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Dramatic CCTV footage shows packed passenger trains colliding head-on in India (VIDEO)

A camera at the Kacheguda station in Hyderabad, home to around 6 million people, captured the moment a local commuter train smashed into a locomotive-powered express, sending both trains veering off the tracks. Seconds later, passengers jumped through the doors and ran away. A total of 20 people were injured in the accident, according to […]

Leaked footage shows moment Israeli policewoman shoots Palestinian in the back ‘for fun’

Leaked footage shows moment Israeli policewoman shoots Palestinian in the back ‘for fun’ Israeli policewoman alleged to have shot Palestinian after telling him to run away She was later sacked after the offence was released and may face charges Video of the incident was released by Israel’s Channel 13 news agency  Believed to have been recorded […]

VIDEO: Leaked footage shows shocking moment Israeli policewoman shoots Palestinian in the back ‘for fun’

This is the shocking moment an Israeli police officer was recorded shooting a Palestinian man in the back ‘for fun’.  Leaked footage, believed to be from the al-Zaim checkpoint outside of Jerusalem, shows the man falling to the floor in howls of pain after being hit with a sponge-tipped bullet. Broadcast on Israeli […]

Video footage shows seven-year-old James Younger telling his biological father that fake mother Anne Georgulas is forcing him to be a "girl"

(Natural News) The father of seven-year-old James Younger, a Texas boy who’s being forcibly transitioned into a “girl” by Anne Georgulas of Dr. Anne Pediatrics in Coppell, has publicly shared video footage proving that young James would prefer to remain a boy. In the clip, which Jeffrey Younger, James’ biological father, shared […]

CNN’s Political Bias Exposed By Whistleblower’s Hidden Camera Footage

The Facts: The USA locks up more people per capita than any other nation in the world. The rate is 668 per 100,000 people which equals over 2.3 million. There has been an increase of 500% over the last 40 years. Changes in sentencing law and policy – not change Reflect On: What really goes […]

ABC Admits to Using Fake Footage of Kurdish ‘Slaughter’ at Syrian Border

ABC has been forced to take down a video that falsely purported to show Turkey ‘slaughtering’ the kurds in the wake of a US withdrawal from the region. The footage aired on World News Tonight on Sunday was actually two year old gun range footage from Knob Creek gun range in West Point, Kentucky. ABC […]

‘1ST FOOTAGE’ of shooting in Halle, Germany shows suspect step out of car to fire weapon

At one point, the man appears to stand behind the car to reload before firing again, though it’s not clear from the camera angle what he’s shooting at. The weapon’s intense recoil seems to shake the shooter, who stumbles backwards after firing the first shot caught on camera. Also on Two people killed in […]

Never forget 9/11 Unseen footage (WARNING Age-restricted)

Source Article from Related Posts Vaccine ingredient warning: Ethyl mercury in vaccines 50 times more toxic than methyl mercury in fish (Natural News) Did you know that mercury in vaccines is not the Asteroid warning: Scientists launch campaign to save Earth from deep space impact   Asteroid experts all over the globe […]

Yemeni Army releases footage of “Victory from God Almighty” op against Saudi forces

Related Posts Yemeni Coastguards Seize Saudi Ship, Two Others in Yemen’s Regional Waters – Statement Yemen’s Coastguards issued a statement that explained the incident of detaining three ships off the Yemeni Army Military Media Releases New Scenes for Victory from Allah Operation in Najran 2019-10-10 News – Yemen Military Media released, on Wednesday, scenes of […]

Footage reveals hundreds of blindfolded and shackled Uighur prisoners in China

   Video shows what appear to be Uighur or other minority prisoners led away by police Drone footage has emerged showing police leading hundreds of blindfolded and shackled men from a train in what is believed to be a transfer of inmates in Xinjiang. The video, posted anonymously on YouTube last week, shows what appear […]

Sobering Footage Shows Orangutan Fighting Off Excavator To Protect His Home

The Facts: The facts surrounding climate change and what we hear politically don’t line up. 2 years reading the science at a UN committee has Jordan Peterson in the know when it comes to the truth about climate change. Reflect On: Why is it that the issue of climate change is so controversial? Is it […]

Dramatic Footage Shows Rescue Of 4 Missing Crew From Inside Capsized Ship’s Hull

Dramatic images and footage released on Tuesday showed the rescue of four men who had been missing for more than 36 hours after early Sunday their cargo ship had capsized off the Georgia coast.  The South Korean crew members were the last after 20 had been previously rescued by the US Coast Guard. The four […]

Strange Things Are Happening on Epstein Island: Drone Footage

Recent drone footage of Little Saint James reveals strange activity and telling facts about the Jeffrey Epstein investigation since his death. As expected, everything points towards a massive cover-up. Here are the most revealing images captured by drones in the past weeks. Ever since Jeffrey […]

Footage From Camera Outside Jeffrey Epstein’s Prison Cell Deemed ‘Unusable’

At least one camera in the hallway outside the cell where officials claim registered child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein killed himself earlier this month had footage that is “unusable”, although other, clearer footage was able to be captured in the vicinity. The information comes from three people briefed on the evidence gathered earlier this month, […]

Meteorite lights up Mediterranean sky in spectacular DASHCAM FOOTAGE

The stunning moment was caught by a driver who was traveling on a road near Torre Grande on the Mediterranean island on Friday. The flaming space rock can be seen expanding rapidly after it bursts into Earth’s atmosphere, lighting up the entire countryside as it blazes across the night sky.  The spectacular show was witnessed […]

Feds Raid Epstein’s ‘Little St. James’ Island, Drone Footage Reveals Critical Moment

A screen grab of drone footage, as investigators cover the windows on Little St. James. The recently deceased Jeffrey Epstein’s secret private island pleasure den, Little St. James, was the target of a Monday morning raid by FBI and other law enforcement officials, according to a report by The Daily Mail: “A large group of […]

Footage Captures NATO Intercept Attempt of Plane Carrying Russian Defense Minister

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts Jewish Russian U.S. National Security Director Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman Committed Perjury During Trump Impeachment Hearing, Jewish White House Attorney John Eisenberg and Alleged Jewish Pedophile Congressman Adam Schiff Come To His Rescue Image Credits: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images. “John A. Eisenberg is an American lawyer […]

In First Footage Of Kashmir Protests Under Lockdown, Live Fire Rings Out

Despite Indian-administered Kashmir now on a complete communications blackout and security lockdown after its autonomy was revoked last Monday, videos of major protests and clashes with Indian troops in the Muslim stronghold have begun to emerge.  One video from the Jammu and Kashmir’s (J&K) largest city and capital of Srinagar appears to show live gun […]

Twitter Censors Footage Showing Protesters Threatening To Kill Mitch McConnell

Twitter locked accounts belonging to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s  re-election campaign on Monday after a mob of left wing protesters surrounded his Kentucky home screaming death threats at the Republican. Twitter also punished several prominent conservatives who shared videos or quotes of the incident. McConnell’s campaign, known as “Team Mitch,” slammed Twitter for political […]

‘Totally breathtaking’: Meteor EXPLOSION on Jupiter captured in rare footage

Texas astrophotographer Ethan Chappel captured the incredible sight while he was filming the planet, and said the event on Jupiter’s southern equatorial belt “looks awfully like an impact flash.” A bright spot can be seen appearing out of nowhere before it quickly fades away.  “After I checked the video and saw the flash, my mind started […]

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