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Armed Forces: Iran’s drones are untouched

Source Article from Related Posts Bushehr nuclear power plant untouched by quack, officials say Mahmoud Jafari, an executive in Iran’s nuclear power plant in Bushehr Province told the media Iran Warns Saudi Arabia No Area Will Be Left Untouched Iranians protest in front of Saudi embassy in Tehran Iran’s Defense Minister has warned the […]

Envoy: UK not to increase its forces in region

IRNA – UK Ambassador to Tehran Robert Macaire stressed that in contrast to what some media claim, the UK will not increase the level of its forces in the region. Macaire retweeted a message sent by UK Defense Ministry, saying the article shows that the ships moving towards the Persian Gulf are being replaced with […]

US forces under great mental pressure when facing Iran in PG: IRGC

MNA – IRGC’s second-in-command says that US forces experience great stress when coming to the Persian Gulf and encountering Iran, adding that US will soon conclude that its presence in the region doesn’t serve its interests. “Encountering us, they [Americans] are put under great pressure. The number of American maritime accidents have increased and that’s […]

Ansarullah: UAE Pulling Forces Out of Yemen

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The United Arab Emirates has apparently withdrawn its military forces from certain parts of Yemen, the Houthi Ansarullah movement announced. July, 12, 2019 – 17:1 In an interview with Al-Alam News Network, Mohamed al-Bukhaiti, a member of the political bureau of Ansarullah, said monitoring of the situation suggests that the UAE has […]

Saudi forces move to be deployed in Yemen ports after UAE drawdown: Sources

Saudi military forces have reportedly moved in to be deployed in two strategic Red Sea ports and the Bab al-Mandeb Strait after the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a key part of the Saudi-led military coalition, said it was going ahead with plans to reduce the number of troops in Yemen. Yemeni military officials and officials […]

UAE pulls most forces from Yemen in blow to Saudis

…from Press TV, Tehran [ Editor’s Note: We had no clue if the earlier report UAE troop pulldown was real or just a publicity stunt, as such things are common in fake war and news business. But today’s news confirms that it is real. What is the reason? It is the most common historical one, […]

Iraqi Hashd al-Sha’abi forces launch second phase of op along Syria border

Iraqi fighters from pro-government Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) have launched the second phase of a military operation to purge the vast desert in the country’s western province of Anbar along the border with Syria of members of the terrorist group of Daesh. The media bureau of the voluntary forces – better known by the Arabic name […]

Yemeni armed forces display new domestically-built missiles, drones

Yemeni Armed Forces have unveiled new domestically-built military hardware, including ballistic and winged missiles in addition to unmanned aerial vehicles, which Sana’a says could act as game changers in the face of the Saudi-led military aggression against the Arab country. The media bureau of Yemen’s Operations Command Center announced that the defense achievements were […]

Haftar forces admit to Libya migrant camp airstrike

East Libya-based forces on Thursday admitted to carrying out an airstrike on a migrant camp that left dozens dead, Anadolu Agency reports. At least 44 people were killed and 130 others injured on Tuesday in an airstrike on a migrant detention centre in the Tajoura suburb of the country’s capital, Tripoli. The location […]

IRGC Airspace forces honored for downing US spy drone

MNA – The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) on Thursday honored the force’s Aerospace personnel who shut down an advanced US spy drone last month after it violated the Iranian airspace. In a ceremony held in the southern city of Bandar Abbas with the attendance of senior IRGC commanders and a number of visiting parliamentarians, […]

Yemen’s Armed Forces Put New Missile System in Service, Set Bank of Strategic Targets

By Staff, Al-Masirah Spokesman of Yemen’s Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, stated that a new missile system has been put into service by the Yemeni Army, noting that it will be announced during the opening of the exhibition of Martyr President Saleh Al-Sammad for Yemeni military industries. “The Bank of the targets of our […]

Israeli forces kill one, injure 95, attack doctors, nurses, for Nat’l Garden

2017 Israeli night brigade in Jerusalem’s Old City. (Photo by AFP) In ongoing Israeli attacks on Occupied East Jerusalem, Israeli forces also abducted 3 Palestinians & ransacked dozens of homes, hospitals and clinics, assaulting physicians, nurses & patients… part of Israel’s effort to create a “National Garden” in the area… Soldiers shot 21 year old, […]

Syrian army forces inflict heavy losses on elite ‘Red Brigade’ militants

Syrian government forces, supported by fighters from allied popular defense groups, have carried out a major counterattack operation against foreign-backed Takfiri militants in the country’s west-central province of Hama, inflicting losses on them. The Arabic service of Russia’s Sputnik news agency, citing an unnamed field source, reported that militants from the elite al-Asa’ib al-Hamra (Red Brigade) of […]

Yemeni Forces Take Military Base in Saudi Arabia

The Anasrallah Resistance Movement announced last night that its Popular Forces in a joint military operation with the Yemeni Army seized control over a military base of the Saudi-led coalition against the poor country in Saudi Arabia’s Southwestern province of Jizan. In another development on Friday, the forces of the Saudi-Emirati coalition who intended to […]

Iranian comment on foreign military forces in the Gulf, by Majid Takht Ravanchi

I am writing to you with regard to the recent alarming security situation in the broader Persian Gulf region. There are indications that certain circles from outside of this region – through fabrications, disinformation, fake intelligence and fake news, relying on the support of their allies in the Middle East as well as dispatching naval […]

Armed forces monitors enemy vigilantly: Commander

IRNA – Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri said on Monday that Armed Forces are monitoring the situation in the region and will give a crushing response to any aggression in the right time. Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri described […]

French, Malian forces kill 20 militants in operation: Mali army

Allied French and Malian forces killed 20 militants in an operation in a part of northern Mali where Daesh operates, a spokesman for the West African nation’s military said on Sunday. The operation in the district of Akabar, a remote part of a game reserve near the border with Niger and not far from […]

Syrian forces launch retaliatory strikes in Idlib, Hama

Syrian government forces have conducted retaliatory strikes against the positions of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist group, formerly known as al-Nusra Front, in Hama and Idlib provinces. SANA reported army units on Sunday conducted concentrated bombardments targeting terrorist positions in Hama’s northern countryside in an area between al-Sayyad village and Kafr Zita town, killing a number […]

US Wipes Out Afghan Security Forces Unit in Major Friendly Fire Incident

For the second time in less than a month, US forces carried out airstrikes “in self defense” in Afghanistan, only to discover that they were actually attacking Afghan security forces. The Wednesday strike ended up wiping out an entire unit, though officials have yet to disclose the exact number of deaths, beyond it apparently being […]

Security forces neutralize ‘wanted’ PKK terrorist in southeastern Turkey

Turkish security forces have killed a prominent member of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militant group during a counter-terrorism operation in the country’s Kurdish-populated southeastern province of Diyarbakir. The Turkish Interior Ministry, in a post published on its official Twitter page, announced that Yusuf Kayran, better known by the nom de guerre Zinar Akro, was “neutralized” […]

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