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Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger says online encyclopedia scrapped neutrality, favors lefty politics

   Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger penned a blog post last week declaring that the site is “badly biased,” “no longer has an effective neutrality policy” and clearly favors lefty politics. Sanger – who is no longer involved with Wikipedia – wrote that it has long forgotten its original policy of aiming to present information from […]

BET Founder: Biden ‘Should Spend Rest of Campaign Apologizing to Every Black Person He Meets’

BET co-founder Robert Johnson has slammed Joe Biden for claiming that black people aren’t really black if they refuse to vote for him. “VP Biden’s statement today represents the arrogant and out-of-touch attitude of a paternalistic white candidate who has the audacity to tell Black people, the descendants of slaves, that they are not Black […]

Silvercorp Co-founder Speaks With The Grayzone

Silvercorp Co-founder Speaks With The Grayzone Above photo: What did State Department know about failed Venezuela invasion? The Grayzone speaks to Drew White – a close friend and business partner of Silvercorp mercenary firm founder and failed Venezuela coup leader Jordan Goudreau – about the botched invasion and potential involvement of the Trump administration. Update: […]

Home Depot Founder Slams Dems: Congress Should Have Been Investigating Coronavirus, Not Impeaching Trump

Instead of wasting precious time and resources on the sham impeachment show trial of President Trump in January, Congress should have been investigating the coronavirus pandemic in China, according to Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus. Appearing on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” on Monday, Marcus said: “I think that look this president has been hit with […]

Hypocritical #MeToo Founder Alyssa Milano SILENT as Joe Biden Accused of Sexual Assault

A couple of years ago Alyssa Milano said, “You can’t pretend to be the party of the American people and then not support a woman who comes forward with her #MeToo story.” Now she’s refusing to support a woman who has accused her “friend” Joe Biden of sexual assault. Hollywood celebrity and founder of the […]

Apple’s Polish Freemason Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Jokes on 3/3/2020 “33” His Wife Is “Patient Zero” After Returning From China, Where Apple Runs Slave Factories Surrounded By Suicide Nets

“Wozniak describes his impetus for joining the Freemasons in 1979 as being able to spend more time with his then-wife, Alice Robertson, who belonged to the Order of the Eastern Star, associated with the Masons.” (read more) “If they had the power to do to us what we are able to do to them, not […]

Assange’s Lawyer Says US Wanted to Kill WikiLeaks Founder and Make It Look Like an Accident

(TMU) — Julian Assange’s lawyer claimed this week in court at his extradition hearing that the U.S. wanted to murder the WikiLeaks founder and make it look like an accident. US wanted to kill WikiLeaks founder and make it look like accident: — WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) February 25, 2020 American spies teamed up with UC Global, […]

Cochrane Founder Warns Flu Vaccine Research Is Corrupted

Dr. Mercola, Guest Waking Times While the drug industry is quick to claim that anyone questioning its integrity is part of a “war against science,” the evidence of industry malfeasance is simply too great and too disturbing to ignore. From my perspective, the drug industry itself is to blame for the public’s dwindling confidence in scientific […]

Lost shrine to Rome’s founder believed discovered in Roman Forum

ROME (AP) — Italian archaeologists unveiled to the press Friday an exciting new find from the Roman Forum, which they say could be the lost shrine dedicated some 2,600 years ago to Romulus, Rome’s legendary founder and first king. Visually, the discovery first announced Tuesday is not very remarkable: Peering down in an excavated space […]

Wikileaks founder Assange’s health improving following release from solitary confinement – spokesman

   Jailed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is no longer being kept in solitary confinement and his health is improving, his spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson told reporters on Tuesday. Assange, 48, is in Belmarsh high-security prison in London, fighting an extradition request from the United States where he faces 18 counts including conspiring to hack government computers […]

At Ford-sponsored Auschwitz exhibit, no sign of founder’s role in Nazi machine

WASHINGTON (JTA) — The three-week exhibition at the National Archives showcased documents, video and a marquee sponsor, announced in large font on the banner at the National Archives: “This exhibit is paid for in part by the National Archives Foundation through the general support of the Ford Motor Company Fund.” What the small exhibit marking […]

Pharma Founder Gets 66 Months For Bribing Doctors To Overprescribe Deadly Opioids

Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge Waking Times Millions of Americans who lived through the financial crisis probably recall that not a single executive of a major investment bank was jailed in the aftermath, despite running organizations seemingly dedicated to perpetuating a criminal fraud on nearly every counterparty and client. But when Americans look back at the opioid […]

Big Pharma Founder Gets 66 Months for Bribing Doctors to Overprescribe Deadly Opioids

(ZH) — Millions of Americans who lived through the financial crisis probably recall that not a single executive of a major investment bank was jailed in the aftermath, despite running organizations seemingly dedicated to perpetuating a criminal fraud on nearly every counterparty and client. But when Americans look back at the opioid crisis, they’ll remember […]

‘We simply can’t get in’: Assange lawyer decries lack of access to WikiLeaks founder

   A lawyer representing Julian Assange has told a London court that the WikiLeaks founder’s legal team is being restricted from meeting him and it is hampering preparation for his trial on extradition to the United States. Queen’s Counsel Edward Fitzgerald told Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Thursday that he has had great difficulty gaining access […]

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange awarded Dignity Prize from Catalans

   Despite Wikileaks founder Julian Assange being kept in his prison cell for up to 23 hours a day in London’s high security Belmarsh jail, it has not stopped him winning a major award. The Catalan Dignity Commission has honoured him with its 2019 Dignity Prize for raising awareness around the world about the plight […]

TV Star Politics: Sanders endorses Young Turks founder Cenk Uygur for Katie Hill’s former House Seat

Image Source: Wiki Commons … Sanders, a top-tier 2020 presidential candidate, said in a statement shared by Uygur in a series of tweets on Thursday. “I’m endorsing Cenk because I know he will serve ordinary people, not powerful special interests. He is a voice that we desperately need in […]

“What They Haven’t Told You About Climate Change.” – According To The Co-Founder of Greenpeace

The Facts: Dr. Patrick Moore is a founding member of Greenpeace and has been a leading environmental activist around the world for a very long time. In the video below he shares his thoughts on the climate change/global warming phenomenon. Reflect On: Why is one side of this debate constantly ridiculed by mainstream media instead […]

US Govt: Arresting WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Now A Top “Priority”

Officials reportedly claim the Department of Justice is ready to file arrest charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Press advocates warn that if the US goes after the pro-transparency publisher, they could go after other news outlets as well. On Thursday, CNN and the Washington Post cited unnamed US officials as having information that the […]

The Death of White Helmets Founder is a Loss for the Syrian People!

November 15, 2019 Arabi Souri James Le Mesurier is dead, his body was found near his home in Istanbul, he was the founder of the White Helmets, the group that is involved in ‘humanitarian’ efforts in Syria. That’s the main story. But why would I say in the title his death is a loss to the […]

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