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Gen. Soleimani assassination will remain in history forever: Hezbollah chief

TEHRAN – Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary general of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement, said on Sunday that the assassination of Lt. General Qassem Soleimani will “definitely be recorded in history forever”. Nasrallah also said, “Perhaps the funeral of Gen. Soleimani was the greatest one in the history of mankind.” In a televised speech through […]

Fauci: Take The Vaccine, Or Wear The Submission Muzzle Forever

Mac Dr. Anthony Fauci has now said that unless Americans are willing to take the rushed coronavirus vaccine with “significant” side effects, they will be wearing the submission muzzle forever. Even if enough submit to the vaccine, Fauci wants us masked for at least 6 more months. The masks will never go away until […]

Warnock Accused Netanyahu of Endorsing “Occupation Forever”

Georgia Senate candidate Revered Raphael Warnock accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a 2015 sermon of endorsing “occupation today, occupation tomorrow, occupation forever.” Warnock said in the sermon that both Israeli and Palestinian children have been “caught in the crossfire” in “a land of violence and bloodshed and occupation.” He proceeded to call Netanyahu, […]

Music is Forever

December 7, 2020 by Geoff Sirmai Read on for article Be transported to the world of tsars, gilded palaces, caviar and untamed wilderness with Dunera Project, an Emanuel Synagogue initiative. Join us for an online musical event, sponsored by JewishCare NSW and UIA, celebrating the richness, splendour and beauty of Russian music and culture: Muzyka […]

The Pandemic Is Changing Hollywood, Maybe Forever

NEW YORK (AP) — “No New ‘Movies’ Till Influenza Ends” blared a New York Times headline on Oct. 10, 1918, while the deadly second wave of the Spanish Flu was unfolding. A century later, during another pandemic, movies — quotes no longer necessary — are again facing a critical juncture. But it’s not because new […]

New Research proves its All just Nothing: Once you Had Boogeyman-19, you gain Immunity Forever

    According to a small but significant study, immunity to coronavirus after infection appears to last a long time, boosting hopes of a successful vaccine rollout. But why were earlier indications of this ignored? Why? Because that’s just it, they wanna create fear to be justified to come up with yet another vaccine. The […]

Rand Paul Vows To Resist Biden’s ‘Forever’ Lockdowns

“Great Reset” mastermind Klaus Schwab suggests a number of draconian measures for controlling the population under the umbrella of the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’, including risk-assessment brain scans to cross borders and implantable chips to read people’s thoughts. World Economic Forum founder Schwab has repeatedly emphasized how technocrats need to take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic […]

Donald Trump has split the Jewish people, perhaps forever

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Russia Hoax Forever: CNN’s Brian Stelter Keeps Collusion Alive, Claims Ignorance About Steele Dossier Flaws

CNN’s Brian Stelter refused to accept that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation found no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, or to accept there were major flaws with the dossier alleging collusion, in an interview with Hugh Hewitt on Monday. Stelter was on Hewitt’s show to discuss his new book, Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox […]

Pea-Brained Femoids Will Love Negroes Forever

The femoid doesn’t care about facts, only feelings and the lust for free nigger gibs. Sub my bitchute. Sub my Telegram. 00 Hits: 0

Tintignac, Where the Gauls’ Favor of the Gods Couldn’t Last Forever

Like many countries in western Europe, France was deeply influenced by the Romans and the Celts who left remarkable monuments that today are major archaeological and historic sites. Because the area was used during both eras in history, Tintignac has provided fascinating insights into the military and religious history of both these ancient cultures. The […]

Ancient Samaria, a City Destroyed and Ten Tribes Lost Forever

Once known as the Land of Canaan, the region was home to great cultures and civilizations for thousands of years. As a result, there are many historic ruins and one of the most fascinating is the ruins of Samaria. This ancient city has remains dating from the Israelite period through to the Middle Ages. Today […]

Bill Gates is on camera saying an RNA vaccine will change your DNA forever

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With Gyms Closed Apparently Forever, UK to Encourage Biking to Fight Obesity During Eternal Virus Hoax

The gyms are closed, probably forever. But hey – at least you can ride around on a bicycle like an asshole. The Guardian: GPs will be encouraged to prescribe cycling as a way for patients to lose weight, as part of a new government strategy to tackle the nation’s obesity crisis to […]

Keep Your Snaps Forever by Printing them

Now you may create an outstanding custom 3D photograph from any photo! Those stylish 3-D personalized photograph frames are beautiful and last for 50 years or extra. Our custom 3D printing manner provides a crisp three-D image that seems to flow in a modern black body. Customized 3D pictures are a unique preference for any […]

Michelle Obama Declares Herself ‘Forever First Lady’ Of USA

Michelle Obama has declared herself America’s first ever “forever First Lady” during a speech at Temple University in Philadelphia on Wednesday. “We have such high hopes for you. See, I am not one of those doubters. I know that you have everything it takes to succeed,” Obama said. “I know you are me, and if I can […]

US plans to remain in Syria ‘for a long time, if not forever’ – Lavrov

There are no grounds “to doubt the willingness of some US officials to keep a foothold [in Syria] for a long time, if not forever, and contribute to the collapse of the Syrian Arab Republic,” Lavrov said at a news conference in Moscow on Wednesday. Islamists in E. Ghouta plan to stage false flag chemical […]

Close The Forever Prison At Guantanamo

Close The Forever Prison At Guantanamo Above Photo: From It was with heavy hearts that we, as members of Witness Against Torture, listened to Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday evening. We heard him attempt to stoke fear in his listeners with wave after wave of references to terrorists and criminals. He began […]

The Film That Will Change The Way You See Yourself, The Earth, & Its Inhabitants – Forever

Next Story Are you a sentient being? The answer is more than likely yes, YOU ARE! Though an easy question to answer after having looked into the concept, the reasoning and explanation are much more detailed and go far beyond this article to truly grasp and live out. The reason for this is that some of us have either not […]

YEMEN: The ‘New Vietnam’ Could Bring an End to the US ‘Forever War’ Policy

Connor FreemanLibertarian Institute House Concurrent Resolution 81 (H.Con.Res.81) is sponsored by Representatives, Ro Khanna (D-Calif.), Walter Jones (R-NC), Mark Pocan (D-Wisc.), Thomas Massie (R-KY), and 39 other lawmakers. The resolution commands an end to U.S. participation in the Saudi-led war in Yemen. The sponsors of this resolution contend that such participation, which began in March 2015, […]

NYT Laments ‘Forever Wars’ Its Editorials Helped Create

Above Photo: From In considering why “the public is quiet” about the United States’ unending wars, the New York Times (10/23/17) fails to examine the failure of leading media outlets to actually oppose these wars. Corporate media have a long history of lamenting wars they themselves helped sell the American public, but it’s rare so […]

Where Are Brave Military Voices Against Forever War?

Above photo: Iraq War veteran Mike Prysner is arrested by U.S. Capitol Police during a 2007 protest. Credit:/CreativeCommons/DannyHammontree. Today my peers are silent. But they’ve been taught the way to do it Like Christian soldiers; not with haste And shuddering groans; but passing through it With due regard for decent taste  —Siegfried Sassoon, How to Die (1918) It […]

Netanyahu declares West Bank is Israel ‘forever,’ as liberal Zionists cry out for ‘make-believe peace process’

חוגגים הערב 50 שנות התיישבות בשומרון! נמשיך לבנות ולפתח את ההתיישבות ואת כל חלקי ארצנו. צילום: קובי גדעון, לע״מ — Benjamin Netanyahu (@netanyahu) August 28, 2017 A White House official pointedly declined to criticize Netanyahu for his statement, per the Jewish Insider. That refusal follows the State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert saying last week […]

The Ziogarchy Goes All Out Against Free Speech! Stand Up NOW or be Silenced Forever! NEW SHOW!

Download Today Dr. Duke listed the string of lies that are told about the events in Charlottesville last week. He broke down the media narrative that villainizes white people in general while completely glossing over the violent, radical communist nature of the Antifa and other groups that attacked the people who attacked the Unite the […]

‘Riyadh can’t continue bombing Yemen forever’

Ali-Akbar Velayati, a senior international advisor to Iran’s Leader, has expressed regret that international organizations are not fulfilling their responsibilities regarding Yemen. Speaking on the sidelines of his meeting with Danish Deputy Foreign Minister Jonas Bering Liisberg, Velayati said Saudi Arabia cannot go on bombarding Yemen forever. He further called on the international community to […]

Poll shows 73% of Dems would ‘give up alcohol forever’ for Trump’s impeachment

     A drug and alcohol rehabilitation group has released a study which shows nearly 75 percent of Democrats are so thirsty for President Donald Trump’s immediate impeachment, they would give up booze forever. Detox, the advocacy group behind the recent poll, interviewed 1,013 men and women who identify as active alcohol consumers. The group revealed […]

New “Holo-Jews” Created to Continue Tormenting the Goyim Forever

ZeigerDaily Stormer May 18, 2017 What manner of new evil is this? The Jews are extremely worried about the fact that their supply of semi-credible “holocaust survivors” is running out. They fear that without whining Jews to constantly remind the Goyim that they’re evil, we might forget and proceed to gas them […]

See What Freezing Lemons Can Do And You Will Do This Forever

They are incredibly healthy and offer countless health benefits, as they strengthen the health in various ways. They are also high in lemonoids, which prevent the growth and development of cancers and tumors in the case of breast cancer. Studies have shown that the lemon peel contains twice as many vitamins as the fruit itself, and […]

Remove Unwanted Hair Forever In Intimate Parts With This One Ingredient

People remove unwanted hair for different reasons, whether it is for hygiene, for religious expectations, or just for achieving the ideal look for the newly bought bikini. Eliminating hair from the private parts is pretty delicate topic, and because of that, many people are ashamed to ask for advice. Eliminating unwanted hair from the private […]

Globalists Plan to Stay in Afghanistan Forever

  Kurt Nimmo August 20, 2011 Ben Farmer, writing for The Telegraph on Friday, reported that the U.S. and Afghanistan have reached an agreement that would allow American special forces and air force to remain in the country until 2024. The agreement arrives as the United States claims it will pack up and leave […]

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