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WADA’s ban a serious blow to Russian sports, tough reaction must follow – Russian deputy parliament speaker

“I believe [the WADA decision] requires for a tough reaction for our nation, first of all from our President, since he is the one who has the authority to bring order in this sphere in Russia,” Igor Lebedev told RIA Novosti. Earlier in the day WADA’s executive committee announced it has decided to ban Russian […]

Here it comes: AI roll-out enables Deutsche Bank to fire over 4,000 employees, another 18,000 to follow by 2022

   As part of a radical $8.3 billion restructuring plan, the multinational Deutsche bank has so far axed over 4,000 jobs, with some 18,000 more staff cuts to come by 2022. The use of artificial intelligence has “massively increased productivity” in certain sectors of the business, according to Mark Matthews, the head of operations for […]

Events in Bolivia follow script of ‘color revolution’ – the antithesis of democracy

A politician critical of Washington seeks re-election, and wins the vote in the first round under the existing rules. Opposition parties cry foul and demand a runoff, only to attack the polling stations and burn the ballots, making an accurate count impossible. Then their demands escalate: the “dictator” must resign without a new vote, the […]

Leafy greens and CKD: Follow a plant-based diet to lower your risk of chronic kidney disease

(Natural News) The consumption of plant-based diets have become more common, and for good reason: Numerous studies have shown that plant foods and plant-based nutrients support overall health in many ways. One study has recently discovered a link between healthy plant-based diets and kidney health. Published in the April 2019 issue of […]

Activists Follow The Money Fueling Amazon Fires

While the world watches in horror as fires rage on in the Amazon, activists are shining a light on the big businesses destroying what’s popularly known as the “lungs of the Earth.” On September 5, people around the globe stood in solidarity with the rainforest’s indigenous communities by partaking in the Global Day of Action […]

Latest Gaza rocket fire shows Hamas trying to follow the Hezbollah precedent

The firing of five rockets into Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip late Friday came as little surprise, despite the period of relative calm between Israel and the Palestinian enclave’s Hamas rulers. For at least two weeks, Hamas has been accusing Israel of violating understandings with the terror group brokered by Egyptian and international mediators, […]

The Amazon’s Burning Past, Follow Their Lead & The Problem With #PlantATree

The Amazon’s Burning Past, Follow Their Lead & The Problem With #PlantATree Above Photo: Youtube Screenshot/ A look at the understorey of the Amazon fires and the long history of colonialist destruction. If we want to protect the forest, we have to protect the people, and look to them for solutions outside the confines […]

“It Is Inconceivable Epstein Could Have Hung Himself… Follow The Motives” – Rudy Giuliani

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani says there were probably dozens of powerful people who wanted Jeffrey Epstein dead and is one of many calling into question whether the billionaire pedophiles recent death really was suicide. In a tweet on August 10th he said: “What does the word watch mean in the phrase suicide […]

Rudy Giuliani: “It Is Inconceivable Epstein Could Have Hung Himself…Follow the Motives”

The Facts: Donald Trump recently retweeted a post from famous actor and comedian Terrence K. Williams suggesting that the Clinton’s might have had something to do with the death of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Reflect On: How could have Epstein hanged himself on his second attempt, on suicide watch? How would he be able to […]

Mass Shootings Follow the Gladio "Strategy of Tension"

The strategy of tension is a method of social control involving a series of covert attacks upon a population, intended to promote stress and fear amongst them. The purpose is, by inducing a mistrust of one another and of the world at large, to increase child-like dependence upon perceived authority figures (such as national governments). The English phrase originates from the Italian (strategia della tensione), which was […]

How NOT to respond to shootings: Calls for political violence follow El Paso & Dayton

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) somehow found himself the object of the proverbial two-minute hate after the shootings. Protesters besieged his home, wishing him dead. Twitter celebrities engaged in fantasies of violence, endorsed and amplified by TV stars and media contributors, who angrily demanded an end to all nuance and descent into black-and-white, us-versus-them […]

Follow the Leader: United Kingdom’s ill-advised anti-Iran piracy on the high seas

Hossein Askari 21st Century Wire The United Kingdom should recognize what has become its position in the world — an important nation with an imperialistic history but now a much diminished global power. Blindly following the United States into hazardous waters could have dangerous results: America might not reward subservience or could change course in […]

For The Reasons That Follow, That Country Is Currently Not Likely To Be The United States: The Twenty-Eight Newsletter (2019).

For The Reasons That Follow, That Country Is Currently Not Likely To Be The United States: The Twenty-Eight Newsletter (2019). Above Photo: From Dear Friends, Greetings from the desk of the Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. The largest delegation from outside Russia at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in early June came from China. […]

From joker to peacemaker? Zelensky needs to follow his words with actions to end Ukraine’s conflict

For the past five years, the mainly Russian-speaking people in eastern Ukraine have had to endure bombardments and sniper attack from military forces loyal to the regime that seized power in Kiev in February 2014. The self-declared independent republics of Donetsk and Lugansk refused to recognize the Kiev authorities, due to the latter’s affiliation with […]

Kill non Jews who refuse to follow Jewish laws

Kill non Jews who refuse to follow Jewish laws A prominent Israelite rabbi Yisrael Ariel says that non-Jewish people who refuse the satanic  “Noahide Laws” must be killed and their women taken from them, claims Sanhedrin command it. Related Posts Reasons Why Many People Refuse The Flu Shot: Facebook Has No Right Censor This Information […]

Action Alert: tell to follow Airbnb in de-listing Israeli settlement properties needs to take a stand against occupation by de-listing properties located on stolen land in Israeli settlements The popular global tourism company Airbnb recently announced its decision to de-list properties in illegal Israeli settlements, a move which Human Rights Watch (HRW) praised as “a stand against discrimination, displacement, and land theft.” Now it’s time for to […]

Citing Acosta, WH Releases ‘Rules’ for Journalists to Follow or Risk Losing Press Credentials

Citing Acosta, WH Releases ‘Rules’ for Journalists to Follow or Risk Losing Press Credentials Newsbusters November 20, 2018 On Monday afternoon, the White House released a series of brief but simple guidelines for journalists in light of CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acostas carnival-barking at not only press conferences with the President, but a […]

A familiar invasion: Settlers take another mountain top, soldiers follow, and Palestinians demonstrate for their rights

It was the day before Eid al-Adha last summer, and millions of Palestinian Muslims across the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, Gaza, and Israel were preparing for the biggest holiday of the year. But when the residents of the Ramallah-area village of Kafr Ni’ma woke up, expecting to spend the day decorating their homes […]

Follow the Rothschild, Soros, and Rockefeller Money to Uncover the Deep State

With almost unlimited capital, Wall Street moneymen use it to centralize government. Their plans smack of worldwide crony capitalism, with government rules made to order. It may sound cliché, but there is a great deal of wisdom in the old saying about catching criminals: “Follow the money.” That advice applies as much to catching small-time […]

Activism Against 5G In Europe Sets Examples For Others To Follow

By Catherine J. Frompovich Technology, especially microwave-produced radiofrequencies that will operate in the millimeter wave ranges—possibly above 6 GHz (Gigahertz: one GHz is one BILLION frequency oscillations per SECOND), experiences serious consumer opposition being undertaken, and publicly demonstrated, in numerous cities in various countries in Europe. Source One of the colleagues I network […]

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