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Israeli forces arrested 100 Palestinians in Ramadan only

Ramallah (QNN)- A report issued on Thursday by Palestine Prisoners Center for studies revealed that Israel has arrested 100 Palestinians since the start of Ramadan. The center said that although only ten days have passed since the beginning of Ramadan, Israel arrested 100 Palestinians, including 4 women; of whom 2 were journalists covering the Israeli […]

During Nakba Commemoration Protests: “Israeli Forces Wound 144 Palestinian Civilians, Including 49 Children, 4 Women and 1 Paramedic”

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR): During Protests In Commemoration of 71st Anniversary of Palestinian Nakba: Israeli Forces Wound 144 Palestinian Civilians, including 49 Children, 4 Women and 1 Paramedic: On Wednesday, 15 May 2019, Israeli forces wounded 144 Palestinian civilians, including 49 children, 4 women, and 1 paramedic, in excessive use of force […]

US Special Forces Command Issues New Guide For Overthrowing Foreign Governments

“This work will serve as a benchmark reference on resistance movements for the benefit of the special operations community and its civilian leadership,” the report introduces. The study examines 47 instances of US special forces trying to intervene in various countries from 1941-2003, thus special attention is given to the Cold War, but it doesn’t include coups […]

Houthi forces seize important city in southern Yemen as they make new push towards coast

2019-05-12 BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:00 A.M.) – The Houthi forces scored an imperative advance this week when their troops captured the provincial capital of Dhale in southern Yemen. Backed by heavy artillery and missiles, the Houthi forces were able to expel the UAE-backed troops in Qatbah city on Friday, putting an end to their reign over […]

Hundreds of Gaza protesters shot by Israeli forces risk limb amputation

11-year-old boy, who lost his leg after Israeli soldiers opened fire on “Great March of Return” demonstration at Gaza Strip, is seen with his crutch in Gaza City on May 12, 2018. Israeli soldiers have shot 7,000 demonstrators in Gaza over the past year with live ammunition. Now 1,700 of them have shattered limbs that […]

In Video| Israeli forces assault worshipers in Asbat and Bab Al Amoud gates

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Dozens of Israeli occupation soldiers on Wednesday assaulted worshipers in Asbat gate of the Al Aqsa mosque after they completed Tarawih prayer at the holy mosque. Local sources said that Israeli soldiers threw stun and tear gas grenades at worshipers, who were sitting on the steps of Bab Al Amoud, then launch […]

US-led forces killed 1,600 civilians in Syria’s Raqqah in 2017: Report

Amnesty International and another high-profile war reportage group say the US-led coalition allegedly fighting the Takfiri terror group of Daesh remarkably understated the deaths its campaign caused among civilians in the city of Raqqah in northern Syria in 2017, saying the coalition killed more than 1,600 civilians during its assault on the city. The […]

US/Coalition Air Forces Over Syria Supporting Isis (video)

Jonas Alexis – Ian Greenhalgh Kevin Barrett – Bob Nichols Preston James – Michael Shrimpton Carol Duff – Johnny Punish Sami Jadallah – Stuart Littlewood Jack Speer Williams – Gilad Atzmon Steve Robertson Source Article from Related Posts Austrian govt in the crosshairs as German media releases video of sting operation implicating Vice-Chancellor for ‘meeting with Russians’ – UPDATES    […]

UN: Pro-government forces kill more Afghans than armed groups

Afghan and international forces, including NATO, killed more civilians in the first three months of this year than the Taliban and fighters from other armed groups, a new UN report has said. According to findings from the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) released on Wednesday, at least 305 civilians were killed by pro-government forces […]

Israeli forces shoots blindfolded, handcuffed 16-year-old Palestinian boy in West Bank village

The Israeli military is coming under criticism after its forces opened live fire on a bound and blindfolded Palestinian teenager as he ran away from a group of soldiers attempting to detain him. The shooting took place on Thursday in the Bethlehem-area village of Tuqu, in the southern occupied West Bank, following funeral processions for […]

Yemeni forces, allies shoot down three Saudi-led reconnaissance drones

Yemeni army forces, supported by allied fighters from Popular Committees, have intercepted and targeted three unmanned aerial vehicles belonging to the Saudi-led military coalition, as they were flying in the skies over the country’s western coastal province of Hudaydah and the kingdom’s southwestern border region of Najran. Yemen’s Arabic-language al-Masirah television network, citing an […]

‘Total elimination’ of ISIS in Syria? US-backed forces confirm, Damascus calls it a bluff

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) suffered “total elimination” and “a 100 percent territorial defeat,” SDF spokesperson Mustafa Bali announced on Saturday. The news came after Kurdish forces reported heavy fighting near Baghouz in northeastern Deir ez-Zor Province, along the Iraqi border. Baghouz was regarded as the last remaining pocket of Islamic State resistance in Syria. […]

Dozens of Palestinian children injured as israeli forces (apartheid state) attack school

Dozens of Palestinian children injured as Israeli forces attack school At least 30 Palestinian children suffered choked on teargas, one of them reported in critical condition, after Israeli forces and settlers attacked on Thursday their elementary school in the Old City of al-Khalil, in the southern occupied West Bank. Medics at the school’s clinic said […]

Netanyahu’s rivals join forces on ticket that could threaten Israeli PM’s hold on power

Hosen L’Yisrael (Israel Resilience) chairman Benny Gantz and Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid will run as one ticket in Israel’s April 9 election, they announced Thursday. The two head two center-left parties that present a serious challenge to Netanyahu’s Likud party’s decade-long grip on power.   Should the pair win the election and find themselves […]

Zionist Occupation Forces Assault 47th Gaza Protests: Dozens Injured

February 15, 2019 The Zionist occupation forces Friday fired live bullets and gas bombs while attacking the Return Protests on Gaza border, injuring or suffocating dozens of Palestinians. After Friday Prayers, Gazans started flocking into the Strip’s order to protest the Zionist blockade and demand the return to their occupied lands. Zionist sources mentioned that […]

Israeli forces injure 150 prisoners in raid at Ofer Military Prison in Ramallah

Early on the morning of January 22nd some 150 Palestinian prisoners at Israel’s Ofer Military Prison in Ramallah were injured by a raid carried out by the Metzada unit, a subset of the Israeli military. Of the approximately 150 prisoners reportedly injured, 40 of them suffered head injuries and an additional six were treated for […]

Dozens of Palestinians Injured by Zionist Occupation Forces during 43rd Return Protests

January 18, 2019 Thousands of Palestinians flocked after Friday prayers to Gaza border with the Zionist settlements, protesting against the blockade imposed by the enemy on the Strip and stressing their right to return to their occupied land. It is worth noting that the Gazans have been holding the Return Protests for 43rd consecutive weeks […]

U.S. Forces Withdraw From Afghanistan. Secret Negotiations with the Taliban. “Huge Political Change on the Horizon”

Reporting from Kabul, December 27, 2018. The announcement of withdrawal of the US forces from Syria and then Afghanistan was truly incredible to many US allies in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Although, some believe that Trump pulled the forces out to add a victory on his presidential track record to win a vote for […]

israel defence forces stole a pregnant donkey from a Palestinian family in Salfit and used her to train their dogs

israel defence forces stole a pregnant donkey from a Palestinian family in Salfit and used her to train their dogs This was posted on Facebook, directly by the Christian Palestinian victims. Related Posts Essel- How the Cabalists Stole God “The study of [true] philosophy consists in knowing not what men have thought, but WHAT IS How […]

Israeli Forces Raid Towns in South Hebron Hills

Israeli forces, on Tuesday, raided Palestinian residential homes and tents of multiple towns in the South Hebron Hills,  east of the town of Yatta, south of Hebron, occupied West Bank, said a local activist. According to WAFA, Israeli forces raided and blocked the South Hebron Hills towns of al-Masdara, […]

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