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Escobar: Why Is France Hiding A Cheap And Tested Virus Cure?

Authored by Pepe Escobar via The Asia Times, The French government is arguably helping Big Pharma profit from the Covid-19 pandemic… What’s going on in the fifth largest economy in the world arguably points to a major collusion scandal in which the French government is helping Big Pharma to profit from the expansion of Covid-19. […]

In France, Covid-19 lockdown is for everyone… almost: Gang-ridden, immigrant-populated suburbs ‘NOT A PRIORITY’ for police

As President Macron declared France at war with the coronavirus, public health officials and those on the frontline applauded what looked like decisive leadership… but the reality is a hotchpotch of Gallic double standards that undermine any attempts to put a lid on the spread of Covid-19. Because French police understand that they don’t have […]

Macron’s France Seizes Lorries Carrying 130,000 Masks for Desperate British Hospitals

French authorities impounded two lorries carrying over 130,000 masks destined for desperate NHS staff in the United Kingdom, following President Macron’s pledge to “requisition” all stocks in his territory. The seizure occurred just 24 hours after French border guards took another heavy goods vehicle carrying hand sanitiser to Britain. The incidents triggered a diplomatic row […]

France reports first Covid-19-related death of hospital doctor

No further details about the fatality has been offered by the minister, who made the announcement on Sunday. Local media said the victim was an emergency doctor from Compiegne, a region of France hit badly by the pandemic. The medic reportedly died shortly after being transported to Lille. France has almost 15,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases, […]

Iran releases French national after France frees Iranian engineer

Press TV – Iran has agreed to conditional release of a French national, who was jailed in the country, after Iranian engineer Jalal Rouhollahnejad was freed by France despite frequent requests from Washington for extradition of the Iranian national extradited to the United States over accusations of violating anti-Iran sanctions. According to Mizan news agency, the […]

Coronavirus situation in France ‘extremely worrying’ & getting worse rapidly, top health official warns

There are almost 5,500 confirmed coronavirus cases in France, with over 400 people in serious condition. The situation with the epidemic is “extremely worrying” with the epidemic moving very fast, senior health official Jerome Salomon said. “The number of cases doubles every three days. I would like our fellow citizens to realize that there are […]

France prepares to greenlight Huawei’s 5G limited access

   Around the time the clock was ticking for Brexit to be formally accomplished, the British government approved Huawei’s participation in the country’s next-gen networks, but capped its share at 35 percent and limited the involvement to non-core parts. The question has since been open regarding other key market players, namely France and Germany. France […]

France bans gatherings of over 100 people as government battles to stem coronavirus outbreak

PM Phillipe said on Friday that the latest government measure was being implemented to try to slow down the spread of the deadly virus. He warned that more measures could follow. It’s because we are at the beginning of the acceleration that we take measures to slow it down. Our aim is to postpone as […]

Young Womans Campaigns to Become France’s First Elected Official With Down Syndrome

(TMU) — For people living with Down syndrome life can often pose unique challenges. Whether it is simple bullying or outright discrimination, people with Down syndrome or other developmental and intellectual disabilities are still struggling in the 21st century for their basic human and civil rights. 34-year-old Eleonore Laloux of Arras, France, has fought for […]

France delivers first aid consignment to Iran to fight coronavirus

MNA – French Ambassador to Tehran Philippe Thiebaud announced that the first cargo of humanitarian aid by France to Iran to help combat the coronavirus outbreak in the country arrived in Tehran on Wednesday. The cargo of humanitarian aid includes test kits, gloves, surgical masks, and respirators that have been delivered to Iran’s Health Ministry […]

France’s Fingerprints Are All Over Terrorist Groups in Idlib Syria

Mideast Discourse — FRANCE 24’s Wassim Nasr, a specialist in jihadist networks, recently spoke via Skype with French recruiter Omar Omsen, the head of the jihadist group Furkat-al-Ghuraba, an Al Qaeda affiliate in Idlib. There are numerous French terrorists in Idlib today, fighting to establish an Islamic state out of a small piece of secular Syria.  Their dream […]

Explosive: Syria’s Stolen Province: A Weakened France Gave Syria’s Hatay to Turkey in 1939, Now Erdogan Wants More

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is becoming more and more embroiled in a direct fight with Syria over Idlib Province. The fighting is direct across the border from Hatay, a province that was given to Turkey in 1939 after a disputed referendum. Turkey grabbed the Alexandretta province from French Syria in 1939 after a rigged […]

Chris Matthews Says Bernie Winning Nevada is Like the Nazi Invasion of France

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer February 23, 2020 I hope this is a Nazi invasion. But I’m not so sure. Making this claim, Chris Matthews was responding to claims by James Carville about the impending doom Bernie Sanders symbolizes. They keep rolling this guy out to whine. But I really don’t think any […]

Assange Seeks Asylum In France As Extradition Trial Approaches

By Tyler Durden Julian Assange will seek asylum in France, according to the Associated Press. Lawyers for the WikiLeaks founder are currently preparing for his latest hearing, where he faces extradition to the United States on 17 criminal charges for unlawfully publishing the names of classified sources, as well as conspiring with former Army intelligence […]

Slavoj Zizek: What the coronavirus & France protests have in common (and is it time for ORGIES yet?)

People outside China thought that a quarantine would be enough to tackle the virus’s spread, and that they are more or less safe behind that ‘wall.’ But now that coronavirus cases have been reported in over 20 countries, a new approach is needed. How are we to deal with such traumatic threats? Maybe we can […]

France: Protesters And Police Clash As Parliament Begins Debating Pension Reform Bill

France: Protesters And Police Clash As Parliament Begins Debating Pension Reform Bill Above photo: From Red Revolution. Protesters took to the streets of Paris on Monday and clashed with riot police as the pension reform bill reached the French National Assembly for debate. Tensions between the demonstrators and riot police were visible, as the police […]

Russian shock artist arrested in France days after leaking sex tapes of Macron party ex-candidate for Paris mayor

Pavlensky was arrested by police after he left his hotel in Paris on Saturday, Le Parisien reported. BFM TV said that the artist had been wanted over “banditry with the use of dangerous means” since an incident at a party on January 1. At the time, the Russian reportedly had a heated argument with a […]

Chinese tourist dies in France, becomes first coronavirus fatality in Europe – French health minister

The elderly Chinese man had been hospitalized in Paris, Buzin told journalists on Saturday. He was put into quarantine, but his condition “had deteriorated rapidly,” the minister told local media. She said the 80-year-old arrived in France from the virus-hit province of Hubei. The patient’s daughter, also suffering from the 2019-nCoV, as the virus is […]

State endorsed police brutality and France’s massive protests

   Since the appearance of the gilets jaunes (yellow vests) movement in December 2018, and with the recent demonstrations and strikes against pension reform, the question of police violence in France has entered the mainstream. And the stream of shocking social media videos continues: at an anti-pension reform demonstration in Lyon this year, a police […]

Israeli in France sentenced to 2 years for khat smuggling

A 20-year-old Israeli man was sentenced to two years in prison and fined 14,000 euros by a French court a week after he was caught smuggling 40 pounds of khat into the country, Israel’s Foreign Ministry announced on Thursday. Khat, a narcotic plant native to Africa and the Middle East, is illegal in most European […]

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