a court filing “after a […]

Mike Flynn ran interference for Israel– but that angle goes unmentioned by press

The latest outrage from the Trump White House is that the Justice Department dropped its case against former national security adviser Mike Flynn for lying to the FBI, even though Flynn pleaded guilty to the charges in 2017. In its coverage of the exoneration, the New York Times notes that Flynn had pleaded guilty to […]

Schiff Spooked: DOJ’s Decision to Save Flynn Incriminates Barr

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has blasted the DOJ’s decision to drop criminal charges against General Michael Flynn on Thursday, warning the decision incriminates Attorney General William Barr. “Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI about his illicit Russian contacts. His lies do not now become truths,” Schiff fumed. “This dismissal does not exonerate […]

Former Flynn Counsel Finds 6,800 New Pages of Evidence Not Turned Over

. Senior Executive Services Protect Their Own This chart from How Eric Holder’s Corporate Law Firm Is Turning Into a ‘Shadow Justice Department’  . . . . Read the thread . Lou Dobbs With Sidney Powell: The Deeps State And The Future of General Flynn . Don’t forget that Christopher Steele worked for Richard Dearlove […]

Trump tweets raise speculation about potential Flynn pardon

WASHINGTON (AP) — US President Donald Trump on Thursday tweeted his support for his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, raising speculation that a pardon may be coming as Flynn’s lawyers released internal FBI documents to bolster their claim the FBI was trying to entrap him. Trump has long said he is considering pardoning Flynn, […]

INSIDE JOB: Hand-Written Notes Show FBI Discussed Framing General Flynn

Newly discovered handwirtten notes reveal Deep State FBI officials discussed framing General Michael Flynn for political purposes. It took three years for these bombshell handwritten pieces of evidence to see the light of day. Investigative reporter John Solomon joined Fox News’ Lou Dobbs on Wednesday night to discuss the latest development: Lou Dobbs: Let’s start withe […]

FBI discussed interviewing Michael Flynn ‘to get him to lie’ and ‘get him fired,’ handwritten notes show

Explosive new internal FBI documents unsealed Wednesday show that top bureau officials discussed their motivations for interviewing then-national security adviser Michael Flynn in the White House in January 2017 — and openly questioned if their “goal” was “to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired.” The handwritten notes — written by the […]

Former Flynn Defense Counsel "Just Now Found Additional Docs" In File

Via, Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s previous defense team turned over recently discovered emails and handwritten notes Wednesday to his new counsel, suggesting that the delay in turning over the documents were due to technical issues since being ordered by the presiding federal judge six months ago to turn over all documents. On July 25, […]

Senior Obama Officials Privately Suggested Flynn Didn’t Lie to FBI

Senior officials from the Obama-era U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) privately told Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller that they were concerned about the FBI’s conduct in investigating former national security advisor Michael Flynn. The officials suggested that Lt. Gen. Flynn did not lie to the FBI about his dealings with Russia despite claims to the contrary […]

President Trump Considering ‘FULL PARDON’ for Patriot Michael Flynn

President Trump said he is seriously considering a pardon for former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn. “So now it is reported that, after destroying his life & the life of his wonderful family (and many others also), the FBI, working in conjunction with the Justice Department, has ‘lost’ the records of General Michael […]

Outrage Judge In Michael Flynn Case Decides To Ignore Mounting Evidence Of Prosecutorial Abuse

Judge In Michael Flynn Case Decides To Ignore Mounting Evidence Of Prosecutorial Abuse Source Article from Hits: 25

DEEP STATE BS: Judge to sentence former Trump aide Michael Flynn in January

Judge to sentence former Trump aide Michael Flynn in January       Source Article from Hits: 9

All Eyes On Judge In Michael Flynn Case After Weeks Of Shocking Developments

All Eyes On Judge In Michael Flynn Case After Weeks Of Shocking Developments Source Article from Hits: 27

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