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Hong Kong police disarm two radio-controlled 10kg nail-filled bombs found at school ground

The two IEDs were found on Monday evening by a janitor working for the Wah Yan College. The Hong Kong police were called and safely disposed of the bombs, representatives of the force told the media. According to Alick McWhirter, the head of the bomb unit, the bombs contained a high explosive compound called hexamethylene […]

Abandoned mommy dog is found chained up to fence while nursing her six newborn puppies

As we often hear stories of animals that are abandoned by their owners, we are convinced even more that some humans are the worst. Luckily, there are also those who’d do anything to help the poor souls find their place in this world again. Recently, a case of animal neglect that happened in County Roscommon, […]

Over 12 dead dolphins found washed up on King Island, Tasmania, Australia

   More than a dozen dead dolphins were found washed up on a beach on the northern coast of King Island. The bodies were reported to the Parks and Wildlife Service several weeks ago but came to public attention when photos were shared on social media by King Islander Anne Marie Sutor-Micic. Mrs Sutor-Micic said […]

Third South Korean pop star dies in two months: Actor Cha In Ha found dead aged 27

   South Korean pop star and actor Cha In Ha has been found dead at the age of 27, the third young Korean star to die in the space of two months. Cha, who was a member of the K-pop group Surprise U and also had a fledgling acting career, was found at his home. […]

Jeffrey Epstein’s Long-Time Banker Found Dead From Hanging, Immediately Ruled a ‘Suicide’

Corporate banker Thomas Bowers, who ran the U.S. division of private wealth management for Deutsche Bank AG, reportedly committed suicide last month at the age of 55 by hanging himself with a rope in his California residence. However, his extensive ties to deceased sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein – who also died from a mysterious […]

Third whale in two months found dead in River Thames, London

   Stranded minke discovered by members of public near Battersea Bridge in London A dead whale has been found in the River Thames for the third time in the past two months. The marine mammal – believed to be a minke – was spotted swimming up and down the river in London by several members […]

Suicide or serial crime? SECOND woman found BURNT ALIVE in Indian town where harrowing rape & murder of Priyanka Reddy occurred

As India recovers from the shock caused by the blood-chilling murder of the 27-year-old vet in Shamshabad, more grueling news has come from the very same town. READ MORE: #RIPPriyankaReddy: Indians share grief & outrage, exchange safety tips after horrific murder of young woman On Saturday morning, locals walking past the Ayyappa temple in a […]

Stray Dog Found Keeping Abandoned Newborn Kittens Warm on Side of Freezing Road

(TMU) — A stray dog is earning praise as a hero and has become one of North America’s most adored canines after she was discovered protecting a litter of 5-week-old kittens left abandoned in the frigid Canadian snow. The protective pooch named Serenity was discovered on a freezing night by a passing driver who saw […]

Dog or wolf? Scientists still unable to determine 18,000 year old canine remains found in Siberia

   Even though the creature’s remains were well-preserved due to freezing temperatures, scientists are yet to determine what kind of canine it actually was. The remains of an ancient puppy found buried in permafrost in the vicinity of the Indigirka River in Siberia, north-east of Yakutsk, left researchers scratching their heads as even a DNA […]

Green tea found to have practical antioxidant applications for preserving stored food

(Natural News) Many food companies today use synthetic antioxidants to preserve food. While these can prevent or delay lipid oxidation — the leading cause of chemical degradation in foods, these can be harmful to human health. For this reason, researchers from the State University of Maringa in Brazil looked at the potential use of […]

IAEA urges Iran to explain uranium found at undeclared site flagged by Israel

UN nuclear agency urges Iran to explain uranium particles at undeclared site The UN nuclear watchdog urges Iran to explain the presence of uranium particles at an undeclared site, as a landmark deal aimed at curbing Tehran’s atomic activities threatens to collapse. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has said in a report that its […]

Mouse deer FOUND: What is a mouse deer? Species discovery after 30 years thought extinct

But in a huge breakthrough for the species, Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC) captured images of the animal in the wild, with details published in the Nature Ecology & Evolution journal on Monday. An Nguyen, associate conservation scientist with GWC, said: “For those of us living in Vietnam and working in wildlife conservation, the question of […]

Physicists claim to have found NEW force of nature which may unravel one of the universe’s greatest MYSTERIES

The universe is governed by four fundamental forces: Gravitational force, Weak Nuclear force, Electromagnetic force and Strong Nuclear force. However, a fifth force has long been rumored to exist, scientists just couldn’t prove it. Until now. Maybe. A new study by Attila Krasznahorkay and his colleagues from the Institute for Nuclear Research in Hungary reveals […]

If you care about the environment, you must oppose Big Pharma: Ten percent of medications found to harm living systems across the planet

(Natural News) There’s a serious climate emergency taking place, but it has nothing to do with internal combustion engines, cow farts, red meat, or Greta Thunberg. The truth is this: Big Pharma is massively polluting our planet with pharmaceutical drugs that, because they don’t fully biodegrade, end up settling in the freshwater […]

Roger Stone found guilty on all counts in trial stemming from Mueller probe

Trump confidant and GOP operative Roger Stone was found guilty on all seven counts of obstruction, witness tampering and making false statements to Congress in Washington, D.C., federal court on Friday, after a weeklong trial on charges that stemmed from former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. Stone was charged with […]

Microplastics Found in Oysters and Clams on Oregon Coast

Tiny threads of plastics are showing up in Pacific oysters and razor clams along the Oregon coast — and the yoga pants, fleece jackets, and sweat-wicking clothing that Pacific Northwesterners love to wear are a source of that pollution, according to a new Portland State University study. Britta Baechler, a Ph.D. […]

White Helmets co-founder & ex-British officer Le Mesurier found dead in Istanbul – media

Le Mesurier’s body was discovered near his home in Istanbul’s Beyoglu district. The circumstances surrounding his death are still being investigated.  Turkish Sözcü newspaper, citing his wife, said that Le Mesurier had been taking medication to treat depression. The outlet reports that suicide is among the versions police are working on. Hailed as fearless rescue workers by […]

The Man Who “Hacked” NASA & The AFSPC Gives A New Interview Describing What He Found

The Facts: Nearly two decades ago, Gary Mckinnon of the UK accesses nearly 100 NASA and Department of Defence, including the US Air Force Space command. He faced extradition for 10 years after finding a picture of a UFO and a list of “non terrestrial officers.” Reflect On: How sheltered are we from certain information? […]

Ambushed by canola oil – that toxic “food stuff” that’s found in nearly everything processed these days

(Natural News) Evil corporations feed Americans like we’re all just rats in a big cage. How stupid we all are, they think. Even the so-called “healthy” stores are taking advantage of consumer ignorance. Big time. Just take a glance at the ingredients in the majority of processed foods at Whole Foods, Wegman’s, […]

‘Largest trove of mammoths bones ever found’, unearthed in central Mexico

   Archaeologists said Wednesday they have made the largest-ever discovery of mammoth remains: a trove of 800 bones from at least 14 of the extinct giants found in central Mexico. Moreover, they believe they have made the first-ever find of a mammoth trap set by humans, who would have used it to capture the huge […]

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